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Our inner voice is our connection to the universe and the key to unlocking all of your heart’s desires. And yet, do you believe this?

Blind to intuitionWe have a lot of scepticism and doubt over whether our inner voice (commonly known as our ‘instinct’ or ‘gut feeling’) can actually be useful to us. After all, it seems to be telling us that we should think about changing careers, yet why would we want to leave our comfortable, well-paid job? Or it may be telling us that a change of location is needed, yet all our friends are where we currently are, and it seems crazy to move away.

This inner talk is not that of mental chatter or our limiting beliefs surfacing, it’s the deepest part of our being. Our inner voice is the link to the infinite grace of the universe, where we could be truly happy if we only allow it to happen.

But instead of valuing our inner voice, we let our limiting beliefs, gained from others, run the show. We decide that it doesn’t make sense for us to ‘follow our hearts’, so we ignore it in the hopes that it will leave us alone. But it never will.

Three Reasons Why

To elaborate, here are three reasons why we don’t listen to our inner voice:

 1.  We Trust Our Inner Chatter Too Much

As already mentioned, the inner voice is not the thought process in our heads. Our inner voice is born with us, and wishes to guide us towards our true path and nature. Our thought process, however, is acquired over time through the experiences in our lives, and the beliefs that we pick up.

These experiences and beliefs serve to lead us away from our inner calling – we’re repeatedly given messages that the world is not as wholesome and peaceful as we previously thought. Conflict, stress, and criticism all hinder our natural flow, and we develop limiting thoughts and beliefs as an expression of what we think the world is really like.

Our ‘inner talk’ is not born with us, it is acquired. Therefore, we existed before our limiting thoughts and beliefs came along. What existed with us, what came into life at the same time as us, is our inner voice that wishes to guide and direct us.

Yet, instead of trusting this calling, we ignore it and trust a mental process that restricts and shackles us. It seems logical to trust something that is constantly ‘there’, in our minds. We identify with this mental thought process, and continue to live our lives based on what it tells us.

When this happens, we are trusting our mental chatter too much. We are giving up our unique identity and establishing ourselves in the limiting behaviours that have been set by others. It’s little wonder that we aren’t happy living like this.

 2. We’re Afraid To Take Risks

When we think of the word ‘risk’, we’re likely to think of ‘danger’, or ‘discomfort’, or ‘adventure’, or even ‘stupidity’. Risk is not associated with being ‘natural’, or living true to your path. Yet that’s exactly what risk is.

To us, taking a qualification for a new career, or trying for another baby, or living on our own for the first time, or going on vacation for the first time, can seem daunting. It can feel like we’re on our own, swimming in a sea of uncertainty, and our sense of control is low. But the reason why we’re doing this risky thing is not to scare ourselves or to annoy other people – it’s because we’re listening, and we’re following our inner voice.

To take a risk implies that we ‘step out of our comfort zone’, yet all that’s happening is that we’re listening to our inner calling, something we very rarely do. That’s why it seems so scary – we’re too used to living out of our heads, and doing what other people say we should do.

Because we’ve conditioned ourselves to play it safe and listen to the limits of others, doing what our inner voice tells us has become risky and daunting. We become afraid to take risks because we just aren’t used to listening to our inner voice, and so the less often we listen to it, the less often we’re inclined to listen to it.

3.  Nobody Else Seems To Listen To Their Inner Voice, So Why Should We?

The accepted prerogative aim of society is to do what others are doing, and follow in their footsteps.

If our parents got married in a certain way, then we may be inclined to follow their lead, perhaps even getting married in the same church. If our friends have all been to university, then we may be inclined to go to university too, even if we have no desire to gain a degree. Following in other people’s footsteps, whether they be of our friends, family, peers, or what the media tell you to do, is seen as normal and ‘safe’.

The inner voice is not safe, because it’s not designed to be safe. It’s meant to lead us to our true potential and our best lives, away from the crowd.

But instead of listening, we choose to look at what other people are doing, and follow their lead. We convince ourselves it’s better this way because no-one will single us out for being ‘different’ or ‘weird’ – we don’t trust ourselves to act in our own interests, so we go with what the crowd suggest, whether that’s buying the latest phone or computer, or eating at the ‘coolest’ places.

By doing this, we sacrifice who we are for the sake of apparent comfort. It’s the ultimate betrayal.

Listen To Your Inner Voice By Taking A Risk

To listen to your inner voice, you need to stop listening to the crowd. You can’t listen to both at the same time.

Learn to take a risk and do what you truly want to do, rather than what someone else says you should do. Despite the fact your parents wanted you to be this or that, you must sacrifice their wants for your own. Despite the fact your teacher said you could never be something, you must sacrifice their opinions for your own.

Take a risk, step out from the crowd, and stop paying attention to that inner chatter. Learn to listen to one voice alone – your voice. It’s the only one that stays with you from beginning to end.

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