Can You Come Back to Life Twice?

Can You Come Back to Life Twice?

Coming back to life ecourse

Coming Back to Life Ecourse – Interview with my dear friend, Jodi Chapman

Jodi tell us about yourself.

I am an inspirational writer. I am definitely evidence that our lives can change drastically once we make our minds up and begin to leap toward our dreams. For now, I’ll say that I write the blog Soul Speak, and I am so grateful for the loving community there. I also co-wrote (with my amazing husband, Dan Teck) the bestselling Soulful Journals series – 11 writing-prompt books that make getting to know yourself fun. I am the author of the upcoming book, Coming Back to Life: How An Unlikely Friend Helped Me Reclaim My True Spirit, which is what my new ecourse is based on.

 What inspired you to create the Coming Back to Life Ecourse?

Two years ago, I was in a very different place. I was feeling lost and numb and completely disconnected from my soul and from all of life. Like so many of us, I was living my life on auto-pilot. I was alive in the sense that my body was functioning – my heart was beating, and I was getting up each day and going to work, but I wasn’t REALLY living. I was just going through the motions – sleepwalking through life – and I wasn’t even aware of it.

And it’s not like this numbing out happened overnight – it happened gradually over a period of many years. Throughout my life, when something or someone hurt me, it felt like a little part of me left. I’ve always been a sensitive soul, and sometimes it was just easier to retreat rather than feel the pain.

I also have lived most of my life feeling afraid and stepping back rather than leaping when I was called to take a chance. Also, I had spent several years in survival mode – struggling to get by financially, and I if I did realize that I was numb and needed to wake up and start living, I would’ve seen this as frivolous and not a great way to make sure all the bills were paid. So all of these pains and fears and struggles piled up on top of each other – creating a dark cloud over my heart. It was just easier to go to sleep and not think about it or feel any of it.

Two years ago, all of the struggles in my life came to a head – my husband and I had to move under very stressful and surprising circumstances, we were having a hard time staying passionate about our struggling gift business, we were drowning in bills with no light that we could see at the end of the tunnel, and we had just lost two people who meant a lot to us.  So we were grieving and trying to put our life back together at the same time.

All I wanted to do was crawl into my bed, pull the covers up, and wake up when everything was better again. I didn’t know how I was going to keep going.

That’s when the helping hand came.

My loved one who had just died began communicating with me from the other side. He was my childhood sweetheart, and we hadn’t spoken in almost 20 years. I was definitely not open to this sort of thing at all, so it took an entire year of him sending me signs and me asking for more signs and on and on before we finally could get to work. And once we did, my entire world opened up. He helped me see that being here on Earth is such a beautiful gift – a gift that we have chosen to be a part of. He helped me see that I wasn’t really living. And he helped me wake up and step back into my life again.

Our journey together has been life-changing for me. Everything changed – all because I now saw things through a different lens. I now know that my time here is precious, and I can choose to come back to life. We all can.

That’s why I created this course. I was given this beautiful gift, and I didn’t want to keep it all to myself. I want to be the helping hand for anyone who wanted to start living again and wasn’t sure how to do it.

What prompted you to offer this program again so quickly after launching it in the Fall? 

It was so life-changing and life-affirming for so many people that I wanted to share its message as soon as I could with others! Also, this time of year is a wonderful time to mix things up in our life – to create a lasting change. And this course definitely delivers lasting change! It’s a perfect time to give ourselves the gift of a well-lived, fully embraced life.

Coming back to life ecourse

Can you share some of the incredible transformations participants experienced as a result of enrolling in the program?

I would be happy to! Several participants from the fall course sent me testimonials, which I would love to share here:

I was privileged to participate in The Coming Back to Life course offered by Jodi Chapman during the fall of 2012. The course is overflowing with insight, talent and love. These golden nuggets were then offered in the most honest and heart-opening way to the group on a weekly basis, allowing us to explore the material at our own pace. I loved the videos from those who have worked so hard to hone their life skills. They were non-threatening and full of spirit and love. The insights I gleaned from this course are invaluable. The friendships I made will remain precious to me. Jodi has built a community where people can gather and share without fear of rejection or judgment. That community remains open to me as I continue to learn from the materials and find my way back to life. I just want to thank Jodi and all the other beautiful souls who have made this course an amazing success. Thank you a thousand times! – Leah Griffith

 The Coming Back to Life Ecourse was an amazing journey that I would recommend for anyone at any stage of personal growth.  I found the course packed with information, videos, exercises, readings, and encouragement, all of which could be experienced at our own pace.  Jodi has so many contributors who share their heart, and each brought valuable insight. Opening my email at the beginning of each week was as delightful as unwrapping a gift.  But the most significant advantage I found was the support available – almost 24/7.  The Facebook community Jodi set up was fantastic – a place where we could connect and share our successes, our struggles and realize that we are not alone.  Jodi led us gently and skillfully through discussions and online chats that allowed us to apply what we were learning, and celebrate our growth. Did I mention that I loved it all?  Thank you!! – Lori T.

