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Does your life seem like one struggle after another?

Hitting constant roadblocks is a sign of not being aligned with your right purpose and work.

The guidance to help you navigate life and find your true purpose will become clear once you activate The Intuition Principle.

The Intuition Principle is the key to finding your purpose, living with passion and joy, and igniting your success.

The Intuition Principle will help you uncover your true path and purpose in life and lead you to your greatest successes! (Purchase The Intuition Principle and receive free bonus material!)

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This album contains 14 recorded companion guided meditations from, “The Intuition Principle Book.”

Get the album and listen to the guided meditations from the book to easily develop your intuition, meet your guides and learn what your passion and purpose is. Purchase by clicking here.

The Intuition Primer will teach you the basics  steps of how to harness your intuition for success. Once you have the basics down – the sky is the limit!

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The Intuition Virtual Book Tour Schedule.

Read these book reviews and interviews with me by these talented writers! Just search for “The Intuition Principle~!”

May 14:  Tess Marshall

May 14: Betsy Henry

May 15: Jodi Chapman

May 16 Vidya Sury

May 16: Irving the Vizier

May 17: Julie Barrett

May 18: Harriet Cabelly

May 18: Elle Sommer

May 21: Jt Clough

May 22: Arvind Devalia

May 23: Victor Schueller

May 24: Lisa H.Wright

May 25: Alex Blackwell

May 28: Suzie Cheel

May 29: Joe Wilner

May 30: Galen Pearl

May 31: Teresa Beeman

June 1: Paige Burkes

June 4: Cathy Hull Taninbaugh

June 5: Christopher Foster

June 6: Patti Foy

June 7: Debra Eve

June 8: Lori Smith

June 11: Joy Holland

June 11: Lynn Fang

June 12: Melody Fletcher

June 13: Zeenat Syal Merchant

June 14: Farnoosh Brock

June 14: Daylle Deanna Schwartz

June 25: Steven Aitchison:

July 28: Eric Watermolen:

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