The “Lost” & Best Posts of Powered by Intuition (since Jan. 2010)

The “Lost” & Best Posts of Powered by Intuition (since Jan. 2010)

night dreams

“The lost posts and best of Powered by Intuition” celebrates Powered by Intuition’s four year anniversary.

My goal since 2010 has been to “demystify” intuition and introduce more people to this natural sensing ability. Since I began writing for Powered by Intuition, the subject of intuition has become much more mainstream and for that I am glad.

I approach intuition much as I approach everything in life; from a very practical stand point.  If you are a regular reader of PbI you know that I share information which I believe will make you not only successful in using your intuition but in applying it in order to be more successful in life in general.

Our intuition is a sense that is there to inform us about our environment just like the other known five senses. And, it is to be developed and used otherwise we wouldn’t have it.

When you learn to apply your intuition you become aware of the incredible amount of subtle information that is being transmitted to you from your environment. This information is extremely insightful and is exactly the type of intelligence that will help you to make better choices in life and in turn lead you to living more successfully.

Since January of 2010 I’ve written countless articles for Powered by Intuition. After a couple of years the older posts get buried and new readers never see them yet, they are really worth reading. Rather than have readers dig for these buried posts I’ve put them all in a tidy list for you. The list also includes many self-development favorites as well.

Here’s the list of 25 “lost” and best PbI posts.


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Intuition is Intelligence for Your Life

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The Simple Elegance of Intuitive Decision Making

The Sensitive Person’s Guide to Overcoming Fear, Indecisiveness & Inaction

I hope you enjoyed this collection of articles from the Powered by Intuition archives. Which is your favorite and why? Share with us in the comments.

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Intuition, Superstition & Suspicions

Intuition, Superstition & Suspicions

Questions on intuition development

Today I’m answering more questions from the Powered by Intuition mailbox on how to tell the difference between your intuition, a superstition and a suspicion.

This is an answer to several questions I received recently all rolled into one since they were very similar.

Question 1.

Several readers have written asking how to know the difference between their Intuition and their suspicions.

This is an excellent question. First off, let me say that many times there is no difference. Your suspicions may originate with an intuitive hunch about something. If you read my book, The Intuition Primer, you will recall I wrote about a suspicious incident that led me to call the police (I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t read it yet and tell you what the incident was). When the criminals were apprehended my suspicions were confirmed. In this case – my suspicion and my intuition were one and the same.

There are a lot of times however, that your mind works overtime. When you are worried or fearful you may also become suspicious. The way to tell the difference is to ask yourself am I a suspicious person? Do I worry incessantly? (Be honest!)

If so, you may be the type of person that worries all the time and creates suspicions out of your own fears and imagination.

Jealousy and the cheating spouse

One of the questions I got pertained to a cheating spouse. The writer wanted to know if she was just creating these suspicions by being jealous or were they real.

If you are jealous by nature then, yes, you may always feel suspicious. There’s also the point of view that if you are jealous you will attract a person into your life that gives you something to be suspicious about. Think on that for a while.

But, if you aren’t a wildly jealous person to know the difference between your suspicions and intuition think back to when you first became suspicious. If things were good and it was a particular incident that raised your “antennae” which caused you to start feeling suspicious you should take it seriously. I wrote an entire article on intuition and cheating significant others that you can read for more detail.

Again, you have to be honest with yourself. We always “know” when we “know” something. We hear the whispers and just know in our gut that it is the truth. Ask yourself if you have this “knowing?”

If you know yourself to be the jealous type you will probably find that the “FEAR” of his/her cheating on you was in your consciousness to begin with.  Fear is always to blame when we get confused about “was it intuition or just a suspicion?”

Question 2.

Superstition and spirit activity

Another reader asks if there is anything to superstitions such as those about haunted houses? He asked this question because his sister and her husband bought an old house that people in town refer to as “haunted.” His sister’s family has felt nothing but he is a “sensitive” and feels the presence of “something” when he visits. He wanted to know if he was just reacting to the “superstition” or was his intuition really picking up on spirit activity?

