Most people achieved their greatest success one step beyond what looked like their greatest failure. –Brian Tracy

Have you failed at something recently? Are you afraid of failure – ready to give up?

Don’t! Take heart: Watch this video and be inspired.

Failure means only one thing – you are getting closer to success!

Get over your fear by changing what the word “failure” means to you. Look at this little boy’s reaction to failure.

It’s positively positive. He starts out with the expectation that he will have to fail a number of times in order to perfect his technique in order to succeed. In fact, he over estimates the number of times he will fail before succeeding. When he meets with success through fewer failures he is overjoyed!

“It worked! Three failures and it worked!! Rube Goldberg Machines will teach you if you don’t succeed try, try again,” says an ecstatic Audri.

Wow! What an attitude about failure. We should all take a lesson from this wise eleven year old.

Never give up. Face your fear of failure and do it anyway.

First attempt at something didn’t go well? So what! You’re now that much closer to getting it right.

First book,

first product,

first job,

first business,

first time in a relationship

first time on stage,

first public speaking event … doesn’t matter what the “first” is, just remember that when you fail you learn how not to do things.

Learning how NOT to do things is as important as learning how to do things

When I first started writing I had no idea how to do it “right” but, I learned something each time I wrote a new article or book.

When I first started giving intuitive and mediumship readings I was unsure of myself but, doing this over and over has taught me how to succeed at it.

When we see failure as part of the process that gets us to our success we are more apt to remain enthusiastic and committed to our work.

Never give up – you never know when the next try will succeed!

If you don’t know what you’re good at or what path you should be on in life keep looking and you will find it.

Have you given up on anything? Why not go back and “try, try again?”

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