30 Days to a Bold New YOU!

30 Days to a Bold New YOU!

30 Days to Bold for blog postClick here to visit 30 Days to Bold.

Introducing an exciting new course, “30 Days of Bold,” from Courage Coach, Tess Marshall.

Tess, for readers who don’t know you, please introduce yourself.

I currently work as a writer, speaker, and courage coach and have a master’s degree in counseling psychology. I love to inspire people to overcome their fears and live-out-loud.  I blog at The Bold Life, for an amazing and growing community, that I love dearly.  My work has allowed me to reach people all over the world.

My passion is to help others grow through their fears and take the action needed to create and live a meaningful and inspired life. I’ve written three books and created a brand new course, 30 Days to Bold.

Tell us more about 30 Days of Bold

30 Days to Bold is an interactive and live course that begins on Monday February 18th. It allows us to support and personally get to know each other. We overcome our fears and grow through our courage.

The course is designed to take one beyond excuses, procrastination, worries and doubts…from fear to freedom.  You’ll gain the confidence to take bold action.

Every Monday you will receive in your inbox a password that will give you access to the course on a private page at The Bold Life where you’ll find all the material, videos, ebooks and more.

Access to a private live long Facebook page with myself and other bold people in the 30 Days of Bold community.

A series of personal and heartfelt videos from my awesome and courageous friends. They share their own stories and expertise on how they have overcome fear and how you can too.

A Series of Video Interviews with myself and other courageous experts.

4 LIVE group-coaching calls with me.

My stories/guidance/wisdom gleaned from helping thousands of people through my work as a psychologist, life coach, and professional speaker.

Weekly, worksheets, lessons, activities, encouragement and support.

Over $100 in bonuses and other goodies from my fearless friends.

 •Plus a copy of my Ecourse Take Your Fear and Shove it if you sign up before January 14th.

Why did you create it?

I understand what it is like to be paralyzed by fear. In the past, I made mistakes, I spent my time freaked out, playing small, denying and hiding from fear.

I sunk into depression and I hated my life.  One day, when I couldn’t stand the pain, craziness or drama any longer… I reached out for help. I hired a therapist, attended a support group, found a mentor, hired a coach and put into practice what I learned.

Little by little, I turned my life around. I created a new story.  The payoff of my post-fear life…I raised my family, I saved my marriage, became a successful therapist, a coach, an author, a professional speaker, a blogger, a writer…I achieved things I never would have thought possible.

It’s the culmination of everything I’ve learned. I’m still asked, “How do you do it?” 30 Days of Bold is my answer. You only need to apply it to your own situation. Not only does 30 Days of Bold offer the tools to move beyond fear, it offers a map to self-love, faith in oneself, risk-taking, to positively anticipate your future and achieve a deeper appreciation of life and everything in it. We often look up to brave, bold and successful people. It’s time to become one of them!

In the end, I’ve been blessed with very loving and brilliant mentors and teachers throughout my lifetime. It’s my turn to give.

Who is 30 Days to Bold for? 

Anyone who is tired of false beliefs, facades and wants to live authentically.

Anyone needing practical tools and concrete tips on how to grab hold of their fears—with a sense of power, excitement and bold.

Anyone who is interested in joining a community of people who are not waiting for “someday” to change their lives.

Anyone who wants to overcome excuses, rejection and failure and move from victim to creator.

Anyone who wants to loosen the grip of doubt and tap into their inner resources.

Anyone who is sick and tired of paralyzing fear and is ready for greater and deeper success, love and happiness.

If you are ready to:

Get clear and commit to what you really want for yourself. Make fear work for you instead of against you. Go from imagining the worst to expecting the best. Unearth your innate strength and freedom. Find a sense of safety while living in a world of fear. Step beyond your limitations and experience your true self. Be confident. Live without apology, explanation or apprehension. Receive encouragement and friendship from a supportive community. Then this course is for you!

What are the benefits for those who enroll and participate in 30 Days of Bold? Is it life changing?

It is life-changing if you do the exercises, watch the videos, get involved in the community and apply what you learn.

