Get unstuck!9 Ways to Know if Your Life is Stuck

Have you ever asked yourself this question, “How did I get here?” I used to ask it a lot when I was stuck in long boring meetings.

There are really only two reactions to this question; one is positive and the other – not so much.

You either respond by saying, “I know how I got here and I’m lovin’ my life!”

Or you say, “Holy *@#*! How the hell did I get here? This is not how I thought my life would turn out. Help!”

Sadly the second response is quite common. It shows that you are not only dissatisfied with your life but stuck too. But that’s okay. Acknowledging being stuck and your discontent is the first step to getting your life back on track.

Your life can turn around because, it is never too late to change and get on the path you were meant to follow.

Have you ever read a newspaper story about a person in their eighties achieving something they dreamed of for example, finally getting their college degree? Don’t you find it inspiring? I do.

My “stuck” story

For years I wanted to go back to college and finish my degree but I didn’t believe it was doable. I was unhappy in my job. It was supposed to be just a job to make some money while I finished my degree at night but it grew into a major career and consumed my life instead. That’s my answer to, “How did I get here?” and how I became stuck.

Sound familiar? Has whatever you’re doing now consumed your life too?

As the years went by I didn’t think it was possible to make a living any other way. I felt trapped. Beliefs such as thinking I would be too old when I graduated or that I couldn’t survive without benefits and a steady paycheck prevented me from quitting my job and moving forward with my dream.

Why the disconnect keeps you stuck

I had been studying spiritual principles and devouring books on how to change your mind in order to change your life for quite some time but still, my fears held me back and kept me stuck. I suffered from a disconnect between what I knew intellectually and what I believed. This disconnect was why I was stuck; paralyzed by fear and unable to move forward.

This went on for years until I found my mentor, an internationally known spiritual teacher, and began following her teachings.

Back then coaching didn’t exist, unless you were an athlete. Today everyone knows coaches work with you to help shift your thinking in order to make big changes in your life and achieve success. If a shift in your thinking occurred at all it was only after years of trying to do it on your own or through a lucky “coincidence” such as how I stumbled upon the teachings of my mentor.

After finding her I became part of a local chapter that met weekly for group meditation and to watch grainy VHS videos of my mentor’s talks. Being in the group vibration and watching her recorded lectures slowly began to affect my psyche. And after four years I finally woke up!

A shift in my thinking took hold and I quit my  job and went back to school. And I survived. In fact, I did better than just survive. I thrived. It was the happiest time of my life. When I let go everything fell into place. I received multiple awards and a scholarship to graduate school. I met the right people who supported me and pointed me in the right direction. I experienced true freedom and the joy of expressing who I was meant to be for the first time in my life.

The “I know that” syndrome

It just goes to show what we can accomplish when we shift from our negative belief patterns and adopt the right beliefs. And as I learned, the secret to having a mental shift that changes the trajectory of your life was having a mentor. It wasn’t that I didn’t “know” many of the things that I learned from my mentor’s teachings, it was that I was stuck in that pattern of saying, “I already know that,” instead of actually internalizing the belief and doing it. You can see just how stubborn I was as it took me four years to “get it!” But, it doesn’t have to take that long and it won’t if you let someone help you and take action.

Turn your life around now – not later

A personal coach is someone who can not only show you that there are better, easier, faster ways to achieve your goals but who will guide and push you to take action. Learning from someone will help you reach your goal in a fraction of the time it takes to do it on you own. A coach has the training, experience and tools to share with you that will release frozen belief patterns in your mind that are holding you a prisoner in your own life.

The truth is that once you change how you think the world you experience changes.

I didn’t want to believe that I needed anyone to help me accomplish my goals. I thought that was a personal failing but I was so wrong. To need a teacher to show you the way isn’t wrong it’s necessary for your growth otherwise you remain stuck. It’s actually smarter to know you need help then to talk yourself into thinking you don’t.

When I finally took that leap of faith I learned just how much I loved the feeling of “leaping” too. I leaped and my life took off like an eagle soaring above everyone else who was stuck in their old lives.

We teach best what we most need to learn

I’m so thankful to my mentor for giving me the keys that unlocked my mind from the prison I’d put myself in. Having done this myself I understand how scary it is to think about giving up security to go after something as intangible as a dream. And, it doesn’t matter whether your dream is to go back to school, be a dog trainer, start a business or that all you know is that your present life is not what you want; it’s all the same. Your current dissatisfaction is your soul sending you a message loud and clear that you are not on the right path in your life. Your soul uses your intuition and feelings such as longing and discontent to communicate this to you.

And boy do I know that call from the soul all too well. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been on the wrong path more than a few times and gotten stuck all over again when I reverted to old behaviors and fears so don’t think you’re the only one. I so needed to teach what I most needed to learn that I wrote a best selling book, “The Intuition Principle,” about finding your true path and creating a life you love simply because the steps were burned into my brain after so many failed attempts!

9 signs that your life is stuck

  1. You have no enthusiasm for your life.
  2. You keep waiting for everything to be perfect (have the money, or the time) before you take the plunge!
  3. You’re frustrated, dissatisfied and tired of your life.
  4. You want to do something but feel overwhelmed, confused and don’t know where to start.
  5. You’re afraid of starting over so you do nothing.
  6. You’ve tried to make it happen on your own and haven’t been able to.
  7. You have a dream but it seems impossible to achieve.
  8. You don’t have a clue what your dream life is but do know you just can’t go on living the life you have now.
  9. You don’t want to get up in the morning and face another day of “the same.”

If you’re response to “How did I get here?” is filled with regret, discontent with your current life and a longing to do something more you owe it to yourself to address your dissatisfaction before more of your life goes by otherwise you’ll remain stuck.

When I thought I was “too old” to go back to school because when I would graduate I’d be 38, the idea that shifted my thinking was the realization that, “I’m going to be 38 anyway so the longer I wait the more of my life I am wasting.”

What you will learn when you take your own leap of faith is that not only can you fly but the truth is that you were meant to fly!

Which of the 9 ways of being stuck do you resonate to? Where does your thinking need to shift the most? What will you do to get unstuck?

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