In this case, I would say that it could go either way. Have you felt the presence of spirit energy elsewhere before? Does this feel similar? You have to go back and compare and contrast what you are feeling now with what you felt in the past.

Also, the less you know about who the superstition says is “haunting” the place the better. What you can do is relax and go into a state of meditation and ask, “Who is there?” See what comes to mind. Keep asking questions until you feel you have a description of whose energy you may be picking up on then do some research into the history of the home.

If you come up with the same energy/deceased people that legend says is in the house (without previously having this information) I would say you are picking up on something real.

If you are the fearful type (there’s that FEAR word again) then your mind may be playing tricks on you. Go back and review when you sensed the presence. Was there a specific moment? What happened? How did you feel?

If you were thinking about a presence before you went there and had fears about running into a spirit you may have “conjured” up the entire incident. When things are “real” they happen spontaneously. We aren’t dwelling upon them and the awareness of a spirit presence comes out of the blue unexpectedly.

I hope this helps. All the best visiting your sister for the holidays.

Have you ever been confused by intuition, superstition or suspicion? Ask your question in the comments and I will reply.

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Presentiment and the Story About the Stray Kitten

Presentiment and the Story About the Stray Kitten

Presentiment and the story about the stray kitten comes to Powered by Intuition from subscriber E.C.J.

A six-week old kitten.

A six-week old kitten. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Presentiment is a form of intuitive sensing or insight.

Our intuition sends us the feeling that something is about to occur or has happened although we do not know what it is. We become anxious but we don’t know why. We experience a feeling of dread for an inexplicable reason. These are all examples of what presentiment feels like.

Presentiment was prevalent just prior to 911

Many people experienced presentiment just prior to 911 and didn’t board their flights. The planes that were used as weapons by the terrorists were unusually empty. There are also stories of workers who didn’t go to work in the World Trade Center that day based on reasons they just couldn’t explain at the time.

Presentiment usually occurs to warn us that something isn’t right. It’s a feeling that we should pay attention to as the following story from E.C.J. illustrates.

I love cats and used to have one. I would love to have another some day but I haven’t done it ’cause I still need to travel some times. And because my neighbour has 2 dachshunds and I fear that if I get a cat it could be killed by the dogs.
A few days ago I had a thought that went through my mind.….just a thought and I didn’t pay attention to it, I just let it flow. It was something like: maybe some day I will find a stray cat and I might keep it because it’s time to have another.
That thought was last week or so. Then 4 days ago while having breakfast I heard this little kitten crying. I was like “Oh no, I can’t leave him there but I can’t keep it either.” I usually leave them so I don’t get in trouble but I wanted to do the right thing this time. So I went with my impulse of helping the cat.
There were two little kittens outside my house. I tried to catch them to give them shelter and food while finding a home for them but, I was able to catch just one. The other one was too quick. I fed the kitten and left him inside while I went to work….
During the day, I was growing worried and getting a feeling of “this is not right, I cannot keep him, I can’t take proper care of him and it’s a risk with the dogs, I will need to make some changes in my life etc.,.”. The feeling was getting worse by the minute. By the time I got home the kitten was crying and didn’t let me hold him. I felt bad and sorry for taking him away from his sibling. He could not be consoled.
I noticed when I came home from work that night that my back patio garden was destroyed. I presumed it was the neighbour’s dogs that got in ’cause there is a gap in the gate but it looked as if there had been a fight or something. I didn’t pay much attention at the time because the kitten I had in the house was crying so much.
At one point, I managed to grab him and he was quiet and still but in the morning (after a night of the kitten crying and me having bad dreams and the feeling of something just not being right growing stronger each minute)….the cat just seemed like he wanted to leave so I left him outside in my front patio with some food and went to work. At night he was hanging around and crying nearby but was still scared, so I left food outside again. That night I felt so bad for taking him away from his sibling that I couldn’t stop crying myself. I felt very sad for the cat.
The next day when I came home from work I spoke to my neighbour and found out what happened. The other kitten, the sibling I couldn’t grab in the morning, somehow managed to get into that patio and the dogs went crazy and killed him.
So that means that the kitten I had inside heard all the fighting and the attack of his sibling. No wonder he was so scared. Now I feel so guilty for my actions that caused this situation. The kitten killed and the other one alone. I think that what happened was that after I left, the other kitten heard his brother inside the house and somehow tried to get to him and that’s when he fell in my back patio and got killed by the dogs.
Now I understand why I was feeling so bad all day. Like a gut feeling that something was terribly wrong. I haven’t heard the kitten for two days now…I’m hoping somebody took it in ’cause I’m still feeling a very bad about all this. 🙁
It was my intuition and I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what to do or what exactly was wrong…..
This story is typical of how we experience presentiment.
As for you E.C.J. – please don’t continue to feel bad about what happened. You tried to do a very humane thing by taking in the kitten. It wasn’t your fault that the neighbor’s dogs attacked the sibling. If you could have caught the sibling and he hadn’t run away you would have taken him in too.
Have you ever had an intuitive experience of presentiment? Tell us about it in the comments.
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Intuition, Destiny and the Call to Return Home

