Proof of Life after Death: Seeing is Believing

Proof of Life after Death: Seeing is Believing

The Forcefield

Proof of Life after Death: Seeing is Believing

It is pitch dark….and twenty one people are sealed within a room.

Suddenly, several loud raps from high up near the ceiling are heard followed by little points of light bursting out of nowhere that dance and whirl around the darkened room.

This is the first stage of a physical mediumship demonstration and séance orchestrated by the Felix Experimental Group (FEG) of Hanau, Germany.

Physical medium Kai Muegge along with wife and coordinator Julia brought this amazing demonstration to the United States in a recent tour that I was fortunate enough to be invited to on September 1 in Springfield, NJ.

The evening began with Kai giving us some background of his life and the development of the Felix Experimental Circle before entering the séance room.

Poltergeist activity

Kai recalls seeing and hearing spirits from an very early age. As a preteen he and his family experienced a period of poltergeist activity (coming from the German word “noisy ghost”).

Poltergeist activity is thought to be related to having a teenager in the home with latent physical mediumship abilities. The teenager is believed to be unaware that they are a physical medium. They produce spontaneous telekinesis (movement of objects) and have no idea how to control their abilities. When they are under stress physical phenomena ensue. The poltergeist activity usually stops when the teenager learns how to deal with their emotions and cope with young adulthood.

Early mediumship circles

Kai’s interest in the paranormal began as a young boy with his own experiences so it’s no surprise that he began putting together mediumship circles at age fifteen. The Felix Experimental Circle was born ten years ago when he was thirty-four as the result of much searching, researching and bringing together the right people to sit in his circle.

Physical mediumship is the collaboration of not only the abilities of the physical medium but the members (called “sitters”) in the circle. The physical medium and subsequent spirits draw upon the energy given off by the sitters to manifest the physical phenomena. It’s extremely important for sitters to exude positive energy along with a heightened sense of enthusiasm and excitement. This high level energy is drawn upon by the spirit world to create physical demonstrations on this dimension.


The Felix Experimental Circle is different from other circles conducted in the style of the British and Americans. The medium is not bound to his chair with restraints but continuously checked upon by a sitter to his right (his wife Julia) and by a sitter to his left by maintaining a hand on his knee and feeling his arms and hands in the darkness to ensure that he is not the one moving about the room creating the phenomena. Throughout the séance checks are conducted so that it can be announce to the rest of the circle that the medium remains in his chair.

Also different from the British and American style sittings the German circle does not include the visitations or performances of celebrities, “cheeky” children or other extroverted entertaining characters that are now in spirit. The precise scientific German mindset exists within the séance room as well. Kai’s spirit control is a renowned German parapsychologist, Hans Bender, who passed into the spirit world in 1991. Dr. Bender presides over the room and narrates and explains the activity for the sitters as it occurs.

Going into Trance

Kai explained that he goes into trance using “holotropic breathing” a technique he learned in his shamanistic training based on the work of Stanislav Grof. He warned us so that we would not be alarmed as it can sound as if he is unwell or having an asthma attack. In deep trance throughout the entire séance, Hans Bender takes over his body and speaks to the group from the spirit world. Afterward Kai remembers nothing about the séance and will awaken as if he had been sleeping the entire time.

Another extraordinary difference

Kai Muegge is one of very few physical mediums in the world who is able to produce ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is a substance that emanates from the energy of the medium. It is normally seen coming out of the mouth and sometimes nostrils. ears or solar plexus area. It has been described as appearing to have a “cheesecloth-like” characteristic.

Kai Muegge, physical medium

Kai Muegge, physical medium


The Felix Experimental Group has perfected their group energy to enable Kai to produce ectoplasm and to allow a low voltage red light to be turned on at various times throughout the séance so that sitters can witness this extraordinary event.

Preparations for entering the séance chamber

Kai instructed all of us not to reach out or touch anything that came toward us in the dark of the séance room. He explained that some of us would be touched by invisible hands, possibly caressed by small creatures (former pets) or struck by flying objects in the room. When physical phenomena are under way the energies of the medium are being utilized quite heavily. Touching and object could sever that connection between the physical manifestation and the medium and harm him.

We were also asked for our cooperation in creating the proper energetic environment within the room. Sitters are asked to maintain a high level of energy for the medium and spirits to draw upon. High-energy music such as ABBA, the Beatles is played and sitters are asked to sing along. The singing allows the positively charged energy to build up in the room.

Before sitters can enter the séance room they are asked to remove shoes, belts and subjected to a “pat-down” to be sure that they take nothing into the chamber. Kai is strip searched before being the last to enter the room. (Before entering the séance room I happened to glance over at the room where Kai was undressing and can attest that he was stripped down to his skivvies as I saw him when he opened the door and called for the designated sitter to come and frisk him.)

Inside the séance room

The room is meticulously inspected by designated sitters before-hand to ensure that nothing is hidden in the room that could be used to manipulate physical objects. The doors are covered in dark black plastic material that is taped to the walls so no light penetrates. Once the door is sealed no one can leave or enter without removing yards of tape or making a noisy exit.

The chairs for the sitters in the séance room were set up in a horse-shoe shape around the cabinet. The cabinet (a contained space for the energy of the medium to build up) that Kai uses is very simple. Unlike other cabinets I have seen; which were plywood boxes (like large telephone booths) with a curtain on the front opening Kai’s was merely a hula hoop with a long black curtain hanging from it that was attached to the ceiling. Two buckets were placed within the horseshoe. The one near Kai contained a few small cloths for Hans to wipe his forehead and the other was turned upside down and placed at the bottom of the horse-shoe directly across from the cabinet. On top of it was a tambourine, rattles and other noise making instruments for the spirits to use to announce their presence.

