Intuition, Chakras, Crystals & Vivid Dreams, Oh My!

Intuition, Chakras, Crystals & Vivid Dreams, Oh My!

Seven Chakras

Intuition. Chakras, Crystals & Vivid Dreams, Oh My!

It’s time to open up the Powered by Intuition Mailbag again!

I love getting your questions although I’m sometimes deluged with so much reader email and such lengthy questions that I cannot keep up. I try my best though so be patient! 🙂

If you haven’t heard back from me and you sent a loong question please be patient. If I think it’s a topic with an answer that many readers will be interested in I will answer it in an article such as this one.****

I received several wonderful questions from a reader about her dreams, crystals, Chakras, connecting with her future self and her spiritual growth. I have a hunch many PbI readers are going to relate to this question because you’re such an spiritual bunch!


I had a lucid dream and has changed a lot of things for me! I have always felt that there is more to this life that just existing! That we are so much more capable of things beyond day to day thoughts. I have much to learn about meditation, Chakras as well as crystals. But, I do know there is more to life! I am a sheltered unit….some or most of on my own accord. I am an artist and choose to speak my soul through art, rather than words.

I dream in color! Which surprises me too! I have very vivid dreams that take me to places that seem to be as somewhere I have been in a preceding life. Or possibly future?! I dream of places and people who I ‘should know’. Mostly houses that are of odd accord. The unusual layout, but plenty of space.

Okay, I do have a question. Since I have started meditation, I am wanting to learn more about the Chakras and crystals. Crystals in particular and which ones and how they will benefit me.

I am doing my best to connect with my future self. For advice or to shed light on my path. At times, I feel everywhere but no where in particular. Do you know what I mean? I suppose I need more focus here.

Can you shed some light and guidance my way. Your teachings so far, has helped me! You have shown light in darker spots I could not pinpoint.

Any thoughts, opinions would be appreciated. I so want to grow spiritually beyond what I already have.

Thank you!



Since this is such a lengthy question I’m going to break it down.

1. RE: Vivid Dreaming in color/Lucid Dreams.

One of the surest earliest signs that you are quite psychic is frequent vivid dreaming in color that you remember. I can’t tell you how many people say tell me they never recall their dreams. When you have dreams like this without “trying” consider yourself very lucky!

Vivid colorful dreams such as this where you “know” you are dreaming (Lucid dreams) indicate that you have clairvoyant ability. It’s the first sign that your Third Eye is a very active center in your Chakra system.  You are traveling astrally in your dreams, meaning you’re having out of body experiences. You also have what is called “traveling” clairvoyance, that is you can see things at a distance.

Since you are an artist and very attuned to “seeing” this is your gift; you have “second sight,” AKA you’re a “seer.”

I had dreams like this from early childhood. I would astral travel, see people I didn’t know and “fly” over the roofs of houses in my neighborhood in my dreams. As I got older and learned about out of body experiences I understood what had been happening which was that I was “seeing” and traveling to places far beyond what the physical eye could observe.

A game I used to play was to “see” people’s houses and describe the exterior and interior as I “walked” through the rooms. It was great practice. I recall I once saw inside of a very untidy house. The woman was embarrassed (of course I didn’t describe just how messy it really was so that she wouldn’t feel too bad.

2. Chakras and crystals.


Amethyst (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)

Here’s a link to a Chakra Balancing Meditation I use. I suggest you incorporate this into your daily meditation. It will help open and balance the Chakras. As a clairvoyant you need to focus on balance of the Chakras as it’s a natural tendency for you to tap into your 6th Chakra more (the Third Eye) than any other.

Crystals are fascinating.

One of the best crystals to use for opening the Third Eye is Amethyst Crystal. I have two large ones that I keep on my desk and a small one that I can hold up to my 6th Chakra when needed. You can meditate while holding it up to your 6th Chakra and it will help you open that center but don’t forget to balance and open all your Chakras! Balance is key.