Intuition, Destiny and the Call to Return Home

Intuition, Destiny and the Call Home

Intuition and Destiny and the Call to Return Home

Have you ever felt a yearning from deep down in your soul to return home?

Yesterday I attended the Seventh Annual New York City Greek Film Festival – it was a first for me.

The film I saw, “Hello Anatolia,” was a documentary about a young Greek-American man from New York who moves to Izmir (Smyrna) Turkey to trace his ancestral roots. His ancestors, like 200,000+ other Greeks, lived in Turkey until 1923 when they were forcibly removed, many slaughtered in the process.

Prior to 1923, for the most part Greeks living in Turkey had lived side by side with the Turks and enjoyed good relations. The beautiful memories prior to the diaspora that Greeks had of the centuries their families had flourished in the Asia Minor were shared with their children and grandchildren.

Filmmaker, Chrysovalantis Stamelos, grew up hearing these stories. The stories of his grandparents lives in old Smyrna tugged on something deep in his soul and he felt pulled to “return home.” Leaving his corporate job and all that he knew he ventured to parts unknown to find his roots. In the process he married a Turkish woman and decided to stay in Turkey and has since started a family. “Hello Anatolia” chronicles his journey and immersion into the culture of his newly adopted home where he finds more similarity between the two cultures (Greek and Turkish) than disparity.

Following his intuition Stamelos was pulled home and in the process discovered his destiny: to be a bridge between two peoples with a history of difficulties.

The “pull” of home

Returning to the land of our ancestors is a strong pull for many. It had been a dream of my father’s since he had been a boy. As a first generation American he too longed to retrace the steps of his parents and return to Greece.

My father’s dream was realized when I was a teenager and he took our family took to Greece to meet our relatives and see the island of Samothrace (Samothraki) where all four of my grandparents were born. The famous statue, Nike of Samothrace also known as The Winged Victory, now in the Louvre Museum in Paris came from the island of my ancestors.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace, one of the b...

The Winged Victory of Samothrace, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The island’s legendary family sired the Trojan race, gave form to the personification of Harmonia, and taught humans the sacred rites of the mysteria.  Here, the parents of Alexander the Great first met, and two centuries later, the last Macedonian king, Perseus, held out against the Romans.

In antiquity, the fame of Samothrace emanated from its cult of the Megaloi Theoi, Great Gods, whose mysterious rites of initiation promised protection at sea and the opportunity to “become a better and more pious person in all ways.”   Set in a cleft in the earth carved by a cascade of water at the base of the mountain, framed by converging streams, and facing toward the sea, the Sanctuary of the Great Gods feels spiritually integral to the deities of the earth, sky, and sea who played a fundamental role in the mysteria.


