Mediumship: From Grief to Healing Relief

Mediumship: From Grief to Healing Relief

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Mediumship: From Grief to Healing Relief

(A Personal Story)

By Vicki C.


One beautiful Monday morning in late summer, I woke with a start.  


Something was off, Michael had not come to bed.  


He often fell asleep on the couch and preferred to stay there until he woke up and came to bed.  This didn’t really fit my picture of how “things should be”, but I learned to let him do it his way and I also learned that I could spread way out in bed and fall asleep easily. But this morning he wasn’t there and it was very quiet in our home even though he was usually the first one up making coffee.


I felt scared and I knew something was wrong.  


He hadn’t been feeling very well the last few days and his back was in spasm which caused him a lot of pain.  Because of that pain he had increased his meds and showed signs of that.  Many times I had said to him when I saw the little mound of pills in his palm before bedtime, “Michael, I wish you wouldn’t take so many, one of these days I’m not going to be able to wake you up!”


Of course he played macho with me and said he knew what he was doing, but I didn’t think he did.  He took pills for too many different things.  Pills for post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, physical pain in his back and joints, nightmares from Vietnam and pills to stop the itching because he had psoriatic arthritis. There were also muscle relaxers and pills for a tremor in his hand.


He was not a happy man and hadn’t been for years.  His burden was too heavy and he no longer felt like the ‘real man’ that he once had been. I knew he was unhappy and wanted to “go HOME” but he didn’t believe in suicide and didn’t want to hurt me and his three adult children so he kept on going.  He listened to a lot of music because he was a musician, a drummer in his youth, and he was smart and witty but rarely smiled or laughed anymore like he used to.

When I went to bed on Sunday night I covered him with a sheet so the fan wouldn’t give him a chill. He was on his back and snoring quietly. I had no idea that was the last time I would see him alive.  


We had planned a trip to Cancun, Mexico and we were both excited, although I was doubting that it would be as wonderful as I wanted it to be. He was just not in good shape.  The veteran’s hospital had pulled his teeth months earlier but it wasn’t until the week before he died that they finally gave him his dentures. He could barely eat with them and the all inclusive resort we were going to had eleven restaurants.  


I felt very troubled about this disconnect from his reality but we had booked the trip and planned on going.  We both desperately needed the relaxation and the fun. Still, I felt off all weekend and so was he, something just didn’t feel right at all.

I got up out of bed, trying to ignore my growing dread and headed for the bathroom. I could see him laying on the couch from there and I looked at his belly to see that it was moving in and out.  It didn’t look like it was.  I was filled with horror but I went into the bathroom hoping I was wrong.  I just had to be wrong.  We had been together for 21 years and he was my life.  


It wasn’t easy but we were there for each other and I somehow felt safer in the world with him by my side.


I finished and came right out, walked slowly toward him and I could feel the emptiness in the room. He was on his side, his legs over the side of the sofa and both arms hanging down. A little sofa pillow pressed into his nose and mouth, as if he had rolled into it. There was no life there. I could feel it, there was no Michael there.

“Oh no honey, no” I whispered.  


My insides turned to ice, he was cold and his color was drained. When I moved the pillow from his face his nose was distorted and the area around his mouth discolored. My God, what happened I thought, and yet I knew; he took one too many pills that night and his poor body just couldn’t take it anymore. When he had rolled into that pillow he didn’t have the strength to take another breath. I went into immediate shock and didn’t know what to do, this had never happened to me before.  


This was my fear coming true right there now, now, now… My apartment manager, my friend Judy, she would be at work, she would know what to do, she could think for me because I sure wasn’t able to do it.  I called her on the phone, barely speaking, I told her, “Michael is dead!”  She made me repeat it as she couldn’t believe what I was saying. They always gave each other a ribbing in fun, both German through and through and both right about everything.  “Please come up, please come…”

“I’m coming!”, and she did, just as fast as her short legs could carry her.  She came in the door, hugged me then looked at Michael and called 911. She sat by me and held my hand and talked to me a bit, asked me a few questions, it’s all a blur except she was there and I wasn’t all alone with my departed loved one.


Then she had me call his daughter and his son. The hardest calls I ever made. In their shock they said they would be there as soon as possible. By then there were six or seven officers in the room, police and fire officers I believe. They had lots of questions but were very gentle and respectful of my state of mind. In between I made calls to my own family who were also in complete shock. I told them we would talk later.


