English: Astrological clock at Venice

“We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.”

–Carl Gustav Jung

A conversation about Intuition and Destiny.

I spoke with radio host Victor Schueller about how intuition can lead you to your destiny if you learn to listen to it. (Listen to the recording at the end of this post.)

Your intuition is a built in sense for guiding your through life

The better you become at recognizing your inner guidance the more successful your life will be. Think of your intuition as a “ping” not unlike the ping from a sonar device on a submarine. When you are near danger your intuition pings. When you are discontented with your life you get a ping and when you are on track you get another ping that bubbles up from your soul and makes you want say, “I love my life!” These are the pings that guide you on your journey to find your purpose and destiny.

Your astrology chart is a map of your life

Another way to find your purpose and destiny is to have your astrology chart done. Astrology is a very accurate method for honing in on your destiny. The planets, asteroids, aspects and angles at the time of your birth are unique to you and explain your personality and character traits.

The birth chart will show you what your life purpose is, lessons you need to learn, lessons you’ve mastered, and your gifts and talents. Your chart will also show you whether you are innovator, great business mind, feel most comfortable working from home or whether you need to be out with people. It will clearly show you that you belong in the law field, publishing, or in journalism or some other writing profession.

The chart will show you whether you have the soul of poet,artist or musician or whether you are meant to be in the sciences. It will show you if you have the talent to make wise investments or not or if you’re meant to manage other people. The list is endless. It’s amazing how accurate the chart is.

If you are unsure about your purpose a life purpose reading will give you much needed clarity. You can find your purpose in a very short amount of time. Instead of spending years wondering and spending time in the wrong career you receive immediate confirmation through having your birth chart read.

Stop wondering and start living your true purpose!  Learn more here.

Tune in to my fun conversation with Victor Schueller. Click the audio player to listen.

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Do you know your purpose? What questions do you have about astrology or finding your life purpose? Share them in the comments.

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P.S. Turn up the volume on your intuition – click here!

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