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I had the pleasure of being interviewed on WSA TV by host Laura Rubinstein, along with two amazing women leaders. The Women Speakers Association is a great collective of talented women entrepreneurs who want to get their message out via speaking. The WSA offers many ways to interact with their membership from a very engaging Facebook page to Twitter chats and interviews on WSA TV such as this one.

I spoke about how I help entrepreneurs embrace sales even when that’s the least favorite part of their business. The truth is you can have the most unbelievable program that really changes lives but, if you can’t overcome your fear and anxiety around sales you won’t make the impact or income you went into business to make. Learn more here.

The two women entrepreneurs whom I shared this interview with were Sarah A Davis and Janice Goldman.

Sarah is a certified spiritual life coach and helps at-risk women get through challenging times in their lives such as sexual assault, loss and homelessness. She wants them to know that you can go from being broken to being whole and happy again. You can reach Sarah on Twitter here.

Janice is the author of, “Let’s Talk About Money.” Janice works women who have survived personal setbacks such as divorce, widowhood, illness, or disability. Her mission is to help women survive these setbacks and also help them embrace their financial and life goals and dreams. You can reach Janice here.

Both Sarah and Janice survived unbelievable challenges of their own which ultimately led them to their current expertise. Watch the interview to hear their amazing stories – click here. 

Laura Rubinstein is the producer and host of WSA TV. She’s also a digital marketing strategist. To get in touch with Laura Rubinstein – click here.

To join or learn more about the Women Speakers Association – click here.

Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments about the WSA or #WSATV and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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P.S. Overcome the anxiety and discomfort you have around selling your programs: here

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