I feel much more self-aware and plugged in to my emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical self. I feel more grounded and ready than ever to face challenges. I’ve also increased my self-care exponentially since starting this course. I’ve noticed a positive shift in my self-esteem by being gentle and kind to myself. Thank you Jodi and thank you Facebook community for the love and support. – Kelly G.

I don’t always stick with this sort of thing – often feeling that I am not learning anything new, but not this time. I have learned so much, and this has been such an authentic time of discovery and sharing that I feel more alive than I have in a long, long time. Jodi, you have an amazing gift for sharing what is real and what is important. Not only has the information been helpful, but your modeling of it really made it come ALIVE! – Nancy Whelehan Leport

Tell us about the Coming Back to Life Ecourse? Who is it for?

The Coming Back to Life Ecourse begins on January 21 and lasts for 6 weeks. It’s a helping hand, a set of concrete tools, and a loving support system all wrapped up into one heartfelt course!

This course is for those of us who have ever felt disconnected from life – from our soul. It’s for those of us who have felt our light dimming. It’s for those of us who know that there is more to life than simply getting through the day.

This course is for those of us who are ready to plug back into this magical universe, reconnect with our soul, and open our hearts again. It’s for those of us who are no longer willing to just “get by” and sleepwalk through our days. It’s for those of us who are ready – truly ready – to start living fully.

If you’re ready to:

  • live fully and love fully.
  • take responsibility for your life.
  • push past your fears & reach your dreams.
  • forgive, let go, and move forward.
  • see the world with childlike wonder.
  • reconnect with your soul.
  • believe in miracles again.
  • open up to this amazing universe.
  • join a community of loving souls.
  • be completely authentic and vulnerable (in a good way).
  • join a course that comes from the heart and soul.

…then this course is for you!

What can someone expect to learn from this course, and how will it change their life?

I do want to mention that this course can’t change your life unless you are willing to change the way you are living your life. You have to be open to it and you have to be willing to put in the work. That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. I have read tons of self-help books throughout my life and was always disappointed when nothing changed. Well, it was because I simply read the book but didn’t apply any of the teachings to my own life. I read them like I would read a novel – simply for enjoyment rather than to learn and REALLY change and grow.

If you sign up for this course and simply watch the videos and read through the workbook but don’t apply any of the exercises to your own life, I’m sure you will enjoy everything but I would bet that nothing in your life will change. You have to make the choice to take action. You have to be so fed up with your current way of living that you are honestly ready to make a change. And if you are, then this course really can help you. It’s based on what I went through in my own life, so I know that it works.

What do you hope that people will take away after completing the course?

I want them to see that there is another way to live. I want them to really know that we have a choice – we truly don’t have to go through life simply going through the motions and just getting through the day. There is an entire universe out there that we are only just beginning to tap into. Our soul is connected to such a beautiful world – and waking up is the key to experiencing this way of life.

Coming back to life ecourse contributors

What bonuses are you offering to enrollees?

I’m thrilled to offer over $150 in wonderful bonus gifts, which you’ll receive immediately after joining!

1. Entire Soulful Journals Ebook Series – $65 Value!

I co-wrote this popular series with my husband, Dan Teck. It contains 11 books to help you get in touch with yourself and live your best life. The topics include gratitude, soulful journaling, healing through transitions, two books for couples, two books for teens, manifesting your ideal life, and keeping your commitments.

2. Emotional Awareness Workbook – $20 Value!

My friend, Dominee Wyrick has created this beautiful workbook to help you get in touch with your emotions. It’s completely free when you register!

3. The Intuition Principle Guided Meditations – $10 Value!

My wonderful friend, Angela Artemis is giving you 3 guided meditations from her brand new album of 14 guided meditations when you register! They are designed to help you connect with your soul, find your passion and discover your purpose in life.

4. Best Affirmations Workbook – $27.95 Value!

My friend, Scott Armstrong, is offering his Best Affirmations Workbook when you register! I have this program and can personally say that it’s a wonderful tool to help you use affirmations to change your thoughts, which will lead to changing your life!

