Do not assume that divine guidance flows only when you are in need of help.  Guidance continues to flow whether or not you have problems.  It transcends problems, heartbreaks, and traumas, flowing through dreams and illuminations…. Whether guidance comes during times of tranquility or trauma, however, it is up to you to have the courage to acknowledge it…. —Caroline Myss

Would you know if you were getting a sign?

Seeing the signsDid you know that you don’t have to be intuitive to receive guidance. Yes, you read that right.

One of the ways that we can receive guidance is by simply becoming aware of the signs that are always around us. And, you can even ask for signs to show you the way. I’ve written extensively about this technique in my book, “Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs.”

If you read, “Navigating by Intuition,” you’ll remember that after asking for guidance I received a gold coin that manifested itself out of thin air. Now that’s a sign!

Not all signs are that dramatic though. Most signs appear in the most normal of ways. The trick though is to recognize them as signs so that you can follow the guidance.

Here are two examples that illustrate how signs work:

I was walking along the beach a couple of weeks ago (my usual Sunday morning walk along a 4 mile stretch of beach and boardwalk at Long Beach) and I came upon a young woman sticking a one-stemmed tall yellow -headed flower into the sand. I got the goose bumps as I was stopped to look at this unique scene.   I saw her huge lensed camera and assumed she was doing photo shoots.  Indeed she was, for a class.
This was just too bizarre for me to come upon this scene.
Why – what’s the significance here for me?
In working on the beginning stages of doing some revamping work on my website, my web guy came up with the logo (or whatever you call it) of a single flower coming out of the letter ‘i’ in the word Life.   He actually sent me a bunch of sketched ideas for a visual.  I was leaning towards this flower idea but wasn’t totally sure.
After seeing this beach scene, that was it.  Flower logo it has become.  I felt like I was being given a message, a sign.  I mean how much more obvious could it have been.  I’ve never in my life seen someone stick a single flower into the sand.
I still get the chills when I really think about it.  This just happened about 3 weeks ago.

My business career began after I graduated college. As I was a science graduate with no office skills, my folks assumed I could amuse myself as a secretary (more like a glorified typist) until I got married.

I applied to the top ten companies in Chennai where I lived at the time – and luckily, one of the mavericks in the TVS group picked up my application because he spotted the word “French” on my CV. Long story short, I became speedily employed as a Projects trainee. Nothing great, lots of job variety from making coffee to business meetings and lots in between. The experience was invaluable and “TVS” looked great on my CV. Two years later I got into advertising, which I enjoyed. Then I worked in a transport company as a marketing officer.

While I was good at all my jobs and enjoyed them, I knew I had not found my true vocation. So I was great at sales and marketing, but my heart knew that that was not “IT”.

I was transferred to a different branch, and six months later, I felt a little depressed about my

work. In fact, there were days I felt useless – I – who usually exuded confidence and pep-talked everyone. I would discuss it with my Mom and she’d assure me that things would change for the better. I am not sure I believed it at that very moment, because my supervisor was an arrogant ass who was unlikely to give me (or anyone else) a good reference. Two of my colleagues quit and changed their line of work. It was that bad.

I prayed and prayed for a sign. I tried my best to take stock of the good things in my life. I had a great Mom who encouraged me, clients who trusted me, and – I had just gotten through the competitive entrance test to the MBA (Masters in Business Admin) – and I should have been optimistic, but I wasn’t. It probably was the darkest moments in my life.  I knew I did not want to continue in office automation sales, even if it was a great company.  I wondered what I would do. The future looked bleak.

Then, in 1992, I substituted for our Training Manager, who was held up for the first half of the day in an emergency. As I volunteered to talk to the group, and got myself in front of them – THAT was my A-ha moment. I knew I was born to do employee training! Unfortunately, there was no opening in the company I worked at the time. But now that I had “woken up” I was keen to respond to my “calling” and couldn’t wait to take action.

As though fate had ordained it, I met a career consultant who was visiting our office and – as though she could read my mind, she asked me to meet in her office. The moment I looked at her smiling at me and holding my hand – I felt peace. It was like she was passing energy and strength into me as we shook hands. All she said was “Will you please meet me at my office tomorrow morning?” This was July 1992.

When I met her the next morning, a little nervous, wondering why she drew me like a magnet, she asked me what the heck I was doing in my current job. I asked her what other things I could explore. She told me I would be a natural at training. And insisted I attend an interview the next morning.

I did. She connected me with a large group for the position of regional training manager – and as they say, the rest is history. Personal benefits: my salary multiplied 8 times. Yes, you heard that right. Along with it came perks that I only dreamed of. Two years later, one of the Vice Presidents of the company recommended me for a better position in a UK based company that was launching in India, in the place of my choice. I accepted. With everyone’s blessings. My salary doubled. Anita (that’s the consultant’s name) is one of my closest friends today. 🙂 Aren’t I truly lucky?

If I had ignored the sign of that blinding moment of light in 1992, I would have never had the experience of a lifetime. Listening to your intuition, as Angela rightly points out, can change your life in a very fulfilling way! Vidya Sury


I hope you enjoyed these fabulous examples of “signs.” They illustrate exactly how we are “led” in our lives by an intelligent force that knows more than we do and that when we follow this guidance we end up in more fortunate circumstances than we could have ever orchestrated on our own.

Have you ever received a sign? What happened? Did you understand it?

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