Once we were all situated in our assigned seats within the room Julia asked that we all hold hands (take chain) and Kai went into trance with his holotropic breathing and the phenomena began.

Physical phenomena

The first thing that occurred in the pitch darkness was the loud rapping sounds coming from various places around the room near the ceiling. Almost instantly there was a jumble of voices as sitters round the room began calling out, “I’ve been touched,” and stating where on the body they felt the touch. It was all very exciting!

Soon after that small spheres of lights emerged from the darkness, at first just near the ceiling but soon after began circulating the room. The lights flew around the room with incredible speed touching sitters and zooming past others or appearing to skate upon the floor.

Julie called for silence and Dr. Bender explained that the energy within the room was very healing. While the FEG does not offer healing per say, many spontaneous healings of sitters’ ailments have taken place and are documented in testimonials on the FEG website.

Dr. Bender said many of our loved ones were in the room with us. He said they do not forget us and that when we grieve for loved ones who have passed on it affects them. They want us to know that they live on in the spirit realm and can feel our love. In fact, Bender stated, love is the one thing that remains that they take with them.

Spirit orchestra!

Soon after this the rattles, tambourine and the striking of keys on a xylophone were heard including the footfalls of spirits walking around within the horse-shoe force field area. 

I became so engrossed in the phenomena that it was hard to keep track of what came next.

I believe Julia set a glow in the dark tile on the overturned bucket at the head of the horseshoe and a spirit hand showed itself against the backdrop of the light. I had a hard time seeing anything other than the shape of a palm from where I sat but many called out that they were able to see the fingers flexing.

One sitter attending her first séance was kind enough to share her impressions with me:

This “Tinkerbell” type light kept coming and dancing in front of us – zipping back and forth leaving a streak of light behind (like a comet).   I was truly mesmerized.  Later, one of the glow in the dark ping pong balls rolled directly to my feet and stayed there – I could not remove my eyes from it.    And while I did not feel any touches as others did, I was physically struck by the trumpet in the arm several times in succession.  The woman sitting next to me felt it also and we were both so excited over it.  The handkerchief was first held by a gentleman, who was only 3 chairs away from me, so I had a wonderful view of the hankie being yanked away – it was fascinating to see so close up.   I could view the part of the hankie being pulled by the spirit and see the tug of war going on.   Then a woman nearer to me held it and held on longer (as per the instructions of Hans) so it would not fall to the ground as it had done with the gentleman.  She held onto it while it was being strongly pulled by spirit.  Again — what a wonderful view I had. 

Each time Julia was asked to move to the next phase of demonstration during the séance she turned on a small red lamp so she could find her way to exchange the props the spirits would use, otherwise the room was absolutely unnavigable as it was so dark. The lamp also allowed us to see that all the sitters were still in place including the medium in his chair.

After this, Julia set out three ping pong balls covered in glow in the dark paint that she illuminated with a small flashlight to make them glow. The spirits picked them up and pushed them about. One was whacked clear across the room.

Throughout the entire séance when the activity was at a height, Hans Bender asked Julia to call for silence and the medium was checked to prove to the sitters that he was not the one moving the items about.

The ping pong balls were followed by a demonstration of an illuminated trumpet flying around the room. Several sitters were struck by the cardboard trumpet (with no injury).

The last of the physical phenomena was an illuminated handkerchief studded with illuminated tape. It was given to one of the sitters to hold by one of its corners with his hand outstretched into the vortex of energy of the horse-shoe. Within seconds some spirit starting tugging on it as it became outstretched and was eventually pulled from his hands and flew across the room. This demonstration was repeated again by the several sitters who picked it up after the spirit pulling it dropped it.


Finally, the highlight of the evening was Kai’s copious production of ectoplasm. He needed to close the curtains on the cabinet in order to build up sufficient energy to produce the strange vapor-like substance. The low red light was allowed several times during the process so we could see the build-up of ectoplasm at his feet and to see it moving and sort of “breathing.”

At one point the curtains were opened and we were shown the ectoplasm going in reverse and up to Kai’s mouth. It appeared as a taut stream moving upwards. After this Hans Bender picked up the substance with his (Kai’s) hands and showed us how elastic and sticky it was. He stuck it on the curtains of the cabinet where it clung quite easily. It appeared to stretch and have a string-like texture to it. At times it even looked a little smoky (like vapor).

The finale of the ectoplasm demonstration was when Hans Bender inserted his invisible “spirit hand” (not Kai’s) into the ectoplasm and a hand emerged out of it waving to the sitters in the séance in red light. Unfortunately, from my seat I was too far and it was too dark for me to make out the hand but others saw it clearly and called out, “A hand!”

Dr. Bender stated that the hand was important as it was with the “hands” of man that fashioned creation as we know it in the physical world. He also pointed out that it was with “hands” that we destroy life as well.

Spirit photography

Photographer, Shannon Taggart was one of our sitters. She had set her tripod up in the séance room and was ready to take photos but Dr. Bender did not consent to have her take pictures of this sitting. She had however photograph FEG’s sitting in Lilydale, NY just a week prior and he thought that those photos were enough.

After this the séance came to an end some three hours later at 1 am in the morning.

Sitters exited the room in single file away from the medium as he came out trance and recuperated for a few moments alone with Julia.

Refreshments were served and later Kai came in to see us and ask if we had enjoyed the séance. Kai (and Julia) were both so personable. Kai went up to each sitter and personally thanked them for coming.

He asked if we had any questions he could answer but due to the late hour we left as it was 45 minute ride and we didn’t get home until well after 2 am.

