How to Get Intuitive Guidance from Your Dreams (6 tips)

How to Get Intuitive Guidance from Your Dreams (6 tips)

Dreams are a rich source of intuitive guidance Dreams are a valuable source of  intuitive guidance.

Dreams are an easy way to begin accessing your intuitive wisdom. No one has to teach you how to go to sleep or how to have a dream. You’re already an expert. There’s only one thing to master and that is recalling your dream.

The two most valuable types of dreams are the intuitive guidance dream and the precognitive dream.

An intuitive guidance dream gives you an answer to a problem in your life and/or insight into a challenge your are facing in life.

A precognitive dream foretells of a future event.

Just recently I two such dreams in one night.

The first one was so unusual that I woke up from it, which is probably why I remembered it so vividly.

I was standing on the sidewalk when a car turned in from the street to a driveway. As the car stopped next to me waiting for the garage doors to go up, I saw a young man in his forties with a bandage on his head in the passenger seat. He turned to look at me. I was startled to see that his eyes were rolling around in his head.

An older silver-haired gentleman was driving the car. As the garage doors went up I saw there was an operating room set up at the back of the garage. In a “flash” I realized the silver haired man was a “Hannibal Lechter” type and he had been slowly cannibalizing this man’s brain. The older gentleman had been eying me while he waited for the doors to open. I suddenly thought, “I better get away from here before I become his next victim.” (more…)

Intuition, Chakras, Crystals & Vivid Dreams, Oh My!

Intuition, Chakras, Crystals & Vivid Dreams, Oh My!

Seven Chakras

Intuition. Chakras, Crystals & Vivid Dreams, Oh My!

It’s time to open up the Powered by Intuition Mailbag again!

I love getting your questions although I’m sometimes deluged with so much reader email and such lengthy questions that I cannot keep up. I try my best though so be patient! 🙂

If you haven’t heard back from me and you sent a loong question please be patient. If I think it’s a topic with an answer that many readers will be interested in I will answer it in an article such as this one.****

I received several wonderful questions from a reader about her dreams, crystals, Chakras, connecting with her future self and her spiritual growth. I have a hunch many PbI readers are going to relate to this question because you’re such an spiritual bunch!


I had a lucid dream and has changed a lot of things for me! I have always felt that there is more to this life that just existing! That we are so much more capable of things beyond day to day thoughts. I have much to learn about meditation, Chakras as well as crystals. But, I do know there is more to life! I am a sheltered unit….some or most of on my own accord. I am an artist and choose to speak my soul through art, rather than words.

I dream in color! Which surprises me too! I have very vivid dreams that take me to places that seem to be as somewhere I have been in a preceding life. Or possibly future?! I dream of places and people who I ‘should know’. Mostly houses that are of odd accord. The unusual layout, but plenty of space.

Okay, I do have a question. Since I have started meditation, I am wanting to learn more about the Chakras and crystals. Crystals in particular and which ones and how they will benefit me.

I am doing my best to connect with my future self. For advice or to shed light on my path. At times, I feel everywhere but no where in particular. Do you know what I mean? I suppose I need more focus here.

Can you shed some light and guidance my way. Your teachings so far, has helped me! You have shown light in darker spots I could not pinpoint.

Any thoughts, opinions would be appreciated. I so want to grow spiritually beyond what I already have.

Thank you!



Since this is such a lengthy question I’m going to break it down.

1. RE: Vivid Dreaming in color/Lucid Dreams.

One of the surest earliest signs that you are quite psychic is frequent vivid dreaming in color that you remember. I can’t tell you how many people say tell me they never recall their dreams. When you have dreams like this without “trying” consider yourself very lucky!

Vivid colorful dreams such as this where you “know” you are dreaming (Lucid dreams) indicate that you have clairvoyant ability. It’s the first sign that your Third Eye is a very active center in your Chakra system.  You are traveling astrally in your dreams, meaning you’re having out of body experiences. You also have what is called “traveling” clairvoyance, that is you can see things at a distance.

Since you are an artist and very attuned to “seeing” this is your gift; you have “second sight,” AKA you’re a “seer.”

