Differentiating Between Intuition & Wishful Thinking (When Your Heart is Broken)

Differentiating Between Intuition & Wishful Thinking (When Your Heart is Broken)

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There’s a big difference between intuition & wishful thinking. And the differences are maximized to the 10th power when your heart is broken.

Wishful thinking is trying to manifest a particular outcome in which you have very little influence.

You know it’s wishful thinking if you vacillate between faith that it’s going to happen and fear that it won’t. The fear stems from your attachment to the outcome and  from not wanting to hear your intuition, which may be telling you otherwise.

When you’re attached to seeing only one outcome you will block your intuition from coming through. No matter how many times you ask for intuitive guidance you’ll find yourself unsure of whether your intuition was saying yes you’ll get back together or if it was just your wishful thinking. (Watch the video at the end about why wishful thinking blocks your intuition).

Don’t confuse wishful thinking for faith

Having faith is when you are confident that things are going to work out for the best and for your highest good, for all parties concerned—no matter what.

You know it’s true faith if you’re able to relinquish the need to control the outcome, meaning you practice non-attachment to how your desire will manifest or even if it will manifest at all. You have faith that a power greater than you knows what it is doing.

Understanding where the confusion comes from

What I’m referring to is what can be most confusing about knowing that we create our reality. So many people think that if they just maintain a positive outlook and visualize and keep seeing that something has worked out the way they desire it, that it will eventually.

The dark side of the Law of Attraction

The good thing about more people knowing about the LOA is that it expanded our collective consciousness to realizing that we can and do create our reality with our thoughts and emotions. The dark side is that many people may be “holding thoughts” believing that this is what you’re supposed to do to make LOA work.

When you “hold thoughts” you focus intently upon one specific outcome without allowing the Universe to provide an even better outcome or what might be in your highest good.

Say your greatest desire is to be reunited with your ex.

Or playing the lottery and hitting it big.

Is there a chance your ex could see the “error of their ways” and return to you? Yes, of course.

Is there a chance you could pick the winning lottery numbers? Yes, of course.

The two key questions though are – is it in your best interest to focus all your attention on trying to force this outcome and can you exert any influence upon the situations you desire to manifest? In other words what recourse do you have, what actions can you take to co-create the future you desire?

Put your efforts into things where you can have an impact

Obsessively trying to win the lottery or on getting someone else to do something is futile. The lottery is a game of chance. Nothing you do can change the odds. Even if you were to sell your house and use the money to buy 350,000 lottery tickets and try 350,000 number combinations there is no guarantee you would win (and people have done that and lost).

Holding thoughts about the return of someone who has broken up with you and moved on is also futile. If the person won’t speak to you, see you, answer your calls or letters and has made it clear that it is over then you are expending all your energy on something that is beyond your control to influence.

If you enter a sweepstakes where the winner is chosen based upon an essay or jingle or slogan you must create then you have an opportunity to take an action that could help you win.

If your ex is speaking to you, going to couples counseling or open to the idea of working things out and will see you then by all means exert every positive effort you can to get back together.

Plus, what other opportunities are you missing and perhaps walking right past that don’t see because you’re focused on holding thoughts about this one thing working out the way you want? The truth is opportunity exists all around us all the time it’s only our perception that limits us from seeing these doorways.

Understanding why we want certain things

If we examine our desire to “win the lottery” we will see that what we truly desire is financial security. If you truly believe you’re lucky there’s no need to obsess about winning, is there? You probably already “win” at things often.

When we are heart-sick over the loss of the love of our lives and continually focus on bringing them back what we really are pining after is “how we felt” when the person was in our lives. We felt “whole and complete.” We believe our happiness will return when this person returns when really what we’re missing is the “feeling” of happiness we had.

“Holding thoughts” holds up our future

When we wish for one outcome so intently we are telling the Universe that we believe we have all the answers. We are broadcasting that we don’t trust the stuff of the Universe to mix and meld properly unless we are in control.

To be overly attached to a single outcome impedes the creative spark of the Universe. Are you not impressed with the way the Universe “engineers” things and delights you with the surprising ways they manifest? Wishing for only this one outcome means that what you will get is likely to be devoid of the “creative spark.”

What is the Creative Spark?

It’s that magical spark that is created when the Universe orchestrates events in our lives. It is an act of creation that is above and beyond our small human control. It is when the Universe pours through us using us as a vessel to create.

