Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation. —Eileen Caddy. Findhorn community co-founder.

How do you recognize intuition when it comes through differently each time?

Intuition, how to recognize intuitionUntil you understand how your intuition works it’s a bit like being lost in the woods after dark and trying to get back to the caravan park  without any idea what’s what or sense of direction.

Intuition can take various forms. The term “intuition” is loosely used to describe a variety of brain functions and their corresponding experiences which is why everyone has such difficulty recognizing it.

Your intuition has several purposes:

  • Warns you of danger
  • Takes control of thinking during a crisis
  • Illuminates the mind with insight and inspiration
  • Connects you with others to inform you of their thoughts and feelings.

Each of these four categories can be broken down even further.

For example when your intuition informs you of danger you could “feel that something is wrong” in your gut meaning you have that “gut feeling.” Or, you could have a strong “knowing” that says, “My child has been hurt in an accident!” You might also be walking in a dark ally when all “the hairs stand up on the back of your neck” as you sense a dangerous individual approaching.

Have you ever found yourself in a critical situation and something in you just clicked? And, you went on autopilot and did what had to be done without “thinking” about it? That’s an example of our intuitive mind taking control.

To help you begin to understand the different variations of receiving intuitive information I asked a few colleagues to share some of their intuitive moments. Here are examples of two of the categories; intuitively connecting with another being and receiving intuitive illumination.

Connecting to another being and experiencing their thoughts and feelings:

“I studied music theory with one of the most unique and God inspired individual I’ve ever met, Don Rappaport. Don not only taught me music but he became my spiritual guide. When I met him, my belief in God had eroded. In his gentle manner, Don got me reading passages from the Bible by saying ‘Just open it to any page and read a few lines’. And I d Because of him, I was able to do things I never thought possible…like writing an opera. His love was unconditional.
Although he never mentioned it to me, I knew Don was sick. When I got the phone call that he died, I walked to the french doors overlooking my garden. In that moment, something happened. I experienced a sense of joy and knew that Don, although not in body, would be with me eternally. I was radiating, tears were flowing non-stop…I knew that I had opened myself to what had always been there. I felt this other worldliness for the next day or two…and then it slowly wore off.
I have never experienced anything like that again. But my faith and sense of Godliness in each moment became and has remained strong and full of light. All because of one man who was an angel. How lucky I was that he radiated his light onto me.” –Fran Sorin www.AwakeCreate.com
Illuminates your mind with insight and inspiration:
“My “aha” moment came several years ago when my wife decided to go to graduate school. Mary Beth needed time to attend class, study and write papers – time that was once spent with me. Rather than sulking, I decided to do something productive with my new-found time.
I always had the itch to write, but lacked the discipline to do it. On Saturday afternoon when my wife was busy with her work, I had the revelation that blogging would be a good path for me. I typed “How to start a blog” in Google which took me to Blogger. That afternoon, I created my first blog and I haven’t stop blogging, or writing, since.” –Alex Blackwell www.TheBridgeMaker.com

“I was in my late 20?s when my intuition literally screamed at me.

While I was living a pretty good life (happily married, good job and plenty of opportunity) my intuition knew it wasn’t what was right for me.  I knew I wanted much more.  That little voice in my head yelled, “Go west and do something with horses!” My logical mind replied, “Where west?  It’s awfully big.  And what with horses?  There’s a lot I could do (even though I had done nothing with horses except some trail rides at camp when I was a kid).”  My intuition wisely replied, “You go figure it out.”  And I did.

At the time I was living in Boston, working in a big firm and had no exposure to “west” or “horses.” I was a city girl who always had her life all mapped out.  But it was the first time I felt like I had to listen to that little voice. I knew listening to it would be the best thing for me. It was the first time in my life that I headed out with no goals, no plans, nothing concrete. I just KNEW that something great would happen.

Over the following two years, I openly ventured way out of my comfort zone, always following my intuition and had some amazing experiences.  I went to outfitting school, living in a tent in the deep woods for a month and a half.  I managed a dude ranch and helped to care for five packs of wolves.  I trained horses.  I learned about the magical abilities of horses to cure people’s physical and emotional pains through programs where I volunteered.

I learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of.  I now know that I can handle anything life throws at me.  I learned what makes me happy in life (and it’s not doing what others think I should do).  I learned that there’s no failure in life – it’s simply a series of experiences from which we learn and grow.

And that “something great” that I knew would happen?  It’s the amazing life and family that I now have.  The heart always knows.” –Paige Burkes www.SimpleMindfulness.com

I hope you found these examples helpful. You can see that intuition appears differently. For Fran it was the connection to the spirit of her dear music theory tutor, for Alex the sudden inspiration to start a blog, for Paige the internal pull “to go west.”

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Have you had any intuitive experiences? Please leave a comment sharing what happened to you. Was it a gut feeling, a going on autopilot experience, an “aha” moment of revelation or connection to another person?

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