Spiritual Laws of Success: How to Gain the Support of the Universe

Spiritual Laws of Success: How to Gain the Support of the Universe

Summer woman portrait.

Spiritual Laws of Success: How to Gain the Support of the Universe

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to get everything they want?

You know the kind of people I’m talking about, the ones who appear to have been born under a lucky star?

Everything goes their way and each time they set out to accomplish something not only to do they but, they make a smashing success out of it.

Whatever they touch or desire to bring about unfolds elegantly and almost magically with the Universe supporting them with one synchronicity or serendipitous event after another. They set out to do something and “suddenly” the money appears to complete their project (synchronicity) or they meet a person out of the “clear blue” who profoundly changes the direction of their life forever afterward (serendipity).


These types of people aren’t born under a lucky star at all.

In fact there is a “system” to how they behave and how they think that you can emulate in order to gain the support of the Universe too.

They are simply following the spiritual laws of success, whether they realize it or not, which results in the Universe mirroring back to them exactly what they put out.

The Universe isn’t random

Whatever we do, think and say creates the response and reaction we get from the Universe. If we don’t like the reactions we are getting it means WE have to change because one thing is for sure, the Universe isn’t about to.

The “Universe” is a self-organizing system that reacts to our actions. This means that there is an underlying program that runs the Universe. And this program has been set to react in specific ways to our actions, which is a good thing because it shows there is a pattern we can study and learn from. If we put in a bit of effort to study the actions of successful people we too can learn how to better interact with the Universe in order to achieve greater results.

Spiritual Laws of Success

The spiritual laws of success I’m referring to come from Raymond Holliwell’s book, “Working with the Law.”

How to get the Universe to Support You by properly using the Spiritual Laws

1. Law of Thinking: Watch your thoughts. Do not allow yourself to go down a path of negative thinking about anything. Stop complaining! You push away your good when you do that.

2. Law of Supply: Think Big. Don’t limit your supply by focusing on what you don’t have. The Universe is unlimited and your life is unlimited. Only you put limitations upon it.

3. Law of Attraction: Create a strong desire and expect that it will manifest. Your desire must be a vibrational match for what you desire. See it, feel it and know that it will manifest and and act as if it already has.

4. Law of Receiving: Focus on what you can give others. The more you give the more you will get. When you are only focused on getting or believe you’re “owed” something the law of receiving won’t work.

5. Law of Increase: Praise increases your good. Use positive affirmations. See the good in every situation and then focus on that. The more you praise or “bless” a situation the more increase you will see.

6. Law of Compensation: The more you put in the more you’ll get back. The only way to become successful is to work at it. You can’t just dream about it and expect to be compensated. You have to do the work.

7. Law of Non-Resistance: Quit focusing on obstacles. Go around them instead! If something stands in your way find another way instead. There is always a solution and you find it when you stop obsessing about the obstacle.

8. Law of Forgiveness: Increase the flow of good in your life by forgiving. Forgiving allows you to release the energy around the situation that was frozen within you. This frees you and frees up the flow of good.

9. The Law of Sacrifice: Nothing comes without a price. If you really want to do something it will entail sacrifice of some sort. There are only 1,440 minutes in a day. You have to make hard choices sometimes to get where you want to go.

10. Law of Obedience: You can’t outsmart the laws that govern the Universe. Use them properly and they work for you. Use them improperly and they will work against you.

11. Law of Success: Take action now. Nothing is more empowering than action. Let go of excuses, overcome your fear and indecision and take a stand for your success.

This is what successful people do to gain the support of the Universe. Are you ready to do what it takes to take a stand for your success? If so the Universe will have your back too.

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Spiritual Awakening: Why Your Dilemma is Your Dharma

Spiritual Awakening: Why Your Dilemma is Your Dharma

Spiritual awakening, Why your dilemma is your dharma

Spiritual Awakening: Why Your Dilemma is Your Dharma

“The essence of the Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha) is about

identifying the cause of our suffering & alleviating it.” –Allan Lokos

Will my life ever settle down again or is struggling the new normal?

Do you feel the foundation of your life just slipping away like sand under your feet?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people are feeling lost and as if their lives are on shaky ground.