It’s the synchronicity of bumping into a person by sheer coincidence at the dog groomer’s and falling madly in love. It’s sitting down at the computer and having an inspired piece of writing come through you. It’s an inspired idea for a business or new service that literally falls from the sky into your mind one day. This is the “creative spark.”

We can never recreate that – it just happens, courtesy of the Universe. It cannot be forced by sheer will. Your will is not creative and it will never be creative. True creativity is channeled through human beings from a higher power, what I refer to as Greater Intelligence. It never comes through using the rational mind or through the use of sheer will. Inspiration or true creativity is communicated to you from Greater Intelligence via your intuition.

Holding thoughts snuffs out the Creative Spark

If you “hold thoughts” about having the love of your life return you might “make it happen” but, like trying to bring back the dead you might end up in soulless zombie-like relationship. A zombie is “soulless” simply because when the witchdoctor brings them back to life they have no soul.

You cannot force your will upon another person, even if you think you’re only working the “laws of attraction” and not holding them by physical force. The act of focusing so intently upon one outcome, especially when it involves another human being, is an act of bondage. Why does a witchdoctor create a zombie in the first place? Because he wants a slave.

When you acquire anything through forcing your will you are creating bondage. Anything you acquire by this method will not be what you had hoped. It will be devoid of soul – devoid of the creative spark of life.

The only way to bring back the love of your life is to completely let them go. If they are meant to return to you they are going to return of their own free will. Only then will you have the happiness you desire.

When we’re attached to one outcome, especially when it involves love we ought to examine why we feel so empty with out this person. We need to look inside and develop self-love, more self worth and confidence. There is nothing outside of us. Everything emanates from within.

If we don’t have enough love for ourselves we will never truly find love outside of ourselves with another person. It will never be enough. We will consume the other person in an attempt to fill the void within ourselves and eventually push the other person away.

Holding thoughts means we aren’t living in the present

When you “hold thoughts” about something happening your aren’t living in the present moment. You’re postponing your happiness until this “thing” happens, whether it is the return of your soul mate or the winning of the lottery.

When you aren’t living in the present moment, you aren’t really living. Examine your desires and if you believe you are attached to a particular outcome and “holding thoughts” about it let them go. One big clue that you are holding thoughts is constant vacillation between faith and fear. One minute your positive you’re getting back together and walking on air and the next minute you’re completely down in the dumps.

Allow the Universe to provide you with your highest good or something better 

Focus on the feelings having what you desire would bring to your life such as joy, love and abundance instead of upon one specific outcome. Let the Universe do its job, infuse your future with the “creative spark” and be delighted by the outcome.

You’ll be glad you did!

Watch this video on why wishful thinking blocks your intuition:

Wishful Thinking Blocks Intuition

Have you ever found yourself stubbornly “holding thoughts?” What outcome were you attached to? How did it turn out?

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P.S. Learn how to tap into your intuition and get the guidance you need: Start here!

The Hero’s Journey is Not For The Faint of Heart

The Hero’s Journey is Not For The Faint of Heart

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging. Joseph Campbell

Climber on the summit.

By guest contributor Sophie Rose

Have you noticed that many children’s tales end with a victory of the heart?

The hero, after following a tortuous path of struggles, dreams and hopes, always manages to fulfill their heart’s desire, while sometimes discovering it at the same time. These stories stay in the collective consciousness for generations because everyone can recognize themselves in the hero’s quest and identify with the struggles and the longing for a happy ending.

The tales often follow the same themes: at their core is a lonely character searching for their way home or on a quest for true love. A few encounters remind the reader of how difficult that can be: in order to manifest one’s heart desire, nothing less than an angry dragon, a wicked witch, a deceitful wolf or evil characters have to be faced and conquered. There is no straight and easy path; a battle has to be fought against lower instincts or senseless behaviors. How does this mirror in our human lives?

In our lives, the story often begins with a call for adventure which has the potential to open a new perspective on life. A meeting with someone or something takes us – the future hero – in a new direction. However, we often have odd feelings after new meetings and experiences, sensing an attraction, yet also sensing a fear of the unknown. We wonder if change is worth pursuing, given the perceived risk and the breakdown of our comfortable routines. There are a few practices that can prevent you from missing opportunities that could lead to your heart’s desire:

  • Look at the new interest when you are in a relaxed mood. If necessary, create the circumstances conducive to relaxation, then quiet your mind and ask yourself how you feel about this new interest. With a little practice, your inner guidance will answer.
  • Notice the signs and synchronicities in your life. Is this the third time someone tells you about a book? Have you been feeling uncomfortable around a certain person? Guidance is always available, but the mind prefers to categorize everything for us. Going with the flow of life, instead of letting your mind analyze it, will slowly bring forth a path.
  • Trust that there is a road for you, a distinct path of learning and fulfillment known only to your higher self.