Anais Nin said, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Once you change your life, there is no going back. You may fall back but you can’t stay back. It’s impossible.

When you learn how to walk through your fears you become unstoppable. 30 Days of Bold is an invaluable opportunity for you to increase your confidence, speak your truth and make the decisions that will improve your life and put you in harmony with your deepest desires.

The course will lead you out of the pitfalls of fear and insecurity and into the power of freedom an innate courage. Change your life and find freedom. Don’t delay. Join us today.

How did you become so bold?

I grew up on a produce farm with nine siblings. We were all very competitive for our parents love and attention. It was speak up or lose out. We also began working in the fields and at the Farmer’s Market as young children.  At the market, we learned how to sell and turn our customers into friends! We became experts in sales by age 13! That’s a childhood of bold action.

How can we develop courage?

Be willing take action. Make a difference and use your talent and gifts to make the world a better place. Things will go wrong. So what? You’ll make mistakes. So what? You will be rejected. So what?

Keep going, ask for help, find support and be willing to do what it takes.

“I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back.” ~Erica Jong  

30 Days of Bold offers you the safety and support of a loving community. You don’t have to go it alone.

What do you hope that people will take away after completing the course?

I want them to see that they are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with them. We all fail, we all make mistakes and we all have flaws. I want them to own their power and innate goodness. I want them to use their innate courage and have faith in themselves. I want to see them use their gifts, talents and to offer them to others along the path. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed in making the world a better place to live!

Where could you use a shot of “bold” in your life? What would you like to change and where do you feel stuck? Share with us.

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P.S. To find your bold voice within – click here!

tess photo bio_0532Tess Marshall is a Courage Coach and the creator of, The Bold Life. Her blog is a mix of inspiration, spirituality, and personal development. She will inspire you to follow your heart, unearth your bold, and create a meaning and love-filled life. She can help you be more courageous and step beyond your fears. She believes we’re here on planet earth to grow in kindness and love. In order to do so we need to let go of fear and take bold action.  Check out her new bold course – 30 Days of Bold.

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8 Strategies to Discover Your Dream Life

8 Strategies to Discover Your Dream Life

“To realize ones destiny is a person’s only obligation.” –Paulo Coelho

How use your daily life to discover your dream

You’ve done everything the experts say.

You’ve read books, taken personality tests, and filled in the worksheets.

And yet you still feel lost.

They say “follow your passion” and you would do it… if you knew what they were.

Today I want to share with you how I discovered my dream. I want you to learn from my experience so you can begin discovering your dream today.

Feeling Lost

Three years ago, I was lost too.

I had no idea what to do with my life.

I tried it all.

But in the end I still didn’t know what to do.

It’s scary, right? Especially when you feel like you’ve done everything – and you still aren’t seeing results.

Looking in All The Wrong Places

I was spending so much time trying to figure out my passion that I wasn’t actually paying attention to my own life. My nose was stuck in a book, I was lost in my thoughts, I was struggling.

The problem is that we can learn a million strategies to discover our passion but if we don’t actually take the time to apply it then it take us no where.

Using Daily Experiences to Discover A Dream

Hi there. My name is Izzy.

I’m about to turn 30 in a few months. I used to be a teacher in America.

In my 4th year teaching it looked like I had it made – I was getting my masters degree, moving up the ladder and would soon be running my own school… One problem: I hated everything I was doing.

So I started to do some intense soul searching.

I read books, talked to loved ones, took personality tests and even paid for expert advice. Initially, nothing seemed to help.

But there was one simple problem: I wasn’t paying attention to my day to day life. I was so depressed that I was blind to the world in front of me.

Eventually, I realized the only way to figure this thing out – is to actually start paying attention to each day.

And guest what! It worked.

I discovered my dream: to become a ninja…

Sounds, crazy right?

Some dude is talking about a being a ninja. Let me explain:

This isn’t just any dream – it’s a childhood dream. So, according to my 8 year old brain a ninja does the following 3 things:

1. Lives in a far away land.
2. Trains extensively in martial arts.
3. Challenges the traditional rules of work and life.