At one point everyone left the apartment for a few minutes and I was left alone with Michael. I was able to hug his cold body and kiss his face and tell him goodbye. I don’t remember the words but I am so glad I had those few minutes to tell him I loved him and that I knew he was just passing on to a better place and he wouldn’t be in pain anymore.  


Then the Coroner’s Office came and they wanted to remove his body. They asked us to step into another room to spare us the shock of seeing him lifted up and removed. I’m so glad they asked us to do that. I would hate to remember that scene over and over in my mind.

When the Coroner was gone and all of the officers, Michael’s daughter suggested we go over to her house so we could get our minds around what had happened. She also had to call her sister from out of state because she knew she would want to drive back with her four children to be with the family. We all left quickly, just wanting to walk away from the pain.

Later I called my friends and one of those friends was Angela. She met Michael once years ago and was shocked to learn that he had died. She offered a reading if I needed one when I was ready. 


I was ready and so excited about us possibly make contact with him and finding out, hopefully, what had happened during the night. So we set a date for the reading.


Little did Angela know that it wouldn’t be just me, but my three grown step-children also. I asked her if this would be alright with her and she said yes. As we all sat around my apartment size living room, with the phone on speaker on the coffee table you could feel the excitement in the room. It had been a very painful and confusing time for all of us.

And so we began, Angela went into her “space” and immediately Michael was there. In her mind she clearly saw him and told us where he was standing in the apartment, even though she had never been here before. He looked young and healthy again. She had told us that if he showed up he would place pictures, thoughts and words into her mind which she would most likely not understand. She would share these scenes, words and feelings with us and we would interpret what she told us.  


Well, he came through with immediate “Michael” humor, and we all knew it was him. He stood by the patio door smiling and said, “So this is how I get your attention?”  He was referring to his adult children who didn’t conform to his expectations of staying regularly in touch with him or returning his phone calls.

From there the reading continued and again and again personal information came through that we understood and that validated that it was Michael. He made us laugh, he made us cry, he told us that he rose off the couch in the middle of the night and saw a man laying on the couch. He didn’t recognize him and he came into the bedroom to tell me about it. He couldn’t wake me and then he realized, in true shock, that he had taken too much of his medication and he had passed. He went back to the body on the couch and saw that the body was indeed him.  


He passed and his mother was there to meet him.  He described how happy he felt, a bit dazed, but wonderful. His spirit hugged each one of us, he also bent over to show us how he could now touch his toes again and that his skin was clear.


He had suffered with terrible back pain for years and had a severe case of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis all of which restricted his movement. He also suffered from post traumatic stress disorder from the his sniper days in the Vietnam War. Michael was and is a wonderful man but was a very injured soul.  


We all felt so happy to know that his pain was gone, but as his eldest daughter said, in tears, “We are so happy he is well and feels wonderful we only wish we could have shared that with him here.”

He had much to say to us, as he had in life, and he told us we had all been blessings in his life and that nothing but love matters, and to have no guilt or worries because love is the only thing that you take with you. He told us he wished he could have seen all the blessings in his in life from behind his darkness and that he had a lot to work on. Then his mother came through behaving and looking much as she had in life, and took his hand and told him it was time to go, there was much to do.


It was an incredible session. Each of us lightened up by leaps and bounds. Our hearts were happy for him and for understanding what had happened.  

His oldest daughter had been in terrible anxiety from the guilt of not having called him for three weeks. After the reading she was ecstatic with joy after he expressed his love for her. The pain had lifted and has never returned.

We all felt sad and shocked by his not being with us anymore, but that reading was a miracle for us. The reading gave us all such a gift, a way to let go and accept his passing. We knew, without a doubt that he is in a better place and free from this world of physical and emotional pain.  

We love you Michael, you were our blessing too!

If  you are grieving the loss of a loved one know that they can and will communicate with you when you are ready. Has communicating with a departed loved one helped you heal from grief? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Transformation

Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Transformation

Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Transformation

Guest post by Pam Johnson

Near death experiences, or NDEs as they are commonly called, have the ability to transform the entire way that a person thinks.

Dante's True Heaven

Of course, at these moments many people experience fear. However, people often return from their near death experience with changed spiritual perspectives.