Then comes a time when the hero encounters the devilish character: the mean step-sisters, the manipulative wolf or the angry dragon. The images used in children’s tales symbolize our instinctual nature and remind us of how easily we can fall in its trap. In order to access the heart’s wisdom and desire, one must clean the vessel and become fearless, compassionate and kind. These are the qualities of a true hero. The following practices can help develop them:

  • Face your fears. Fear is a mind projection of a situation that does not exist. Like the dragon or the wolf, fears represent roadblocks that have to be overcome to progress. One way to get rid of fear is to sit in silence with the fear in mind and visualize yourself in the situation you dread. After some time, you will realize its illusory nature and the feeling will disappear.
  • Try to connect daily with Source/God/All That Is. Whether you use meditation, time in nature, music, dance or intuitive work, the goal is to feel the connection and slowly build a relationship with it. Such practice will reduce anxiety, make you happier and diminish your sense of separateness from others.

Before setting on their adventure, the hero was an average character. Then something shifted, the inner voice became louder and an awareness of a new path arose. It looked like a path that had not been traveled before, a path made just for them. The hero is the person willing to discover new territories by following their inner compass. As they begin the journey, the trail appears to magically create itself, and only presence and conscious attention are the requirements to not miss the signs. The destination often remains unknown since the process is in constant creation, but unlike imagination or random thoughts, this creation comes from a higher source: its inspiration is divine. That is why the name is “hero”, which comes from the Greek “heros” meaning demi-God.

There are always new horizons to explore when the heart’s calling is heard. The way of the heart is a life path of soul discovery that can only lead to the recognition of our oneness: as our learning expands and deepens, so does our connection to the divine and so does our natural ability as co-creators.

Has being on the hero’s path been a difficult journey? What stirred within that ignited your quest? What have you learned about yourself – or life?

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P.S. The hero’s path begins with a call from your intuition. Start your journey: click here.

sophie-portrait[1] (2)

Sophie Rose is a spiritual counselor and the author of The Way of the Heart, Teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, two-time award winner in spirituality. She is a contributing author of The Sacred Shift, Co-Creating your Future. Sophie is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition and has always favored a direct experience of spirituality. She can be contacted through Facebook.


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5 Books to Expand Your Consciousness

5 Books to Expand Your Consciousness

Ann Rice Quote on Reading Books

Ann Rice quote from “The Witching Hour.”

Here are 5 of my favorite Books to Expand Your Consciousness.

I was planning to take a two week vacation this summer during which I planned to read and read and read.

Can you tell I love to read? Here’s a true story about my love of reading:

When I was growing up my sister and my best friend and I would play “house.” My character was always the “smart kid that read all the time.” I would only join in the game if my sister and best friend allowed me to keep reading and played house around me.  I just sat there with a book reading. It was perfect!

When they said it was time to eat supper (usually a mix of leaves, grass and acorns from the yard. YUM.) I would move the crate I was sitting on to the box we’d set up to be our dinner table and just keep reading. Sometimes they got mad at me but, mostly they were used to it because it was the only way I would play.

Although, to this day, I still wonder why they gave my pet hamster one of my mom’s thyroid pills – which killed it? Were they retaliating against me for never really participating in playing our game of “house?” I’m sure they never meant for my little pet to die…

So, as you can see I’ve always been a perpetual student. Nothing is more enjoyable to me than buying a book and marking up its pages with notes, highlighting and underlines. I have a Kindle and I use the “highlighting” function but, it’s not the same as writing in the margins of a real book. (It is great for taking on trips though, as it’s super light!)

Anyway, I never took that vacation. I’m a bit of a work-a-holic, as many of you who have come to know me through PbI can see. I get more excited about work than vacations!

So the original title I had in mind for this article: Books I Read on My Summer Vacation, was not going to work but, these books did expand my consciousness so, I’m happy to share them with you.

I hope you’ll expand your consciousness and pick up a few of them too. If you do I’d love to hear your thoughts about the books after you’ve read them as well. (I do so love hearing from readers of PbI).

