Why You Should Make a “100 Day Promise” to Yourself

Why You Should Make a “100 Day Promise” to Yourself

The 100 Day Promise, by Sandi Amorim

Have you tried to make changes to your life and been disappointed?

Fellow coach and colleague Sandi Amorim has written a best selling book about the process of making change in your life that she guides readers through titled, “The 100 Day Promise.” Today I’m pleased to share an interview with Sandi about the book and what it takes to create permanent change in your life.

Why did you focus on a promise rather than a challenge?

The idea for The 100 Day Promise came to me when I realized I was having the same conversation over and over again with clients and people going through my online programs. Many of them were discouraged because, in spite of a strong desire to change, they weren’t able to create lasting change.

In my research, I discovered that while we’re told that change happens in 21 days, the average length of success in forming a habit is sixty-six days, and can be as long as 254 days. This twenty-one day myth has become an overused cliché and stops people from sticking with their desired change if they don’t see results quickly. The energy I wanted to create was one of a journey rather than a challenge, and the idea of the promise stuck when I learned the original meaning of the word is to send a pledge into the future. So what we do at the start of the 100 days is send a promise – a desire to change that’s important to us – into the future, and then focus on that for the duration.

In your book The 100 Day Promise, you talk about the myth of overnight success. What does this refer to?

I think the overnight success is most visible in the online world, and what it refers to is marketing that makes it seem like instant success or a quick fix is guaranteed when you purchase a program or service. Overpromising has become the norm in online marketing, and I believe it’s had a negative impact on our confidence and ability to follow through.

We buy a product or service because we want what it promises, and we have good intentions, but what’s missing is information on how the process of change actually works. Results don’t usually appear as easily or as quickly as promised, and we don’t often hear about the work that led to the transformation. We almost never hear about the effort involved to reach success, and that colors our expectations. If you’ve tried and failed in previous attempts to change, this only serves to trigger judgment and self-recrimination.

What is the Cycle of Change?

In my work I’ve noticed that there’s often an assumption that change requires a dramatic shift. We’re led to believe that if we’re given the right kind of training, information, or education, then change will be quick and effective. The truth is often the opposite, the reality for many of us is that our attempts at change fail and instead of looking for what was missing in the process, we look inward and find fault with ourselves. This sets up a vicious cycle that’s hard to break on our own.

In the book Changing for Good, Dr. James Prochaska discovered (after working with thousands of patients) that there are natural steps we go through when attempting to change. What’s valuable about knowing this cycle is that no matter what area of life you want to change, you go through these stages every time. 

The Stages Of Change 

  1. Pre-contemplation

You’re not even thinking about changing. You may even be defensive about your behaviour.

  1. Contemplation

You admit there’s a problem and you think about overcoming it.

  1. Preparation

You’ve decided to change. You plan to take action. You may even feel inspired and motivated.

  1. Action

You’re energized and committed to changing your behaviour.

  1. Maintenance

You recognize that you need to put in ongoing effort to maintain the change. It seems like a lot of work, but you know it’s worth it, and you’ve even begun to feel proud of yourself.

  1. Relapse (Recycling)

You “re-cycle” by returning to the contemplation or preparation stage to prepare once again for action. You may want to deepen the change or begin a new cycle with another promise.

How does the Hero’s Journey relate to the 100 Day Promise?

The hero’s journey is a metaphor that can help you personalize your journey. Elements of it are everywhere if you look; from fairy tales and soap operas to dramatic movies and your own life. I love how Joseph Campbell’s wisdom can be applied to any circumstance, and in this way you address your own hero’s journey.

You are both the author and the hero of your story, and the hero’s journey helps you to see that you are not at the mercy of your circumstances, unless you choose to be. That can be hard to accept, but as horrible or challenging as your circumstances might seem, I promise you there’s always a choice and a way out. The hero’s journey acts as a kind of road map as you step onto your 100 day commitment.

How do limiting beliefs stop us?

Beliefs play such an important role in the 100 Day Promise. I start by having people get to the real truth about their beliefs. These three questions are a good place to begin:

  • Where do your beliefs come from?
  • Why do you believe what you believe?
  • Why are you more likely to believe negative or limiting beliefs?

When you begin to understand where beliefs come from it helps you regain some control over them.