For many people these changes are directly impacting their financial security and careers, for others their relationships or their health. Have you lost a job? Is there a possibility you may be laid off? Or, are you feeling dissatisfied in your existing career because it no longer suits the person you’ve become?

This is one of the many ways the Universe speaks to us.

If at first we cannot hear the whisper of our intuition, and later we disregard the voice of our intuition, the Universe ramps up its effort to communicate to us from gentle raps to pulling the rug right out from under our lives entirely. If you’re in the latter phase – you missed the gentle reminders. Do not fear no matter what phase you’re in the Universe will support your efforts to listen and heed her guidance to turn your life around again.

The root causes of current painful circumstances 

Everyone has bad things happen to them but, when the same sort of misfortune befalls us over and over it is time to look within to see if perhaps this circumstance is not just another unfortunate incident but, is mirroring something that’s going on inside of us. Nothing that happens to you is isolated and in a vacuum. Everything that is now causing you immense pain started as a tiny little bruise. The only reason it escalated to such a degree is because you’ve not been paying attention to the more subtle cues. Now the Universe has to go to greater lengths to get your attention.

The fact that you‘ve not been paying attention shows that you have not been ready to learn that everything in our lives is a mirror of what is going on inside of us. When you come to understand this great truth you will have come far on your journey toward finding the meaning and purpose for your life.

The seeds of event you now face were within you from the moment of your birth and can be found in your birth chart. How your character develops from these seeds creates your character and ultimately your destiny. As you evolve and grow in awareness you react with more spiritual finesse.

We have contributed to creating every circumstance that shows up in our lives. Our beliefs and behaviors drew these situations into our lives. We will need to open our eyes and learn how our thinking has affected our physical environment. We will need to recognize that it is now our obligation and duty to deal with the conflicts we’ve created and learn from them. It is now our dharma.

What is dharma?

Dharma refers to the natural law of the Universe, one’s personal obligations, life path, calling and duties and state of realization. You might think of it as the lessons learned by living in this reality that awaken you spiritually.

When you recognize that your dilemma is your dharma you’ve already climbed “Challenge Mountain.” The next step is to integrate the lesson of this challenge in your life and face why the mountain appeared in the first place.

When a molehill becomes a mountain it is because we chose to ignore the problems growing before our very eyes. It usually takes a long time for a molehill to become a mountain which would mean that we were not ready to take responsibility for our role, no matter how small, in creating our dilemma.

Examples of lessons dharma teaches

Take this example: A spouse wakes up one day to find their partner has left them. Do you think this mountain sprang up overnight? No, certainly not. There has to have been problems that were ignored for a long time for the partner to have left like this.

Here’s another example: Your boss fires you. Did this just spring up in one day? It’s not likely. There has to have been things happening at your job between you and your boss for quite some time.

What about having your car repossessed? Or the house foreclosed upon or even being hounded by bill collectors? There are years of attitudes and behavior behind each of these events.

When the student needs a lesson the problem appears

All of these examples are quite extreme and I certainly hope your problems are less severe but, the fact remains, everything that happens in our lives, that we view as negative had its roots in the small ways we addressed and behaved regarding some problem. The trick is to use the problems when they’re still small as “signs” that adjustments are needed in our lives.

Think of the small problems as winds which are pushing you off the course you’re on and now require that you change the way the sails are set in order to stay on course. If you initially see small problems as needed course corrections you’ll be more apt to avoid the huge dilemmas that you’re now facing.

When we’ve ignored small problems and allowed them to become huge we’ve lost control over our lives. We haven’t used our intelligence and power to affect the trajectory of our lives while the course is still not critical. By waiting we allow the winds to whip our boat way off course into uncharted waters where we face even more dangers.

Learn to be objective about problems and to face and fix them right away

If you find that you keep running up credit card bills and run out of money at the end of each month. Put yourself on a strict budget. Get real about what is a necessity and what is frivolous spending – every penny adds up. Do you really need a case of store bought water in the garage? Wouldn’t it be wiser to have a simple water filtration system and reusable water bottles? Accept that you are living beyond your means now before this little problem turns into one that can sink your entire life. Change your ways and start living within your means.

Turn within and reflect upon why you have this need to spend so much money every month. Do you feel insecure unless you have the latest fashions and look a certain way?