In what ways do near death experiences change individuals?

New-found Religious Belief
It’s not uncommon for people to go through a period of religious questioning in their lives. They might wonder if they are practicing the right religion for them or if a God even exists at all. After having a near death experience though, many find a renewed sense of faith. Whether they believe that God helped them through the process and allowed them to survive or they saw a glimpse of the afterlife, their soul is transformed.

Seeing the Afterlife
Quite a number of people who have a near death experience also report that they saw the afterlife. Some say that these individuals were just dreaming, and doctors will state that the people were in a state where such thought was not possible. Furthermore, individuals who have NDEs often report similar experiences, which gives more credibility to the idea that they actually visited the afterlife. After having such an experience and getting a look at what the future holds for humanity, they now have proof that such a world exists.

More Positive Spirits
Another outcome due to NDEs is that the individuals see the consequences that might await them if they do not start changing their lives for the better. While this experience is not reported as commonly as the aforementioned one, it is not entirely unheard of at all. These individuals realize that they need to start living a life that is more spiritually sound. This might mean they follow the Golden Rule as laid forth by Jesus Christ or that they start devoting a bit of time to prayer each day or begin donating and contributing to charities. Whatever the case may be, they are inspired to start leading a better life.

Healing Others
It’s no secret that death is scary; it’s the unknown, and people have absolutely no idea what to expect. Do you know someone who has had an NDE? Try to talk to that individual about death if he or she is open to it, and you might find that your spirit and soul are healed too. Certainly, death may still scare you as you have not yet experienced it yourself. Sometimes, though, just hearing the words of another who has lived through the experience is enough. You can rejoice in the fact that this world is not the end and that you will see all of your loved ones again one day.

So many spiritual transformations are possible in life, and a number of ways exist in which a person can experience such a wonderful and glorious change. Not all individuals seek out these life altering experiences though and only find the wonder once they have had an NDE.

Have you had a near death experience? What happened and how did it affect you? Please share your story with us in the comments.

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Author Pam Johnson enjoys blogging and is a contributing writer for

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The Afterlife: Where Do We Go When We Die?

The Afterlife: Where Do We Go When We Die?

The Afterlife: Where Do You Go When You Die?

Today I am pleased to present and interview with Dr. Stafford Betty, one of the leading scholars on the subject of what life after death is like in the afterlife.

Dr. Betty is giving away one of his books to the reader who leaves the best comment. The lucky recipient will get to choose from Dr. Betty’s novel, “The Imprisoned Splendor,” or his non-fiction book, “The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead are Telling Us About Their World.”

I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the book giveaway is Erin W.!

1. Dr. Betty please give us some background on what drew you to study the afterlife in such depth?

I’ve always been impressed by how short our life on earth is, and how long by contrast what follows is. I didn’t just conclude this at a logical level; I felt it “in my bones.” Thus it seemed important to understand what we’ll meet on the other side of death.

2. Why do you believe that an afterlife exists?
Wow, where do I start?

There are eight major categories of evidence: spirit communication through mediums (mediumship), visions of the dying, near-death experiences (NDE), remembered past lives of little children, apparitions, poltergeists, spirit attachment or possession, and electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

Take the near-death experience: We now know that powerful NDEs occur when the brain is clinically dead. The Dutch researcher Van Lommel asks: “How could a clear consciousness outside one’s body be experienced at the moment that the brain no longer functions during a period of clinical death with flat EEG?”

Evidence is mounting that our brains don’t produce consciousness; rather they channel it. And, when it is no longer useful, as at death, it [the body/brain] is discarded. It [the body] is the soul’s instrument. It is not us.

Now let’s take an example of a life-changing apparition seen by “Hugh.” He’s an astrophysicist by profession, or was until he retired a few months ago. Here is his account:

Twenty-eight months ago I lost my wife to breast cancer. She wasn’t quite fifty, and I adored her. She was a devout Catholic with a special devotion to St. Francis. She was a member of a lay order of St. Francis, and her quiet dedication to Franciscan ideals was an inspiration to all who knew her. But my scientific education had emptied me of all spiritual convictions.

I was a materialist, an atheist. Why Carrie agreed to marry a confirmed old reprobate like me I will never know. That was eight years ago.