A limiting belief is a belief you have about yourself, other people, or the world that holds you back and robs you of your power. The hard thing about limiting beliefs is that you might even know intellectually that they’re not true, and yet you believe them anyway. Limiting beliefs can keep you from keeping your promise, and most of the time, they’re hidden from your view.

That’s why having a strong desire to change is not enough. You may think that if you know what you want, the path to getting it will also be clear and easy. That’s what we’re led to believe. However, this isn’t true if your unconscious limiting beliefs are driving your actions.

Why are we more likely to believe negative or limiting beliefs?

In Buddha’s Brain, psychologist and brain researcher Dr. Rick Hanson says our brains are “Velcro for negativity and Teflon for positivity.” We have a physiological bias toward negativity. Negative experiences stick, while positive experiences slide right off.

Being wired for negativity makes the process of change harder. This is the way our brains work. Fighting against this bias is pointless, so for change to happen, we need to work around it.

Why is the language we use important when creating a promise or a goal?

Steve Maraboli said, “Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action.” Your words are fuel and they matter. They can nourish and breathe life into your promise or they can weigh you down and put out the flame.

Words have energy, and I offer a couple of exercises in the book and program to help people discover what motivates them to take action and follow through.

How do core values and core desired feelings help people change?

We all have an inner guidance system, or intuition as Angela calls it. There are aspects of ourselves that can act as internal guides, but only when we know what they are. I believe these aspects include values, and core desired feelings.

Values are important because they motivate you from the inside out. They’re at the heart of every major decision you make – even when you aren’t aware of it. And the phrase core desired feeling refers to the feeling you most want to feel in relationship to your promise. Your promise needs to live in language and emotion which is what creates the fuel I mentioned earlier.

Knowing what’s important and how you want to feel is essential; otherwise, taking action turns into robotic doing.

How and why is ritual important to the 100 day process?

The act of creating a ritual, along with a daily devotion to it, will help you connect more deeply with your promise. A ritual can help you become more aware and engaged in everyday moments, and provide meaning, connection to others, and, often, a deeper understanding of your promise and why it’s important to you.

It’s up to you to bring importance and meaning to your ritual. In those moments when it’s inconvenient, or you don’t feel like taking action, having a ritual can make all the difference in keeping you on track.

What’s missing for many people when they reach a goal?

What’s often missing for people when they reach a goal is a sense of accomplishment. Many of us are too quick to move onto the next thing, and in doing so we miss an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments.

Acknowledgement and celebration are an important part of the transformation. It develops your ability to follow through and strengthens your confidence with each small win, which leads to becoming more capable of taking on greater promises in future. This is what’s known in the cycle of change as self-efficacy: the belief that you can do whatever you set out to do. 

What’s the focus of your next online 100 Day Promise?

Our focus from July 6 to October 14 is self-love. So we’ve got 100 days to create and realize a promise relating to self-love. I’m really looking forward to exploring how the structure of the program can support people in deepening their relationship with themselves.

Sandi AmorimSandi Amorim is a Master Coach, NLP Practitioner, and author of the Amazon bestseller, The 100 Day Promise. Her passion for freedom has led to twenty years studying human potential: what makes us tick, what keeps us stuck, and most importantly, what helps us thrive. A pioneer in the coaching industry, she has transformed countless lives with her message that effective change requires an inner revolution. She can be found online at SandiAmorim.com and The100DayPromise.com.

How to Identify Subtle Signals from Your Intuition That It’s Time for Change

How to Identify Subtle Signals from Your Intuition That It’s Time for Change

Woman Discovers Intuitive Guidance

You’re Intuition is a Valuable Signal that Change is Needed

Your intuition is signpost that should help you sense that a shift is coming in your life. When it’s time for a new chapter you’ll start to feel it and “know it” even before anything has changed. Signs will appear and your mind will open to these new possibilities. The vision of this “new life”  or change will appeal to you and you’ll feel a pull toward it. This is very common and most everyone has experienced intuition as the harbinger of change.

What happens when you’re not ready to change? 

Your intuition will try to get your attention even if  you choose to ignore that changing your life is necessary.

Intuition is subtle and fleeting

To become attuned to your intuition make a habit of paying attention to your feelings. Ninety-nine percent of the time intuition is quiet and understated. Think of it as if it were a guitar and only one string was plucked. You must be able to pick up on that note.”

See if any of these examples strike a chord with you: 

After your husband throws you a surprise birthday party that your best friend helped him plan, you find that you feel uncomfortable around her at times.