I was never into crystals until 15 years ago. I was at a metaphysical workshop at someone’s home and she had these huge halves of cracked open crystals she had dug up in Arizona and brought back to her home in New York. During a break in our training I asked her about them and she told me to put my hand over them to see if I could feel the vibrations coming out of them. Well, to my surprise I could! It was amazing. Before that I had no idea that crystals emit such powerful vibrations. The vibration in the crystals entrain the brain waves and aid in healing or opening certain Chakras, etc.

3. Connecting to Your Future Self

To connect to your future self go into a state of deep meditation. When you are there see yourself in front of three doors:

One says Five Years from Now; the other Ten years from now; and the last one Twenty years from now.

Knock on the door which is far enough out into the future to answer the questions you have in mind.

When the door swings open you will see your future self. Your future self will invite you in for a chat.

Notice what you are wearing. How do you look?

Make note of the room you’re in. Is it a different place than where you live now? Does your future self give you a tour?

Ask your future self what you wish to know. Wait and listen to their answer.

I hope this helps you connect with your future self.

More help is available here.

4. The way to spiritual growth

Here’s a link to an article I wrote about the topic.

The best way to grow spiritually is to develop a spiritual practice such as meditation. When in meditation do the Chakra Opening meditation I suggested earlier. When you get to the Heart Chakra focus on feeling love – pure unconditional love for all life. See yourself as a little generator emitting powerful waves of love out into the world. When you see it and feel it – it is so.

One of the things I learned from my spiritual mentor was that we grow spiritually when we have a desire to be a beacon of goodness in the world. It may sound simplistic but I have found it has helped me tremendously. Just ask to be the “pure goodness” of Spirit. Spirit or the “life force” in all things is pure goodness, right? Be this pure goodness and do good for yourself and others. Some position this as constantly asking in every situation, “What would love do?”

I hope this helps  you.

All my best,


What questions do you have about Intuition, Crystals, Chakras, Dreams or your Spiritual Growth? Share them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

*****Please note I don’t answer questions about what to do with your life via email or comments here. If you’re seeking my guidance for your personal life – book a private session.

Photo Credit: Seven Chakras (Wikipedia)


Health Benefits of Yoga

Health Benefits of Yoga

Health befits of yoga

Health benefits of Yoga

(Image Source)

by Bradley Taylor

In recent years, yoga has become a well-known, highly publicised recreational health activity. However, if you remain baffled by the advantages of the tree, cobra and downward facing dog, here are but a few of the invaluable health benefits that you can achieve through practising yoga.

Stress Relief

Although contorting yourself into a series of shapes and positions may not seem like the ultimate stress reliever, yoga is used as a fundamental meditation tool by many to relieve the stresses of daily life. Stress instigates a physical response in your body, increasing tension in your muscles, which in turn causes stiffness and aches. However, this physical response can be combated through yoga exercises. Yoga has become one of the primary physical therapies for relieving stress. This is because yoga techniques focus on honing your concentration and heightening your control of your body. These practises relax the tension within your muscles, slow your heart rate and calm your breathing patterns. As a result, you experience a lower blood pressure as well as an overall feeling of calm and serenity.

Lower Blood Sugar

Yoga can be instrumental in helping people who suffer from diabetes. Yoga lowers blood sugar levels as well as LDL cholesterol which is detrimental to your health. Instead it boosts HDL cholesterol which is good for your health, as well as lowering your cortisol and adrenaline levels. This provides a multitude of health benefits. Regular practitioners of yoga have reported an improved sensitivity to the effects of insulin as well as weight loss. Most significantly, lowering your blood sugar levels through yoga can reduce diabetic health risks such as heart attacks, kidney failure and blindness.

health benefits of yoga

(Image Source)

Combats Depression

Studies have shown that consistent yoga practise improves depression by significantly increasing serotonin levels. Serotonin aids regular sleep patterns, a common issue for sufferers of depression. Additionally, yoga decreases the levels of monoamine oxidase, an enzyme which breaks down neurotransmitters as well as cortisol levels, both of which are major contributors to depression. Studies undertaken at the University of Wisconsin showed that the left prefrontal cortex showed heightened activity in mediators, a finding that has been correlated with greater levels of happiness and better immune function. More dramatic left-sided activation was found in dedicated, long term practitioners of yoga.