Anyway, a few days after she died I was alone in the house. Well, except for her little dog, a corgi.
Suddenly — it was late afternoon and the lighting was dim — I looked up and saw my wife standing in front of me. She was surrounded by a soft golden light. And behind her stood a monk in a brown habit. I took him to be St. Francis. They both looked at me and didn’t speak. The dog meanwhile started yipping and whining at them. He was tremendously agitated. Then they faded away.

The whole thing didn’t last more than five seconds. But it completely changed my life. I went from a guy who scoffed at all talk of an afterlife to a guy who hadn’t the slightest doubt that his wife had survived death and was still alive. Oh, I know what some will say — that I hallucinated the whole thing. And I can’t prove to them I didn’t. But I know, I KNOW.

Examples like this are legion.

3. Can you describe the afterlife to readers? What is life like there?

This is what my two books are about. The novel describes in great detail the afterlife setting, and the non-fiction book summarizes the afterlife in forty-four generalizations–what the research tells us we are all headed for. And it isn’t what you find in the Bible!

Here are the first four generalizations of what awaits us after death:

A. Our present ideas about heaven and hell are illusory. Hell is hellish, yes, but it’s not a place of physical pain, nor is it everlasting, nor is it a place where there is not help. And heaven is not one place but a spectrum of worlds stretching from the lowly joys of souls newly arrived to spheres of unimaginable bliss and perfection for souls far more advanced.

The afterworld is not some fantastic vision of infinity where souls are locked in poses of permanent rapture gazing at the face of God. And no one floats on a cloud while playing a harp. Rather it is a place with landscapes and seas and houses and cities reminiscent of our own world. It is an objectively real material world, but made of matter vibrating much more rapidly than our senses can pick up.

There are gardens, universities, libraries, and hospices for the newly dead–but no factories, fire stations, sanitary landfills, or smokestacks.

There are no dirty jobs to do. “We have no traffic, and our roads are covered with the thickest and greenest grass, as soft to the feet as a bed of fresh moss. It is on these that we walk,” says the spirit of Msgr. Hugh Benson communicating through the English medium Anthony Borgia. He is describing a relatively low zone of the afterworld sometimes called Paradise or Summerland. It resembles a glorified earth.

B. The afterworld begins at the earth’s surface and extends outward. Earth is the nucleus of the entire world system that the spirits describe.

The spirit world begins very near the earth and extends millions of miles beyond,” writes the spirit of Leslie Stringfellow, a Texan who died at 20 and communicated through his parents. It “surrounds yours on all sides, like the atmosphere does the globe, and every nation has its counterpart in spirit, surrounding it, in connection with that part over or nearest its earthly place of residence.” Many spirit communicators tell us that their world “envelopes and interpenetrates the physical world.”

C. Spirit realms vary from culture to culture. Stringfellow described what he called “foreign trips”: “We went yesterday for the first time to a part of the Spirit World occupied by Turks and Hindus.”

We should not expect the Eskimo’s afterworld to look like the Maori’s.

The laws governing their worlds will be the same, but the appearances will vary. Nor should we expect Sunni and Shia Muslims to be living comfortably side by side in the same sector of the afterworld—or Han Chinese entrepreneurs and Tibetan peasants. Physical violence is not possible in the afterlife, but old habits of mutual suspicion and animosity don’t disappear just because we die. Progress takes time, both here and over there.

D. Earth’s slow “vibrations”—we don’t have a scientific understanding of what this word means, but it turns up everywhere in spirit communications–dumb down our ability to sense the presence of spirit, including the Divine.

A quickened “vibration,” such as we find in the afterworld, or what we shall call the astral, greatly increases one’s sensitivity to spirit. The Divine is no closer to the astral world than to our own, but spirits can discern or intuit the Divine more cleanly.

4. Does Hell and punishment exist in the afterlife?

Yes. All of us are accountable for our actions and for the habits we’ve developed over the course of a lifetime (or lifetimes). We will feel the suffering of our victims as it were our own. That is hell.

