Questions on intuition developmentIt’s time to open the Powered by Intuition mailbag to answer readers’ questions about intuition.

I love to hear from readers. They ask the best questions.  And, I know if one person asks me something there are countless others who have the same questions who will benefit from the answer.

So here are some answers to readers questions on intuition:

Question 1. I was doing some research and came across your article, “13 Signs You May Be a Medium.”  I’ve experienced 9 out of the 13 signs you mentioned. I’m constantly seeing images in my head even with my eyes open. I see clips of random peoples lives sort of like a short film. My mom passed away last year and I knew she was going to pass away weeks before it happened. I have had an out of body experience that scared me to death!

Sometimes I’ll go to, for example, a “please touch” museum.  I will reach out to touch an item and a electrical rush or tingle soars through me numbing my entire body and sort of blacking me out. Also people drain me I’m always told that I give great advice so they all bring their problems. The thing is I have very bad anxiety and am taking on others energy positive or negative. I would love to control and better understand my ability so I can live a more relaxed life. Please help!

Answer:If you are seeing images in your mind’s eye you are a clairvoyant. Seeing snippets of people’s lives as if watching a short scene from a movie is exactly what it feels like.

I’m so sorry about the loss of your mother. It’s so difficult to lose a parent no matter how old you are.


All your psychic channels are opening. I used to have many spontaneous out of body experiences when I first started developing too. It’s a common signal that you are ready to begin training in this area.


If you touch things and get impressions about them then you are definitely a medium. This is called “psychometry” and it is a method for getting information about the deceased or, previous owner of the item.


Most psychics and mediums (not all) are very compassionate and truly want to help others so they tend to be old souls who can give good advice to others. You definitely fall into this category.


If you have anxiety from taking on other peoples problems and energy you need to learn to protect yourself. I wrote about this in my book: The Intuition Answer Book. 

I have a lot good protection exercises in there that you can do.


Question 2 .I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m empathic and I’ve learned so much about it. I’ve been able to be centered and present with your Intuition Principle meditation series and your book, The Intuition Principle; thanks so much for your work!


My question is this: Sometimes I will be just watching a movie or doing something as mundane as washing dishes and all of a sudden, I find myself getting very cold with goose bumps, or my scalp will just start to tingle.


Both sensations last for a few minutes and are hard to ignore. At those moments, my mind is preoccupied with the tasks at hand. What is going on? If anything? I mean, I can explain away breezes, air conditioning, etc. In the absence of a scientific reason, I’m convinced that this is my intuition or higher self trying to tell me something. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance for your help. I’m sure you get a lot of messages and questions. Thanks again for reading mine 



Yes, you are absolutely right about what is happening to you. You are experiencing a moment when you blend with the ALL or Spirit. You are feeling what is called the “cool breeze” of the Holy Spirit and your 7th chakra is opened and merging with this higher vibration. That is where the tingling on the top of the head comes from. If you’ve ever seen a painting of a saint with a halo – it depicts the opened 7th Chakra and union with the divine. If you put your hand over your crown chakra the next time this happens to you – you will be able to feel the energy and coolness.


I wrote a post about this experience – I’ll give you the link here so you can read more about it:


Question 3I know that I am an intuitive person because it has been proven to me by others not listening to me when I have a bad feeling or vision and advised them against doing something. My problem is that, for some reason, when it comes to me my intuition is backwards or off.


If I feel I should choose “Choice A,” I better choose “Choice B” because what my gut says is wrong! Also when something is supposed to happen and I am positive about it, it ends up not happening?? Am I channeling my energy wrong?? I don’t understand how I could save people from accidents and other calamities but for the life of me can’t save myself.


You have just asked the age-old question most intuitives ask: “Why can’t I predict accurately for myself like I do for others?”


When we have a gut feeling or a precognition about something pertaining to someone else we are “removed” from their situation. In other words we can be “objective” and not emotionally involved or attached to the outcome like we are when we are trying to get information for ourselves.


When it comes to predicting or asking for guidance for ourselves we doubt and start to wonder whether it out imagination or real. We also know which outcome we prefer so we wonder whether it is our intuition or our wishful thinking.


This take practice, learning by making mistakes and building up confidence in our intuitive skills.


It won’t happen over night and there will still be times when you will still be wrong about yourself – that is the nature of being human. So don’t be so hard on yourself.


That is why when I cannot figure something out for myself I go to another medium or look for signs to validate my decision. I wrote about how to read the signs in my book, “Navigating by Intuition.” Using signs is a great way to alleviate doubt and get confirmation of your intuitive hunches.


What questions do you have? Leave your questions in the comments section and I’ll answer them.


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