I had dreams like this from early childhood. I would astral travel, see people I didn’t know and “fly” over the roofs of houses in my neighborhood in my dreams. As I got older and learned about out of body experiences I understood what had been happening which was that I was “seeing” and traveling to places far beyond what the physical eye could observe.

A game I used to play was to “see” people’s houses and describe the exterior and interior as I “walked” through the rooms. It was great practice. I recall I once saw inside of a very untidy house. The woman was embarrassed (of course I didn’t describe just how messy it really was so that she wouldn’t feel too bad.

2. Chakras and crystals.


Amethyst (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)

Here’s a link to a Chakra Balancing Meditation I use. I suggest you incorporate this into your daily meditation. It will help open and balance the Chakras. As a clairvoyant you need to focus on balance of the Chakras as it’s a natural tendency for you to tap into your 6th Chakra more (the Third Eye) than any other.

Crystals are fascinating.

One of the best crystals to use for opening the Third Eye is Amethyst Crystal. I have two large ones that I keep on my desk and a small one that I can hold up to my 6th Chakra when needed. You can meditate while holding it up to your 6th Chakra and it will help you open that center but don’t forget to balance and open all your Chakras! Balance is key.

I was never into crystals until 15 years ago. I was at a metaphysical workshop at someone’s home and she had these huge halves of cracked open crystals she had dug up in Arizona and brought back to her home in New York. During a break in our training I asked her about them and she told me to put my hand over them to see if I could feel the vibrations coming out of them. Well, to my surprise I could! It was amazing. Before that I had no idea that crystals emit such powerful vibrations. The vibration in the crystals entrain the brain waves and aid in healing or opening certain Chakras, etc.

3. Connecting to Your Future Self

To connect to your future self go into a state of deep meditation. When you are there see yourself in front of three doors:

One says Five Years from Now; the other Ten years from now; and the last one Twenty years from now.

Knock on the door which is far enough out into the future to answer the questions you have in mind.

When the door swings open you will see your future self. Your future self will invite you in for a chat.

Notice what you are wearing. How do you look?

Make note of the room you’re in. Is it a different place than where you live now? Does your future self give you a tour?

Ask your future self what you wish to know. Wait and listen to their answer.

I hope this helps you connect with your future self.

More help is available here.

4. The way to spiritual growth

Here’s a link to an article I wrote about the topic.

The best way to grow spiritually is to develop a spiritual practice such as meditation. When in meditation do the Chakra Opening meditation I suggested earlier. When you get to the Heart Chakra focus on feeling love – pure unconditional love for all life. See yourself as a little generator emitting powerful waves of love out into the world. When you see it and feel it – it is so.

One of the things I learned from my spiritual mentor was that we grow spiritually when we have a desire to be a beacon of goodness in the world. It may sound simplistic but I have found it has helped me tremendously. Just ask to be the “pure goodness” of Spirit. Spirit or the “life force” in all things is pure goodness, right? Be this pure goodness and do good for yourself and others. Some position this as constantly asking in every situation, “What would love do?”

I hope this helps  you.

All my best,


What questions do you have about Intuition, Crystals, Chakras, Dreams or your Spiritual Growth? Share them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

*****Please note I don’t answer questions about what to do with your life via email or comments here. If you’re seeking my guidance for your personal life – book a private session.

Photo Credit: Seven Chakras (Wikipedia)


Lucid Dreaming: A Bridge to Other Realities

Lucid Dreaming: A Bridge to Other Realities

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming: A Bridge to Other Realities

by Adam Palmer

In this article, Adam Palmer challenges you to take your dreaming practise further. Beyond the initial fun and excitement lucid dreaming is something far more profound.

The difference between a “lucid” dream and a regular dream is simply in our level of awareness. Within a lucid dream, we know that we are dreaming, and are free to fly through walls, practise new hobbies and meet new people.

As a regular lucid dreamer and OBE practitioner, I will say that a clear and vivid lucid dream is one of the most powerful and transformative experiences that a person can have. You don’t need to believe me, or take anyone’s word on their experiences – everyone can lucid dream, and you can verify and experience this directly. All too often however, I find people getting stuck in the early and even advanced stages of dreaming, with the idea that slaying dragons, throwing fire balls and flying through friends’ houses is all that lucid dreaming has to offer.

