Article Submission Guidelines

Guest Posting Guidelines–Please note PbI is not accepting guest posts at this time.

1. Powered by Intuition accepts articles from guest writers on spiritual self-development topics that complement the Intuition Development/Mediumship/Spiritual Growth/Meditation/Life Empowerment focus of this site.

2. Those topics we accept articles on fall loosely under the headings of:

Paranormal phenomena/Parapsychology/PSI Scientific Research/Metaphysics,

Health/Alternative Healing/Energy Healing,



Spirituality/Spiritual Growth/Spiritual Awakening,

Happiness and Finding Your Soul’s Purpose,

Life empowerment and Inspiration.

If you have an article or personal story that falls somewhere within the realm of any of these headings and you are a good writer with expertise in this area please feel free to pitch us your idea!

We would like to publish articles that inspire and motivate readers to live up to their greatest potential and spiritual ideal. Articles that instruct, teach and inform readers about some aspect of spirituality or offer them tools with which to help solve problems in their lives are also the kind of posts we will publish. Articles of a a predictive nature such as those containing astrology/numerology/Tarot predictions are highly encouraged.

3. Your article must be no less than 500 words to around 1200 words maximum. Please submit only well written, original works written by you that have not been published elsewhere. Articles may be edited to a degree by PbI prior to publication.

You will be given “by line” credit to your article if it is published on PbI. By submitting your article, you grant Angela Artemis non-exclusive license to the full rights to distribute and print the article on her websites and in her books and other media projects related to her ongoing work.

4. Please include a short author bio of no more than 5 short sentences. You may include up to four relevant links in total, such as your website, your FB page, your Twitter profile, or a product/book/service you have created anywhere within the article and/or your biography. Also include a JPEG of your head shot as well.

Please note that we do not accept affiliate links in guest posts at all nor do we accept articles which appear to be purely of a marketing nature.**

5. Please send drafts please as a Word Document or Text Document (RTR).

If accepted, your article will be published on Powered by Intuition and in the PbI Newsletter. Please allow up to 60 days for your post to appear on this site.

If you would like to send a guest post, make sure you review the guidelines, then contact Angela Artemis to submit a pitch or draft of your article. If it looks like something PbI readers would be interested in we will let you know.

You may send the proposal or draft of the article to: attention Angela Artemis.

Thank you! We look forward to reading your article.

**PbI reserves the right to publish articles marketing products or services if we partner/affiliate with you on those ventures. Authors may be invited by Angela Artemis at her discretion to publish articles that are outside the specified topics listed above.


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