A memorable evening

This was my first experience with ectoplasm. It truly did live up to its reputation and all I have read about it.

If you have a chance to attend a sitting with Kai Muegge and Julia Muegge and the Felix Experimental Cirlce I highly recommend it. It will turn your view of reality on its head!

Read a superb account of all FEG sittings held in the US on this tour by August Goforth here.

What questions do you have about physical mediumship? Have you ever attended a seance? Share your story.

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The Truth about Apparitions, Hauntings & Ghosthunting

The Truth about Apparitions, Hauntings & Ghosthunting

“I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts.” –Steven King

Apparitions, hauntings & Ghosts.

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Loyd Auerbach to Powered by Intuition.

Loyd is a parapsychologist and Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations in San Francisco, CA. He is also the incoming President of the Forever Family Foundation and one of the foremost experts on the subjects of the paranormal and hauntings in the US today. He is also an author on numerous books on these topics.

What follows is a transcript of our recorded conversation which you can listen to here.

Angela: Loyd, tell us about this explosion of ghost hunting television shows. What’s your opinion of these shows that seem to be all over cable television? Are they staged? Is there any real value to these shows in your opinion?

Loyd: By having these shows on, more and more of the general public are coming out of woodwork and talking about their experiences.

What you see on TV is the product of the producer. It is not the product of the investigator, it also not the product of the psychic on the shows; it is the product of the producers.

Consequently, when we talk about staging, a lot can be done in editing. Let’s say you got a higher reading going near on wall with an EMF reader because of bad wiring, what they cut in instead when they show it is a voice over from a different part of the shoot that says, “Hey somebody is seeing something right now.”

So, a lot of what you may see you cannot take as this is what actually was going on, in some producer’s perspective, it’s not really staging because the things actually happened; they just didn’t happen in that order.

So, if shows can only be taken for their entertainment value, they should not be taken for any resemblance of reality, in fact no reality show should be taken as being reality.

Angela: Everywhere you look, you see ghost hunting groups. What kind of training do they have?

Loyd: None, they watch TV Shows.

Angela: Right.

Loyd: Seriously, a couple of years ago there was a group that got into New York Post or the New York Daily News because they did a case in the Bronx. It was their second case, big deal. In the article they reported that they said, “We watched a bunch of TV shows.” That was their entire training.

Where this has really gone wrong is that on television shows parapsychologists used various pieces of technology in our investigations earlier than the 80s. We were using this technology to determine if there were changes in the environment when people have experiences, not to detect ghosts, that’s not what they’re for.

Because these things are handheld and not that expensive and because of the TV shows, they made them seem like they were “ghost detection devices” and suddenly anyone can go out and buy one of these things and call it a ghost detector and so it’s a hobby that grew into some of the people calling themselves professionals, which is absolutely absurd.

Angela: The one thing that really bothers me is that all the television show are shot in the dark. What’s the reason for that?

Loyd: There’s absolutely no reason for that and there’s no precedent for that in the field.

The number of times the producers want to shoot it at night even though the events were happening during the day was outlandish. The number of times producers moaned or directors moaned about the fact that it was not spooky enough if the lights were on. Suddenly, night shot cameras come in and all of the sudden, the producers are shooting in the dark. If you think there’s a connection, there is. Before that trend, making scenes that ghosts appear only at night was insane because experiences do happen all the time in fact they happen less at night when people are asleep than they happen when people are awake or the lights on.

Angela: Do you think any of these shows ever actually capture a real haunting?

Loyd: Production people seek out locations that have some kind of reputation for activity. Sometimes they will vet those places, in fact, interestingly enough one of the craziest shows on TV I think Ghost Adventures, really does. That’s the one where this guy locks himself in the location and to me their show is, in some respects, the least offensive in that it never pretends like they’re experts, although lately they’ve been talking that way, which is too bad.

The people on the show, when they talk with it, that’s often edited in such a way that if a producer wants it to appear like an evil location, they will edit out the parts where say the ghost never bothered me, or the ghost never does this; basically making it look like its bad.

Angela: Yes, it makes no sense.

Loyd: Yes, you have to do research on the location and you have to find out if there are current witnesses.

Angela: What are some of the types of equipment that we see them using on these shows?

Loyd: They are using different kinds of electro-magnetic field detectors. We actually have found some interesting correlation between unexplained magnetic fields. There are different forms of those meters, some of them actually work well and some of them actually do not work well, in fact some of them and one of the particular, is a meter that you see so often on these shows is the one that lights up. The actual microphones that these guys are wearing will affect that, cell phone signals will affect that, and a number of things can affect that so in some respects the production personnel wanted to make the thing light up and even though is of no help to the ghost hunters. So, there are issues around that. You also have different types that are actually thermometers that measure air temperature and some are surface temperature thermometers which are often misused unfortunately. There are thermal vision cameras which is something that a couple of us, me and Andy Nicolas first used back in the early 90s in hopes of visually seeing cold spots.

Angela: I see.

Loyd:  You have things like digital recorders. People love to get their EVPs – Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Angela: I always wondered about EVP. I know that there is a real big interest in it and there are some people who have gotten something. Tell us about that.

Loyd: Typically if you’re getting voices from the dead, they are using what we call psycho-kinesis, mind over matter, so you affect the device, the recording device or the tape or whatever else is going on. It’s not a voice, in fact the very definition of electronic voice phenomena, the electronic voice piece that means, the voice was created inside the device, it was not the voice that can be heard, you heard it and recorded it, that would be voice phenomena, non-electric.

Angela: I see.