Do you want to keep up with the Joneses and foster a false appearance of being wealthier than you are? Why do you care so much about what other people think?

You need to do some soul searching and become really honest with yourself. This is the only way you’re going to avoid the Universe knocking on your door with really bad news about your financial situation one day.

Do this with all problems that arise in your life whether you attribute the cause of the problem that has arisen to someone else or not. Each of us is equally culpable for the problems we face in our lives. You can’t avoid repercussions by blaming it on someone. If it appeared in your life you alone must deal with it. It certainly is nice to have support though and this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for or accept help.

Once you’ve awakened to seeing your problems as signs that your behavior and responses need to be addressed you can begin to take control of your life. When bad things happen to us it’s an opportunity to see how the world mirrors what has been going on inside of us. Thank the Universe for showing you so clearly and begin to make your course correction.

See your dilemma as an opportunity

Perhaps getting fired from your job was what you wanted deep down? Then thank the Universe for releasing you from that path so that you can now pursue work you love.

Maybe your spouse did you a favor by leaving? If you have been unhappy for years and known at a gut level that your marriage was not working see this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself and your life.

An unfortunate incident like losing your home to foreclosure will teach you valuable lessons if you are open to accepting your role in contributing to creating this circumstance. If you blame others and take no responsibility you are not ready to grow and understand the language of the Universe yet.

Our life circumstances contain encoded messages about how we are interacting with our environment

When you begin to see that your dilemma is your dharma you will be ready to follow the “right” path in your life. You are ready and willing to learn and assimilate many life lessons that will serve you well for the rest of your days.

Recognizing the path of dharma says that your consciousness has expanded, that spiritual growth is paramount in your life. You’re growing spiritually and moving into a higher phase of spiritual awakening. You’ve outgrown a victim mindset and no longer attribute problems in your life to others because you see the oneness in all life and in everything that happens around you.

You have learned that like throwing a pebble in a pond every thought and action you take sends out rings that affect everyone and everything in your world. And, once you’re consciousness has expanded it can never shrink back down again – you can never not know what you now know. You are well on your way to seeing more and more of the miracles right under nose with your expanded consciousness. Spiritual awakening is your dharma and part of a life path toward fulfilling your life purpose.

Is the Universe trying to get your attention? What lessons might you be ready to acknowledge? Do you recognize why learning these lessons is part of your life purpose?

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Be Reborn into a Life of Possibility – 20 Inspiring Quotes

Be Reborn into a Life of Possibility – 20 Inspiring Quotes

Easter, Renewal, Rebirth

Easter is a celebration of rebirth and all the fresh possibilities that come with new life.

I thought it a fitting time to share these inspiring quotes with you about letting die what must die and being reborn into a new awareness that the part of you that is connected to the ALL never dies. In fact this part of you is greater than any circumstances you face in life and through this power anything is possible.

Believe in the power that is greater than you are to work through you and for your good.

“The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm; resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking.” –Deepak Chopra

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”–Buddha

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” –Joseph Campbell

“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” –Ernest Holmes

“I have always been delighted by the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.” –J.B. Priestley

“Why stay we on the earth except to grow?” –Robert Browning

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. –Romans 12:2

 “We must let go of the life we had planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” –Joseph Campbell

“The most important thing to remember is this: To be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.” W. E. B. DuBois

“I believe that when you stop renewing and are no longer open to change and the possibilities that continually unfold, you stop being alive and are just getting through the years. Transformation doesn’t happen unless you’re willing: It’s your choice.” —Oprah

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.” –S.D. Gordon

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.” –Anatole France

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances.”–Robert Flatt

“The Universal Mind contains all knowledge. It is the potential ultimate of all things. To it all things are possible.” –Ernest Holmes

“To live fully is to let go and die with each passing moment, and to be reborn in each passing new one.” –Jack Kornfield

“It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.” –Voltaire

“Each one of us is an outlet for God and and inlet to God.” –Ernest Holmes

“He takes men out of time and makes them feel eternity.”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Without an understanding of myth or religion, without an understanding of the relationship between destruction and creation, death and rebirth, the individual suffers the mysteries of life as meaningless mayhem alone.” –Marion Woodman

May your life be blessed with continued renewal and growth.

Which of these quotes holds the most meaning for you? Why?