health benefits of yoga

(Image Source)

Bone and Joint Strength

Regular practise of yoga builds strength in your muscles, aiding significantly against conditions such as arthritis and back pain. Moreover, whilst you are developing muscular strength you also increase your flexibility, because each time you practise yoga, you are exercising the full range of motion of your joints. This provides continued sustenance to joint cartilage, improving your overall joint and muscle capabilities. Furthermore, practising weight bearing yoga exercises heightens your bone density and prevents the onset of illnesses such as osteoporosis, which result in sufferers having to receive continuous medical therapy and treatment. The full range of exercises within yoga enables vital components of your body to receive valuable nutrients, such as the shock absorbers in your spinal disks. Therefore, yoga is one of the few practices which engages and benefits all of the muscular and joint areas within your body. As a result, it provides you with an overall feeling of spiritual relaxation, as well as solidifying your overall physical health

Are you a yoga enthusiast? How has it helped you? Share your experience with us

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P.S. Want the secret of how to create a life you love? – Click Here.


Bradley Taylor

This article was produced by Bradley Taylor, a freelance writer from England. Bradley is a motoring enthusiast who loves writing about cars and everything automotive but he is versatile and also writes across a variety of other topics. You can stay connected with him on Google+ and Twitter.



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Meditation Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Meditation Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Meditation Therapy

Meditation Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

By guest author,  Tammy Mahan

Rheumatoid arthritis is a painful and chronic autoimmune disorder which causes the smaller joints specifically in the hands and feet to become inflamed.  Meditation therapy for relief from  rheumatoid arthritis is not as new of a treatment as one might think.

Meditation therapy has been used successfully on numerous diseases and disorders including the prevention of heart attacks, strokes and in some cases turning precancerous cells into non-cancerous ones.

Meditation therapy is also used to help people recovering from heart attacks, surgery, childbirth, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, and numerous other things. An autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis is no exception to this type of treatment.

However, before you can begin you must know how to meditate. It may seem like a complicated task but in fact, it is one of the easiest things you can do. When you first start to meditate you may need the assistance of a qualified meditation expert or a guided recording to help you reach a meditative state. One thing and the most important thing you need to know if you are new to meditation is that it is not hypnosis.  Many people often confuse hypnosis and meditation or believe that they are one in the same. I assure you they are not the same.

What is Meditation and how do I do it?

Meditation is clearing all the chatter in your mind. It is best to sit in a comfortable chair (while lying down most people are so calm and relaxed during mediation they tend to doze off or fall asleep.) If you have trouble meditating try a guided meditation such as the ReAwakening Guided Meditations.

Some people find that playing a soft instrumental style of music is helpful as is playing a sound machine or tape that has the sound of waves crashing on the shore, birds in a forest, rain, and even a thunderstorm is relaxing to some. The idea is to focus on the sound that you are hearing this will help in quieting the chatter in your head. Once your mind is “empty” you can begin focusing on the RA and visualizing it’s healing. This will take practice. Very few people can easily and quickly enter a state of meditation. You must be patient and practice because the results are well worth the effort.

Meditation and RA Studies Show Successful Treatment

Researchers with the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine set out to assess the effect of this meditation therapy on depressive symptoms, psychological distress, general well-being, and disease activity among RA patients. Featured in the journal Arthritis Care & Research, their study supports the potential benefits of prescribing a course in MBSR along with the conventional course of physical and pharmacological therapy.”

The results of the study was found on The study demonstrated that for patients with RA under routine medical supervision, an 8-week MBSR class plus a 4-month maintenance program had beneficial effects, and that it was safe and appealing to participants. Investigator Elizabeth Pradhan, PhD notes, “For doctors wishing to offer patients a complement to medical management, mindfulness meditation may offer hope for improving psychological distress and strengthening well-being in patients with RA.”

Have you ever used meditation therapy to deal with a chronic condition or to heal from an ailment? What type of meditation did you use? What were your results? Share with us in the comment section.

