“When the way comes to an end, then change. Having changed, you pass through.” –from the I Ching

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Irving The Vizier of  “Han of Harmony.” Irving has been drawn to learn the ways of the “I Ching” an ancient form of divination from China and explains it to us today.

What area of the intuitive arts do you specialize in? 

I Ching DivinationI specialize in the use of I-Ching divination.  This is a form of bibliomancy.  I toss three coins to get an answer for my question and then refer to the relevant section in the I-Ching book to interpret the way the coins fell.

The use of I-Ching divination is endless.  You can apply it to any area in your life to help you to attain the outcome you want.

Have you tried other divination methods such as the Tarot or Astrology?

I did try some other divination systems, but I never really went in-depth into them.

During my early years I started out with Astrology.  My aim was to use astrology as a rough guide to understand the nature of people.  I never went further than the Sun, Moon and Ascendant as I found it too complex to learn on my own.  To this day, astrology still serves as a guide for me.

My first experience with divination was a Tarot reading around 10 years ago.  I used to hang out at the local magic shop to learn tricks to impress girls.  Haha!  One day, I met someone, about my age, who knew how to do Tarot readings.  I had a strong urge to see if this actually worked.  I cannot remember what he said to me exactly, but I do remember the chill and the goose bumps I got from the reading.

I was amazed at his ability to know things I did not share.  From that day on, I resolved to learn divination for myself.  I did attempt to learn the Tarot, but I gave up soon after as it did not really suit me.

Why were you drawn to or how did you come to I Ching?

Again, from that same local magic shop, I learned from my friend that there was this “fortune-telling book” called the I-Ching.  He did not believe in it and saw it as nothing more than a prop for Mentalism.  But when I heard about it, I felt an urge to acquire it.  I have always loved books of wisdom and so I bought it the next day from my favourite bookshop.

Why the I-Ching?  I guess it had a format that was perfect for me.  I have always been thoughtful and reflective.  Growing up in Singapore as a Chinese, I was also familiar with Chinese culture and thinking despite my Western education.  In the end, the Universe placed before me a unique set of circumstances that led me to learn I-Ching divination.

How does the I Ching differ from just using your intuition without the use of divination tool? And, how does your intuition come through for you when using the I Ching? Can you describe it for us so that even non-intuitives understand?

 My intuition alone is not that developed.  I may be able to sense or glimpse things but I may fail to grasp the bigger picture and context.  Thus, unless the warning is obvious, I might not have enough time to pre-empt events or to prepare to manage them.  I can only react at best.  There are also times when my ego or logic may interfere with my intuition.  This can cause me to miss or misinterpret critical warnings when it matters the most.

Using the I-Ching enhances my intuition.  It allows me to grasp the bigger picture by looking at the situation from many angles whenever I choose.  It allows me to know things that are impossible to know or to be aware of otherwise.  By asking the right questions, I am able to get the answers I need to make the best choice in any situation.  The right question to ask is often a blend of my logic and intuition.  This often determines my success or failure.

Using the I-Ching also allows me to grasp the essence of each situation I face.  At the same time, I get advice from ancient wisdom on the best way to act and manage the situation.  I know the signs to look out for and I know how to manage them accordingly.  I know what to do, how to do it and when to do so.

 If you could change anything in your life up to now regarding your intuitive development or intuitive practice what would it be?

If I could change anything, it would be to have discovered the I-Ching earlier.  Age twelve to fifteen would be a good time for me.  Then I would have had much more time to study and absorb its wisdom.

 How has using the I Ching influenced your life and/or those around you?

Using the I-Ching has made me more prudent and cautious.  I have always been impulsive by nature.  I tend to act on what feels right, but this has not always led to the best results.  Now when it comes to important decisions, I use the I-Ching to analyze things from various angles.  Only when I have grasped the bigger picture, do I make my decision.

This caution also applies to my loved ones.  I use the I-Ching to help them to make the best choice in any situation.

 What books do you recommend to readers to learn to use the I Ching?

I would recommend the following books on the I-Ching:

I-Ching the Book of Changes by Richard Wilhelm. This is the classic translation.  It has everything you need to know about the I-Ching.

The Laws of Change:  I-Ching and the Philosophy of Life by Jack Balkin. The Wilhelm translation can be hard to read for first timers.  This is why the Laws of Change makes a good supplement to aid in their understanding.

What’s one action that readers/listeners can take this week to move them forward in their goal of becoming more intuitive?

One action readers can take is to practice foreseeing how events in their lives will play out.  They can try to predict how something will happen and see if they are right.  If they are not, they can review their mistakes to see where they went wrong.  Every event has critical points that determine its outcome.  With enough practice, readers will know the key points in a situation to influence.  Over time, they will become more intuitive naturally.

Can you share a personal story about working with your intuition and the I Ching ?

The beauty of the I-Ching is the endless ways I can use it to help me achieve my goals.  Years ago when I wanted to get a job, I would send out my resumes as needed.  Then when I got a call from a company for an interview, I prepared as best as I could.

But here, I went one-step further to divine how the interview would turn out for me.  This foresight allowed me to tailor my approach to suit the interview.  I knew at once whether my preparation was adequate or not.  I also knew what would happen during the interview and the best way to manage.  Most importantly, I knew exactly how to pitch myself to the interviewers because I could see what they wanted.  This foresight helped me to do well in the interview to get the job I wanted.

But getting a job offer was not the end of the story.  I also divined to see how working at the company six months down the road would turn out for me.  What is the point of taking up a job if you cannot hold it down in the end?  The working environment may be difficult.  Or you could have trouble getting along with your boss or colleagues.  Knowing how things would turn out for me in advance helped me to make the best choice from the offers I got.

 What is the biggest lesson you have learned via your intuition?

The biggest lesson I have learned is to use my intuition to guide my choices.  The more important the choice, the more I should pay attention to my intuition.

It is my experience that it is possible to foresee the outcome of choices and actions in advance.  Foresight is always better than hindsight.  Knowing in advance can therefore make a big difference between success and failure especially when it matters.  It is not prudent to leave things to chance if you can find out and do something about it.  The key is to know as early as you can while you can still influence events.

Thank you Irving for this fascinating interview. Do you have questions about the I Ching? Ask Irving while he visits us here at PbI.

Who is The Vizier? The Vizier writes at Han of Harmony on various topics about change.  His interest lies in showing you how to manage the tests and challenges of life well.  But if these articles are not enough, you can “Ask the Vizier” directly for help about a problem you are facing.  It could be career, relationships or some other challenge.  Here, the Vizier will advise and help you to achieve your goals.  He will help you to make the best choices and show you how to manage any situation well. 

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