Choose your career with care.

Choose Your Career With Care

How did you start out?

I started out without giving much thought to my career. It never occurred to me that I would be at it for decades. After the excitement of getting a paycheck and a few promotions wore off I found myself more and more unhappy.

I didn’t like being tied to a 9 to 5 schedule. I found it annoying to be on the “clock” for lunch and breaks. After the fifth year I realized I was not cut out for such a structured environment.

Twists and turns

Eventually I was able to parlay my career into something I enjoyed but, there were a lot twists and turns along the way. I went from branch banking and being the manager of one branch to managing 33 offices. After the newness of that wore off I wasn’t happy there either.

I made a career change and went into private banking, trust and investment management. After a few years I ended up in management again, this time running the business for half the state. Once again, after the newness wore off I found myself unhappy once more.

It finally hit me. Just because you’re good at something it doesn’t mean you enjoy it. 

I walked away from my career and decided to go back to school to rethink my life. While back in school I needed a part time job to help pay the bills. And, that is how I stumbled into financial sales and the mortgage business.

When you find something you like – you know it.

Working for a financial institution on the mortgage side gave me the freedom I craved. I was able to use all the experience and knowledge I’d gleaned over the years to help people make important financial decisions but, I was no longer tied to a confining 9 to 5 schedule. It was perfect for me.

Crazy times, big money and big burn-out

Then the real estate market began heating up. It went from a simmer to a boil and then the big bang! Suddenly, I found myself no longer able to work only part time. I had so many customers and so much business that I took a leave of absence from my graduate program. I thought I’d go back to it after a while but, I never did.

I was so busy that I worked 7 days a week for several years. When I lost sight of  the joy of supporting myself while in school – that’s when the joy went out of my life – again.

Learning lessons

I had to burn out big time to learn that when you focus on money you lose focus on whatever else is important to you in life. You cannot have it both ways. Money will control you if you let it.

Finding balance

I took some time off to write and publish, “The Intuition Principle,” and while away gained some much needed perspective.

What I realized was that it was not the industry I was in that I was tired of but, the pace.  I enjoy helping people make financial decisions about real estate. What I don’t like is being so busy that my life is out of balance.

But, I also enjoy writing, blogging, publishing, teaching and consulting with readers of Powered by Intuition.

Make a lifestyle choice instead of a career choice

I now understand that I can’t peg myself as “either/or.” I am not strictly a creative/intuitive/writer nor, am I strictly a financial business person. I enjoy both facets of my personality and am driven to express all parts of me.

Now that I know this I can design a life that works for me and offers the balance between the two areas that I crave.

Time is irrelevant

Some people understand themselves at a young age and will make the right decisions about work early on and, some won’t. As long as you discover who you are and what work makes you happy it doesn’t matter how long it takes. Time is irrelevant.

Life is about change

All that matters is that you learn in your own time and allow yourself to make changes.

Nothing ever stays the same and neither do we. We all change as we grow. We are never the same person we were last year, or the year before that or ten years ago.

Listen to your intuition

The most valuable lesson I have learned in my life is to always listen to my intuition. My gut always knows what I really want and ought to do.  Whenever I have tried to force myself to “be practical” or follow anyone else’s advice it has resulted in disaster.

It has been telling me that I need to express my both creative nature and my business side. I’m glad I listened.

Where are you on this path? Are you doing what you want to do? Have you found work that matters? 

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