The trip left an indelible mark upon me and I made numerous trips after that on my own back to Greece and Samothrace. I loved being there surrounded by a culture that was so familiar yet different from my own as a Greek-American.  I felt very much at home and found something very anchoring about rediscovering my roots. It made me feel “whole” as if I reclaimed a part of me that had been left behind in Greece in some way I cannot quite explain.

Years later I became captivated by the history of the ancient cult of the Great Gods in Samothrace. I often wonder if that is where my fascination with spirituality and metaphysics came from. The site of the mystery cult in Samothrace has been under excavation for years and years but yet, very little is really known about it.

The roots of intuition

I grew up reading Greek mythology. I particularly loved stories about the Oracle of Delphi. The oracle was always a woman. She sat above a chasm that emitted vapors that put her into an altered state. Once in this state she was able to divine the future. People traveled from all over the ancient world to learn their fate from the oracle.

When I was growing up, before I ever heard the world “clairvoyance” or “out of body experience” just before I fell asleep each night images flooded my mind of a magnificent mountainous landscape. I would soar like a bird over these peaks. I remember feeling as if I belonged there. It is still a vivid memory. But, it was not until I made the journey through the mountains and visited Delphi that I realized this was the landscape I had been seeing all those years.

At the time of my first trip to Greece and Delphi I was fourteen and had been doing readings for just a few years. I recall feeling very connected to to the area; as if being there was something important I should etch into my memory, for what reason I wasn’t clear about at the time.

As I look back on it now I believe the strong connection I felt was my soul’s pull toward developing my then budding intuition.

Your soul “knows” your path

There is a “pull” in each an every one of us. And, this pull is there to lead you in the direction you were meant to go in your life – your destiny. This is the pull of your soul speaking to you through your intuition. When you “feel” a strong pull to do something, especially when there is no rational reason, this is your intuition.

Intuition, in philosophy, [is a] way of knowing directly; immediate apprehension. The Greeks understood intuition to be the grasp of universal principles by the intelligence (nous), as distinguished from the fleeting impressions of the senses. The distinction used by the Greeks implied the superiority of intellectual intuitions over information received by the senses

Source: Intuition|

Perhaps the strong pull some feel to return to the home of their ancestors is a pull from the soul to find wholeness by rediscovering a part of themselves and awakening to their destiny?
Whatever that “pull” might be for you honor it. It wouldn’t be there unless it was trying to “pull” you somewhere important.
Where are you being pulled to go? What are you being pulled to do? Are you listening?
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The Simple Elegance of Intuitive Decision Making

The Simple Elegance of Intuitive Decision Making

Woman unsure of a decision

The Simple Elegance of Intuitive Decision Making

“Intuition is perception via the unconscious.” —Carl Gustav Jung

I often marvel at how we tend to complicate things. Especially things that are meant to be simple like intuition.

Our intuition is a thinking process that takes place beneath the surface of our awareness. It’s not magical but, there are times it sure feels like it!

Recent scientific findings support the existence of the “intuitive thinking process.” When you need to act quickly and make decisions in emergency situations, often intuitive thinking takes over. Your intuition is a thought or idea that has been stripped of all the “fat” leaving only the “meat” behind. Emotions, extraneous information and what we think we “should” do are stripped away.

What you are left with is the core truth of the idea.

In our normal day to day thinking process we put the “fat” right back in. Discerning what is important and sifting through our emotions complicates our decision making. Intuition is simple and elegant because all of the extraneous influences are distilled from the thought leaving only “the facts.”

Your intuition results from your subconscious filing away all kinds of information your conscious mind overlooked or has forgotten.

Think of it as a built-in alarm system. You might not have seen that stranger lurking in the shadows of the parking lot but, your subconscious picked it up. Suddenly you feel as if you’re being watched. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you turn around to see if there is someone there.

Your intuition can and does warn you of all kinds of things.