You get a strange vibe but you can’t put your finger on it. It’s like she’s not telling you something but you brush it off and attribute it to your imagination.

You come home from work and find the bed you made undone. It strikes you as odd but you pay no attention to this fleeting impression. Your husband works from home and on the rare occasion he takes a nap it’s always on the family room couch. When you ask him about it he answers without turning away from his computer, “I wasn’t feeling well so I got into bed.”

Something feels off….but you ignore it.

While visiting the gynecologist for a check-up the nurse asks if you want to be vaccinated against HPV? Your answer is “no” but you’re aware of the tiniest impulse to say “yes.”

When your tests come back from the lab your doctor calls to say you tested positive for the virus. She tells you it’s quite common and can be dormant for years before it shows up. But you can’t help but think, How could I have the virus? I’ve been married for 20 years?

You wake at 3 am with a fragment of a dream still vivid in your mind. Your best friend is taking a huge roast out of the oven in your kitchen. She looks startled to see you and shouts, “What are you doing here? Get out!”

You feel upset by the way your friend took over your kitchen in the dream. You wonder what it means but then fall back to sleep.

A few months later your husband announces he’s leaving. He’s in love with your best friend and she’s leaving her husband for him!

While it shocks you and you’re hurt by the betrayal the thing is, you hadn’t been happy in your marriage for a long time. You stayed because nothing was really wrong that you could cite as a reason to leave. The truth is though that you never quite adjusted to moving cross country after your husband got transferred. You went along with it but it never felt quite right. When you think about it now you recall that you had considered letting him move on his own and splitting up back then but, leaving him scared you and decided to stick it out instead. 

It’s time for a change and for you to face your fears and learn how to live on your own.

Intuition is very subtle especially in the early stages of trying to get your attention.

Getting “strange vibes,” not feeling “quite right,” or finding something “odd” is a signal from your intuition that you need to examine things more closely.

Here’s another example that it’s time for change in your life:

You have good news about something and share it with a new work colleague you recently befriended. Instead of being happy for you they go off on a tirade and have a tantrum. “Why doesn’t that ever happen for me?”

You’re shocked by this reaction. You hear a faint murmur inside your head, “This is not a real friend” but the next moment your colleague is apologizing and you try to overlook the incident…but nothing feels the same between the two of you again.

Over the course of the year there are other behaviors from this colleague that make you question the friendship where you hear the same internal murmurings. When the colleague goes behind your back and tries to turn your office mates against you it finally dawns on you that you were being played to help this person pretending to be a friend, compete against you!

When you review what happened you realize that you have a pattern of ignoring your instincts about people throughout your life. It’s time for you to change and stop being a “people pleaser.” This incident is a big learning experience about listening to your own internal guidance and trusting your gut in relationships.

Pay attention to those quiet “murmurings.” Your intuition was sounding the alarm about the jealous colleague not to be trusted, but you chose to overlook it.

Can you recall feeling something “wasn’t quite right” or “off?” Did you ever have those “murmurings” inside that you ignored? Share your story in the comments.

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How to Deal With Your Problems Head-on in 7 Steps

How to Deal With Your Problems Head-on in 7 Steps

How to deal with your problems head-on

How to deal with your problems head-on in 7 steps

What do you want to change in your life?

  • Do you struggle with health challenges?
  • Money problems?
  • Relationship troubles?
  • A dissatisfying career?
  • Do fears hold you back from achieving your dreams?

Whatever you’re struggling with have hope. You can change you life. It may not happen over night but it will change. The key to change is to have a strong commitment from the beginning to want to change some aspect of your life. No amount of wishing, visualizing and using affirmations is going to do the trick all by itself. You have to put in the time, effort and personal development work on yourself to make things change.

If you want to get healthy you’ll have to commit to eating right and exercising if you truly want to see the results. You’ll also have to change the way you think about food and exercise. All changes begin on the inside which is personal development work is crucial to make any lasting change.

If you want more money flowing into your life you’ll have to dig deep to unearth your money blocks and clear them and then figure out a plan for how to make more money. Insufficient money flow creates huge pressure in our lives. You might want to deal with that one first.

If you want better relationships you’ll have to start examining what you may be doing that is contributing to the state of relationship that’s making you unhappy and then work on yourself using personal development.

Even if this problem has been around for a long time you can start right now to chip away at it. Here’s how to deal with your problems head on.

How to Deal With Your Problems Head On.