 Acquire the tools you need for lucid dreaming

Building the tools within your skillset through playing out different scenarios, exploring the dream world, practicing different induction techniques and finding out what works best for you provides a very solid foundation.  It’s absolutely essential though that you don’t get stuck trying to perfect induction techniques or analysing and debating terminology and experiences. The phrase, “can’t see the wood for the trees,” comes to mind.

I prefer to consider the dreaming world as a launch pad to other realities. My experience has led me to the understanding that we exist in a multidimensional universe. As sentient beings, we are able to adjust our “receivers” to tune in and out of different frequencies. As we have been born into this reality, our “receivers” are strongly fixed on the world in which we live. Our living and breathing bodies anchor us to this reality.

Our receivers phase out all through the day such as when we day dream, relax, experience hypnosis and trance, and so on. Our nightly sleep is our mandatory “phase out” as we spend time existing in another reality. This period is essential for our bodies and minds, as our cells rapidly regenerate and we wake up refreshed. Moreover, sleep and dream are both physically essential; with even a night or two without sleep, our reaction times slow, and we become measurably physically ill. Now, people don’t get permanently lost in day dreams, or in sleep. As I said, owing to our existence in this reality, our being is anchored to this frequency of waking reality. We are able to shift our receivers or to coin Castaneda’s phase, our “assemblage point.”

 Everyone zones in and out during the day

Although we take comfort in believing in a fixed and predictable reality, we zone in and out throughout the day, sometimes ever so slightly in a vague day dream, and sometimes slightly more as in trance or meditation work. For the average person not engaging in any reflective, trance or meditative practices, the farthest that we zone out each day is in our dreams, and they are often vague and unmemorable.

There is a wealth of information on lucid dreaming and associated techniques already online. My preferred practices are all day awareness, mantra induction, dream journaling, visualization and regular reality checking. I throw those terms out to allow you to research each in more detail should you so desire.

Once we are able to consciously induce regular lucid dreams, stabilize the environment and become deeply aware, we have access to a deeper range of experiences. The dream world itself is naturally very fluid and unstable, and just as easily as we are able to wake ourselves up from a dream, we can equally phase out much further. Robert Monroe, Frank Kepple and William Buhlman are amongst the great dream and out of body explorers that describe such journeys.

Lucid Dreaming is referenced by many cultures throughout history 

Such techniques are referenced across almost every culture and tradition from Kabbalah to Shamanism, from Tibetan Dream Yoga to Astral Projection and the Occult. If you have a genuine desire and interest, I recommend studying a wide range of material on the subject, and gaining a strong perspective on the various teachings. I have personally focussed my interests in both Tibetan Dream Yoga and Castaneda’s shamanic teachings.

I have arrived at the conclusion that each tradition is pointing at the same experiences and realities, just from a different cultural perspective. They are different models with which to experience the same reality. Where Castaneda talks of the ‘second attention’, Tibetan Dream Yoga speaks of Bardos. Frank Kepple and Robert Monroe talk instead of ‘focus levels’.

Steps & practices to induce lucid dreaming

In each tradition, there are a set of steps and practises to develop. Castaneda’s teachings talk of isolating and following a “scout”. A scout is an energy form present in the dream world.

In Castaneda’s reality, once a dreamer is able to focus on their hands and maintain stability and awareness, the next step is noticing anything or anyone that is particularly suspicious or out of place within the dream environment. The presence may be very subtle and this is the reason that such dream practice, awareness and stability is required. Once the presence is located, the dreamer should follow it to other realities, of course under strict instruction.

The tradition also extends to a range of ancillary practices such as recapitulation and the use of “power plants”; strong hallucinogenics.

Tibetan Dream Yoga on the other hand speaks of experiences with Dakinis – higher beings. It focuses on visualizations of letters and symbols, and chakra work during the dream.

The dream reality is a powerful development tool, which allows us the experience of untold realities. Whichever tradition you dive in to, make sure you pick one that resounds with you, for it will yield the most pleasant journey for you.

These advanced practises allow us to develop intuition, awareness, knowledge, and ultimately awaken to the deeper nature of reality.

Have you ever experimented with Lucid Dreaming? Share your experience or ask Adam a question.