Do you recall that fleeting thought that passed through your mind just as you were taking that first bite of chicken that later caused your food poisoning? The thought was brief but the message was clear, “Was this defrosted properly? Maybe I shouldn’t eat it?” But, your rational mind kicked right in and you thought, “I thawed frozen chicken like this dozens of times and it’s always been fine.” Later, when you are sick as a dog you recall the thought you had warning you, and wish you had listened!

Often problems occur because you allow your rational mind to dissuade you from listening to your intuition. It is the “interference” from the rational thinking mind which comes in and complicates things. So, in this example had you stopped at the intuitive thought and listened to it, you wouldn’t have eaten the chicken and got food poisoning.

This happens again and again until we learn to pay attention to these “whispers.”

Our intuitive thinking process sends us nuggets of wisdom that we ignore in favor of adding all kinds of non-essential thoughts to the mix, causing errors in our judgment.

The other day a friend was telling me that she was considering two jobs. Two days later she called in a panic because she was now unsure as to whether she had chosen the right job to accept.

What went wrong?

She complicated the entire process with a lot of extraneous rationalizing about why she “should” take the first job with an “artsy” prestigious company instead of the second job requiring field work for a local health administration. When it came right down to it, these rationalizations had no real bearing on which job she would actually enjoy. In the end she realized the autonomy of working out in the field appealed to her much more than being stuck in an office all day.

Listen to that little voice

Do you remember the day you were walking your dog and noticed that a small chunk of the sidewalk around your property was damaged? One week later your daughter trips on it and breaks her ankle. Suddenly, you recall your first thought upon seeing it, “I should get that fixed before someone falls and hurts themselves,” followed by, ‘but, it can probably wait until spring.” You remember that it kept “nagging” at you afterward each time you took the dog out too. You could just kick yourself now for putting off this repair!

The next time you hear that “little voice” when you are about to make a decision make sure you’re not tuning out your intuition.

The intuitive mind always comes up with the simple and elegant solutions to whatever you are facing. Strip away all the rationalizations and focus on how the situation makes you feel. Chances are the answer that “feels” the best when you think about your decision later and leaves you feeling at peace and “settled inside” is the right choice.

Here’s how you can easily and quickly tap into the simple elegance of your intuition:

1.       Review the dilemma, problem or anything in your life you’re trying to make a decision about.

2.       Focus on your two top choices.

3.       Imagine that you have decided to go with the first choice. Be sure not to ask “which is the right decision.” You want to ask yourself how you would feel if you chose this option.

4.       Notice your feelings and the first thought that pops into your head while you imagine yourself having chosen the first option. Are you feeling anxious, contented, scattered, relieved, nervous or excited?

5.       Now do the same thing for the second option. How do you feel? Do you feel “settled” or “unsettled” about this option?

  6.       Compare the two feelings and your first thoughts. The one that made you feel calm, comfortable, confident, at ease   and settled about the matter is the right choice. Anything less than a complete feeling of acceptance without hesitation means that this is not the right one.

Intuition is simple – really

As soon as you become aware of its function and how elegantly it feeds you the answers to life’s problems, the sooner you can begin checking in with it when making decisions. And, when you do – you’ll find that you make the “right” decisions time and time again.

Have you ever given your intuition any thought? How do you know when you’ve received intuitive guidance?

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Intuition: What to Do When Intuitive Insights Contradict One Another

Intuition: What to Do When Intuitive Insights Contradict One Another

Intuition: What to Do When Intuitive Insights Contradict One Another

Conflicting Intuitive Responses

Today I’m opening up the Powered by Intuition mail bag.

In the last few weeks I received several emails from readers asking very similar questions about what to do when their intuition seems to contradict itself.

Here’s an example of what readers have been asking:

Q. How am I supposed to trust my intuition when I keep getting different answers? One day I am being guided to do one thing and then the next day another. What can I do about this and why do I keep getting different answers?

A. For starters, I suggest you stop asking the same question over and over. Doing this will only confuse you and desensitize you to your intuition. Your rational mind will take over and begin posing as intuition and you won’t know the difference between the two.