5. Can you tell us about Summerland and Shadowland?

Summerland is described under question number one above. Here’s what the spirits tell us about the Shadowlands:

There are hellish regions in the astral, and large populations that make their home there. The Shadowlands is a vast world of many conditions. The landscapes vary from sordid city neighborhoods to parched, gray scrubland to dark, lifeless deserts. The vivid clarity of higher realms is missing. Instead there is a dull overcast. Temporarily lost or confused or stubbornly unrepentant souls populate these regions. Disturbing noises and howls are sometimes mentioned.

The worst of these souls aggressively seek to harm vulnerable humans on earth. An advanced spirit calling himself Imperator, writing through the famous British medium Stainton Moses, tells us that these aggressors band together to “resist progress and truth, and fight against the dissemination of what advantages humanity.”

Other souls are enslaved to their addictions and become earthbound. For example, an earthbound spirit who was an alcoholic is still pestered by the craving for alcohol. So he hangs around bars on earth and “drinks through” other alcoholics he temporarily possesses, making it all the more difficult for his victim to conquer the habit.

Other earthbound spirits, Hatch tells us, are “thrilled by the poison of hatred. . . . for the purpose of gratifying their hostile passion they will attach themselves to you temporarily [if you lose your temper],” thus making it all the more likely you will storm and rage the next time you are provoked. Spirits surround us, and they are not all our friends.

“Missionary spirits” minister to souls in the Shadowlands. Residents can free themselves if they are willing to face up humbly to their errors and crimes and repent them. Some do; and most, perhaps all, will eventually. But many jeer at their would-be helpers and seem to prefer their dull or chaotic lives over the challenges of higher worlds they are frightened of.

No spirit is condemned forever to the dark regions. But God—whom spirits often refer to as supporting them or mystically present to them but never as visible in some anthropomorphic sense–will never interfere with our free will. Acting through higher spirits seeking to lead the “stumblers” out of their self-imposed exile, God will invite tirelessly, but will never force. One gets the impression that, at least for the moment, many spirits actually prefer their dimmed-down world to the higher Light-filled worlds they were created for, and that someday they will choose to enter.

6. What options exist in the afterlife? If they don’t reincarnate – what can spirits do to “grow spiritually” on the other side? Are there “jobs” they can take on?

The astral world, assuming you are not caught up in the Shadows, is limitlessly varied, with plenty of jobs to do. It’s not a place where you lean back and cruise, not if you want to progress.

The Creator places souls in the difficult environment of earth because He (She, It) loves them. He wants to see them grow in wisdom, love, and power. He knows that the only way to bring out the best in a soul is to challenge it, in the same way that a good teacher challenges her students.

Ultimately the Creator wants us to become as much like Himself/Herself as possible, to grow into near divine-like stature. Soul-building, or character development, is the whole point of our sojourn, both on earth and beyond, say the spirits. The use we make of our free will is absolutely crucial to our progress at all levels.

The astral world provides opportunities for every wholesome interest or avocation–from science to music to theology to astral architecture to homebuilding. It is a joyful, endlessly fascinating place, full of challenges, for those mature enough to value it.

Children of all ages are raised in the afterworld. They are not magically transformed into adults just because they died prematurely. One of the noblest professions in the astral is nurturing and educating spirit orphans. Great numbers of spirits are engaged in this satisfying form of work.

Human dilemmas turn up in the astral just as they do on earth. A former judge on earth, named Hatch, was constantly being called on to help fellow spirits out of their emotional predicaments. His skills as an arbiter, learned on earth, served him well on the Other Side.

7. Do people choose to reincarnate? If so, why?

There is no easy answer to this question.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a moderating voice. “Some believe in it [reincarnation],” he said, “many do not, and the general attitude may be taken to be that, as the doctrine cannot be proved, it had better to be omitted from the active politics of Spiritualism.”

He then goes on to say, “On the whole, it seems to the author that the balance of evidence shows that reincarnation is a fact, but not necessarily a universal one.” What seemed true to Doyle in 1924 seems even more true today. Most modern accounts reaching us from the Other World mention it.

Mattson, the Lutheran minister, says,

It’s an interesting fact that most persons grow faster spiritually while incarnate. The incarnate energy is denser. That makes it more possible for you, while embodied in flesh on earth, to take hold of a particular problem area and shape it into a more constructive pattern. Your period of incarnation on the physical plane is thus a very important period of education. It contributes to your own spiritual evolution and that of all humanity. You can elect not to return, and many do, after they have achieved a certain spiritual development. But the physical plane is a “school” for learning and development, and so most souls do desire to return for a series of incarnations.