So over the course of 3 years I have turned my dream into a reality.

I quit my job, I moved to Japan, and train extensively in martial arts. I work just enough to cover my expenses.

I share this as evidence that what I am about to share with you works.

Each of the 8 strategies I share below has contributed to the discovery of my dream.

I hope with all of my heart they can do the same for you.

8 Ways To Use Daily Experiences to Identify Your Dreams

1. Listen to Your Conversations

When I talked with people I started to notice how it impacted my mood. When I discussed travel and martial arts I would get excited. I started to pay closer attention to this.

Topics that excite you or bother you can be key indicators for your dreams.

2. What Makes You Jealous

In particular when I was struggling in my day to day life I would get jealous of other people. But it was interesting to see who I was jealous of. I noticed I was most jealous of people who “had the freedom to travel”. Hinting to me that this was very important.

Jealousy is a very powerful emotion because it tells you that someone has something that you want but do not have.

3. Carry a Thought Journal

I started to carry a journal everywhere. Basically any ideas, or insights would be written down. On Sunday I would review what I wrote. This always triggered deeper reflections. These reflections started to open doors to explore what I truly wanted out of my life.

4. Keep an Emotional Time Log

I started to write down my emotions at each hour of the day. I used my journal for this. This was powerful because I started to notice patterns. Things that excited me and made he happy hinted at my dreams and passions.

This is a truly amazing activity. It can help you identify things that are leading to your positive emotions and negative emotions.

5. Hang out with positive people. 

After using an emotional log to track my emotions I started to realize that my friends and peers had a huge impact on me. So I made an active effort to be around people that “excited” me. The more I was around these people the more my sense of possibility increased. This was critical because the pursuit of a dream requires a huge sense of possibility.

Optimistic people will encourage your dreams and expand your sense of possibility.

6. Keep a Daily Log of All Activities (with rankings)

After I had done the emotional log for a while I decided to switch gears. I started tracking my daily activities. This included everything from meetings, martial arts, teaching math, science, picking up groceries, and hanging out with friends.

After each activity I gave it a score from 1 to 10 (10 being “I loved it!”). I did this for one week. I then looked it over at the end of the week and used it to help me better understand which activities I enjoyed the most.

7. Develop a daily gratitude list and look it over once a week.

Every night before I went to sleep I wrote down 5 things I appreciated. Then I looked at my list once per week. The crazy thing is that I kept on being appreciative of the same things – this was powerful because it helped me discover those things I truly enjoyed. Once again, this hints at your dreams and passions.

8. Write down every “I just wish I could…” statement in your head. 

When I was battling through the depression I would often say statements in my head that started with “I wish I just could…”. Eventually, I realized it could be powerful to write these down. Here are the two biggest statements I made –

“I wish I could just live in a foreign country and not do this stupid job.”
“I wish I could just train in martial arts full time.”

I wrote these down – and started to ask the question: how can I do this?

Eventually I discovered exactly how to do it.

Some Final Thoughts

Each and every day is an opportunity to move closer towards your dreams. But this can only happen if you become an active participant in your world. I share each of these 8 strategies in hopes that you can start applying them to your life immediately.

Discovering your dream is not something that just magically happens. It takes time but by listening to yourself and the world around you – you can make it happen .

I hope today you begin the discovery of your dream. What steps do you find most useful to discover your dream?

If you enjoyed this post please share it with a friend on Twitter, FB or G+. Thank you!

P.S. To tap into your intuition to discover your dream – click here!

Who is Izmael Arkin?

Izzy is a crazy dude. He quit his job as a teacher to pursue his childhood dream: to become a ninja. He now lives in Japan where he trains in martial arts extensively. Check out Izzy’s Ninja Tool Kit – books and tools to help you follow your dreams. You can read more about Izzy’s journey at The 30 Year Old Ninja,

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Choose Your Career with Care

Choose Your Career with Care

Choose your career with care.

Choose Your Career With Care

How did you start out?