Synchronicity. The Art of Coincidence, Choice, and Unlocking Your Mind by Dr. Kirby Surprise. This book was an eye-opener regarding the source and meaning behind synchronicity in our lives. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in learning more about meaningful coincidences.

Bare Naked at the Reality Dance by Suzanne Selby Grenager. This book is a great collection journal entries made by the author during her spiritual awakening. If you enjoyed, Eat, Pray, Love, you’ll enjoy this book too! Highly recommended.

The Intention Experiment. Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World by Lynne McTaggert. If you love reading about the scientific data behind manifesting, the law of attraction and creating your reality you will love this book. Highly recommended.

The Afterlife Experiments. Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death by Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. (Okay, this one I read about two years ago – not on the summer vacation I never took this year). If like me, you are looking for the scientific evidence that our consciousness survives our physical death than look no further. This book is for you. Highly recommended.

The Field. The Quest For The Secret Force Of The Universe by Lynne McTaggert. Loved it! I wish she’d write another updated version. The Field contains explanations of scientific experiments completed in the last thirty years that show that there truly is a “life force” animating all life in our Universe. Highly recommended.

The Intuition Principle. How to Attract the Life You Dream Of by Angela Artemis. Yes, I can count – and I know I said 5 books….but, you didn’t think I’d suggest books to you without suggesting my own, did you? If you want an in depth explanation on how your intuition works, how to develop it and how to use it to get guidance and lead you to living a life you love – I’m going to be very bold here and just come out and say it, “Read my book.” Check out the reviews that have been written by other readers here.

The best part about reading, “The Intuition Principle,” or any of my books is that you can write and ask me questions about the books or intuition in general, and I will answer you! So, ask away…..I look forward to getting to know you.

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P.S. See all books by Angela on Intuition – click here.

Synchronicity:The Secret to Reading, Following & Creating Signs (5 Tips)

Synchronicity:The Secret to Reading, Following & Creating Signs (5 Tips)

Is there a secret to reading, following and creating signs and synchronicities?

The Secret to Reading, Following and Creating Sychronicities and SignsWe all want to be guided to make the right decisions in our lives.

When we have tough decisions to make and feel insecure “getting a sign” can tip the scales in one direction or another and help us feel more confident in our decision.

What is synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence that occurs in your life.

For example, say while you are driving to work you find yourself thinking about moving and wondering whether now is a good time or not. At the next red light you pull up behind a moving van and then another moving van pulls up behind you. You find yourself boxed in by two moving vans.

I’d call that a meaningful coincidence.

Say, you’re not 100 percent convinced by the appearance of the moving vans and are still conflicted as to whether to move or not. On  your coffee break you speak to a colleague from another department and learn that he is moving to the same town you’ve been considering moving too. You come home from work and go through your mail and find that you received a post card solicitation from a moving company. After dinner your sister calls you and tells you about a great condo her friend is selling in the complex you like.

To interpret these “signs” you must first understand your feelings about moving:

Are you excited?

Do you feel pulled toward moving?

Is there someplace else that really “speaks” to you?

Have you been fantasizing about moving or the great place you’ll live?

Is there a little voice in the back of your head nagging at you to move?

Do you feel restless, bored or not attached to where you live now?

Are you lonely where you live? Is it just a place to eat and sleep and not a “home?”

Are you afraid if you don’t buy a place now you’ll miss out on the “rock bottom” prices?

Do you feel compelled to keep up with friends who recently upgraded to larger homes?

Know thyself

The secrete to reading signs is to know what you are feeling.

You create your reality – and your signs

Believe it or not – your world does revolve around you. Your thoughts and emotions are creating the circumstances of your life from moment to moment. Everything you come in contact with in your reality is an “out-picturing” of what is going on in your consciousness.

If you are feeling excited about “moving” then the sign will speak to you as an affirmation of moving.

If you analyze your motivations and find that you are attached to one outcome, driven by fear of lack, fear of missing out on an opportunity, fear of being alone or anything along these lines you must honestly examine the root causes of these motivations.

We can “make” false signs appear based upon our own “false” beliefs. If you’re not 100 percent honest with yourself about your motivations you will “see” signs everywhere that mirror exactly what you want to see. Never, ever forget that everything outside of us is a mirror of what is inside of us.

Perhaps the moving vans “boxed you in” to show you that you’re thinking about moving is “boxing you in?” Perhaps it is telling you to look at other remedies for the dissatisfaction you feel in your life?