A return to earth might resemble the experience of a teacher starting a new term after summer vacation—not always a prospect to be relished! In one of his more memorable passages, Hatch tells us,

What strange experiences one has out here [in the astral]. I rather dread to go back into the world [earth], where it will be so dull for me for a long time. Can I exchange this freedom and vivid life for a long period of somnolence [in the womb], afterwards to suck a bottle and learn the multiplication tables and Greek and Latin verbs? I suppose I must – but not yet.

8. Do Christians have a monopoly on heaven, and do atheists (or non-Christians) go to hell?
No to both questions:

No one is “saved” by faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior, as Protestant Christianity teaches, and deathbed conversions have no impact on the quality of life in the world to come. And no one is damned because he believes in the Trinity, in spite of Islam’s warning.

Character alone counts, not beliefs. Good atheists are not disadvantaged, though they are not likely to remain atheists once they come over! (Many spirits speak of God or use some equivalent term, though their references are almost always vague.) Correct beliefs are helpful insofar as they encourage good lives. And they often do. But they are not what determines one’s place in the afterlife. As far as I’ve been able to tell, spirits are unanimous on this point.

9. Where can readers get more information about you or contact you? 

At my website: . Or by searching “Stafford Betty” at Or by email at

What questions do you have for Dr. Betty? Did you learn anything surprising about the afterlife? If you had an NDE what was your experience?

If you enjoyed this article please share it with a friend on Twitter, FB or Google+. Thank you!

P.S. Expand your awareness of the afterlife. Develop your intuition – click here.

Stafford Betty earned his Ph.D. in theology from Fordham University, where he concentrated on Asian religious thought and Sanskrit. Today he is a professor of religious studies at California State University, Bakersfield, and has evolved over the last twenty years as their death-and-afterlife specialist.

In 2011 he published two books on the afterlife. In the first, The Afterlife Unveiled, he brings together information about the world to come that has reached us from spirits who once lived on earth, and who utilize mediums to get their message across. The second, The Imprisoned Splendor, is a novel set in the afterlife. Betty’s earlier publications focused on the philosophy of religion. He has published seven books and dozens of article, some in top-tier philosophy journals. He has traveled to India four times, most recently in 2010 to deliver the keynote address at a convocation of Vedantins in Udupi.

Photo: Fotolia Leonid Tid#40792259

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Resurrection: Do We Rise Again? (how I came to believe in the resurrection)

Resurrection: Do We Rise Again? (how I came to believe in the resurrection)

If the Resurrection is resurrection from the dead, all hope and freedom are in spite of death. –Paul Ricoeur

Do we rise again? Do you believe in the resurrection?

Icon of the Resurrection

Icon of the Resurrection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At Easter we retell the the story of the passing of Jesus Christ and how he was resurrected. While the crucifixion is a sad event the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus is a joyous one. The resurrection gives the faithful hope that there is an afterlife where you will be reunited with your loved ones.

What if you’re not sure?

What if you think the story of Jesus being resurrected is just that, “a story?”

I used to think that it was only a story myself. (more…)

Do The Dead Live? Victor Zammit Answers

Do The Dead Live? Victor Zammit Answers

Victor Zammit is the publisher of the weekly newsletter: The Friday Afterlife Report; now in it’s 10th year of publication ( He is also a retired attorney of the Supreme Court of the New South Wales and the High Court of Australia.

Victor was initially suspicious of the New Age Movement for what appeared to be its blatant commercial exploitation of people’s basic instinctual tendency for spiritual development. However after many years as an open-minded skeptic he had a number of repeated psychic/mediumistic experiences which set him questioning, reading and researching.

Victor Zammit wrote A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE (National Library of Australia Card No. and ISBN 0-9580115-0-8), which is on the internet. This book has been translated into Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and now is in the process of being translated into German and French.

Victor has become one of the world’s most renowned authorities on afterlife research.  His weekly report is read across the globe.