5. The Bold Living Guides – $19.99 Value!

My friend, Barrie Davenport from Live Bold and Bloom is offering her popular Bold Living Guides for free when you register!

The Bold Living Guides include six essential areas for self-improvement: Self-Awareness and Personal Growth; Passion and Purpose; Positive Change and Simple Productivity; A Healthy Lifestyle for Mind, Body, and Spirit; Amazing Relationships; and Professional and Financial Well-Being. It’s a  beautiful, helpful guide!

6. 3 Issues of Sprout Online Magazine – $18 Value!

Created by my friend, Amanda Fall, Sprout online magazine uplifts and inspires through color, beauty, and meaning! Each issue explores soul-stirring themes, planting seeds of hope and healing. Receive 3 back issues of your choice for free when you register!

7. Flying by the Seat of My Soul Ebook – $13 Value!

My friend, Tess Marshall, has written this uplifting book that will inspire you to live more passionately and pursue your heart’s desire with more conviction! It’s yours for free when you register!

All of these are FREE and available immediately after you register for the ecourse!

Where can people find out more?

Please go to the Coming Back to Life page:

You will learn all about the course, including each week’s content, a detailed description of all that you’ll receive in the course, and a complete list of contributors!

If you enjoyed this post please share it with a friend on Twitter, FB or Google+. Thank you.

P.S. Let your intuition guide you to “come back to life.” Follow your intuition – click here!

Jodi Chapman


Jodi Chapman is the founder of Soul Speak and an inspirational writer. Please visit her website to learn more about the upcoming course: Coming Back to Life.

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Abundance: 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting What You Want in Life

Abundance: 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting What You Want in Life

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. –Proverbs 23:7

Why aren’t you getting the abundance you want in life?

I am open to receive

Have you been repeating affirmations and visualizing your abundance, to no avail?

So many of us struggle with getting what we want in our lives.

Most people want the same things; great health, loving relationships, spiritual growth, a satisfying career and stable finances.

None of these desires are unachievable or extraordinary in any way so, why do so many people try over and over and get no where?

I get email every day asking for answers to: “Why am I not getting what I want in my life?

This is what motivated me to start the Create Your Abundance Now! workshop series. I want to share what I’ve learned through my research and using my own life as a laboratory for the last three decades, and see you create the abundance and life you desire.

When the film, “The Secret,” came out in 2006 I was glad to see the teaching that, we create our reality with our thoughts going mainstream. What I was unhappy about was that it focused only on one spiritual principle, “the law of attraction,” to the exclusion of all the others.

There are numerous universal principles and sub-principles whose numbers change according to who you read.  After years of searching through many  confusing and arcane texts I found Raymond Holliwell, author of the 1939 classic, “Working With the Law: 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living. ”

Holliwel’s book clearly explains the other universal principles aside from the law of attraction, and how you create what you experience in life. I recommend it.

Here are the 6 most common reasons you don’t manifest what you want in life:

1. Unclear about what you want. If you are not clear, always changing your mind or choose something because you believe it is the “right thing” rather than what your heart desires, your ability to manifest will be handicapped.

The antidote: Become crystal clear about what you want. Write down your goal and describe it. Know what your life will look like and what you feel like when you manifest your desire. Do not be ashamed of what you want and substitute something else because you feel embarrassed.

2. Unresolved emotional issues. If you haven’t worked on self-love issues such as unworthiness and not feeling “good enough” they will undermine your ability to manifest. My friend Evelyn Lim has written an excellent book, Self-Love Secrets: How to Love Yourself Uncondtionally, that I highly recommend.

The antidote: Do some work on yourself to uncover the negative messages you absorbed when you were in your formative years and release them. Emotional catches are like splinters sticking out of the paneling that pull your sweater when you walk by. How can you feel good when you’re constantly being “pulled” like this? When you feel bad you will not resonate to the good you desire. You’ve got to “feel good” about yourself to manifest your good.

3. Fears. If you fear change, being in the spot-light by becoming success or the shame of failure this too will hold you back from achieving your goals.

The Antidote: Embrace change. Often change is brought about by problems. When we face the problem and overcome it we grow more confident in our ability to deal with challenges. The confidence that comes with experience is also how we overcome fear of failure and success. You have to fail once in a while to not only learn what works but, to know that it is not the end of the world.