Go back and review the first answer you got and try to recall how you “felt” about it in that moment? Were you aware of an emotional response to the answer? Was it positive or negative? Did you feel something physically in your body at the time. Was it a physically reassuring feeling or somewhat repellant? Remember, your first impressions both emotionally and physically are usually correct.

The other suggestion I have for you is to not be attached to the outcome. Many times the reason we ask the same question over and over is because deep down we want a certain answer. This happens when you are attached to following one course of action. If this is the case I suggest you just do what you keep wanting to hear from your intuition and stop asking. It just may be that this is “the answer” and has been the answer all along – so just do it.

Another way to interpret this is, if you are getting a different answer than the what you “want” not only are you attached to the outcome but perhaps, you are also on the wrong track! Your intuition is trying to tell you otherwise but you don’t/won’t accept this as the “truth” so you keep asking over and over and end up even more frustrated and confused.

The only way to deal with this is to surrender. Stop thinking about the problem and stop trying to get the answer. Just get the entire situation out of your mind and focus on something else for a couple of days. When you surrender and totally detach from one answer over another the answer will come to you. The answer will be very clear because your mind will no longer be cluttered and confused by all the distracting thoughts you had previously.

Regarding trusting your intuition – know that the more you follow your intuition and take action upon it the more you will trust. Trust comes from taking action and having a successful outcome based on following your intuition. It is normal not to feel 100 percent certain in the beginning but you must have the guts to follow the advice if you are going to become confident in your intuition. Trust comes later on as a result of listening to your intuition over and over.

My challenges come when I don’t trust these answers and I will keep asking the same questions over and over again. In the end, I get confused because the answers begin to contradict. Lesson learned: I find it much easier to get answers when I am not attached to the outcome. – See more at:
My challenges come when I don’t trust these answers and I will keep asking the same questions over and over again. In the end, I get confused because the answers begin to contradict. Lesson learned: I find it much easier to get answers when I am not attached to the outcome. – See more at:

Q. Another reader wrote the following reply to me after reading an article in my weekly newsletter.  In this article I assured readers that they didn’t have to “see, hear”  or believe that they were being guided by beings outside of themselves in order to receive intuitive guidance. The physical reaction of the body is just as reliable if not more so.

“I really enjoyed this newsletter and all of the previous ones as well. One thing that you mentioned helped explain much of the frustration I felt taking classes in the beginning. I would find myself getting tense or frustrated because I wasn’t “seeing” a person I could refer to as a spirit guide and therefore wasn’t tuning in very well. Apparently I put so much effort into focusing on a spirit guide that I ignored listening to what my body was telling me. You have given me a different way of looking at things and I thank you so much.” –Susan Reese

A. The important point is that you have access to an infinite amount of information. As I’ve mentioned here many times we are all connected and part and parcel of one vast intelligent organism. We cannot be separated from it or each other anymore than you can separate an individual wave from the ocean.

If you feel strongly that an ethereal being outside of yourself is guiding you and that works for you – great.

But, if you are having trouble tuning in know that you do not need to see or hear the voice of an intermediary. Some people never see or hear a guide yet they receive perfectly clear direction from their intuitive higher self. Know that all the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe is available to you directly. Just like any other belief system you are creating your reality even in matters of how you think you recieve intuitive insight.

As you can see in Susan’s note to me she was getting tripped up because she assumed that the way she would know she was receiving intuitive guidance was by seeing her guide.

Here’s what I advise: Let go of all preconceived notions of how the guidance is to come to you and be open to all forms and you will not block this information from coming through to your awareness.

Another method for attuning to your inner guidance is to become aware of how your body reacts when you receive the guidance. The purpose of tuning into your physical body is so that you can interpret what your body is communicating to you.

If you feel anxious or nervous or your stomach tenses up this is a sign that you should exercise caution or not proceed at all. If you get a sinking feeling that could also be a “no.”

What questions or reactions do you have regarding getting conflicting information or how you receive intuitive guidance? Share with us in the comments section.

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