Loyd: It also means that living people can affect those devices. There is always one person, in every ghost hunting group it seems who always gets EVP. The rest of them barely ever get anything. If that one person is always getting under the same conditions and no one else is, there’s something special about that one person and that one person may in fact be a medium without realizing it, they may actually be interacting or acting as the intermediary between the spirit, if there is a spirit there and the device or if the person’s own expectation is causing the voices to happen.

Angela: Can you tell us the difference, you were talking about the residual energy and hauntings and apparitions, I think people find it very confusing, it’s kind of overlapping or fine line, can you just describe that for us?

Loyd: Well, first of all, apparitions are ghosts. The idea that consciousness doesn’t end at the death of the body, so you are dealing with a person who stuck around after the death, that’s an apparition, the traditional ghostly spirit, they’re not tied to a location it seems, even though some of them are seen at certain locations, they are not tied to those locations, where as a haunting, where really a haunt is a place, in fact the word haunt does not occur only to the dead. We haunt places, living people haunt places, the probably that’s the example of the Norman on the television show Cheers.

Angela: I was just going to say like the local watering hole.

Loyd: Exactly, the regulars are haunting the place itself and probably will after they die too. So the idea of when we use the word haunting, we are referring to locations, we are referring to places that hold information about those people or animals or events that happened in those places, even recent ones and those events are recorded by the living and not the dead. So it’s not the ghost who leaves an impression, it is a living person who leave an impression.

A good example with and there are many of these around the world and they reported over the years. People are going to the house that had a murder and whether they knew about it or not, they will see the murder re-enacted and some of those instances they come to find out that the murderer is still alive and what they see in terms of the image or the picture they are getting in their mind on that murder stops when the victim dies or the murderer walks out of the room and that’s because the corpse leaves no impression, living people leave impressions. Consequently you have hauntings where there are foot sounds in the kitchen, footsteps walking back and forth because somebody dead is pacing back and forth there. One of my real cases with the haunts were the impression was to people making love pretty loudly apparently.

Angela: Oh, wow!

Loyd: They were still alive, in fact they’ve been the only owners of the house, they’re still alive and occasionally even get a haunting with sorts of when people see a figure and they come to recognize that the figure is themselves.

Angela: Wow, how does that happen?

Loyd: Well, I mean how people get recorded on video, environment acts like a video camera in that sense.

Angela: Going back to the couple who was heard making love, they sold their home, they moved elsewhere and the people who bought their home just encountered this and over and over?

Loyd: Every night as it happens around 3 o’clock in the morning and I actually talk about, was finally able to get the information from the previous owner and talk to the guy and when I got them on the phone and told them their housewas haunted, this was a new house, relatively 5-years old. That’s ridiculous, the house is not haunted, and I said well, what is 3 o’clock in the morning I mean to you and your wife? And there is dead silence on the other end of the phone and he said what are you talking about, you got to tell me what’s going on and I told them and it said okay, I’m not going to say why because it’s a long story but yes my wife and I wake up almost every morning at 3 o’clock and we made love and we probably were pretty loud in times.

Angela: And so that’s how it happened?

Loyd: They were in their late 20s by the way.

Angela: You need a lot of energy to wake up every night at three o’clock in the morning but, so this was imprinted in the walls of their home?

Loyd: This is where we bring in the idea of magnetic fields, it maybe imprinted in the local field of the house or the land. It’s a little bit of fun, this is actually one of the more interesting pieces of field research.

Angela: Wow, I’ve never heard of that honestly that’s really fascinating and of course this is a subject of great interest that I read a lot about and I have no idea that a place could be haunted people who are still living.

Loyd: I mean, think about it, if you’ve ever done house haunting and you are walking to a house as your house haunting and you got a really bad vibe, that’s what you are picking up, you are picking the owners and you are picking up their emotions.

Angela:  I was wondering if you could give some of our viewers a few tips on how to identify if they had a real something going on in their home, you know people will say oh I heard the cabinets opening in my kitchen, what should they look for, what would give you the biggest clues that there is something real here aside from hearing somebody making love that wasn’t in the house?

Loyd: Usually that’s something pretty dramatic if there is a person that shows up and then disappears, those kinds of things that are really evocative, and tend to be more convincing that the place is just haunted. I tell people if they want to know if their house is haunted, the first thing I’d say is think that it’s not and start looking for other explanations, that’s what we do, we go in and first try to find explanations.

So, we see on those shows that they are misusing the word debunking, they said they are going to go in and debunk what people are reporting, that’s not what it is, the word debunking refers to people who are faking you out and being fraudulent. Most people are not attempting that. They misunderstand ordinary occurrences and misplace them and mislabel them very often as paranormal ones especially thanks to TV Shows. A lot of times it’s just simply that the people are not knowledgeable about the construction of their home or the weather or other things, so without being knowledgeable, you may not be aware that certain things are pretty normal but, will happen in random occasions. Depending on where you live, if you live in a place where temperature changes dramatically from day to night, the house makes a lot of noise.

Angela: Yes, that’s true.

Loyd: If you are in a place that has pretty steady temperature, there is no house settling noises. So if you move from a place where there’s no house settling noises from a place where there is and you never experienced that, you might think your house is haunted. If you are in a place that has animals like raccoons suddenly camping around or in my case, we have wild turkeys in the area and summer time they get on the roof in the morning and you might think someone is walking on your roof or attic.

So you try to explain it away first but if you have somebody prop up in front of you and say to you hi and then they disappear, it’s a pretty good kind.

Angela: One confusing term is apparition because maybe you think you are going to see the real person from the head to toe as if they were a physical person but, could it also just be like an energy mass like a swirling egg shape?