I’m delighted and honored to bring you this fascinating interview with Victor Zammit:

1. Victor, can you tell us what happens to us when our physical body dies? Do we continue to exist? How, and where?

(The authority for the following comes directly from the afterlife- from different sources: including Arthur Findlay, Anthony Borgia, Silver Birch & others).  Empirical evidence and personal communicating with afterlife entities confirm that on physical death, under normal circumstances, our spirit body (also known as the etheric body) lifts out of the then dead physical body. We are then met by someone we know and can trust to help us move on to the realm of the light – usually the Third Realm of the Light – as many call it.

There is plenty of authority to confirm that it is our cumulative vibrations (our level of spirituality) which will determine in which part of the Third Realm we’ll end up. The reasonable, open minded, selfless, good average people will end up in the middle Third Realm. This is a place far more beautiful than Earth. There’s no need to sleep, clean, work, cook – there’s no wind, no dust, no rain. However, there will be instances where a person’s conduct on physical earth was consistently cruel and most selfish. Conduct on earth has a connection with the level of our vibrations: good selfless deeds will increase our vibrations; cruel and selfish deeds will lower our vibrations.

So, those whose cumulative level of vibrations will be relatively low go into a realm which will accommodate their level of vibrations – usually a realm lower than the third realm of the light.

Of course, there are also exceptions. Someone who is absolutely denies that there is an afterlife could  be caught in a darker, misty place and become a ‘ghost’.  Closed minded skeptics are prime candidates to be trapped-  and continue to deny there is an afterlife when in fact they are in the afterlife! Highly reliable and credible information from the other side, e.g. Silver Birch, tells us that this situation could last from a few hundred years to thousands of years – in a terrible  state where the environment is eerie, the consciousness is in a ‘dreamy’ state. But one time in the future,even if it takes eons of time, they will concede they were wrong and very slowly will approach the realm of the light.

Do we continue to exist?  How and where?

Highly credible information from the other side tells us that we all have the ‘spark’ of the divine in us, that our spirit is pure vibrating ‘energy’ and we continue to evolve and transform.  ‘Energy’ can never ‘die’ – can never be destroyed. The afterlife has different realms ascending in level of vibration from the lowest to the highest. It has been transmitted from the afterlife dimension that everything evolves, including of our spirit. We continue to evolve spiritually from the lower realms to the highest realm – again that will take long time. Of course, every time we go to a higher level, conditions improve enormously. Those who have made an unselfish contribution regarding spirituality and afterlife are likely to end up in the fourth level after a short time in the third level. The afterlife is a huge place – too huge for us to even imagine.

2. What inspired you to create The Friday Afterlife Report?

When I first started to systematically investigate the afterlife in 1990 reliable afterlife information was not so easy to obtain.  Then after ten years of afterlife research – with so many people asking me lots of questions, I came to the conclusion that with my knowledge and experience in presenting evidence, I could help a lot of people around the world seeking information about the afterlife. I get a great deal of satisfaction from the responses I receive; it is wonderful to know that the weekly Friday Afterlife report is helping thousands of people around the world – even as far as Russia and China (I now have a website dealing with the afterlife in Chinese – the book is being translated into Chinese to go on the internet. This came about because of enthusiastic responses I received from China about the Friday Afterlife Report..

3. What’s your background prior to becoming one of the world’s top authorities on the continuation of consciousness?

I was primarily a litigation lawyer.
3. Why  is it so important to you to get the message out that we survive physical death?

Simple: the afterlife has huge consequences and too many people because of ignorance about the afterlife fail to reach the realm of the light on crossing over.

For the record, I am not a crusader for the afterlife. I consider myself to have a ‘mission’ and to help people understand that there is an afterlife – without religion. Up until 1990 I was regularly attending meetings of Humanists– fairly hard-core skeptics.

Then I started to experience – without wanting to– psychic experiences. I had some dramatic experiences which absolutely stunned me. I was always sensitive but for some unknown reason it was as if in 1990 a psychic alarm-clock went off. When I investigated what was going on I found there was a lot of misinformation about psychic phenomena, mediumship and the afterlife. People were being misled by orthodoxy about the afterlife. I felt motivated to present the empirical, unrebuttable evidence for the afterlife. I was aware that the afterlife has huge consequences – and that there are those who do not make it to the realm of the light. I felt people must know the truth about the afterlife – especially when religion does not know what really happens when we cross over.

4. Is there a difference between a physical medium and a mental medium?

Yes of course there is: A mental medium connects mentally with spirits.
This is also called clairvoyance. No-one else can see them or hear them.