4. False beliefs. If you believe that there is “only so much to go round” or that abundance is difficult to attain you will push away the very things you desire.

The antidote: Listen to the voices in your head. Are they critical and negative? Are they yours or are they remnants of voices you heard growing up from parents and authority figures? Many times our lives run on unconscious beliefs. Look back and see if you absorbed a false belief such as, “money is the root of all evil,” and work on replacing these thoughts with something more constructive.

5. Withholding forgiveness. If you cannot let go of the past and forgive you will block new good from entering your life.

The antidote: Forgive, let go of the past and live with gratitude for the present. Past hurts that remain unhealed are like black holes that suck in our energy and joy like a vacuum. When we read that forgiveness is not for the other person but, for ourselves this is the reason. Forgive yourself and others then let go to move on in life.

6. Ingratitude. When we focus only on what we don’t have – we skew our perception of life from noticing abundance to seeing only lack.

The antidote: Gratitude. Focus on what you have now and give thanks for that. The more you notice the good in your life the more your abundance will grow. Keeping an abundance journal is a great way to train your mind to notice all the things you have to be grateful for.

This is only a short list of some of the reasons we don’t get what we want. There are more to be sure.

What’s holding you back from getting what you want in life? Can you identify with any of these challenges?

If you enjoyed this article please share it with friend on Twitter, FB or G+. Thank you.

P.S. To learn how your intuition can help you manifest your desires – click here.

Photo: © samurai39 –

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5 Books to Expand Your Consciousness

5 Books to Expand Your Consciousness

Ann Rice Quote on Reading Books

Ann Rice quote from “The Witching Hour.”

Here are 5 of my favorite Books to Expand Your Consciousness.

I was planning to take a two week vacation this summer during which I planned to read and read and read.

Can you tell I love to read? Here’s a true story about my love of reading:

When I was growing up my sister and my best friend and I would play “house.” My character was always the “smart kid that read all the time.” I would only join in the game if my sister and best friend allowed me to keep reading and played house around me.  I just sat there with a book reading. It was perfect!

When they said it was time to eat supper (usually a mix of leaves, grass and acorns from the yard. YUM.) I would move the crate I was sitting on to the box we’d set up to be our dinner table and just keep reading. Sometimes they got mad at me but, mostly they were used to it because it was the only way I would play.

Although, to this day, I still wonder why they gave my pet hamster one of my mom’s thyroid pills – which killed it? Were they retaliating against me for never really participating in playing our game of “house?” I’m sure they never meant for my little pet to die…

So, as you can see I’ve always been a perpetual student. Nothing is more enjoyable to me than buying a book and marking up its pages with notes, highlighting and underlines. I have a Kindle and I use the “highlighting” function but, it’s not the same as writing in the margins of a real book. (It is great for taking on trips though, as it’s super light!)

Anyway, I never took that vacation. I’m a bit of a work-a-holic, as many of you who have come to know me through PbI can see. I get more excited about work than vacations!

So the original title I had in mind for this article: Books I Read on My Summer Vacation, was not going to work but, these books did expand my consciousness so, I’m happy to share them with you.

I hope you’ll expand your consciousness and pick up a few of them too. If you do I’d love to hear your thoughts about the books after you’ve read them as well. (I do so love hearing from readers of PbI).

Synchronicity. The Art of Coincidence, Choice, and Unlocking Your Mind by Dr. Kirby Surprise. This book was an eye-opener regarding the source and meaning behind synchronicity in our lives. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in learning more about meaningful coincidences.

Bare Naked at the Reality Dance by Suzanne Selby Grenager. This book is a great collection journal entries made by the author during her spiritual awakening. If you enjoyed, Eat, Pray, Love, you’ll enjoy this book too! Highly recommended.

The Intention Experiment. Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World by Lynne McTaggert. If you love reading about the scientific data behind manifesting, the law of attraction and creating your reality you will love this book. Highly recommended.

The Afterlife Experiments. Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death by Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. (Okay, this one I read about two years ago – not on the summer vacation I never took this year). If like me, you are looking for the scientific evidence that our consciousness survives our physical death than look no further. This book is for you. Highly recommended.

The Field. The Quest For The Secret Force Of The Universe by Lynne McTaggert. Loved it! I wish she’d write another updated version. The Field contains explanations of scientific experiments completed in the last thirty years that show that there truly is a “life force” animating all life in our Universe. Highly recommended.

