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The abundance workshops were such a success that I am now offering them twice per month on a regular basis.

Bi-Monthly Beginning September 19,  9 PM to 10 PM Eastern (New York time). Please check your local time in your time zone.

We use the power of group intention to create, manifest and cement your abundance into reality.

We direct the energy of group intention to the precise area of life you need it most!

You will be led through a group meditation to unblock and unlock abundance in this area.

The group meditation will connect you to the divine source of love and joy where all abundance  flows from.

Everyone will receive personal attention to their abundance request from the group.

The more people in the workshop the stronger the power of the group becomes and the faster your results will be!

A private forum where we can interact and develop a supportive community.

Group exercises to eliminate fears that may be blocking your abundance.

Worksheets to help you zero in on what you really want in your life and then make it happen!

Weekly exercises and tips to help you focus your intentions.

Two recorded guided meditations you can download to use daily to manifest your intentions.

All this for only $39 per month!

I’m keeping  the price super low to make it affordable so everyone has the opportunity to join in and manifest their desires. 

Just think about what you could manifest in your life? The sky is the limit!

Do you want more vibrant health, more loving relationships, a more abundant lifestyle, increased spiritual growth?

 Here is what the curriculum  includes:

  • How to get clear on desires
  • How to create an intention statement that works
  • Identifying negative beliefs
  • Clearing negative beliefs
  • Guided meditation to power up your intention
  • Instruction on a how to visualize at home on your own
  • Using a success journal to heighten your manifesting abilities
  • Group focus on your individual goals
  • Programming a crystal to pull in your intent
  • The 1 Minute Miracle Healing Technique
  • How to identify inspired action and take it!
  • How to use your intuition to find opportunities.
  • How to understand and use synchronicity in manifesting.
  • How to effect change in the present by changing your past.
  • Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to manifest desires
  • and much more!
When you need abundance most in your life – the most frustrating thing is to not be able to afford a program that is designed to help you so, that’s why I’m keeping the monthly tuition rediculously low.  I would like see as many people to benefit as possible.

So, join us. Listen to the free recording –(no opt-in necessary to listen) – click here 

If after listening to it you realize how powerful having  a group focus on your intentions can be – sign up below to be part of the bi-monthly workshop.

By doing so you will lend your energy to the group to bring all the abundance you deserve into your life and all the attendees now!

Simply enter your contact info below to subscribe and receive the an invitation to enroll in the ongoing workshops.

**Important: No charges will be applied at this time – until you receive a personal email from me  containing the details about the workshops and a specific sign-up form for the recurring monthly tuition.

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