I started out without giving much thought to my career. It never occurred to me that I would be at it for decades. After the excitement of getting a paycheck and a few promotions wore off I found myself more and more unhappy.

I didn’t like being tied to a 9 to 5 schedule. I found it annoying to be on the “clock” for lunch and breaks. After the fifth year I realized I was not cut out for such a structured environment.

Twists and turns

Eventually I was able to parlay my career into something I enjoyed but, there were a lot twists and turns along the way. I went from branch banking and being the manager of one branch to managing 33 offices. After the newness of that wore off I wasn’t happy there either.

I made a career change and went into private banking, trust and investment management. After a few years I ended up in management again, this time running the business for half the state. Once again, after the newness wore off I found myself unhappy once more.

It finally hit me. Just because you’re good at something it doesn’t mean you enjoy it. 

I walked away from my career and decided to go back to school to rethink my life. While back in school I needed a part time job to help pay the bills. And, that is how I stumbled into financial sales and the mortgage business.

When you find something you like – you know it.

Working for a financial institution on the mortgage side gave me the freedom I craved. I was able to use all the experience and knowledge I’d gleaned over the years to help people make important financial decisions but, I was no longer tied to a confining 9 to 5 schedule. It was perfect for me.

Crazy times, big money and big burn-out

Then the real estate market began heating up. It went from a simmer to a boil and then the big bang! Suddenly, I found myself no longer able to work only part time. I had so many customers and so much business that I took a leave of absence from my graduate program. I thought I’d go back to it after a while but, I never did.

I was so busy that I worked 7 days a week for several years. When I lost sight of  the joy of supporting myself while in school – that’s when the joy went out of my life – again.

Learning lessons

I had to burn out big time to learn that when you focus on money you lose focus on whatever else is important to you in life. You cannot have it both ways. Money will control you if you let it.

Finding balance

I took some time off to write and publish, “The Intuition Principle,” and while away gained some much needed perspective.

What I realized was that it was not the industry I was in that I was tired of but, the pace.  I enjoy helping people make financial decisions about real estate. What I don’t like is being so busy that my life is out of balance.

But, I also enjoy writing, blogging, publishing, teaching and consulting with readers of Powered by Intuition.

Make a lifestyle choice instead of a career choice

I now understand that I can’t peg myself as “either/or.” I am not strictly a creative/intuitive/writer nor, am I strictly a financial business person. I enjoy both facets of my personality and am driven to express all parts of me.

Now that I know this I can design a life that works for me and offers the balance between the two areas that I crave.

Time is irrelevant

Some people understand themselves at a young age and will make the right decisions about work early on and, some won’t. As long as you discover who you are and what work makes you happy it doesn’t matter how long it takes. Time is irrelevant.

Life is about change

All that matters is that you learn in your own time and allow yourself to make changes.

Nothing ever stays the same and neither do we. We all change as we grow. We are never the same person we were last year, or the year before that or ten years ago.

Listen to your intuition

The most valuable lesson I have learned in my life is to always listen to my intuition. My gut always knows what I really want and ought to do.  Whenever I have tried to force myself to “be practical” or follow anyone else’s advice it has resulted in disaster.

It has been telling me that I need to express my both creative nature and my business side. I’m glad I listened.

Where are you on this path? Are you doing what you want to do? Have you found work that matters? 

If you enjoyed this post share it with a friend on Twitter, FB or G+. Thank you.

P.S. Find out more about following your intuition – click here.

P.P.S. Want to know how NLP training could help you make the right career choices? Head to the Inspire 360 site for more information.

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Is Your Life All it Could Be? 3 Crucial Steps You May Be Missing

Is Your Life All it Could Be? 3 Crucial Steps You May Be Missing

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” –Henry David Thoreau

Today I’m delighted to share my conversation with Melody Fletcher of the Deliberate Receiving. Melody is an expert in the Law of Attraction.

Is Your Life Not All it Could Be?If you’re not reading her blog you’re missing out on some awesome information. Today Melody shares three of her best tips with us for activating and utilizing the Law of Attraction in our lives.

