Intuition: You Don’t Have to Scare The **** Out of Yourself!

Intuition: You Don’t Have to Scare The **** Out of Yourself!

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Have you ever been convinced something terrible was going to happen?

Were you sure that your kid, or partner was going to be in a horrific traffic accident?

Were you able to think of nothing else and replayed the scenario over and over in your mind?

If so, you were having a “fearful daydream.”

Confused? This sounds like a Premonition, you say?

I know. Don’t worry. I’ll explain.

In a recent post, titled Intuition: Will We Ever Learn How it Works?, I asked readers if they’d ever had any premonitions and several of you commented that you weren’t sure.

Many said that it was because they weren’t able to tell the difference between a “fearful daydream” and a premonition.

The confusion was mentioned several times, so here are some pointers on telling the difference between the two.

Premonitions are when we know something is going to happen for no apparent, or conscious reason. We have no knowledge that was given to us about this event – we just know that we know.

In a premonition the information is not something we’ve consciously been dwelling on, as in the case of a fear that your teenage child will get into an accident – that’s a fear we’re aware of.

A premonition APPEARS in the mind – whole and complete. Again, it’s not something you were thinking about. It’s an awareness of an event that was PLACED in the mind – but NOT by you.

In the case of a daydream you already have a fear that something may happen. This fear plays over and over again in your mind making you think it may just be a premonition. After a while you convince yourself it’s true.

In the example I mentioned about the fear your teenage child might get into an accident; if it were a true premonition the finality and the knowing that comes with a premonition would strike suddenly, and you’d just KNOW that this accident had occurred. You wouldn’t have to convince yourself it was true.

It can also feel like a gnawing in the stomach, or butterflies, or a nervousness regarding the issue that doesn’t subside until the event occurs.  In this case, your body knows it’s true and reacts. This is hard to duplicate with a fearful daydream. You might feel very upset but it wouldn’t manifest with the same physical symptoms.

In a fearful daydream your not so sure ’cause it’s a thought you created with the rational mind – which is a sign that it’s not a premonition. With premonitions YOU KNOW and it arises spontaneously without any influence from the rational mind.

For example, I wrote about the dream I had that told me my father was going to pass away in a post titled, Deciphering Dreams: Is it A Warning, or Intuitive Guidance? (Dreams are the subconscious form of premonitions and we call them precognitive dreams.)

I had this dream 3 months before my father died and while he was perfectly healthy. There was no reason to suspect he’d die so soon. After I awoke I “knew” I was going to lose my father. My first thought was – this is the year I’m going to lose my father. I didn’t want it to be true, but I knew no matter how much I tried to convince myself otherwise (and I did) or how healthy he was at the time of the dream that it was going to happen that year.

Around the time of 9/ll many people had premonitions about something happening. Many were premonitions like mine (I describe this in my previous post) that were non-specific. The common thing about all premonitions is that they come out of the blue. I wasn’t thinking about plane crashes when I began hearing plane crash sounds in my head.

The next time you work yourself up into a tizzy and worry that you’re not sure if you’ve had a premonition or fearful daydream try this:

1. Go sit somewhere quiet where you can relax. Close your eyes and take in some very deep breaths – make sure your stomach balloons out. Hold for a second or two then release. Do this until you feel calmer.

2. See in your mind’s eye a screen – like a movie screen at the theater. It’s white and rectangular and blank.

3. Tell yourself  you’re going to ask a yes or no question and you want to see a traffic light on your screen. If the answer is yes the light will be green. If the answer is no the light will be red.

4. Now relax again, breathe some more. Be comfortable and when you’re ready ask yourself: Am I having a premonition of something that’s going to happen?

5. Focus on seeing the traffic light. It may come very very fast. Or you may just see a green or red color. Be aware it may come as a voice too. You may hear “yes” or feel “no.” It can very subtle so be on high alert.

What did you see? Was it a red light or a green light? If it was a red light allow yourself to relax knowing that you don’t have to be scared any longer. It was just your fears creating a scenario that isn’t going to happen. 

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Deciphering Dreams: Is It a Warning, or Intuitive Guidance?

Deciphering Dreams: Is It a Warning, or Intuitive Guidance?

I knew I was going to lose my father four months before it happened.

I didn’t want to accept it, even though this dream had a very different quality to it than any of my other dreams. Besides, I thought, he was such a healthy 82-year-old. Still climbing ladders to cut down tree limbs and doing all the yard work a younger man in his 40s or 50s would hire someone else to do. How could this be? I tried rationalizing to minimize its meaning, but I knew in my gut that it was warning me of this life-changing event.

All the wonderful moments of my life with my father played out in front of my eyes.

This dream was very different. I was aware that I was dreaming. And, I was seeing it as if I were at a movie theater watching scenes of our life together appear up on the big screen.

I saw myself sitting on my Dad’s lap at 5 years old, then in the water at Jones beach and he was showing me how to dive under with my eyes open; then teaching me to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk outside our apartment building in New York; ice skating with my father in our back yard on the rink he’d built us after moving out of the city; working with my father to put up our above-ground pool….

The movie continued on like this all the way to the present with his helping me move into my current home. During the entire dream I felt the strength of the bond I had with my father, along with this incredible love for him that I can only describe as “celestial.”

I was being prepared for this terrible event. (more…)

Flashbacks of 9/11?

Flashbacks of 9/11?

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We were walking two by two in the right hand lane of a road. Oddly, there were no cars coming in the other direction. The road was deserted except for the endless stretch of pairs of people ahead of me and behind me. In the distance a huge plume of smoke rose up high into the atmosphere from somewhere in Manhattan. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was eerily familiar.

It was deathly silent too. No one spoke on what appeared to be a lovely Spring afternoon. The police were standing shoulder to shoulder along the side of the road herding us like sheep toward the bridge. Suddenly, the silence was broken by the thunderous sound of military planes overhead. They were huge and flying quite low and they just kept coming and coming. I was terrified. Their numbers seemed to be in the thousands. A policeman seeing the fear on my face reached out and squeezed my hand as I walked by. The woman walking next to me, a childhood friend, reached for my hand and held it tight as we got closer to a bridge.

The bridge was a rusty metal structure. The only way to cross it was to climb up its side like a ladder then swing from the upper bars like a jungle-jim where you’d  then climb down the other side. My friend and I became separated by the throngs of people pushing to get ahead and get over the bridge. Some people couldn’t make it and perished. It was too physically challenging. Only the strong will survive, I thought.

This was the dream I had on February 2nd. I don’t quite know what to make of it. I was thinking it represented a barren business environment and the challenges of overcoming that, but I’m not really sure. I was quite upset by this dream. The plume of smoke reminded me of the plume from World Trade Towers that was visible for several days after they went down.

For three weeks prior to 9/11 every time a plane flew overhead – in my mind I heard a nosedive and then crashing sound. I thought I was losing it and becoming a morbid and horrid person until that Tuesday. Then I understood. Apparently, many many people had premonitions about that day. Now that the CIA has issued a warning about terrorists planning another attack in the next six months – I’m wondering whether I should take this more seriously?

Has anyone else had any weird dreams or premonitions?  If so, please leave a comment.

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