Loyd: It can be, it’s typically not and typically people when they see apparitions, it’s really not that they sees the apparitions. They are not seeing with their eyes, they are seeing them in their minds, so maybe the apparition of the person who is the apparition broadcasting a signal and broadcasting a clear picture but, your brain or your mind is not picking up a clear picture, so you see a fuzzy blob of energy or you see dark shadow.

One of the things that I’m really annoyed by on these shows and the folklore is that when you see that dark shadow, suddenly that’s something evil. It just may mean that the person can’t come into the light, they can’t be seen properly and I’ve also seen this shows were they walk in and they get an EVP and the EVP and somebody yelling get out, If you are here show yourself or we will do this, this and this” So suddenly they get this message from the spirit that says, Get out,” and they immediately declared that the spirit is an evil spirit.

Angel: Yes, anti-social.

Loyd: Right, which actually the spirit is to me is acting in true kind actually less rude than they were. They’re the evil ones for going in and trying to provoke someone.

Angela: What should a person do when they think they’re being bothered? On these shows people are always being “pushed.”

Loyd: Yes. I think a lot of it is b.s.

Angela: What should someone do if they wake up and there is a person there and they are not threatening? Would you just live with them and say, “Well that’s cool my house is haunted?”

Loyd: You try to communicate, you say hi, I mean the real thing to do is say, hello, my name is Lloyd or whatever your name is, what can I do for you, who are you, what do you need, what do you need from me, what can I do for you and what’s really been interesting is when people have the presence of mind to do that, in some cases we actually get reports back like the ghost suddenly looked at them like in surprise and disappeared and never showed up again.

Angela: As if, maybe they didn’t think that they were being seen?

Loyd: Right, right and then another case is they got people to get a communication but there is this fear element that’s been generated to so often, but it’s really not for the shows but it’s kind of engraved in the culture that ghosts are bad and really the funny thing is if you look at the movies, if you really look at the history of motion pictures and even TV shows are already of ghost portrayal, what I’m talking about is ghost of people who used to be alive, not demons or other things almost all of the ghost movies, almost all the TV shows are comedies or dramas, rarely ever do anything bad to people. They are actually there to communicate because they don’t want to leave their home, these are often very normal things going on, sometimes they want to party and sometime they have unfinished business that you can help them with and some sort of thing that is very normal in human beings. Most people are not nasty, some people are, I mean some people just by nature are really rude and most people are not. The vast majority of human race is not evil. I’m thinking perhaps, rude perhaps, uncaring but not evil.

Angela: So ghosts are the same, they don’t change once they die, that’s their personality?

Loyd: Not while they still sit here with us.

Angela: Right, they evolve with time. But, I have felt, in my own experience as a medium it’s not scary at all. It’s pretty normal in fact but, these TV shows make it out to be as if every spirit is evil, and they are up to get you and they are going to push you down the stairs, which I think rarely happens.

Loyd: Yes, actually I had a case where the family were seeing, the day before I got there, the family saw the apparition at the top of its corridor and one of the family member, the father got so freaked out, he turned around and ran right into a wall and knocked himself silly. The first thing that came out of his mouth when he came to a moment later was the ghost threw me into the wall. The rest of the family saw the ghost over on the stairs and they said something to the effect, “No you are just an idiot.

Angela:    He was embarrassed and trying to cover his tracks, right?

Loyd: Yes.And in fact, when we got there, they were very afraid before that because they weren’t able to communicate with the ghost. But when that happened and when I got there, they were not afraid anymore because now they knew that the ghost didn’t do anything to them.

Angela: Right, yes, that’s pretty cool. So then you just try to communicate with them and then you don’t need to call an exorcist?

Loyd: No, if you really need to get rid of the ghost, I would say, annoy them out of your house?

Angela: How do you do that?

Loyd: You figure out what kind of music they might not like and you play it over and over again with the intention that they should leave and you tell them   that they should leave at that point. You read kids riddles over and over and over again until everybody is sick of them. Certain music does seem to work very well, if you recall the movie Ghost, Patrick Swayze’s character got Whoopi Goldberg to pay attention to him by singing, “I am Henry the Eighth I am,” over and over and over again.

Angela: I forgot about that.

Loyd: That actually came from my first book because what I suggest is you pick a song and you play it over and over again to get rid of the ghost.

Angela: Right, and they used that to get her attention, the medium, I didn’t know that, how cool, wow. What if you fill the house with the odors of foods that the ghost doesn’t like, does that work?

Loyd: Yea, psychically, you got to pick up on those odors that would probably work too. Think about it this way, if you have this neighbor who just drops in unannounced and won’t leave unless you physically throw them out, how do you possibly get that person out of there without physically throwing them out? You think of those kind of things and try them out.

Angela: You’ve got the strategy for the guest that wouldn’t leave.

Loyd: Exactly, I got the idea from the old SNL skits about the guest that wouldn’t leave with John Belushi.

Angela: Right, you have to stop feeding them. What about your own personal belief now that you have been doing this for 30 years?

Loyd: Over 30 years.

Angela: Do you believe in the continuation of consciousness after physical death as far as beyond haunting?

Loyd: I do, I definitely believe in it, not everybody sticks around is a ghost, it seems although we have thousands of thousands of cases, its kind of a disproportionate numbers of reports about apparitions that are here to say goodbye to family members. So they do a very quick time, sign or they show up or they say goodbye in some way, then they’re gone. There are few of us a very, very tiny percentage of people who die who stick around for quite some time and it’s that really small percentage of apparitions but to me the evidence is clear that something survived. There’s “something” that can live without or outside the body without the body and without the brain.

