The Law of Attraction: Understanding Spending vs. Investing

The Law of Attraction: Understanding Spending vs. Investing

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“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Paulo Coelho, from The Alchemist

The Law of Attraction: Spending vs. Investing

Did you watch the movie, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne or read her book? Most of the world now knows about the Law of Attraction thanks to her. Unfortunately, while Byrne did a huge service for the world the depth of the information wasn’t there to accurately convey how to bring more abundance to your life.


There’s a misconception that in order to attract abundance into your life you ought to prime the pump of the LOA by spending money. Perhaps you were told that in order to demonstrate your faith in the Law of Attraction you ought to “dig your ditches before the rain.” This idea originally comes from a passage in the Bible but I first read about it in Florence Scovel Shin’s book, “The Game of Life and How to Play It.”

What Shin meant was that if you’re praying for rain you must take action and dig the ditches to hold the water ahead of the rain. “Digging ditches” clearly communicates that you firmly and unwaveringly have faith in the Universe to bring about what you desire.

You might have misconstrued this advice by first buying the things you wanted as a demonstration that the money to pay for them would then show up. Unfortunately all this does is create debt. “Digging your ditches” symbolizes that you must have the faith and take action toward achieving your goals even when there isn’t a “cloud in the sky” to indicate that it’s going to rain.

There is a difference between spending and investing

Notice though, Shin did not say to go out and use up all the water you have as an act of faith that it would rain and then the water would be replenished. This is what you’re doing when you spend money you don’t have. You’re draining your resources. What Shin advises is to invest your energy and resources in creating a “ditch” or reservoir so that it will hold all the water you need whenever you need it. This is what “investing” does, it becomes a resource that pays you back again and again over time.

Spending money doesn’t garner the same results as investing

For example you see a gorgeous pair of boots and think,”If I buy the boots I’m showing the Universe I trust that the money is coming to pay the credit card bill.” But after you spend the money your life hasn’t changed. You have a nice pair of boots and nothing else to show for it.

When you invest money you take an action that ensures that the money will return a dividend, in other words, pay you back. For example you might be in a 401k retirement program at work. Over time with good investment strategies this investment will grow and be part of the money you live on in retirement.

You might invest in buying a home for the same reason; you anticipate that with time its value will increase so that someday when you sell it you’ll get back more than you spent to buy it. This is also the reason for investing in education. When you learn something useful it contributes to your ability to apply it in a way that the actions taken based on knowledge you received pays you back over time.

In general buying “stuff” for yourself is spending not investing. Clothes, furniture, cars and the like while needed are not investments. Buying something the goes up in value and returns a profit when you sell it is an investment. Examples of some good investments that will improve your life are education, coursework and coaching.

Investing in yourself is the entire premise of self-development. You are developing yourself for something, right? You probably want to learn how to be more successful at life which is to be happier, peaceful, self confident, more capable, loving and a better human being I would imagine.

Invest in yourself instead of spending on yourself

To unlock the power of the Law of Attraction invest in yourself. Investing in your education is one of the best investments you can make. Invest in a course that will help you learn what actions you need to take to create a better life. This will prime the pump of the LOA in your life much more than a one shot purchase such as a pair of boots. To invest in yourself is to dig a ditch and build a reservoir of resources that will pay you back handsomely over time.

Taking action

Action demonstrates your faith in the Law. You must take the proper action steps. Wishing and visualizing are not enough. Action is how you “seed” the clouds for all that rain. And, if you don’t know what you want that’s a problem. You must know what you want in order to know the proper action steps to take.

Knowing what you want is key

If you aren’t sure of what you want your life to look like and all you think is that you want “abundance” you’re going to be disappointed. Abundance comes in many forms. You’ve got to be specific in order to come up with the action steps to seed your cloud.

Prime the pump of the Law of Attraction

Know what you want. Know your purpose and mission in life and then you will know what actions to take. After all you can’t get there until you know where “there is,” right? Knowing your purpose is having the map to get to your destination. As soon as you are clear on where you want to go the result of every action step taken will yield much more dramatic results toward your ultimate success.