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Lucid Dreaming: A Bridge to Other Realities

Lucid Dreaming: A Bridge to Other Realities

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming: A Bridge to Other Realities

by Adam Palmer

In this article, Adam Palmer challenges you to take your dreaming practise further. Beyond the initial fun and excitement lucid dreaming is something far more profound.

The difference between a “lucid” dream and a regular dream is simply in our level of awareness. Within a lucid dream, we know that we are dreaming, and are free to fly through walls, practise new hobbies and meet new people.

As a regular lucid dreamer and OBE practitioner, I will say that a clear and vivid lucid dream is one of the most powerful and transformative experiences that a person can have. You don’t need to believe me, or take anyone’s word on their experiences – everyone can lucid dream, and you can verify and experience this directly. All too often however, I find people getting stuck in the early and even advanced stages of dreaming, with the idea that slaying dragons, throwing fire balls and flying through friends’ houses is all that lucid dreaming has to offer.

 Acquire the tools you need for lucid dreaming

Building the tools within your skillset through playing out different scenarios, exploring the dream world, practicing different induction techniques and finding out what works best for you provides a very solid foundation.  It’s absolutely essential though that you don’t get stuck trying to perfect induction techniques or analysing and debating terminology and experiences. The phrase, “can’t see the wood for the trees,” comes to mind.

I prefer to consider the dreaming world as a launch pad to other realities. My experience has led me to the understanding that we exist in a multidimensional universe. As sentient beings, we are able to adjust our “receivers” to tune in and out of different frequencies. As we have been born into this reality, our “receivers” are strongly fixed on the world in which we live. Our living and breathing bodies anchor us to this reality.

Our receivers phase out all through the day such as when we day dream, relax, experience hypnosis and trance, and so on. Our nightly sleep is our mandatory “phase out” as we spend time existing in another reality. This period is essential for our bodies and minds, as our cells rapidly regenerate and we wake up refreshed. Moreover, sleep and dream are both physically essential; with even a night or two without sleep, our reaction times slow, and we become measurably physically ill. Now, people don’t get permanently lost in day dreams, or in sleep. As I said, owing to our existence in this reality, our being is anchored to this frequency of waking reality. We are able to shift our receivers or to coin Castaneda’s phase, our “assemblage point.”

 Everyone zones in and out during the day

Although we take comfort in believing in a fixed and predictable reality, we zone in and out throughout the day, sometimes ever so slightly in a vague day dream, and sometimes slightly more as in trance or meditation work. For the average person not engaging in any reflective, trance or meditative practices, the farthest that we zone out each day is in our dreams, and they are often vague and unmemorable.

There is a wealth of information on lucid dreaming and associated techniques already online. My preferred practices are all day awareness, mantra induction, dream journaling, visualization and regular reality checking. I throw those terms out to allow you to research each in more detail should you so desire.

Once we are able to consciously induce regular lucid dreams, stabilize the environment and become deeply aware, we have access to a deeper range of experiences. The dream world itself is naturally very fluid and unstable, and just as easily as we are able to wake ourselves up from a dream, we can equally phase out much further. Robert Monroe, Frank Kepple and William Buhlman are amongst the great dream and out of body explorers that describe such journeys.

Lucid Dreaming is referenced by many cultures throughout history 

Such techniques are referenced across almost every culture and tradition from Kabbalah to Shamanism, from Tibetan Dream Yoga to Astral Projection and the Occult. If you have a genuine desire and interest, I recommend studying a wide range of material on the subject, and gaining a strong perspective on the various teachings. I have personally focussed my interests in both Tibetan Dream Yoga and Castaneda’s shamanic teachings.

I have arrived at the conclusion that each tradition is pointing at the same experiences and realities, just from a different cultural perspective. They are different models with which to experience the same reality. Where Castaneda talks of the ‘second attention’, Tibetan Dream Yoga speaks of Bardos. Frank Kepple and Robert Monroe talk instead of ‘focus levels’.

Steps & practices to induce lucid dreaming

In each tradition, there are a set of steps and practises to develop. Castaneda’s teachings talk of isolating and following a “scout”. A scout is an energy form present in the dream world.

