Gut feelings are a sense that you know something without knowing how you know.

Hentry Reed quote about the sixth senseI feel therefore I know

Have you had that inexplicable feeling that someone was staring at you?

Can you recall how it came over you? How you felt it and knew it at your core before you had any proof? And, when you turned around you found that there was someone staring at you? This is an example of  your gut knowing something before you could confirm it.


Before 9/11 many people recalled feeling anxious, nervous or upset for no apparent reason. It was only after the terrible events of the day began that the nervousness in their guts subsided. This is an example of your gut knowing something  before you do and it has a name: presentiment.


For two weeks prior to 9/11 every time I heard a plane fly overhead it was followed by hearing the sounds of the plane crashing in my mind. I became so upset by this reaction that I thought I was going crazy and had become some morbid and terrible person. It was only after the events of the day unfolded that I realized why I’d been having this reaction.

Seeing before you “see”

Have you ever experienced a sudden “flash” of seeing what your friend would be wearing before you see them? You see them wearing a certain outfit in your mind’s eye before you walk into the restaurant to meet them for lunch. And, when you walk into the restaurant that is the exact outfit they have on.

Seeing something in the mind’s eye that is too far away for your physical eyes to detect is called clairvoyance. It might be explained by a new study of blind individuals who “see” called “blindsight.”

We are all connected

Random number generators placed around the world are affected at the odds of a billion to one when a large scale global event occurs. At these times, such as on 9/11 or when President Obama was elected, the “randomness” of the numbers is affected. The numbers appearing on the devices stop being so random. This indicates that the high level of emotion created by the world’s population during these events affects the number generators so that they generate a series of similar numbers rather than randomly as they have been programmed to work.

Science is getting closer to explaining what we call our Sixth Sense

Watch this fascinating video, “Through the Wormhole,” narrated by Morgan Freeman about the nature of consciousness, how our thoughts can be picked up by others through the earth’s magnetic field, how our emotions can alter realty and effect random number generators, blindsight and presentiment. I believe each of us uses our gut knowing or sixth sense much more than we believe or are even aware of.

Dr. Dean Radin’s studies of presentiment are especially interesting. The odds that his subjects are detecting future events a few seconds before they actually occur are so high that he concludes that “something interesting is happening here.”

The video is 43 minutes long  but well worth watching.

What gut feelings or sixth sensory experiences can you recall? Have experienced presentiment and “felt” something was going to happen before you knew what it was?

P.S. To learn more about how you are already using your intuition click here.

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