1. Choose one challenge in your life you wish to change. There are two ways to choose where to begin. Get clear on which problem needs your attention most urgently because it’s painful and expensive in terms of the cost to your life, and choose that one. Or chose a small problem to work on first that you can clear up quickly. Either way is fine—just choose one right now! Don’t wait.

2. Consequences of the problem. Take out a sheet of paper and put the name of the problem at the top. Write down all the ways this problem is affecting your life.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How does this problem prevent me from being, doing and having what I truly want in my life?
  • How does this problem make me feel every day when I wake up and think about it?
  • How does this problem affect my family and friends?
  • What is this problem costing me financially and in terms of my health, my peace of mind and my ability to succeed?

Keep asking yourself these questions until you run out of answers. You want to have at least 20 good painful reasons for clearing up this challenge.

3. Turn consequences into celebration! Turn the sheet of paper over and take each of the problems you listed on the front and turn them into reasons to celebrate. For example if you want to get in shape and one of the consequences of being out of shape was not being able to play with your kids write on the back, “When I get in shape I’ll be able to play with my kids!” Do this for each of the consequences and get excited as you do it!

4. Take an inventory. Inventory the the list and pick the 5 top most painful, urgent reasons to overcome this challenge and the corresponding reason to celebrate. Make a new list and put it on the refrigerator door where you’ll see it every day.

5. Make a to-do list. Create a detailed to-do list of how you’re going to tackle this problem. Include the actual step by step outline for how you’ll solve it. List names of the people you’ll call who can help you. Make sure to add the dates by which you’ll complete each and every step. It’s not a real list unless you have deadlines. Be sure to meet your deadlines.

6.Countdown by crossing-off. As you complete each step on your to-do list cross it off and allow yourself to feel proud and excited of the progress you’re making. Put down the date you completed each step. Seeing the actual time it took may inspire you to work faster.

7. Celebration time! When you overcome one of the painful reasons you listed for wanting to deal with this problem cross it out and highlight the corresponding celebration one. Then celebrate even if it’s just doing the “happy dance” in your living room when no one is watching! One of the things we don’t do often enough is celebrate our wins and accomplishments in life. Despite what you may think taking a moment to celebrate or pat yourself on the back is not silly or frivolous. It’s a sign that you are your own ally and that you love and value yourself. And loving yourself is what will lead to fewer challenges, obstacles and problems in your life in the future.

Once you’ve done this with one problem tackle the next one, and the next one and before you know you it you will have dealt with each and every problem head on!

What do you want to change in your life? Are there negative people you’ve let hang around for far too long? What’s the most urgent, painful costly problem you have?

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You are Always Manifesting

You are Always Manifesting

Creation of Adam by Michael Angelo

You are Always Manifesting

When it comes to the Law of Attraction your outer world reflects your inner world. You attract what you are or what you focus upon most predominantly.

There is an invisible all pervading substance in the universe that organizes itself around your desires. You might call this responsive substance the “unified field,” “field of pure potentiality,” “morphic field,”  “the universe,” “life force,” “source,” “infinite intelligence” or “God.” It doesn’t matter. It exists as surely electricity exists.

And it responds as reliably as electricity does when we flip on the light switch to our every “request” whether we realize it or not.

So, what are you manifesting?

Are you manifesting what you deeply desire and yearn for or are you manifesting what you say you don’t want?

You have been manifesting since the day you were born. You cannot help yourself. You are a creator. Creating is innate to your being and like it or not the field acts upon your thoughts and emotions. This interaction “creates” the circumstances of what you experience in your life.

This field responds to us

I like to think of the this field as an invisible “dough.” Some great intelligence mixed together “flour and water” to create it and the mixture sits dormant until it is given the key ingredient – yeast. Your thoughts inject the yeast that this mixture needs to “rise.” Every thought you think activates this mixture and makes it grow.

Where most people get tripped up

While most people today have an awareness of the Law of Attraction (thanks to The Secret) that it is a combination of our thoughts and emotions that create our circumstances they don’t take it seriously. This is exactly why we create a lot of what we don’t want in our lives rather than what we do want.

Each and every moment we spend contemplating (or talking about) something that upset us or that has gone wrong or even has the potential to go wrong we are transmitting a signal encoded with this information into the “field.”

