Meditating on a daily basis is like taking vitamins for the soul

Meditation is the most effective way to develop your intuition.

The ReAwakening Guided Meditation ProgramIt is also one of the greatest tools we have for healing and balancing mind, body and spirit.

Today Steven Aitchison and I are proud to launch an exciting new product designed to balance mind, body and soul – introducing:

The ReAwakening Guided Meditation Program(click to view)

The ReAwakening was designed for the busy person who has little or no time to devote to meditating yet, wants the benefits of a daily meditation practice.

It’s so user friendly I like to call it the “no excuses” meditation program!

This is truly the simplest daily meditation product you will ever find. It’s fast, easy and fun.

Simply turn on your mp3 player and listen to these “plug and play” meditations to feel:

  • less stressed
  • have more energy
  • reduce anxiety
  • lower your blood pressure
  • boost your immune system
  • bring balance to your nervous system
  • create peace in your life

But, don’t let its simplicity and ease of use fool you. This is a very powerful meditation system!

Meditation can work miracles in your life

I’m a former meditation instructor and have been meditating for over 25 years now. I can tell you, without a doubt, that meditating is the reason why I became so intuitive. If you’ve been reading PbI for any length of time or read any of my books, you’ll know that I’m a huge proponent of meditation. It has changed me from the inside out and it can change your life too.

In fifteen minutes a day, a powerful meditation practice like The ReAwakening will lower your heart rate, induce a calm state of mind and inner peace, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance productivity and increase focus. This system was crafted very carefully to help you master your mind,  put an end to habits that enslave you, find joy and happiness and manifest your greatest achievements.

Meditation tames the mind

With our busy lives and hectic schedules our minds are always on. When we are always “on” the mind has a hard time slowing down, even when it is time for rest. Continually thinking without pause is a mental habit meditation can tame. When we get our racing minds under control we relax. When we are relaxed and calmer inside, our lives are calmer on the outside. Meditation is the simple path to a calmer, happy life.

Meditation enhances creativity

Relaxation is the key to stimulating your creativity. The more relaxed you are the more creative insights you will have. A jumbled mind teaming with untamed thoughts is too “busy” and creative thoughts will not get through.

Students do better in school

Meditation helps improve focus. Students do better when they are focused. Meditation also helps quell anxiety. Without test-taking anxiety student do better.

Increases problem solving abilities

When your mind is calm you easily receive creative solutions to problems. The answer to problem solving is innovation. Innovation increases when the mind can focus on the problem without distractions.

Helps you create happier relationships

Meditation helps balance emotions and moods. When your emotions are under control you don’t react as easily to things that might have triggered you in the past. This results in more harmonious relationships between partners, parents and children, family, friends and business associates. In general, you become more patient and tolerant and these traits are what contribute to creating better relationships with all people.

Develop spiritually

When we become spiritually aware we become “conscious” of our thoughts and actions. We no longer react based on our unconscious internal programming. We see how our thoughts have contributed to shaping our reactions and how our beliefs have shaped our lives. We develop self-control and emotional maturity and are able to take control and re-write our programming so that we react consciously with tolerance, compassion and wisdom.

Developing spiritually is the ultimate benefit of meditation and the benefit that encompasses all other benefits of meditation. To become aware that every action you take in life is part of following the path of spiritual awakening is to discover true happiness and satisfaction.

The ReAwakening Program(click to view)

The ReAwakening is a meditation “system” unlike any other.

The program comes with detailed daily steps that take you from harried and unfocused to calm, centered, productive and spiritually alive and all in less than 15 minutes per day. The program also leads you to focus on creating the life of your dreams using guided meditations to manifest all your goals and desires. The ReAwakening is geared to enhance all areas of your life from your health, relationships, mental state and emotional well being to your ambitions and abundance.

See for yourself by clicking here to take a look at The ReAwakening program. You simply have to try it to believe it!

Are you ready to revitalize your life and manifest your greatest achievements? What area of life would you most like to improve?Enhanced by Zemanta

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