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P.S. Meditation is the best way to open your intuitive channels and de-stress to return your body to healthy balance. Click here now to get started.

Tammy Mahan has worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years. She enjoys writing and often contributes articles to

Interested in spiritual awakening? Check out this video for a new film that is being produced:


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Intuition: Boost Intuition with Mindfulness Meditation

Intuition: Boost Intuition with Mindfulness Meditation

Practice mindfulness photo banner

Practical applications for boosting intuition with mindfulness meditation

by guest author Sara Stringer

What is intuition?

Intuition is our personal inner GPS (global positioning system).  When we listen to this internal voice or feel its “nudge” we are guided to the solutions to life’s problems. Our intuition is the technology with which we receive guidance from an all pervading intelligent universe.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Practicing mindfulness meditation is the experience of staying fully in the present moment. When you practice mindfulness you focus completely on the task at hand. You are aware of your thoughts and watch over them much like a shepherd, continuously bringing the stray ones back to a single focus on the present moment and whatever it is you are doing.

Developing a practice of mindfulness allows your intuition to blossom simply because you have removed all the “clutter” from your mind that distracts you from hearing your inner voice.

When we listen to our intuition we are guided to the solutions we need to solve life’s many dilemmas. We are all connected to the source of all intelligence in the Universe. All answers are available to us if we will only listen. The technology for conveying this information to us is our intuition. Let your intuition shine a light on your problems. – See more at:
When we listen to our intuition we are guided to the solutions we need to solve life’s many dilemmas. We are all connected to the source of all intelligence in the Universe. All answers are available to us if we will only listen. The technology for conveying this information to us is our intuition. Let your intuition shine a light on your problems. – See more at:
When we listen to our intuition we are guided to the solutions we need to solve life’s many dilemmas. We are all connected to the source of all intelligence in the Universe. All answers are available to us if we will only listen. The technology for conveying this information to us is our intuition. Let your intuition shine a light on your problems. – See more at:
When we listen to our intuition we are guided to the solutions we need to solve life’s many dilemmas. We are all connected to the source of all intelligence in the Universe. All answers are available to us if we will only listen. The technology for conveying this information to us is our intuition. Let your intuition shine a light on your problems. – See more at:

The right time to apply intuition and practice mindfulness

One of the first things that you will want to know when you become a student of developing intuition and mindfulness is whether or not there is a “right” time to practice your new craft. This is a complicated question and there is no one correct answer. However, there are some instances in which being experienced in developing intuition and mindfulness can be helpful.

Dealing with Your Finances

When you apply for a loan or are trying to find the best credit card balance transfer offers it is easy to get distracted. Your own nervousness can play a large role in this and that is why it is so important to be able to stay calm and keep a good state of mind when dealing with important issues like your finances.

Being able to practice breathing and mindfulness can help you clear your head and really focus on what you are trying to do. This is especially helpful when talking to a representative of a bank or loan company.

Before your meeting, do a few deep breathing exercises and focus on the task at hand and what you want to get from it. This helps to slow your heart rate and increase oxygen flow to your brain. The extra oxygen fuels your brain and helps it to calm your nerves. You’ll be able to block out the bustle, your nerves, and everything else and use your intuition to figure out whether or not what your rep is saying is in your best interests or not.

Applying to College

Getting an undergraduate is no longer the ultimate option. We see Bachelor degrees the same way we once saw the high school diploma. This means that there are more students than ever competing for the same number of spots and that kind of competition is intimidating. It gets worse when you have to find, apply and interview for scholarships in order to be able to afford that degree.

Use your intuition to pick up on intuitive insights and cues your interviewer (or interviewers) are giving you so that you can respond appropriately. The unspoken cues are hard to read when you’re nervous.

Getting to your interview early to practice your breathing and spend a few minutes being mindful helps you focus to make this easier as well as to be present in your interview so that you can showcase your best characteristics.