The brain may have actually created that “something.” I don’t know that if  it is something that came before people were born and then there’s evidence of reincarnation reports as well but, it maybe that the brain generates consciousness, generates this reality and after the brain dies, that thing could stick around, can be coherent. I don’t know, we have the conference to Forever Family Foundation about the after-life and I do believe that mediums are communicating with somebody. Where we go after we die is something very different.

Angela: Yes.

Loyd: Very different platform that when they communicate back to us, they can only communicate in certain words that we can understand, so describing, I know that when couple of the astronauts were far away from earth and looking back on earth, the had an experience or had a feeling that is very difficult to put into words.

Angela: Yes, it was indescribable.

Loyd: Like saying, what love is? How do you describe love, you can describe actions around there, like how do you describe what that feels like, so it maybe that they have been stuck with terms that we can recognize and constantly we get the picture of the afterlife based on a filter, and the filter is probably the medium himself, he could be alive.

Angela: Yes, limited consciousness that you have, yes because I mean I’ve read so many things about the after-life not being a place but a frequency and I have trouble understanding.

Loyd: I got a problem with that word.

Angela: Yes, I mean, how do you exist within frequency? I guess it’s like you’re just like a radio wave that just keeps going on and on and on.

Loyd: You know, you maybe some form of energy and energetically connected with other things but is there a physical existence the way we think of it which is what we hear about? I tend to think that it’s not same kind of physical world. We can’t describe it.

Angela: Where can viewers contact you if they want more info?

Loyd: I have 2 websites, one is which is the best one to go and get this, that’s my  parapsychology stuff and my other site of my life, my chocolate life you go to

Angela: Yes, you are also a chocolatier. You actually make chocolate.

Loyd: Yes, I make my own chocolate and right now I’m selling that chocolate for the holidays. And for the paranormally inclined, we are offering “Ghost drops.”

Angela: Are they chocolates shaped little ghosts?

Loyd: No, they have little ghosts on them.

Angela: Great. I love it.

Loyd: Also, I’ll just mention that I teach distant learning courses at HCH University in Parapsychology. I also teach an online course in Parapsychology for Atlantic University and I’ll be teaching an investigation class with the Rhine Research Center which is starting in late January that will be an online class as well.

Angela: Oh good, so people interested in getting trained to be ghost hunters should take this course, right?

Loyd: Yes!

Angela: Thank you Lloyd, it has been a pleasure, I really appreciate you’re shedding some light on this topic because it has been one of some confusion. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you and thank you so much.

Loyd: Very welcome.

 Listen to the full recorded interview here:  Audio player

Have you ever been involved in a paranormal investigation? Share with us in the comments.

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P.S. – Learn how to develop your intuition  – click here.

Loydheadshot2Loyd Auerbach, M.S. holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology (though he started out in Astrophysics!) from Northwestern University (1978), and an MS in Parapsychology from John F. Kennedy University (1981). Lloyd is the author of numerous books on the paranormal. You can find them all here. He is the director of “The Office of Paranormal Investigations,” a professor at Atlantic  University, an instructor at HCH Institute, Parapsychological studies and an adjuct at JFK University, on the board at the Rhine Research Center, incoming president for 2013 for The Forever Family Foundation, on the advisory board of the Wind Bridge Institute and a member of the Psychic Entertainers Association.

He can be contacted via email at or by phone through the Office of Paranormal Investigations at (415) 249-9275. His websites include: and

Visit Loyd’s Facebook page at

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Lessons from a Psychic Detective

Lessons from a Psychic Detective

The body is connected by sensory perception to a field of energy that enfolds the information we attribute to intuition.

— Institute of Heart Math

Last week the planets aligned to create one of those fortunate “coincidences” that makes life so sweet at times. I was the lucky recipient of a private lesson on psychic detective work.

I got to spend two hours practicing techniques with, author and psychic detective, Nancy duTertre when I attended her Meet Up for the Skeptical Psychic Society of NY & NJ.

There was so much information to share that I broke the article into two parts. The first part  was published here last week.

Psychometry is the ability to intuit information from an object. (more…)

Do The Dead Live? Victor Zammit Answers

Do The Dead Live? Victor Zammit Answers

Victor Zammit is the publisher of the weekly newsletter: The Friday Afterlife Report; now in it’s 10th year of publication ( He is also a retired attorney of the Supreme Court of the New South Wales and the High Court of Australia.

Victor was initially suspicious of the New Age Movement for what appeared to be its blatant commercial exploitation of people’s basic instinctual tendency for spiritual development. However after many years as an open-minded skeptic he had a number of repeated psychic/mediumistic experiences which set him questioning, reading and researching.

Victor Zammit wrote A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE (National Library of Australia Card No. and ISBN 0-9580115-0-8), which is on the internet. This book has been translated into Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and now is in the process of being translated into German and French.

Victor has become one of the world’s most renowned authorities on afterlife research.  His weekly report is read across the globe.

I’m delighted and honored to bring you this fascinating interview with Victor Zammit:

1. Victor, can you tell us what happens to us when our physical body dies? Do we continue to exist? How, and where?

(The authority for the following comes directly from the afterlife- from different sources: including Arthur Findlay, Anthony Borgia, Silver Birch & others).  Empirical evidence and personal communicating with afterlife entities confirm that on physical death, under normal circumstances, our spirit body (also known as the etheric body) lifts out of the then dead physical body. We are then met by someone we know and can trust to help us move on to the realm of the light – usually the Third Realm of the Light – as many call it.