In Castaneda’s reality, once a dreamer is able to focus on their hands and maintain stability and awareness, the next step is noticing anything or anyone that is particularly suspicious or out of place within the dream environment. The presence may be very subtle and this is the reason that such dream practice, awareness and stability is required. Once the presence is located, the dreamer should follow it to other realities, of course under strict instruction.

The tradition also extends to a range of ancillary practices such as recapitulation and the use of “power plants”; strong hallucinogenics.

Tibetan Dream Yoga on the other hand speaks of experiences with Dakinis – higher beings. It focuses on visualizations of letters and symbols, and chakra work during the dream.

The dream reality is a powerful development tool, which allows us the experience of untold realities. Whichever tradition you dive in to, make sure you pick one that resounds with you, for it will yield the most pleasant journey for you.

These advanced practises allow us to develop intuition, awareness, knowledge, and ultimately awaken to the deeper nature of reality.

Have you ever experimented with Lucid Dreaming? Share your experience or ask Adam a question.

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P.S. Learn how to turn your dreams into reality by following your intuition: Click Here!

Adam Palmer


Adam Palmer teaches lucid dreaming as a path to awakening at Astral Zen. I’ve been consciously practising lucid dreaming and exploring the out of body state for over 10 years now. Now I want to help others share the experience. Connect to him on Twitter at @TheAstralZen 


Photo credit: Wikipedia. “Nun’s Dream” by Karl Briullov

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Spirituality & Tipping Sacred Cows

Spirituality & Tipping Sacred Cows

Tippin Sacred Cows by Betsy Chasse

The process of spiritual growth is different for everyone. During this time we absorb so-called “rules” about spirituality that we never think to question but, according to author Betsy Chasse, perhaps should.

Author Betsy Chasse began to question these spiritual rules after she went through several crises in her life. Her book, “Tipping Sacred Cows,” examines the spiritual tenets we assume we must ascribe to and whether we actually need to buy into them in order to “be spiritual.”

I read the book and enjoyed it very much. I recommend it if you too question some of these “rules.”

1.    What does “Tipping Sacred Cows” mean?

A sacred cow is something we hold it up against any sort of criticism. We protect it, even if it doesn’t serve our highest good. We have beliefs about ourselves and the world that we have picked up along the way from our family, friends, teachers, the media and they become ingrained in us and we mold our lives around those beliefs, often we don’t even know they exist. To tip those sacred cows means to take them out and really examine them, see if they are true or just a belief, a story you’ve convinced yourself is true. If it’s not – tip it over, let it go, work at it until it’s gone.

2.      The book is a hilarious guided tour of what you perceive to be the spiritual propaganda most of us have been fed; please tell Powered by Intuition readers what happened in your life that changed how you perceived these spiritual concepts?

Life is a series of epiphanies. It’s a constant unraveling of self.  With each one we can either choose to evolve, re-examine our beliefs and change or continue living from the same place. The biggest change for me came when I realized nothing was static. An idea, a concept of a belief needed to be able to evolve as I did, as my life evolved. What might have been working for me during one part of my life, doesn’t mean it will always work or always be true or ever was true.  Being spiritual isn’t about what you practice, what yoga you do, whether you’re a vegan or not. You are a spiritual being. Meaning comes from you, not what you do. For me finding my meaning came when I looked at myself and asked myself, what do I want in my life, who do I want to be and started to be that. I let go of worrying about the how’s, the yoga pants, and if I had Ganesh in the right part of my house.

3.    “Like any good drug, once a moment of enlightenment happens, we begin to attempt to recreate that experience, and with every attempt it seems to get further away. Thus the eternal hunt through the maze for the cheese. The seeking becomes the endgame, and when we are seeking, we aren’t really being.” (P.35)

I loved this section Betsy and I have experienced this myself. Can you give readers an example of one of those “enlightenment experiences” that was the catalyst for chasing experience instead of being? Instead of chasing these experiences what should we do instead?

One of my most powerful experiences came when I first experienced a group of people so enthralled by a teacher. I got caught up for sure in group consciousness, suddenly feeling connected to the people around me in a way I had never experienced. I felt I belonged for the first time. That was amazing and I wanted to recreate that experience over and over again, so I attempted to manufacture it instead of just allowing it to happen, like it did the first time, organically, but just living my life fully and taking each experience as it comes rather than forcing it.