Perhaps the solution isn’t moving but, making friends in your building, neighborhood or community? Could it be time to get really honest with yourself and see that you don’t go out of your way to make friends with your neighbors but, “pretend” that they are the “unfriendly ones? Could this false belief be masking your fear of rejection? Maybe you ought to work on your self worth/self esteem instead of moving?

Synchronicity reveals our path but does not create it.

Synchronicity comes in different flavors

  • Some synchronicities show us that we are all interconnected and part of the larger fabric of life. Example: You are thinking of someone and then hear a song on the radio that has their name in the title.
  • Some are signs. These are the signs that appear when we need direction in our lives. They show us just how easily our thoughts impact our reality and pave a path toward our destiny.
  • Some are fortunate coincidences called serendipity. When serendipity strikes things you need just fall into your lap. The spare part you’ve been searching for to fix your antique phonograph serendipitiously appears in a box of junk being thrown out by your next door neighbor.

How Signs & Synchronicity manifest

When you think of something over and over with great deal of emotion you are creating a “thought form.” Thought forms contain the emotional energy that you imbue them with and are capable of creating what you have been thinking about. This is why you must “watch your thoughts because they become things.”

A synchronicity shows us just how our thoughts have impacted our reality. It is a direct reflection of the quality, clarity and power of our thought forms.

Thoughts that are not too heavily imbued with emotion (usually things you don’t care too much about or are not worried about or attached to) create insignificant thoughts forms. These type of thoughts might manifest as light-hearted synchronicities such as the earlier example of hearing a song with your friend’s name in the title.

Thoughts that you are emotionally attached to will create more significant synchronicities and multiple synchronicities. This is the type of synchronicity where the two moving vans appear shortly after you were thinking, yet again, about whether to move and then other synchronicities follow.

The clarity of the synchronicity is based solely on the emotional clarity of your thought. No matter how “confused” you feel about a decision at your core you always “know” what you wish to do.

The confusion comes from all the rationalizing you do. When you know you want to do something but, are afraid that it is the wrong decision due to a multitude of rationalizations you are creating erratic thought forms.

Your mixed signals create different thought forms that are mirrored back to you which create more confusion.

The secret of reading and following signs and creating synchronicities:

1. Get clear and honest with yourself. Stop the pretending and tell the truth to yourself. You won’t get an honest sign unless you’re honest with yourself. Are you attached to one outcome? Are you forcing things to turn out this one way? Yes?

Release it and ask yourself, “Why?” Keep asking “why” until you hit the core of your attachment. Do not proceed to step two until you get to the core of what’s driving you.

2.  Clearly state the question that you would like a sign about. For example, “I feel driven to move at this time. Show me a sign that this is the right thing to do now.”

By stating the question as an affirmative statement you are taking control of your life and your destiny.

3. Avoid becoming attached to the outcome. Repeat this affirmation: This or something better.  When you say this you are open to other possibilities not, just the one outcome “you” think is right.

4. “Knowing” what you want does not mean that you are attached to the outcome. Use the above affirmation to remain open to other outcomes. Knowing what you want is the only way to create a system for getting for signs that you will completely understand. I wrote about creating a system in my book, “Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs.”

5. Wait, watch and listen. Be observant and be patient. The sign will appear.

When we are clear and ready internally the patterns in our environment will reflect “the sign” back to us. We will resonate to this pattern and “know” it as the sign that we are ready to move forward.

The key to interpreting signs correctly is totally reliant upon knowing how you feel and what you want first. If your response to this is that you don’t know what you want – you’re not ready for a sign.  You’re asking to be “told” what to do instead of taking responsibility for your life.

Have you been asking for signs? Were you sure or unsure of what you wanted at the time you asked? How did things turn out?

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P.S. Learn more about signs and synchronicity. Click here!

Free Happiness Summit

Have you registered for the Free Happiness Summit yet?


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Getting to Goal: A Message For Those Who Have a Big Dream

Getting to Goal: A Message For Those Who Have a Big Dream

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. –Jesse Owens

Getting to the goalYears ago I met a playwright. Actually, let me rephrase that – I didn’t meet her she came into my life as a temp office worker.

One morning a top heavy woman in a low cut blouse, short skirt, wearing red cowboy boots showed up to fill in for my secretary. I showed her to the desk in the reception area outside my office. Before taking off her fringed suede cowboy jacket she pulled a small booklet out of her pocket and placed it on the desk.