There is plenty of authority to confirm that it is our cumulative vibrations (our level of spirituality) which will determine in which part of the Third Realm we’ll end up. The reasonable, open minded, selfless, good average people will end up in the middle Third Realm. This is a place far more beautiful than Earth. There’s no need to sleep, clean, work, cook – there’s no wind, no dust, no rain. However, there will be instances where a person’s conduct on physical earth was consistently cruel and most selfish. Conduct on earth has a connection with the level of our vibrations: good selfless deeds will increase our vibrations; cruel and selfish deeds will lower our vibrations.

So, those whose cumulative level of vibrations will be relatively low go into a realm which will accommodate their level of vibrations – usually a realm lower than the third realm of the light.

Of course, there are also exceptions. Someone who is absolutely denies that there is an afterlife could  be caught in a darker, misty place and become a ‘ghost’.  Closed minded skeptics are prime candidates to be trapped-  and continue to deny there is an afterlife when in fact they are in the afterlife! Highly reliable and credible information from the other side, e.g. Silver Birch, tells us that this situation could last from a few hundred years to thousands of years – in a terrible  state where the environment is eerie, the consciousness is in a ‘dreamy’ state. But one time in the future,even if it takes eons of time, they will concede they were wrong and very slowly will approach the realm of the light.

Do we continue to exist?  How and where?

Highly credible information from the other side tells us that we all have the ‘spark’ of the divine in us, that our spirit is pure vibrating ‘energy’ and we continue to evolve and transform.  ‘Energy’ can never ‘die’ – can never be destroyed. The afterlife has different realms ascending in level of vibration from the lowest to the highest. It has been transmitted from the afterlife dimension that everything evolves, including of our spirit. We continue to evolve spiritually from the lower realms to the highest realm – again that will take long time. Of course, every time we go to a higher level, conditions improve enormously. Those who have made an unselfish contribution regarding spirituality and afterlife are likely to end up in the fourth level after a short time in the third level. The afterlife is a huge place – too huge for us to even imagine.

2. What inspired you to create The Friday Afterlife Report?

When I first started to systematically investigate the afterlife in 1990 reliable afterlife information was not so easy to obtain.  Then after ten years of afterlife research – with so many people asking me lots of questions, I came to the conclusion that with my knowledge and experience in presenting evidence, I could help a lot of people around the world seeking information about the afterlife. I get a great deal of satisfaction from the responses I receive; it is wonderful to know that the weekly Friday Afterlife report is helping thousands of people around the world – even as far as Russia and China (I now have a website dealing with the afterlife in Chinese – the book is being translated into Chinese to go on the internet. This came about because of enthusiastic responses I received from China about the Friday Afterlife Report..

3. What’s your background prior to becoming one of the world’s top authorities on the continuation of consciousness?

I was primarily a litigation lawyer.
3. Why  is it so important to you to get the message out that we survive physical death?

Simple: the afterlife has huge consequences and too many people because of ignorance about the afterlife fail to reach the realm of the light on crossing over.

For the record, I am not a crusader for the afterlife. I consider myself to have a ‘mission’ and to help people understand that there is an afterlife – without religion. Up until 1990 I was regularly attending meetings of Humanists– fairly hard-core skeptics.

Then I started to experience – without wanting to– psychic experiences. I had some dramatic experiences which absolutely stunned me. I was always sensitive but for some unknown reason it was as if in 1990 a psychic alarm-clock went off. When I investigated what was going on I found there was a lot of misinformation about psychic phenomena, mediumship and the afterlife. People were being misled by orthodoxy about the afterlife. I felt motivated to present the empirical, unrebuttable evidence for the afterlife. I was aware that the afterlife has huge consequences – and that there are those who do not make it to the realm of the light. I felt people must know the truth about the afterlife – especially when religion does not know what really happens when we cross over.

4. Is there a difference between a physical medium and a mental medium?

Yes of course there is: A mental medium connects mentally with spirits.
This is also called clairvoyance. No-one else can see them or hear them.

A physical medium goes into trance and usually produces raps and movement of objects. As they advance they may find objects like coins materializing.

A materialization medium is also a physical medium but through them afterlife intelligences are able to materialize, become solid; we can shake hands with them, and able to verbally speak to us in the séance room.

4. Is there a way to tell if someone has the capacity to be a physical medium?

Not as far as I know. The best way is to tell a budding medium to sit in darkness with a development circle to see if he/she is gifted for physical mediumship. You have to judge by the results.

5. Do you believe that the world would benefit by more people establishing physical mediumship groups, or what are referred to as circles? If so, why?

Physical mediumship – especially materialization mediumship is  the greatest proof for the existence of the afterlife. I’m a member of the Circle of the Silver Cord. I’ve sat with gifted physical-materialization medium David Thompson – and the proof for the evidence for the afterlife is blatantly and irreversibly clear. David, the medium sits in the dark. He exudes ectoplasm (I actually witnessed this ectoplasm being exuded from his mouth) – then spirits using this ectoplasm actually materialize and become solid. I’ve shaken hands and discussed the afterlife with these ‘physically’ materialized spirits – intelligences from the afterlife. Absolutely there is no fraud – guaranteed all is genuine. We’ve investigated David every week for some fifteen months. I state it is the greatest discovery in human history.

6. What should a person expect to see, hear and feel if they were to sit in on a physical mediumship circle? Are there any physical mediums in practice today you recommend for readers interested in sitting in on a circle?

There are lots of physical mediumship circles developing today. You need to be very patient and have absolute harmony. You can expect to see objects starting to move and perhaps hear voices of departed loved ones. But people interested in physical/materialization mediumship should contact the Zerdin Phenomenal – Ros and Dennis in England specialize in this area. I would also recommend that they contact Tom and Kevin in France who are helping a number of physical mediums to develop.