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P.S. Learn how to turn your dreams into reality by following your intuition: Click Here!

Adam Palmer


Adam Palmer teaches lucid dreaming as a path to awakening at Astral Zen. I’ve been consciously practising lucid dreaming and exploring the out of body state for over 10 years now. Now I want to help others share the experience. Connect to him on Twitter at @TheAstralZen 


Photo credit: Wikipedia. “Nun’s Dream” by Karl Briullov

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Precognition: Interpreting Dreams that Go Outside the Box

Precognition: Interpreting Dreams that Go Outside the Box

Precognitive Dreams

Precognition: Interpreting Dreams that Go Outside the Box

by guest author Sandra Bell Kirchman

When I was little, my mom, dad, and I lived at Wood Buffalo Park, a Canadian national game preserve in the Northwest Territories. The night before we were to take the carryall sled, pulled by our team of huskies 52 miles from my dad’s park ranger station/house to Fort Smith, my mom had a dream. In her dream, which she said was as real to her as if she were watching a movie, when we got to the Salt Flats about 25 miles from Fort Smith, by some fluke of nature the plains were bare of snow.

My dad had a lot of faith in Mom’s dreams and dream interpretation, because she had been right before and she believed in them. Even though this dream involved cooperation with his fellow park rangers and the strong possibility of getting laughed at, Dad phoned and arranged for someone with a truck to meet us at the near side (of us) on the Salt Flats.

He teased Mom all the way to there about her quirky dreams and how he was going to tell the fellows that it was all her fault. When we got to the Salt Flats, though, he stopped teasing. They were bone dry, without a flake of snow, and there, waiting for us, was the promised truck. The guys in the truck weren’t laughing either.

From Dreams to The Generous Nature of Spirit

My mom’s dream interpretation and dreaming abilities filled me with admiration, which prompted me as an adult to take some courses in unfolding my own psychic nature. These psychic development courses focused on the fact that everyone is psychic and all you need to do is practice working with your abilities until they become second nature to you. Then you can use them as tools in your everyday life.

I had been traveling for quite a while across Canada and the U.S., presenting some of the psychic development courses I had learned and, in the course of my travels, came to Ottawa to present just such another program. A friend of mine, also in the same organization, drove with me downtown for lunch before a TV interview of me about the upcoming lecture and series of courses.

I had been in Ottawa before, and downtown was no place to be at lunchtime if you could help it. Parking was impossible, even paid parking, never mind on-the-street parking. This issue made me uncomfortable, since we couldn’t take too long for lunch because of the fixed time for the interview. To sidestep the problem, I concentrated briefly on the area where we were eating lunch and visualized a lovely parking spot just waiting there for us. I did it with a lot of feeling, so I was not surprised to find a spot a few doors down from the restaurant. What did astonish me was the fact that there was another parking spot right behind it. Unheard of! I quickly took the one spot, then turned to my friend. Amazement was scribbled all over her face.

We sat in awed silence for a couple of seconds before it dawned on us what had happened. A long-time Ottawa resident, my friend was fully aware of the noon parking crunch in the downtown area. Therefore, she had done the same as me to avoid the issue. Generously, Spirit obliged each of us, even though we only needed one spot. That was sweet really; otherwise, we both might have thought that we had failed and it was the other one who had secured the spot.

Lunch was a success, and so was the TV interview.

Have you ever had a precognitive dream? Or, have you focused your attention on something and had it manifest spontaneously ? Share your story with us in the comments.

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P.S. Want to be more intuitive? Click here and get started.

Sandra Kirchman, AuthorSandra Bell Kirchman
Writer – Editor – Publisher – Columnist

Website:  Sandra Bell Kirchman, Author

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Blog2: News, Views, and Gurus

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Member, 2013, Saskatchewan Writers Guild

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Dream Interpretation & Nightmares – What’s Keeping You Up At Night?

Dream Interpretation & Nightmares – What’s Keeping You Up At Night?

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” —Edgar Cayce

Are nightmares keeping you up at night? 

Nightmares can actually be “wake-up calls” for us to address something in our lives.