While she hung up her jacket in the closet I glanced at the booklet titled, “Backstage.”

“Are you an actress?” I asked very proud of myself for knowing what this magazine was used for.

The woman gave me an icy stare before answering, “No, I’m a playwright.” It was obvious that she felt that being a playwright was superior to being an actor.

While I worked in the financial industry I was a writer in my spare time so, meeting someone who was so bold as to announce that she was a playwright was very intriguing, to say the least.

Fast forward a few months and we became friends.

I was so envious of her life. She was the author of a successful series of young adult novels and lived in in Manhattan Plaza, a subsidized apartment complex for members of the performing arts. She also wrote periodically for a television soap opera and worked temp jobs only when she needed extra money. She spent the rest of her time writing and hanging out with other cool “artists” in coffee shops and cafes.

To say I was impressed would have been putting it mildly. I’d never met anyone like her. She was living her dream – actually my dream. I was invited to her wedding where I was seated next to her agent. Later I became an associate producer for her play which was performed at several regional theaters.

It was all just too good to be true.

The only problem was that while I was living vicariously through her my life didn’t change one bit. She kept urging me to quit my job and do what I loved but, I was afraid to give up the security. I was also afraid of what people would think of me.

Eventually we lost touch when she moved to L.A.

So, why am I telling you all this?

When I look back on it now I realize that I while I thought I was bringing my dreams to life by hanging out with her and sharing my work with her agent – I was only “scheming.”

I thought that if I hung around with people who were doing what I wanted to do that my life would change.

It didn’t change though because I didn’t change. I was still too attached to my suits and briefcase. That was my identity and I couldn’t “dream” beyond it.

The Universe had synchronistically placed at my feet, a role model and path to show me that there were people doing what I only dreamed of doing but, I had been too insecure and scared to take the first step.

What I learned from this was that if you want “be” something you have to “be” that something inside or all the validation from the outside world will not make you believe it is the truth.

In other words you must be able to shout from the mountain tops with full confidence that you are already this “thing” that you dream of becoming.

For example, this friend thought I had talent as a writer. She introduced me to her agent who also thought I was talented. I was elated but, I had doubts and felt so insecure inside that nothing changed on the outside because I did not take action.

The reason why I was so taken by this woman when she announced with full confidence that she was a “playwright,” was because she was so sure of it. She wasn’t embarrassed about temping as a secretary. She didn’t say, “I’m hoping to have a play I’ve written produced but, in the meantime I’m temping……” She was already completely confident that she was a playwright.

Each of us needs to arrive at this same unshakeable conclusion inside if we wish to achieve our dreams.

When your beliefs inside match what you wish to achieve outside absolutely nothing will hold you back from achieving it.

In the meantime stop scheming. Stop trying to find “back doors” to do the thing you love. The only thing that will allow you to develop the confidence to shout out “I am…..this or that” with complete confidence is to practice doing the thing itself. No amount of rubbing elbows and social climbing can do that for you.

In order to arrive at this conclusion you will have to work hard at honing your craft – whatever that may be and not be tempted to take side entrances to getting where you want to go. And, I can guarantee you it won’t happen overnight either.

It took me 2o years to own my expertise and to finally write a book about to how to create a life you love by relying on your intuition – which is the book idea I pitched to the agent I mention in this article.

Be prepared to work hard and not give up

You will need to take classes, get training and practice, practice and practice some more. And, in doing so there will come a point when your beliefs will shift and you will no longer feel like a sham – and you own your brilliance. You will become a person who can shout to the whole world that you are who you say you are and then and only then will things change on the outside to match what you believe on the inside.

Are you the same person on the inside that you claim to be on the outside? Can you think of any instances in your life where you weren’t yet ready to own your goal?

If you enjoyed this interview please share it on Twitter, FB & G+. Thank you.

P.S. My book, The Intuition Principle is on tour. It reached #8 on Amazon today!

Check out these great interviews about the book by some great bloggers:

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Intuition: Where Do “Signs” Come From?

Intuition: Where Do “Signs” Come From?

The moment we set the intention to be guided by our intuition is the moment we begin seeing the signs the Universe has been placing on our path all along. 

Intuition: Where do signs come from?

Where do signs come from?Some of you who have read my book, “Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow the Signs” know that I believe becoming aware of the signs that guide us is very important. I’d like to share some readers’ questions about signs:

Question: Why do I get signs that are wrong? (more…)

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