7. Does science support any theories about life after death/survival of consciousness?

Absolutely! But note very carefully: ‘science’ is now divided into at least two groups – the traditional ‘Reductionist Materialist Science’ and the ‘New Science’ – mostly physicists. Closed minded reductionist scientists – those biologists, zoo-ologists, chemists and others – usually reject anything to do with the afterlife or the paranormal – but they do not tell us WHERE, WHEN, HOW  and WHY the empirical evidence for the afterlife cannot be valid. Not one reductionist scientist has ever done that in the history of the scientific evidence for the afterlife. Then there are the New Scientists from Quantum Physics – those who investigated the afterlife and accepted the evidence – see chapter two and chapter 25 (on Quantum Physics and the Afterlife)-  of my book on the net A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE– free to access –

8. What do you feel the future holds for physical mediumship? Do you see it gaining more wide-spread acceptance?

No doubt, physical mediumship in the hands of responsible and gifted physical mediums will go a long way.  As I stated above in my view it is the best proof for the existence of the afterlife. I’m not going to say it will be easy, but the long term prognosis favors physical mediumship. Of course, I have to qualify that – it is critical to have mediums who do have gifts/skills in physical phenomena.

9. What’s next for you? What are you working on now?

I keep on researching for the evidence and proof of the afterlife – and to disseminate this information on a global level. My very close association with a materialization medium is a fantastic assistance in my ability to continue to do my afterlife research. I have direct communication with a reliable afterlife intelligence called William, David Thompson’s guide.

10. What do hope to impart to the world?

That I’ve done my best to disseminate the ‘light’ on a global level.

Thank you Victor for this in depth look at mediumship and the the afterlife. You can connect with Victor on Facebook at:

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P.S. Please get your free copy of my ebook, The Intuition Primer before you go!

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Film Review: Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What…

Film Review: Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What…

Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What...  is a fascinating film about the science behind psychic phenomena by director Renee Scheltema.

I watched it over the weekend and truly enjoyed it.

To be honest though, I’m already a believer in psychic phenomena since I am a clairvoyant and intuitive by nature, so for me the film was preaching to the choir.

For anyone not familiar with clairvoyance – it’s also been called remote viewing and it’s the ability to “see” with the mind’s eye things at a distance, places, people and objects, one has never viewed or visited physically.In Scheltema’s film it’s defined as: direct knowledge of the physical world.

It covered 5 areas of psychic phenomena that have been researched pretty extensively; telepathy (mind to mind communication), clairvoyance, precognition (knowledge of future events), psychokinesis (mind over matter), and psychic healing (transfer of energy from the healer).

One of the things I found most fascinating was an experiment that showed our bodies respond to future events before we are consciously are aware of what’s going to happen.One experiment was to place people in front of monitors that showed a series of random photos. Some were tranquil scenes and others were more evocative depicting violence or upsetting conditions. Special lenses photographed the pupils of each participant as they viewed the scenes. Amazingly enough their pupils dilated seconds before they viewed the emotionally disturbing scenes on the monitor. Their bodies were reacting before they could possibly have known what was going to appear on the screen. It reminded me of how animals fled to the hills in Thailand before the tsunami hit.

Another experiment I  mentioned in an earlier post: Could Your Thoughts Create an Earthquake? was covered in the film. This experiment is ongoing and called the Global Consciousness Project. Random number generators placed all over the world measure large group events. Large events such as the tsunami, or 9/11 influence these random number generators and cause them to veer off course. Normally they’re generating numbers in wandering variability patterns but when these large scale events occur the variability minimizes and the pattern looks very different. In other words it’s no longer random. These number generators have been in place for quite a few years so the randomness is well documented. What this means is that we humans are connected to one another and our emotional response to these massive events changes the conscious field on the planet and significantly affects these random number patterns. Huge spikes were noted around events that evoked compassion and deep feelings of connectedness on these days.

In another experiment on telepathy to see if two people in a close relationship can receive information from mind to mind took couples and placed one of them in an MRI machine that scanned the brain and had the sender sit in front of monitor that generated various flashing lights. The receiver’s brain resonance showed that when the flashing lights were viewed by their partners their brains showed significant activity in their visual cortex. How was their brain reacting to something their partner saw unless there’s some form of mind to mind communication going on? This certainly seems like proof positive to me.

Another part of the film covered remote viewing and I was delighted to learn that some people are professional remote viewers. This was highly encouraging news to me as I often say to my friends what good does it do if I can “see” the inside of your house or cities I’ve never been too? Well, my question was answered in the film. A group of remote viewers got together and tried to find Saddam Hussein when he was in hiding during the Iraq war. They saw that he was near Tekrit and that he was in an underground chamber and described the house that sat on top of the chamber. I found this part of the film really fascinating. Other remote viewers are using their abilities to find ancient cities in a new area of parapsychology called psychic archaeology.

The only part of the film I really didn’t enjoy was the sections dealing with mind over matter. I’ve never been too interested in bending spoons. I do believe we can affect matter, but I wish it could have been illustrated with more scientific data or other experiments other than spoon bending. Perhaps there is no other data? I don’t know, but unfortunately this is the only part of the film I lost interest in.

Other than spoon bending section I did enjoy the film. I also learned a few things I didn’t know. It was also good to know that can science validate some of my own abilities.

If you get a chance to see the film I’d recommend it. It’s 104 minutes and for the most part very informative and entertaining. I only gave you a few tidbits of what fascinated me, but there were many other things too.  By the way, if you watch the film you’ll also learn where the strange title came from….check it out.

If any of you watch the film let me know how you liked it.

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