Many times our dreams tell us things we already know but, may be afraid to face. If we persistently ignore a situation that needs our attention in our life our inner guidance or intuition may have to create a powerful dream such as a nightmare to get our attention.

Some solid dream interpretation could get your life back on track.

Years ago I had a dream that was very upsetting.  I actually woke up confused and not sure where I was – that’s how engrossing the nightmare was.

I’ve been analyzing my dreams since I was a teenager and although this one scared me, it was a fascinating insight into what I was feeling in my life.

After I calmed down and had a chance to analyze it I realized the nightmare was telling me that it was time for me to move out of a difficult living situation.

Here’s the nightmare I had:

I had escaped the clutches of a sadomasochist who had been holding me prisoner for years.
I was at a bus terminal and anxious to board the bus. I was giving my contact information to a woman who was going to contact the authorities about the lunatic who had been holding me prisoner but, she was writing really, really slow. I kept saying, “Please hurry please,” while I looked around for him.
I knew he was not far behind so the fact that this woman was taking so long was agonizing for me. I was so afraid that I could feel the fear in my stomach and it actually hurt. I was also aware that I was having a hard time breathing and that I was perspiring like mad.

Suddenly he appeared and took me by the arm and started to escort me out of the bus station. I was frantic to figure out a way to get away from him. I could not go back to living like a trapped animal.

I managed to wriggle out of his hold and ran over to the where the luggage was being put onto the bus. I grabbed hold of some grimy cardboard boxes held together with tape and gave them to the employee who was loading the luggage – apparently they were mine.

My captor came over to me. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was extremely angry.  I knew if I went home with him he would kill me.

Before he got hold of me I pretended that he was there to say goodbye and I kissed him – as if it were all very normal and then boarded the bus. I knew he wouldn’t make a scene in front of all those people. The terror I felt as I looked out of the bus window and saw his face was palpable.

I woke up and my heart was pounding out of my chest.

To understand a dream’s meaning go with the first interpretation that springs to mind.

I knew immediately that I was feeling trapped and even at times imprisoned by my living situation. I kept trying to pretend it was normal, when it really wasn’t.

Review your emotions

I listed the emotions I had felt in the dream such as fear, terror, feeling trapped, frantic and agony. I had felt that I had little control over my life in that dream. The power was all in the hands of my torturer. I realized I’d been having these very same thoughts and emotions all along in my waking life.

Ask for help

Do not discount your dreams. If your dream is telling you that some situation in your life is out of control – seek help. There are times in our lives were we just can’t do it alone. We may need the support of friends and family or even professional counseling or intervention by law enforcement.

Make a plan

When your life is so out of control that your subconscious has to send you messages and warnings in dreams – it is time to make a new plan for your life.

Act on your plan

Create a timetable and list of steps you need to take and find away to relieve the pressure your nightmare is clearly telling you exists. Then – do it.

Have you had a nightmare? Did you understand the message or warning contained within it? What did you do about it?

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P.S. To learn how to hear your inner guidance check out these books here.

Image: Wikipedia Public Domain

6 Tips to Recalling and Interpreting Dreams

6 Tips to Recalling and Interpreting Dreams

If perchance to dream… –William Shakespeare

Interpreting dreams, analyzing dream, dream interpretation, dream recallDreams can be a valuable source of information.

The two most valuable types of dreams are the intuitive guidance dream and the precognitive dream.

An intuitive guidance dream gives you an answer to a problem in your life and/or insight into a challenge your are facing in life.

A precognitive dream foretells of a future event.

Just recently I two such dreams in one night.

The first one was so unusual that I woke up from it, which is probably why I remembered it so vividly.

I was standing on the sidewalk when a car turned in from the street to a driveway. As the car stopped next to me waiting for the garage doors to go up, I saw a young man in his forties with a bandage on his head in the passenger seat. He turned to look at me. I was startled to see that his eyes were rolling around in his head.

An older silver-haired gentleman was driving the car. As the garage doors went up I saw there was an operating room set up at the back of the garage. In a “flash” I realized the silver haired man was a “Hannibal Lechter” type and he had been slowly cannibalizing this man’s brain. The older gentleman had been eying me while he waited for the doors to open. I suddenly thought, “I better get away from here before I become his next victim.” (more…)

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