A Simple Story About The Power of Kindness

A Simple Story About The Power of Kindness

Every act of kindness is like a pebble thrown in a pond sending out ripples far beyond where the pebble entered the water. When we’re caring and kind to our neighbors our actions send rings of kindness that spread from neighbor to neighbor to neighbor.                             A Manifesto For Making Kindness A Daily Habit.

Kindness is a powerful change agent.

kindness Pictures, Images and PhotosAnd can touch someone so deeply that it becomes the catalyst for opening up their heart.

When I first entered banking we used messengers to deliver the daily work to the main operations center.

Each day this sour old man named Carl came to pick up our documents. He never smiled or said hello. He seemed to hate the world. He glared at us and we all glared back at him. (more…)

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