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Extraordinary Intuition Program
Home Study System

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 Follow a proven system that makes it EASY to receive clear intuitive feedback. 
 Learn the SECRET to stop getting confusing intuitive feedback that keeps you stuck and unsure of your next steps.

DISCOVER how to stop second guessing yourself and overcome self-doubt so you can trust your Intuition and act upon it!

Feel confident making decisions and CERTAIN you're on the right path.

Easily DISTINGUISH your intuition from your ego, fears, liming beliefs and wishful thinking.

Joanna finally got the answers to her important questions.

  "Thank you Angela!
    I finished the first exercise.
    It was wild!                
    You are right about the imagery, it comes back -
made so much sense.   

Actually everything pretty much made tons of sense -
I really want to share the results with you too! I’m looking forward to going deeper and having practice time between now and next week.
And can’t wait for the next session!!
You’re a great teacher/coach/guide!

                                                            Joanna Joy Seetoo, Jewelry Designer, California


Sammi now knows how (and where) to connect to her guides for answers.

"I did the Extraordinary Intuition program with Angela. The training exercises are really helpful, the course was great and my intuition is stronger than ever!

During one guided visioning journey we did I found myself in a cave with a pool of stars where I can easily connect with my spirit guide or angel.

Having easy access to my guardian angel and spirit guide is definitely something that can help me throughout my life. And that was the answer to one of my questions – that I need to actually connect to my guides at this pool and I’ll get the answers I need for that and other questions I may have.
                                                             Samantha Wickens. Systems Analyst, South Africa

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I’m ready to have clear, concrete intuition I can rely upon, be free of self-doubt and confusing vague hunches, so I can act upon it with confidence, certain I'm being guided in the right direction!

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☑ Module 1: Programming Your Intuition Command Center!

  • Put your Intuition in HIGH-GEAR with this easy once a day step!
  • A simple tweak to instantly record every piece of intuitive data streaming into your mind.
  • Use THESE tools to multiply your success at getting a rock solid intuitive answers.

☑ Module 2: Installation of the INTUITION CODE
  • Access to an Encyclopedia of Intuitive knowledge.
  • Automatically KNOW what your intuition is directing you to do.
  • Decode your intuition and build TRUST in it.
Module 3: The Art of Asking the Universe THE Right Questions
  • Craft exact questions so you get PRECISE directions from your intuition.
  • The TEMPLATE for a proven structure and flow for your questions.
  • Receive deep insight and epiphanies from the answers!
☑ Module 4: The Intuition ACTIVATION Process
  • Amplify your intuition to get stunning CLARITY.
  • EFFORTLESS step by step guidance as to what you should do.
  • Get answers rich in detail and wisdom that will blow you away!
  Module 5: The [REVOLUTIONARY] Objective Verification Method
  • Get detailed ANSWERS to questions that have kept you stuck in indecision.
  • Narrow down your options and choose the RIGHT path to follow.
  • Recieve REAL solutions you feel confident came from your intuition.
☑  Module 6: Sculpt Your Future to Live Your Dreams!
  • See how each of your choices will turn out if you continue following them.
  • Exactly how to STOP a future trend before it solidifies and becomes your future.
  • A simple process to get CLEAR guidance to know what the best course of action is every day.

                  Yes, I want access to....

The entire six module “Extraordinary Intuition” program.

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I look forward to helping you be a natural at getting rock-solid answers from your Intuition that you can RELY UPON, so you confidently take the right steps to transform your life, health, relationships, business, career and finances!