If you are unclear of your purpose invest in yourself. Open the way and seed the cloud toward your abundance by investing not spending on yourself. Find a coach or take a course on how to find your life purpose, read a book on this topic or have a thorough astrological reading of your purpose done.

The sooner you know where you’re heading the sooner you’ll get there!

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The Intuition Secret That Ratchets Your Success to Rock Star Status

The Intuition Secret That Ratchets Your Success to Rock Star Status

There is a little known intuition secret that ratchets your success to rock star status.

The Intuition Secret that Ratchets Your Success to Rock Star Status

It’s stunningly simple and yet, many of us continually over look it.

Bringing forth your life’s work 

To accomplish great things when doing  your life’s work you plan, work like a madman for months barely stopping to come up for air, then recheck the plan and execute it.

After releasing your masterpiece to market you can’t stop yourself from going back and “tinkering” with it. You tweak a bit here and then a bit there.

Exhausted, you pull a few more “all-nighters” trying to improve upon the finished product. You are exhausted but, deny yourself the rest you need and continue tinkering afraid to let go.

Don’t forget the “last step”

You left out a crucial “last step” in all recipes for success.

Here’s the “last step” in a Martha Stewart recipe for beef tenderloin:

Tent beef with foil, and let rest for 15 minutes (or up to 2 hours); slice just before serving.

Why recipes end with “let rest” before serving

After following a recipe and adding the proper ingredients you need to allow those ingredients to blend, meld and gel in order for the flavors to come together.

“Let rest” should be applied to all endeavors, not just cooking.

The staff of television shows take a “hiatus” after completing their season. Actors take time off after finishing a film project.

Rock star musicians don’t produce a song a day. They follow their inspiration and work tirelessly until an album is produced. Afterward they take time off to rejuvenate.

Creatives take breaks in between projects but, most entrepreneurs and business people don’t

After pushing yourself to create you are depleted and “empty” for a time. You need to allow your creative juices time to rest and rejuvenate before you are ready to start the cycle again.

Why we ignore that little voice that tells us to “let rest”

Our intuition nudges us to rest after a big push but, we ignore it out of fear. We fear that if we let go and “let rest” the whole project will disintegrate especially, when we don’t see immediate rock star results. Our fear of letting go and losing control overrides our intuition that rest is what is needed.

Fear of letting go is a destructive force.

Fear leads us to take desperate measures that usually make a mess of things. What we fail to realize is that sometimes results are residual, not immediate. Not unlike the roast whose flavors need time to meld a project may also take some time to meld enough to send its ripples out into the world.

To ratchet your life to rock star status – “let rest”

Take creative breaks after a big campaign to bring a new service or product to market.

Stop prodding and poking the roast after it’s done. Prodding and poking only let out the flavorful juices that make the roast delicious. Let your endeavors rest for a spell.

Let your intuition guide you to success

If we don’t rest after a big push our intuition will nag at us to do so. We are depleted and need time to rejuvenate our creativity and productivity. We may think our intuition is nagging at us only because we are tired and need rejuvenating but, it is also a call from our intuition to stop tinkering with the finished product.

Our intuition is the wisest part of ourselves and it is trying to tell us that in order for our efforts/ingredients to successfully meld together we need to step back and let nature take its course.

Take a hiatus and “let rest” to allow your creation to gel and to rejuvenate your creativity and productivity for the next big project.

Do you have hard time letting go of your creation? Can you see how walking away and taking a rest afterward can benefit your creativity and productivity?

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P.S. To learn more about how to use your intuition to become successful – click here.

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How Saying “No” Helps You Grow (and prosper)

How Saying “No” Helps You Grow (and prosper)

Can saying “no” help you grow and prosper?

Woman saying NOYes, it can.

How do I know?

I learned by making the mistake of saying, “yes” to too many things when I should have said “no.”

I said yes to clients when I wanted to say “no” and “yes” to collaborations, committees and constant availability by phone and email when I wanted and very much needed rest.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t assist others but, saying “Yes” to another request when our plates are already full is detrimental to our growth in many ways.

Here’s why: (more…)

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