Here is the “cliff notes” version of our conversation but, you really ought to listen to the whole thing to get all the benefits of what Melody shares with us.

1. You have to pay attention to you how you feel. Your emotions indicate whether you are moving in the right direction in your life or not.

We have been taught to not acknowledge our emotions and to suppress them. But, our emotions tell us whether we are moving in the right direction in our lives or not. We should be honoring the choices that feel better rather than those that make us feel bad. Allow your emotions of enthusiasm, exuberance, unconditional love and joy to lead your decisions. Pursue activities that create these emotions and you will manifest a life of joy.

2. Instead of complaining about something ask yourself, “What would I want instead?”

When you switch from complaining to focusing on what you want it completely changes your mindset to a more positive frame of mind. When you ask yourself what you want instead you are sending a “memo” to the Universe saying that you no longer desire to engage in situations that annoy or upset you. Shift gears from being upset to talking about what you want and you will feel better and when you feel better you will begin to turn your life around. Having positive emotions and feeling better is your first manifestation. Nothing can come into your life unless it is a vibrational match. The more often you do this the sooner you will see changes in your physical reality. When you change the way that you feel your life will change around you.

3. Learn to quiet the mind so you can focus on feeling good and on what you want in your life.

You can raise your vibration and have a “party in your head” by visualizing what you what you want in your life. The joy you feel during this “mind journey” will translate into positivity that affects your life for the better. By exuding an emotional frequency that matches what you focus upon internally – your outer life will reorder itself with situations that match your new higher emotional frequency.

Meditation is a great tool to help you attune to feeling good and the vibration of what it is you wish manifest in your life. Guided meditation is an excellent way to allow your mind to slow down and relax by focusing on listening to the narrator.

To create the happy life you want that you can look back on with no regrets get in touch with your emotions, stop complaining and focus on what you want and how that will make you feel.

To hear the full interview click on this link.
Audio player


What surprised you about this information? Did it open your eyes to a better way of how you might use the law of attraction?

If you enjoyed this interview please share it with your friends.

P.S. To learn more about guided meditation click here

Melody Fletcher is an expert in the Law of Attraction. Her website is  Deliberate Receiving. Melody doesn’t believe that spirituality or personal development have to be so damn serious all the time. She helps people to finally make sense of LOA, and to remember who they really are, so they can annoy their friends and co-workers with their new-found happiness. http://www.deliberatereceiving.com/



Guess what? Today is the first day of “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of,” Book Tour.

Nearly 40 generous online entrepreneurs have graciously offered to host me and my book on their websites for the next 30 days. I’m so excited about bringing my book to the world and so thankful to each of them.

Check out these fabulous bloggers and their articles/interview with me/review of the book here:

Day 1: http://www.zen-mama.com/2012/05/ever-wondered-what-intuition-is-and-how-to-use-it/

Day 2: http://www.jodichapman.com/2012/05/15/ready-to-tap-into-your-intuition-an-interview-a-book-giveaway/

Day 3: http://www.vidyasury.com/2012/05/activate-your-inner-gps-your-intuition.html#.T7UGCUVYt50

Day 3: http://theboldlife.com/2012/05/the-intuition-principle-interview-and-giveaway/

Day 4: http://hanofharmony.com/the-intuition-principle-an-interview-with-angela-artemis/

Some of them are offering a giveaway of my book too!

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Grief and Loss: 5 Lessons We Can Learn from Losing a Loved One

Grief and Loss: 5 Lessons We Can Learn from Losing a Loved One

The older we get the more likely it is that we will be touched by the grief of losing someone we love.

Grief and loss, the stages of griefI lost my father nearly two and a half years ago.

Losing him knocked the foundation right out from under me. I felt as if I was in “free fall” for the first three or four months afterward. Nothing seemed “real” and nothing much mattered to me. It was as if I was awake but, in a “dream.”

I went through all the stages of grieving from shock and sorrow, to loneliness and missing him (still do). I even lost my appetite for a while, which is highly unusual for me. And for once didn’t worry about eating diet food either. (more…)