The Intuition Principle. How to Attract the Life You Dream Of by Angela Artemis. Yes, I can count – and I know I said 5 books….but, you didn’t think I’d suggest books to you without suggesting my own, did you? If you want an in depth explanation on how your intuition works, how to develop it and how to use it to get guidance and lead you to living a life you love – I’m going to be very bold here and just come out and say it, “Read my book.” Check out the reviews that have been written by other readers here.

The best part about reading, “The Intuition Principle,” or any of my books is that you can write and ask me questions about the books or intuition in general, and I will answer you! So, ask away…..I look forward to getting to know you.

If you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends on FB, Twitter or G+. Thank you.

P.S. See all books by Angela on Intuition – click here.

The Simple Truth About Magic

The Simple Truth About Magic

Please don’t read this if you truly believe magic exists.

The Simple Truth About MagicThe simple truth about magic is that magic isn’t real.

Magic is an illusion created by trained magicians and is processed by the mind of the person watching the performance so that it appears to be real.

Magicians are called “illusionists” for a reason

Magicians create their magic tricks through slight of hand and by knowing how the human mind works. They know that while they distract you with one thing another part of the “trick” can be put in place and you won’t “see” it happening.

Magicians use the advantage of our “selective attention.” Selective attention is our ability to selectively focus upon a task while tuning out anything else that might pull our attention away from the task at hand.

How we create our own “magic”

The human brain is programmed for pattern detection. We give our brain the command to find patterns in our environment when we focus upon something intently. The brain is the most powerful computing device on the planet.

So when your brain is given a command it will continue “computing” until it finds the answer.

Thoughts have creative power

Our thoughts and beliefs, both the conscious and unconscious ones, create the patterns we recognize in our lives. This why we say “change your thoughts to change your life.” It isn’t because of “magic, it’s because the super computer behind your eyeballs is framing your reality from moment to moment.

I don’t believe in magic

No, I don’t believe in magic. I do, however, believe in the power of the mind to creatively filter what we see in our environment.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. –Arthur C. Clarke

Until we understand how things work we can chalk them up to being “magic.”

If you had shown a plane flying in the air to primitive people they would have assumed it was magic too. But, they would have been wrong.

Creating your reality

When you think about something over and over with great feeling you establish a deep neural pathway in the brain. Your brain begins rearranging your perception of reality around this deeply carved pathway. This is how each of us constructs our own reality.

Your experience is limited only by your own belief of what is possible. Your mind is creating the construct for your own personal reality at this very moment. If you believe that you can do something and set out to do it you are likely to accomplish it.

To accomplish great things discipline your mind

The person who sets a goal and achieves it has a desire and belief that they can do it. They work tirelessly at accomplishing the goal until it is manifested in their lives. Their brain has been programmed to recognize any pattern in their environment pertaining to accomplishing this goal. Wherever they go their mind pulls in patterns that support their beliefs to the foreground of their awareness.

Condition your mind with creative visualization, visioning boarding and positivity.

Create a “mind movie” of the thing you are working toward manifesting in your life. See it as being manifested in the present and feel the feelings you would feel if you accomplished this. This is even easier to do when you use the Re-Awakening guided meditation program.

Create an awesome vision board to seed your mind with “patterns” to recognize in your environment. When you create a vision board using the Life Vision Mastery program you are “priming the pump” of your mind to start selectively picking out the patterns in the environment which resonate to your desire.

Recognizing patterns is the key to synchronicity and serendipity! The more of these “fortunate coincidences” you experience the more easily you will move toward achieving your goals and desires.

Change how you think

Are you unhappy about the quality of your life? Do you think negatively? Do you hold false beliefs that undermine what you’re trying to do in your life? If you don’t clear out those beliefs you’ll never accomplish what you set out to do. Tune into the free Happiness Summit and learn how to become happier. A happier person will create happy circumstances in their lives.

Use the tools of modern day “magic”

Work hard, study successful people who have accomplished what you want to do and model yourself after them. Train your mind to see yourself accomplishing what you’ve set out to do and see life through a positive lens.

These are the modern day tools of “magic” at your disposal. Use them to create your greatest masterpiece – your life.

Do you use creative visualization, vision boards or a positive mindset to create “magic” in your life? What have you created? Share your comment with us.

P.S. Use your intuition to design the life you dream of click here.


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Synchronicity:The Secret to Reading, Following & Creating Signs (5 Tips)

Synchronicity:The Secret to Reading, Following & Creating Signs (5 Tips)

Is there a secret to reading, following and creating signs and synchronicities?

The Secret to Reading, Following and Creating Sychronicities and SignsWe all want to be guided to make the right decisions in our lives.

