“Intuition comes very close to clairvoyance: it appears to be the extrasensory perception of reality.” –Alexis Carrel

Is it possible to “see” without the use of your “physical eyes?” How to "See" The Answers to Your ProblemsYes and it’s called “second sight” or clairvoyance.

According to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary the definition of clairvoyance is “the power or faculty of discerning objects not present to the senses and the ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception.”

Clairvoyance is an aspect of intuition that you can develop to get answers to questions about your life. When the faculty of “second sight” is activated it’s seen in your “mind’s eye,” not with your physical sense of sight. When you become more practiced at it you can “see” with your eyes open but, it is still seeing internally not using your actual vision.

To get an idea of how clairvoyant seeing looks try this exercise:

Close your eyes and picture the front of your house. See it with your imagination. See yourself in your mind’s eye standing on the sidewalk or at the curb looking at the front of your home. Take in every detail.

Does it have a walkway leading to the front door?

Are there shrubs or plants along the front of the house? What kind are they?

Does it have a mailbox out front?

Is the house wood shingles, vinyl siding, stucco or brick?

What color is the house?

Do the windows have shutters? How many windows are there?

After you’ve thoroughly gone over every inch and impressed it into your mind open your eyes.

Now, with your eyes open go through the entire exercise again. See every detail all over again.

Do you see how you easily “see” the house in your mind even with your eyes open? This is a function of internal seeing and it is exactly how you “see” clairvoyantly. The only difference is that when you are using the power of your second sight you don’t create the images in your mind – they arrive spontaneously. Everyone has this ability to some degree. It happens regularly but, is so subtle that it gets overlooked.

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding clairvoyant visions. Frankly, I think the word “vision” is the problem due to its definition: “Something seen in a dream, trance, or ecstasy; especially : a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation.” (Merriam Webster Online Dictionary) The use of the phrase: “supernatural appearance” makes most people think that you will see something with your actual eyes in the physical dimension, which happens only rarely.

Here’s a scenario that illustrates how natural clairvoyance really is:

I was thinking about a friend I hadn’t spoken with in a long time. I was busy typing away at an email when he popped into my mind and I saw him driving past my old house and seeing the new owners on the front lawn. I “knew” he’d seen them and wondered if I’d sold my house.

I later called him and he confirmed that this is exactly what had happened just a few days ago.

This little scene came to me spontaneously and played out in my mind’s eye very naturally.

It was exactly like the type of “seeing” you just did with your eyes open in the previous exercise.

It has probably happened to you numerous times in your life. Now that you know how it feels to “see” using the mind you will become more aware of it when it happens again.

You can use clairvoyance to get answers for anything in your life. For example:

1.       You can use this faculty to “see” the answers to your questions.

Close your eyes and ask yourself a question regarding your life that you need an answer to. “See” what picture comes into your mind first. It can be a symbol or an actual scene that plays out. Whatever it is – is the answer.

2.       Determine a time period for when you should do something.

Suppose you want to know when you should begin a project. Close your eyes and “see” which season your inner vision brings to mind. For example, do you see a fall leaf, a swimming pool, a spring flower like a crocus or daffodil or a wintery scene?

3.       “See” how things turn out on a project.

Close your eyes and review the project you are now working on. Then ask yourself what the outcome of the project will be when it is completed. What images spring to mind? The images hold the answer.

Accept what comes to you It’s okay if you don’t “see” the answer. Part of developing your intuition is also becoming aware of the other faculties involved such as sensing the answers in your gut, having a “knowing” about it or even “hearing” the answer with your inner hearing.

Remember, as long as you get an answer that’s all that matters.

How to develop clairvoyance:

1.       Set the intention to “see” with the mind’s eye. Developing clairvoyance is no different from any other skill you want to develop. Everything you do starts with your intention. Tell yourself you wish to develop this skill and that you want to become aware of it when it happens and you will.

2.     The better you are at remembering things the better you’ll be at working with clairvoyance. Ask a friend to gather up 20 small items, place them on a table top and cover them with a large towel. Have your friend remove the towel and ask you to look over the items for 10 seconds – then replace the towel. Now, write down as many things as you can remember. You must strengthen your memory in order to be a good clairvoyant. Many times the images are just quick flashes through the mind so holding onto them is important.

3.    Use those same 20 items to develop your powers of second sight. Take each item one at a time and hold it in your hands and really study it. When you feel you’ve gotten it down close your eyes and “see” every detail in your mind’s eye. Do this for all 20 items. The better you get at recalling things with your imagination the better you’ll be at seeing clairvoyantly.

4.     Pop a DVD into your computer and watch the first 2 minutes of a scene then pause the video. Replay the entire two minutes in your mind. If you feel stuck – rewind and replay those two minutes and then try to recall the entire scene again. It’s important that you learn to “see” the entire “moving” scene from start to finish. The more you practice at mastering “movement” the better clairvoyant you’ll become.

5.     Seed your mind with symbols by learning to use a divination system. The more symbols your mind has at its disposal the more likely it will use the symbol as a shorthand to convey an answer to you. Practice with cards such as the Tarot (or any deck you prefer) and memorize each of the card’s meanings to build a tool box of symbols that your mind can send you when you need answers.

Use these techniques often to practice and soon you’ll be seeing short scenes in your mind’s eye when you need guidance and answers to your problems.

Do you have any questions about developing your second sight? Has anything unusual happened to you when using your clairvoyance?

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