A physical medium goes into trance and usually produces raps and movement of objects. As they advance they may find objects like coins materializing.

A materialization medium is also a physical medium but through them afterlife intelligences are able to materialize, become solid; we can shake hands with them, and able to verbally speak to us in the séance room.

4. Is there a way to tell if someone has the capacity to be a physical medium?

Not as far as I know. The best way is to tell a budding medium to sit in darkness with a development circle to see if he/she is gifted for physical mediumship. You have to judge by the results.

5. Do you believe that the world would benefit by more people establishing physical mediumship groups, or what are referred to as circles? If so, why?

Physical mediumship – especially materialization mediumship is  the greatest proof for the existence of the afterlife. I’m a member of the Circle of the Silver Cord. I’ve sat with gifted physical-materialization medium David Thompson – and the proof for the evidence for the afterlife is blatantly and irreversibly clear. David, the medium sits in the dark. He exudes ectoplasm (I actually witnessed this ectoplasm being exuded from his mouth) – then spirits using this ectoplasm actually materialize and become solid. I’ve shaken hands and discussed the afterlife with these ‘physically’ materialized spirits – intelligences from the afterlife. Absolutely there is no fraud – guaranteed all is genuine. We’ve investigated David every week for some fifteen months. I state it is the greatest discovery in human history.

6. What should a person expect to see, hear and feel if they were to sit in on a physical mediumship circle? Are there any physical mediums in practice today you recommend for readers interested in sitting in on a circle?

There are lots of physical mediumship circles developing today. You need to be very patient and have absolute harmony. You can expect to see objects starting to move and perhaps hear voices of departed loved ones. But people interested in physical/materialization mediumship should contact the Zerdin Phenomenal – Ros and Dennis in England specialize in this area. I would also recommend that they contact Tom and Kevin in France who are helping a number of physical mediums to develop.

7. Does science support any theories about life after death/survival of consciousness?

Absolutely! But note very carefully: ‘science’ is now divided into at least two groups – the traditional ‘Reductionist Materialist Science’ and the ‘New Science’ – mostly physicists. Closed minded reductionist scientists – those biologists, zoo-ologists, chemists and others – usually reject anything to do with the afterlife or the paranormal – but they do not tell us WHERE, WHEN, HOW  and WHY the empirical evidence for the afterlife cannot be valid. Not one reductionist scientist has ever done that in the history of the scientific evidence for the afterlife. Then there are the New Scientists from Quantum Physics – those who investigated the afterlife and accepted the evidence – see chapter two and chapter 25 (on Quantum Physics and the Afterlife)-  of my book on the net A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE– free to access –

8. What do you feel the future holds for physical mediumship? Do you see it gaining more wide-spread acceptance?

No doubt, physical mediumship in the hands of responsible and gifted physical mediums will go a long way.  As I stated above in my view it is the best proof for the existence of the afterlife. I’m not going to say it will be easy, but the long term prognosis favors physical mediumship. Of course, I have to qualify that – it is critical to have mediums who do have gifts/skills in physical phenomena.

9. What’s next for you? What are you working on now?

I keep on researching for the evidence and proof of the afterlife – and to disseminate this information on a global level. My very close association with a materialization medium is a fantastic assistance in my ability to continue to do my afterlife research. I have direct communication with a reliable afterlife intelligence called William, David Thompson’s guide.

10. What do hope to impart to the world?

That I’ve done my best to disseminate the ‘light’ on a global level.

Thank you Victor for this in depth look at mediumship and the the afterlife. You can connect with Victor on Facebook at:

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The Tunnel:What it Feels Like To Cross Over

The Tunnel:What it Feels Like To Cross Over

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Since my father passed away in September I’ve gotten into the habit of having a conversation with him each night before I go to sleep. After keeping him up to date on what’s going on in the family,  I usually end by asking the same thing, “Show me what it was like to cross over.  I want to see what you saw and feel what you experienced.”

The evening of my father’s death  a dear friend and fellow medium, Andrea Attack, had spoken to  my father and  he told her that his crossing over had been a “fantastic ride.” Once I heard that – and that he was doing fine, among other messages, I was so relieved, but I wanted to know more about what he’d experienced. So, ever since I’ve been asking him, if possible, please show me. (more…)

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