4.   Why does living in “non-attachment’ from your point of view, not work for most people?

Mostly because we are a society built on attachments. Our entire realty is based on having. Not just things, but love, relationships. We are a social species, we are emotional and the more we try to be less emotional and less attached because it’s the “right” way to be, the more frustrated we become. It’s like saying no: try telling yourself you can’t have something and watch your body react. I have found the more I allow myself to be honest about my attachments the less I feel the need to be attached.

5.   You book covers all the major spiritual topics such as enlightenment, the law of attraction, attachment, the Universe, masks we wear through life, feelings, living in bliss, the ego, fear and judgment, self-love and forgiveness and anger. Which of these topics do you feel is the most misunderstood and why?

For me the biggest was what does it mean to be spiritual. I always felt I was doing it wrong, or that I was somehow missing something. My definition of spiritual didn’t match up with someone else’s.  I don’t feel alone in this.  We all want to be happy so we’re looking for “the answer” and we keep looking for it. We’re busy and it’s hard and time-consuming work, so we look for the short cuts and we slap on the newest and greatest practice or platitude and we keep on truckin’. And it works for a while, but because most of these concepts are complex and intertwined and take a willingness to be uncomfortable and a mess, we either quit out of frustration, or we attempt to skip to the master class. I misunderstood a lot of these concepts because they sound so easy, they’ve almost been trivialized. Make a vision board and your life will be better. But we don’t want to ask the hard questions, like why do we want what’s on that vision board? Being spiritual became more about doing it right than living authentically. If I wasn’t manifesting what was on my vision board there must be something wrong with me. And much of these concepts have been taken out of context and overly simplified.

6.   What central point do you wish readers to take away from reading the book?

Ultimately happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a state of mind. Spirituality doesn’t have a rule book, there isn’t a right and a wrong way, it’s just life, your life.  I’ve got a million platitudes and I hate to say it, but they are all true. Life is messy, life is a journey (yep I just said that), give yourself a break, and if you can only hold on to one sacred cow, make it this one: Everything is going to be ok and you might as well laugh…cause really it is damn funny, even when it sucks.

7.   How did writing the book change you? How would you like it to affect readers?

Writing Tipping was a catharsis in that I let go of all the thoughts and ideas that had been swirling about my head for a very long time. Just like in the game I describe in the book: “My life Sucks”, it was freeing to write it and say it, I had to dig deep into myself to the places I often avoided. My hope is that readers will see that in doing that, there is peace, laughter and a path towards the life they desire. And that in the end the only path you need to be following is your own.

8.   What’s next or what are you working on now?  

I am currently filming another “BLEEP” and am working on getting a new film going “Killing Buddha”.

What sacred cows are you holding onto? Do they inhibit your growth or assist you in it? Share with us in the comments.

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P.S. While your here check out my intuition development book: Click here.

Betsy Chasee head shotBetsy Chasse is an internationally known author, filmmaker and speaker. She is the Co-Creator (Writer, Director, Producer) of the film “What The Bleep Do We Know?!”  and the author of 3 books  including Tipping Sacred Cows (January 2014 Atria/Simon & Schuster), Metanoia – A Transformative Change of Heart and the companion book to BLEEP, Discovering The endless Possibilities for Altering Your Everyday Reality.  She also enjoys blogging for Huff Post, Intent.com, Modern Mom and other sites. Chasse continues to make provocative films, with the recently completed documentary CREATIVITY and two currently in production— The follow up film to “BLEEP” and Zentropy a narrative comedy about what happens when the least spiritual person on the planet gets hired to make a movie about spirituality.

Pick up Tipping Sacred Cows on Amazon here.

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The Value of Intuition

The Value of Intuition

Intuition often comes to us in a flash

The Value of Intuition

by Dr. Howard A. Jones

Attitudes about spirituality and the existence of intuition are changing

Anyone with any kind of spiritual sensibility cannot fail to be aware that a profound change is underway, very, very slowly, in the attitude [re:spirituality and intuition] that an increasing number of people have to one another and to our earthly environment.

We have to look back to the 1960s and 1970s for the start of the cultural revolution. Before this, the world was recovering from the second of two world wars in half a century; few people expressed any interest in the welfare of the environment or knew anything much about the mystical faiths of the east. This change in attitude has formed part of the general acknowledgement that the spiritual domain is of profound importance in our everyday lives.