When we have tough decisions to make and feel insecure “getting a sign” can tip the scales in one direction or another and help us feel more confident in our decision.

What is synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence that occurs in your life.

For example, say while you are driving to work you find yourself thinking about moving and wondering whether now is a good time or not. At the next red light you pull up behind a moving van and then another moving van pulls up behind you. You find yourself boxed in by two moving vans.

I’d call that a meaningful coincidence.

Say, you’re not 100 percent convinced by the appearance of the moving vans and are still conflicted as to whether to move or not. On  your coffee break you speak to a colleague from another department and learn that he is moving to the same town you’ve been considering moving too. You come home from work and go through your mail and find that you received a post card solicitation from a moving company. After dinner your sister calls you and tells you about a great condo her friend is selling in the complex you like.

To interpret these “signs” you must first understand your feelings about moving:

Are you excited?

Do you feel pulled toward moving?

Is there someplace else that really “speaks” to you?

Have you been fantasizing about moving or the great place you’ll live?

Is there a little voice in the back of your head nagging at you to move?

Do you feel restless, bored or not attached to where you live now?

Are you lonely where you live? Is it just a place to eat and sleep and not a “home?”

Are you afraid if you don’t buy a place now you’ll miss out on the “rock bottom” prices?

Do you feel compelled to keep up with friends who recently upgraded to larger homes?

Know thyself

The secrete to reading signs is to know what you are feeling.

You create your reality – and your signs

Believe it or not – your world does revolve around you. Your thoughts and emotions are creating the circumstances of your life from moment to moment. Everything you come in contact with in your reality is an “out-picturing” of what is going on in your consciousness.

If you are feeling excited about “moving” then the sign will speak to you as an affirmation of moving.

If you analyze your motivations and find that you are attached to one outcome, driven by fear of lack, fear of missing out on an opportunity, fear of being alone or anything along these lines you must honestly examine the root causes of these motivations.

We can “make” false signs appear based upon our own “false” beliefs. If you’re not 100 percent honest with yourself about your motivations you will “see” signs everywhere that mirror exactly what you want to see. Never, ever forget that everything outside of us is a mirror of what is inside of us.

Perhaps the moving vans “boxed you in” to show you that you’re thinking about moving is “boxing you in?” Perhaps it is telling you to look at other remedies for the dissatisfaction you feel in your life?

Perhaps the solution isn’t moving but, making friends in your building, neighborhood or community? Could it be time to get really honest with yourself and see that you don’t go out of your way to make friends with your neighbors but, “pretend” that they are the “unfriendly ones? Could this false belief be masking your fear of rejection? Maybe you ought to work on your self worth/self esteem instead of moving?

Synchronicity reveals our path but does not create it.

Synchronicity comes in different flavors

  • Some synchronicities show us that we are all interconnected and part of the larger fabric of life. Example: You are thinking of someone and then hear a song on the radio that has their name in the title.
  • Some are signs. These are the signs that appear when we need direction in our lives. They show us just how easily our thoughts impact our reality and pave a path toward our destiny.
  • Some are fortunate coincidences called serendipity. When serendipity strikes things you need just fall into your lap. The spare part you’ve been searching for to fix your antique phonograph serendipitiously appears in a box of junk being thrown out by your next door neighbor.

How Signs & Synchronicity manifest

When you think of something over and over with great deal of emotion you are creating a “thought form.” Thought forms contain the emotional energy that you imbue them with and are capable of creating what you have been thinking about. This is why you must “watch your thoughts because they become things.”

A synchronicity shows us just how our thoughts have impacted our reality. It is a direct reflection of the quality, clarity and power of our thought forms.

Thoughts that are not too heavily imbued with emotion (usually things you don’t care too much about or are not worried about or attached to) create insignificant thoughts forms. These type of thoughts might manifest as light-hearted synchronicities such as the earlier example of hearing a song with your friend’s name in the title.

Thoughts that you are emotionally attached to will create more significant synchronicities and multiple synchronicities. This is the type of synchronicity where the two moving vans appear shortly after you were thinking, yet again, about whether to move and then other synchronicities follow.

The clarity of the synchronicity is based solely on the emotional clarity of your thought. No matter how “confused” you feel about a decision at your core you always “know” what you wish to do.

The confusion comes from all the rationalizing you do. When you know you want to do something but, are afraid that it is the wrong decision due to a multitude of rationalizations you are creating erratic thought forms.