The field is completely impersonal just as electricity is impersonal. It works for everyone no matter what you use it for and so does this “field.” It has no judgement around what signal it receives from you. There is no “good or bad.” It just responds and begins to “rise” or form around your signal.

You are a master at manifesting

You are a Master Manifestor skilled at the highest level. You get “everything” you ask for each and every time.

Unfortunately though because we human beings tend to have more negative thoughts running through our minds on a daily basis than positive ones we seem to easily manifest a lot more of our negative stuff than what we truly desire.

There is a silver lining

While you might have manifested a lot of the negative stuff you were unconsciously ruminating upon in your life you should take that as evidence that you are really, really good at manifesting! Look at how easily all that stuff appeared in your life. You didn’t stress over manifesting it, right? You didn’t sit around visualizing, creating vision boards or repeating any affirmations, did you? Nope. You didn’t have to. All that stuff just came hurdling into your life at light speed. And that is the silver lining that you can now use to your advantage.

Now all you need to do is get serious about focusing on what you do want.

You’ve been conditioned to focus on the negative stuff in your life.

We all have. The daily news we hear makes this quite evident.

Negativity always gets more of our attention because underneath it is fear. We fear for our safety and survival and that’s why we can’t stop listening to all the negative news stories. The news evokes our fears so, it’s no wonder that we focus more of our attention on what we don’t want. We live in a very fear-based world.

How to manifest more of what you desire

The secret of manifesting what you desire rather than what you don’t is to always be sending more positive signals into the field than negative ones. No one is going to be 100 percent positive all the time but if you can change the mix to more positivity in your thinking and emotion and what you talk about than negativity you’ll see immediate evidence of your efforts.

1. Go within. You need to create a sacred place inside of you that’s calm and centered where you can retreat from our very fear-based world. Doing this every day helps neutralize negativity so you feel renewed and restored and more positive. When you go within you’re reconnecting to the “field” or “source.” Think of it as “resetting the original factory settings” back to “positive” that you came with before you were completely hypnotized by our fear based culture.

2. Set the intention. You must create the intention to focus and talk more about what’s going right.  Just like you were hypnotized to see the negativity in the world now your job is to create the intention to change that. Your new intention to see the good has to become part of your daily agenda. You’ve spent your entire life focusing on what went wrong so it’s not going to happen unless you put some effort into it. This is a life long habit you’re trying to change.

3. Commitment. It will take a commitment on your part to change what you focus on. The definition of commitment is being dedicated to a cause or activity. This is not something you can do once in a while and expect it to stick. You’ve got to commit to permanently changing your internal wiring to seeing the “good” in your life and the world.

4. Gratitude. The most efficient way to stick with building an attitude of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. Every day before you go to sleep write down at least 10 things you’re grateful for. Some days you might have to          s-t-r-e-t-c-h to come up with things or repeat the things from the day before but do it anyway. An attitude of gratitude will completely change the signal you send out.

5. Celebrate. Celebrate everything no matter how small. Did you finish cleaning out the garage? Give yourself some little reward. Jump up and down and do a dance of joy. When you get in the habit of celebrating everything you’ll also be sending out a very positive signal to the “field.”

Do these activities each day and soon they’ll become deeply ingrained habits—as deep as the ones you’re now trying to change, and the evidence that you are a master manifestor of the positive results you desire will be undeniable.

Are you manifesting what you desire or what you don’t? Have you been trying to change things? What’s working and what’s not? Share with us in the comments.

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Image: Wikipedia Commons. Creation of Adam, Michelangelo

Free Intuition Training: Do the Opposite & Find Your Purpose

Free Intuition Training: Do the Opposite & Find Your Purpose

Do the opposite of what you've always done

Free Intuition Training: Do the Opposite and Find Your Purpose

I first realized I was “different” when I was eight.

My sister, best friend and I were outside playing. My friend nonchalantly mentioned, “Did you know that XXX’s Daddy died?” I immediately heard a “voice” say, “He died of liver disease” which I repeated to my sister and best friend.

Later I told my mother that XXX’s Daddy had died of “liver disease.”

I recall my mother’s reaction as she demanded I tell her, “Who told you that?”

It was clear she was angry that I knew this which, I didn’t understand. I tried to tell her that I just “knew” but she wouldn’t believe me. She kept asking who told me?

She thought I was lying which upset me but I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know who spoke to me in my mind? It was very confusing to an 8 year old.