Meeting New People

Some of us are blessed with an inner confidence. For others, social situations are—on a good day—a total nightmare. Being able to practice your breathing so that you don’t find yourself inwardly trying to beat back a panic attack at the next dinner party is good for everyone.

Some people have found that by following their intuition, they are able to open up more in social situations. Because they are focused, they are better able to intuitively pick up on body language cues and other subtle hints as to whom to approach and befriend at the party.

Knowing that you’re not the only one there who is nervous and freaking out has an intense calming effect that can be beneficial (and makes you more approachable).

Dealing With Major Life Changes

For some of us, major career changes and lifestyle changes send us into spirals of despair and anxiety. A daily mindfulness practice, when paired with your intuition can help you work through the changes and do the things you need to do in order to build structure around your new situation.

Mindfulness can help you focus on a job search or rebuilding after a move or relationship change; it can help you get through stressful nights after having a baby. Mindfulness helps you stay present in the moment. It keeps you grounded and controls your brain (allowing it to wander into all of the stressful unknowns is dangerous for your mental health during times of change). This helps you focus on exactly what you need to do to get through that moment before you focus on the next one. It’s kind of like “baby steps” but with better breathing.

The fact is that while there are many situations in which you can use your intuition pairing it with the practice of mindfulness can make things so much clearer and will make life less overwhelming.

Have you been practicing mindfulness meditation? Did it boost your intuition? Share your experience or ask a question in the comment section.

If you enjoyed this article please Tweet, FBshare or G+ it to a friend who might learn from it. Help spread the word about the benefits of using your intuition. Thank you.

P.S. Get started developing your intuition – click here!

Sara Stringer is freelance writer who most often writes about personal finance. In her spare time, she enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle through swimming and practicing yoga.

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The World Didn’t End – What Now? A Healing Meditation

The World Didn’t End – What Now? A Healing Meditation

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Be the change the world needs. Be the peace.

The world didn’t end on the solstice of December 21, 2012. I didn’t think it would. Did you?

I believe that the end of the Mayan calendar is symbolic of the end of our old ways of thinking and interacting with one another, rather than the literal end of the world.

I hoped today would mark a new beginning where we – the human race – would shift in consciousness to embrace peace, love and an awareness of our oneness.

Years ago I had the privilege of spending time with spiritual thought leader, John Randolph Price and his wife Jan, founders of The Quartus Foundation. John was ahead of his time and authored seminal works such as, “A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World,”  “Practical Spirituality,” and “The Superbeings.” (I highly recommend his books – they remain fresh and timely today).

John spoke of a need to “reach critical mass” in the number of people on earth who embraced a spiritual approach to living, in order to affect real change on the planet.

To shift the thinking of people on a grand scale and reach critical mass each of us first needs to emit peace, love and a unity consciousness. We need to “be the peace we wish to see” first and then it will manifest in society.

To foster a consciousness of peace watch this beautiful healing meditation from Christine Breese. It will help you feel peaceful, loving and connected to all life.

When you feel peaceful you emit a vibration of peace that touches others and helps them to feel at peace too. The more we send out these ripples the more we will contribute to creating a “critical mass” in human thinking. Your own inner peace blesses the world.

Give yourself the gift of 15 minutes to relax and listen to this healing meditation. Allow yourself to really “feel” it too. I promise you will feel extremely peaceful afterward and the people around you will be affected by it.

Send your ripples of love and peace out into the world and “be the change – be the peace.

How did you feel after listening to this beautiful meditation?

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy holiday season to all!


If you enjoyed this article spread the peace and love to others – share it on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

P.S. Start the new year by learning how to hear and follow your intuition – click here.

Photo: Fotolia: ©Koya79

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7 Affirmations & a Meditation to Balance Your Chakras

7 Affirmations & a Meditation to Balance Your Chakras

Each chakra has its own colours, so when you concentrate on a certain chakra you will have certain colours in your dreams and visions. As you move upwards they change. In fact in yoga psychology, a person’s dreams, fantasies, visions, can indicate where his energy is exactly, at what centre. –Osho

Here is my personal chakra balancing meditation which includes 7 affirmations to balance your chakras.