Your mixed signals create different thought forms that are mirrored back to you which create more confusion.

The secret of reading and following signs and creating synchronicities:

1. Get clear and honest with yourself. Stop the pretending and tell the truth to yourself. You won’t get an honest sign unless you’re honest with yourself. Are you attached to one outcome? Are you forcing things to turn out this one way? Yes?

Release it and ask yourself, “Why?” Keep asking “why” until you hit the core of your attachment. Do not proceed to step two until you get to the core of what’s driving you.

2.  Clearly state the question that you would like a sign about. For example, “I feel driven to move at this time. Show me a sign that this is the right thing to do now.”

By stating the question as an affirmative statement you are taking control of your life and your destiny.

3. Avoid becoming attached to the outcome. Repeat this affirmation: This or something better.  When you say this you are open to other possibilities not, just the one outcome “you” think is right.

4. “Knowing” what you want does not mean that you are attached to the outcome. Use the above affirmation to remain open to other outcomes. Knowing what you want is the only way to create a system for getting for signs that you will completely understand. I wrote about creating a system in my book, “Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs.”

5. Wait, watch and listen. Be observant and be patient. The sign will appear.

When we are clear and ready internally the patterns in our environment will reflect “the sign” back to us. We will resonate to this pattern and “know” it as the sign that we are ready to move forward.

The key to interpreting signs correctly is totally reliant upon knowing how you feel and what you want first. If your response to this is that you don’t know what you want – you’re not ready for a sign.  You’re asking to be “told” what to do instead of taking responsibility for your life.

Have you been asking for signs? Were you sure or unsure of what you wanted at the time you asked? How did things turn out?

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P.S. Learn more about signs and synchronicity. Click here!

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How to Trigger A Happy and Positive Life

How to Trigger A Happy and Positive Life

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. –Buddha

Today I’m very excited to share an interview with my good friend, Joe Wilner of Shake Off The Grind.

Trigger Positive ProgramJoe has just released an amazing new program called, “Trigger Positive.” This comprehensive program teaches us the steps to making happiness and positivity a daily choice in our lives.

Not everyone is born seeing the glass as “half full.” For those of you who tend to see the glass as “half empty” there is good news! With a little practice and help from Joe, a therapist and practitioner of positive psychology, you can change your happiness set point and become more positive.

1. Tell us about your background and blog, Shake Off The Grind.

Angela thanks so much for the opportunity to meet your readers and be a part of the community here. I have been involved with coaching, education and counseling for about 7 years now and have also been partaking more in public speaking and writing over the past few years.

I have a Masters degree in Psychology as well as a Masters in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Management and Leadership. This educational background led me to discover coaching and I have been working with clients on their journey to greater fulfillment, significance, and well-being ever since.

I started Shake off the Grind in 2010 with the goal of collaborating with others on a mission to find their calling and follow their passion. Around this time I became determined to do what I loved for a living and I thought the blog would provide an outlet to begin exploring this opportunity. It has become a wonderful platform to do just that.

Finding a calling is still a topic of the blog but it has transitioned more into a community to help people enhance emotional well-being, live with purpose and meaning, and overcome self-imposed limitations that hold them back from living a full and thriving life.

2. What led you to study psychology?

Psychology was a subject that I always found interesting and I really connected with it from the first class I took in high school. I have always been a naturally introverted person, asking questions about why myself and others do the things they do. I found other people fascinating and wanted to know what made them tick.

On a more personal note I also struggled with insecurities, low self-esteem, and self-doubt when I was a teenager. Psychology was a field I connected with for this reason, but also because it offered me a chance to help others with these same types of issues. I love having the opportunity to help people see their potential, be happier, and have more confidence in pursuing their dreams.

3. What was the inspiration for the Trigger Positive Program?

As I mentioned early, I was insecure when a teenager and this followed into young adulthood. Many of my self-detesting thinking patterns followed me into college and early professional experiences. I struggled with anxiety, discontentment, and meaninglessness.

I wasn’t satisfied with life, held myself down, and tended to view the world as a negative place that wasn’t on my side. I was in a bad place mentally and emotionally.

However, all of sudden I began making a mental shift about 3 or 4 years ago. I simply got sick and tired and my own negative attitude. I stopped making excuses, stopped playing the victim role, and really began exploring how I could become a happier person. I wanted to take control of my attitude and perspective on life.

At this point I started to dream bigger and expand my vision in regards to who I was and how I could live a life of greater significance.