I also understand now that back then people didn’t talk about alcoholism. It was taboo. My mother wasn’t so much angry at my “knowing” as she was worried about me going around the neighborhood saying that this man had died of “liver disease.”

Now I know that “voice” was my intuition. At 8 years old I had never heard that word. All I knew was that there was something different about me and how I got information that my mother thought was “wrong” so clearly it must be, right?

This started my life long struggle with trusting and following my intuition.


When I began my journey of sharing how listening to my intuition would impact my life five years ago (January 9th was PbI’s 5 year anniversary) I had no idea where I was headed.

My plan was to do the “opposite” of what I had been doing my entire life and chronicle how it affected me in my new blog: Powered by Intuition (which was originally called Mystic Musings & Meditations).

By 2010 I’d had enough of making the wrong decisions and being unhappy. I decided that from that moment on I would listen to my intuition for every single solitary decision I made.

I had gone into the wrong career, studied the wrong subject in college, married the wrong person, not gone on all the adventures I dreamed of like living in Europe and on and on and as a result I was stuck in a life I didn’t like at all. I realized that the problem was that I hadn’t followed my heart–my intuition. I had listened to other people for fear of making mistakes, being wrong and done what I thought “rational” and “sensible” people did instead.

Following my intuition from now on would be own my experiment of “doing the opposite.”

If you’re a Seinfeld fan you might recall the episode where George Costanza decides to do the exact opposite of what he’d been doing his whole life. He realized that every decision he made in his life had been wrong so, he does the opposite and and his life turns around.

So how has five years of following my intuition turned out?

Pretty good. The more I followed my intuition the more great things came into my life.

Of course, there were time I ignored it and made mistakes but every mistake only made it easier to listen the next time.

It led to my becoming a published best-selling author, speaker and mentor teaching others how to find their purpose and how to create a lifestyle business like mine around their purpose if they so choose.

Teaching others how to follow their intuition to create lives of meaning and purpose by living “The Intuition Principle” deeply fulfills me and is what makes me the happiest.

So here’s to five years of intuition led living!

To celebrate this milestone I’d like to give something special to the Powered by Intuition community.

I’m offering a Free Three Week Class to help you get clear on what your intuition is telling you. I’ll share how I got here and how you can get here too! There will be tons of time to ask your questions and it will be great fun spending time together.

Enroll in the free class to learn: How to interpret what your intuition is saying, create your big life vision around it and how to take action to MAKE 2015 THE YEAR YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY DOING THE OPPOSITE TOO!

Leave a comment. Are your struggling with listening to your intuition too?

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Photo: © olly – Fotolia.com

Are You Driving Through Life With One Foot on The Brake?

Are You Driving Through Life With One Foot on The Brake?

Live up to your full potential

Are you driving through life with one foot on the brake?

Do you feel stuck? Are you tired of trying to “figure it all out?”

If you’ve had enough of riding the brake and not getting where you want to go in life keep reading…..

Noah St. John, best selling author of “The Book of Afformations” is launching an incredible training course called “PowerHabits” and has a special offer just for the Powered by Intuition community!

I read The Book of Afformations, loved it and interviewed Noah about it when it came out. Reading it changed my approach to using affirmations.

If you’ve been reading Powered by Intuition for any length of time you know I believe it’s important to stop  your negative self talk and replace it with positive thoughts about yourself instead. Louise Hay’s classic book, “You Can Change Your Life” changed my life and I still recommend it highly but after reading The Book of Afformations I’ve replaced affirmations with afformations.

In fact, Noah is so eager to teach people how to nix their “negative self-talk for good” that he’s offering free copies of The Book of Afformations, published by Hay House. Just click here to get your free book!

An Afformation is a positive statement presented as a question that spurs the subconscious to search out and create the reality you “affirmed” based on your “afformation.”

I’ve seen big changes since I began using afformations in my life. I was able to overcome the obstacles that were holding me back from creating the business I always dreamed of and finally quit my job after I began using them. Knowing how well afformations work is the reason why I’m so excited to share Noah’s special offer to the Powered by Intuition community.

Noah has graciously offered to do a special Free training just for subscribers and followers of Powered by Intuition. He’s going to thoroughly explain the transformational benefits of his new PowerHabits course, how it works to completely change your success trajectory and how you can put it to work in your life.

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What’s keeping you stuck? Are you ready for a big changes in 2015? Share what you intend on changing this year.

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Image: Winding Road – Google Images Public Domain
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