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Wake Up to More Clients™

Is it time to uplevel your cash flow to consistent monthly income you can rely on?

Are you an intuitive, talented coach, consultant, practitioner, healer, non-fiction author or entrepreneur? 


Have you done it all? Taken coach training or acquired dozens of certifications? Or taken every marketing course or business strategy course under the sun and find you’re still unable to leap to the next level of income you desire in your business?

Are you baffled by why you’re not getting the results they promise?

Are you ready to stop worrying that you might have to go back to a job and finally make a real living sharing your gifts and talents with the world?

What if you were absolutely, positively certain you could create a prosperous business around your talents, message and/or book? What if all those nagging doubts you had just stopped? Poof! Went away and never came back?

What if there were a way to dramatically improve your existing business profits and breakthrough your inner glass ceiling once and for all?

Entrepreneurs struggle not because they need more qualifications but because not enough people know about them, they don’t know how to convert prospects into paying clients and because they have fears lodged deep inside sabotaging them when they try!

How would finally having a profitable business change your life?


Having the money to to pay off debt, take vacations and live worry free!

Seeing your bank balance go up instead of down every month!

Easily and consistently attracting more clients!

* Working with a mentor who knows you and really cares guide you to success!

Never doubting you’re on the right path again!

Feeling excited and confident about your future!

* Finally being free of the fears that stop you from standing out!

The good news is now you can…

* Own your value so you can confidently charge what you’re worth

* Set-up a complete sales system that does the heavy lifting for you

* Bring in consistent coaching income month after month

* Laser focus your message to attract your perfect client

* Gather your tribe and build a list of qualified buyers

* Master the art of converting prospects into paying clients

* Deliver a talk, workshop or webinar that converts


Put the power of my 6 point W.I.S.D.O.M. Intuitive Client Attraction System to work and go from struggling to unstoppable! Build your profitable business the right way with a complete start to finish sales system and you will….

Hear the exact words to draw ideal clients to you like butterflies to nectar.

Get your “inner game” handled and clear the limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you.

Create a strategically engineered gift that works like a dog whistle and appeals only to your ideal client.

Deliver a presentation that mesmerizes your audience and has them clamoring to work with you.

Become a natural at making an offer and reliably convert leads into coaching clients. 

Make your mark with a signature program that builds positioning and authority.

Do this while creating a unique brand, being authentically you and never feeling salesy or pushy!


The key to lasting success is having a start to finish sales system in place to attract high quality leads and convert them into paying clients so your business is a source of a joy and excitement each day not, a constant source of stress, financial struggle and endless frustration.

The 6 point W.I.S.D.O.M. Intuitive Client Attraction System is that structure.


Curious? Want to know more? Want to talk about how private business coaching can impact your business?


Apply for a Complimentary Business Building Strategy Session to discuss the program. (Access Your Application here)

In our Business Building Breakthrough Strategy Session I’ll review what you’ve been doing to see where there is an opportunity to increase the inflow of your ideal clients so you can make more money. I’ll reveal my complete 6 point WISDOM Intuitive Client Attraction System for building a profitable business and assess what steps you need to take to get your business on that track. You’ll walk away with absolute clarity of what you need to do and a month by month road map of the steps to guide you as well.

Complete the Business Building Breakthrough Strategy application. The application will be reviewed to determine if I’m the right coach who can be of service to you and your goals. In our session we’ll get clear on how to move you into the profitable business of your dreams.



I have a hunch your intuition led you here so listen to it if….

You’re an “intuitive entrepreneur;” a business owner who values intuition as a natural sense that is there to guide you in the right direction in your life and business.

You’re ready to work with someone who will help you tap into more of your inner wisdom so you stop second-guessing yourself.

You have a valuable service, gift, talent or blessing to share.

You learned life-changing lessons and gleaned wisdom that you now feel a higher calling to share with the world.

You went from from hell and back and have an inspirational story and message to share.

You’re a spirit-led practitioner, intuitive, healer, coach or mission driven entrepreneur with a big vision who’s frustrated by not reaching enough of the right audience. 

Just think what it would be like if you could take your experience and share it with the world to impact people’s lives in a positive way?  The truth is you can make a living and a difference by sharing what makes you “you” with others. You have valuable life experience and lessons to share that can help others and change the world.

You can build a prosperous business that attracts ideal clients who are hungry to learn from you based upon the life lessons you’ve learned with targeted lead generation, marketing and sales training. 

And learn how to systematize your business, create your brand, hone your message and deliver these lessons to your perfect audience who is need of what you teach.

I thrived for 15 years in financial sales working on 100 percent commission because I used the techniques I’m about to teach you that I now I apply to my coaching practice.

The truth is if you don’t get leads and build a highly targeted list you’ll struggle to stay afloat. And, if you don’t know how to reliably convert leads into paying customers you won’t have a business for very long. These strategies are the true building blocks of having a successful business.


Complimentary Business Building Breakthrough Session


If you know you’re ready to make an important step forward in your life and a leap in your business, then don’t hesitate!

Get your Business Building Strategy Session application – here.

I don’t want you to wait another minute to start living the life you dream of and deserve!


You can get achieve your dream of having a thriving business and I want that for you….

It’s never too late to reinvent your life.

Do it now – because next year will come anyway and you will be right where you are now.

Mentoring is the missing link to overcome your fears, get unstuck and finally gain real confidence in your abilities, your worth and in your dream. The structure of of 1:1 mentoring provides step by step support and empowers you to refine your business offering, laser target it to your ideal client and chart a step by step course to achieve your dreams.


So are you ready to take the next steps toward transforming your life?

Are you excited about building your business and bringing your message to the world? You should be! It’s awesome to wake up every day and say:       I LOVE MY LIFE!

Private coaching will give you clarity around how to strategically structure your services or programs and your marketing message so that the right people who need you are attracted to you!


Connect with me…


Complete the Business Building Breakthrough Strategy Session application. The application will be reviewed to determine if I’m the right coach who can be of service to you and your goals. If so, you’ll receive an email request to set up an appointment. In our session we’ll get clear on how to move you into the profitable business of your dreams.

Ready to transform your life, get more clients and increase your business income? 

Does this resonate with you? Honor your instincts. Let’s talk about how private business coaching can support your business growth. Apply for a complimentary Business Building Breakthrough Strategy Session click here. 


I’m really looking forward to connecting with you.

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