Your chakras represent the seven energy centers in the subtle energy body. The subtle body is part of the human energy field – also called the aura. It is believed that these seven centers align with the endocrine system in the physical body. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency and is representative of certain colors, musical notes, organs, functions of the body and personal and spiritual characteristics.

Disease first manifests in the human energy field

Disease begins outside the physical body in the subtle energy system. When you live a stressful life you tax one or more of these energy centers. Over time this upsets the balance of this vibrational energy system and leads to creating physical health issues. If you meditate upon and balance each your chakras daily you are supporting the health of  your body

Chakra Balancing Meditation:

1. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths to relax. If at all possible sit cross legged on the ground. If you can’t be outside on the ground make sure you sit up straight with stocking feet flat on the floor.

2. Focus on the first chakra or “root” chakra located at the base of your spine. When your root chakra is balanced you are grounded and feel secure in life.

In your mind’s eye see this chakra as small red disque. Now mentally turn on the energy you are sending to this region and see the circle begin spinning clockwise and growing larger and become brighter.

I like to see it as if it were a large fiery red ball. “Feel” the energy spinning the chakra in this area of your body.

Affirmation: All is well. I am safe and secure and all my needs are met.

3. Moved the energy up to the second chakra which is located in the area of the reproductive organs.  When your second chakra is balanced you are able to express your sexuality and innate creativity.

See this chakra as a small orange disque. Now send the energy to this region and see it growing larger and brighter and spinning in a clockwise direction. In my mind I usually visualize it as a beautiful rising sun. “Feel” the energy spinning in this center in your body.

Affirmation: I am creative in all my endeavors and passionate about life and love.

4. Move your attention up to your solar plexus area. See the third chakra as a small yellow ball. When this chakra is balanced you are ethical and comfortable with your personal power.

Send the energy to the third chakra and see it expanding into a huge spinning golden sun.

Affirmation: I honor my values, uphold my ethical standards and assert my personal power wisely.

5. Focus your attention on the area of the heart. See this chakra as a green ball. When this chakra is balanced you are patient, loving and compassionate.

Send energy to your heart chakra and see it growing, spinning and glowing like a huge emerald. Feel it pulsating in your chest.

Affirmation: I am loving, kind and compassionate with myself and to others.

6. Move your attention to the throat area. In your mind’s eye see a blue circle of energy spinning just above the collar bone. When this chakra is balanced you are able to speak up for yourself and you communicate clearly and honestly.

Send a burst of energy to this chakra and see the blue ball flower into a beautiful blue hydrangea blossom.

Affirmation: I am a good communicator. I think before I speak and listen respectfully to others.

7. Move your attention up the sixth chakra located in the center of the forehead just above the brow line. The sixth chakra is also called the “third eye.” See it as a spinning as a violet colored wheel. When this chakra is balanced you more spiritual, less controlled by the ego and attuned to your intuition.

Send energy to this chakra and see it growing into a large pulsating indigo swirl. I find it helps to visualize it as the swirling center of our universe.


Feel the energy of this chakra spinning in the middle of your forehead.

Affirmation: I clearly hear my intuition and trust and follow it.

8. Move your attention to the top of your head. See a golden white circle of energy swirling around this area. When this chakra is balanced you feel at one with the All, the personality recedes and an awareness of being nothing but pure consciousness comes forward.

Send energy to this spinning golden circle and see it growing into a glowing orb that illuminates your face and head and sends sparkles of warming energy from your head to your toes.

Affirmation: I pure light and energy and one with all life.

Once you reach the seventh chakra take the sparkles that reached your toes and send this energy to the first chakra and go through all the chakras two more times.

I recommend doing this visualization three times. It should take you no more than five minutes to do all three passes of the chakras.

Try it. You’ll find that the more you use this meditation the more qualities related to each chakra you develop to their full potential.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If so please share it with a friend on Twitter, FB or G+. Thank you.

P.S. Learn more about how to hear your intuition – here.

Photos – The Chakras – Reiki Wikipedia & Andromeda Galaxy Wikipedia

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