Two minds: the conscious mind and the unconscious mind

We’ve all used – and heard others use – the expression of being ‘in two minds’. As with many other long-established sayings, there is much wisdom in this phrase.

For several centuries now, science has held that the mind is simply the name we give to the workings of the brain. However, over the past century, scientists have come to realize that this is only part of the truth. It is true that the brain interprets the input of our five senses – an operation that we can still regard as a function of the rational or conscious mind. But, as Sigmund Freud realized, humankind also possesses an unconscious mind that holds the data we accumulate about the world until we need to use it and also gives expression to our emotions.

Intuitive mind vs. rational mind

There are many philosophers and physiologists who regard this unconscious or spiritual mind as primary, determining what we absorb of the numerous images that impact daily on our senses and shaping our course of action. When we talk about being ‘in two minds’, what we are saying is that we are experiencing an internal conflict between what the reasoning of the rational mind tells us we should do and what the emotional mind – our ‘gut feelings’ – tell us what would be the better option. This crucially important emotional mind is an expression of our intuition.

Intuition often comes to us in a ‘flash’

The intuitive sense also comes into play for scientists or mathematicians struggling with a difficult problem: often the solution comes to us ‘in a flash’, often and perhaps usually when we are not focusing the rational mind on the topic.

How many creative artists have attributed to inspiration for their work arising within them from a spiritual source they believe to be outside the body. When speaking of his Second Symphony, popularly known as The Resurrection, the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler said:

‘Creative activity and the genesis of a work are mystical from start to finish, since one acts unconsciously, as if prompted from outside, and then one can hardly conceive how the result has come into being’   and ‘For me, the conception of the work never involved the laying down of a process, but at the most of a feeling  …The parallelism between life and music may be deeper and wider than we are yet in a position to understand’.

What Mahler said in respect of his musical composition could equally well apply to great creative works of poetry or fiction.

This intuitive sense is often described as the ‘sixth sense’.

The ‘sixth sense’ comes into play also in our experience of psychic phenomena, such as telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition. The rational mind functions through a process called ‘upward causation’ – the senses, stimulated by the material world, provoke neural processes within the brain. But the spiritual mind is believed to work through a process of ‘downward causation’ in which a metaphysical [numinous] cosmic energy interacts with mind to provoke intuition or inspiration.

Collective Unconscious, Cosmic Consciousness & the Morphic Field

Put another way, the behaviour of individual human minds is influenced by a holistic and universal spiritual energy, which C.G. Jung described as the collective unconscious; the English-born Canadian psychotherapist, Richard Bucke, referred to this numinous realm as the cosmic consciousness. In modern scientific terminology, the Cambridge biologist Rupert Sheldrake described it as the morphic field.

For rationalists it is reassuring that science over the past century has developed concepts that accord perfectly with this concept of the importance of recognising our intuitive self. Even at the fundamental level of molecules, atoms and bits of atoms, scientists have found that there is an interactive field of energy that integrates and unifies the whole subatomic material world.

Our consciousness exists within an interactive field of energy

This is not only a useful analogy to the kind of integration we seek within humankind. It provides a theoretical explanation of the processes of intuition within the human brain and explains how we can communicate with other minds through telepathy and through the aesthetics of artistic creativity. Modern science is surely right to suggest the primacy of the intuitive subconscious.

What changes in people’s attitudes regarding spirituality and intuition are you noticing? Have you heard of cosmic consciousness or the “morphic field?” What are your thoughts on this field of energy we interact with? Share with us in the comments.

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Howard Jones, MDAbout: Howard Jones, MD is a researcher, author and lecturer who studied physical and medical sciences at university, which included learning something of the philosophy of science. With the incompatibility that many have long claimed between science and religion, his journey into philosophy took him into a study of comparative religions of the world. As a result, for the past thirty years he has written and lectured on the compatibility of science and spirituality, though dogmatic, scriptural religions are by their very nature not compatible with one another. Howard believes, “If we want to find a unifying thread between the religions of the world we must look to the intuitive spiritual energy that lies within us all.” Contact Howard by visiting his website: The Spirit of Oneness (http://www.spiritofoneness.co.uk/)

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