I learned that I wasn’t destined to be a negative person. I just had to learn how to be happy and gain greater awareness of who I was and what was possible. I started Shake off the Grind, became a voracious reader of self-growth material, began engaging in my passions more often, and became fascinated with the field of positive psychology.

Because of this transition I decided to put together content to help others do the same thing, in their own way and at their own pace.

4. Can you tell us about the audio program?

The audio recording provides an accompaniment to the workbook. The workbook includes all of the worksheet and exercises, and the audio program is provided to enliven the guided meditations and offer a more convenient medium to consume the material. It offers a chance for people to listen to the book on the go, while exercising, or cleaning the house. I am an avid listener to audio programs in my car and prefer this method for sake of time. Hopefully it will offer others this convenience as well.

5. What is the best way for readers to put this program into action?

One of the great things about the program is that is covers a wide range of topics and content. A lot of the topics are just an overview, but it’s enough to understand how they function in our life and how to use them to begin intentionally triggering more positivity.

Each of the topics, whether it be forgiveness, courage, mindfulness, or purpose and meaning, can be explored independently and can be cultivated and practiced at any given time when a person would like to bring this attribute into their life.

If someone is in a hurry and doesn’t have time to read through the whole book, I would recommend that people start with five topics as a crash course to increasing well-being. I would start by taking the strengths assessment and putting your strengths into action on a daily basis. Then use the gratitude exercises to begin cultivating more gratitude. Use the optimism exercises to develop a more positive outlook, and finally practice the mindfulness meditation and savoring techniques to train your attention to be open to positive emotions in the present moment.

These areas have been shown to be particularly useful for enhancing well-being. Read through each section and then use the worksheet or exercises as much as you can.

Of course, each of us is in a different place and may be struggling with a different issue. So look through the table of contents and find what will be most helpful to give you a boost of positivity. It may be cultivating forgiveness, showing kindness to others, uncover your vision and mission for life, or learning to be more hopeful. Go to this section and use the exercises.

6. How has your life and relationships changed as a result of the Trigger Positive program?

Using the concepts in this program has offered a much greater dose of natural positive emotion and personal growth than I ever had before. I just had to incorporate them in my life and be open to the positive feelings that followed.
Much of my contentment and life satisfaction has come from realizing that happiness isn’t something that I will all of a sudden obtain, but that happiness is a lifestyle and philosophy.

For me, I have started to use my character strengths in my daily life, engaging in my passions, and seeking out gratifying experiences as much as possible.

More specifically I have done this by writing songs and recording my own album, using of my love for learning by reading and writing as much as I can, and starting to appreciate and be more mindful of the beauty around me at any given time.
I became more serious about meditation, spending time with friends and family, and focusing on savoring and building these relationships.

I got involved with public speaking, which I was previously terrified of! I decided to take control of my life by first and foremost developing myself.

I simply discovered how I could experience more positive emotions, what gave me a sense of meaning, and what I could achieve for a sense of fulfillment. Anyone can figure out how to “trigger positive” in their life and this program can be a great guide.

7. Are there any special features of the program that make it different from other similar programs you’d like to point out to readers?

I tried to combine as many interventions as possible to help people increase positive emotions and live a lifestyle conducive to more happiness. As much as the ideas are based on empirical research from the field of positive psychology it is put together in an easy to read fashion and from the perspective of my personal experience.

The exercises are made so you can immediately start to implement the interventions into your personal life, relationships, and community, so the content is very applicable. Lastly, the book has a bigger message of how someone can take their personal development to help others and make the world a better place. It starts with you triggering positive in your own life, but ultimately is for benefit of everyone.

Joe, having read the companion book and checked out the Trigger Positive audios you recorded I want to say that I completely recommend the program to anyone who’s ready to take control of their life and live the happy and meaningful life they deserve!

Are you a naturally positive person or more the “glass half-empty” personality? Or, are there areas in your life where you are completely positive and other areas where you have difficulties? Do you think you you could benefit from some “positive psychology?
Joe WilnerJoe Wilner is a life coach, speaker, and writer who is dedicated to helping people live a full, meaningful, and thriving life. His blog, Shake off the Grind is dedicated to empowering and motivating people to take leaps of faith and develop confidence to reach their potential.The mission of the blog is to help people develop greater well-being, live with purpose and meaning, and overcome self-imposed limitations to begin living the life they truly desire. Do yourself a favor and check out all the benefits and features the “Trigger Positive” program here.

P.S. Want to learn more about using your intuition to create a happy positive life? Click here!
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