Today I have the wonderful pleasure of sharing an interview with dear friend and intuitive channel, Patti Foy of Lightspirited Being.

You can learn to channel your higher self. Patti shares the technique on how you can receive this channeled intuitive guidance and wisdom from your higher self.

Channel your higher self1. What is the area of the intuitive arts do you specialize in?

I use a lot of intuitive arts along with a number of energy modalities. But, one that I practice often and offer as a service is Channeling.

In simple terms, Channeling is the ability to open to higher realms and  pass information or energy from there to an individual or group who is requesting some type of assistance.

It’s used  to get answers or support, usually in the form of clarity and guidance and sometimes  as supportive healing or facilitating energies.

2. Why were you drawn to or how did you come to develop this particular specialty?

It happened by accident. (Wink wink.)

For a friend’s birthday, I took her to a public channeling in a nearby town. As a technical person I offered to help the channel make CDs of the channelings. We traded services and I ended up taking channeling classes from her through the professional level. She had a guide who was there specifically to work with students.

It was kind of wild. I was so “open” that I could never sleep after the channelings or the classes, and my body continued to adjust in various ways for about 18 mo. or so.

This was in 2005 and I’ve been channeling ever since.

3. What is your history – how did you come to practice the intuitive arts?

From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to “be a psychic” — oh, and Nancy Drew, of course ;-). I have no idea where I got that since it’s not something I was exposed to at home.

But I always just knew that there’s more to life than meets the eye. Once I became a young adult I began playing with and studying all kinds of intuitive arts. I haven’t stopped since although over the past 15 years I’ve gotten even more involved in and adept at them.

4. How does your intuition come through for you? 

Some channels open their body for an “entity” or “group” (the high vibrational ones are called guides)  to merge with their physical being.

Some go into deep trance states.

I do neither. I’m a conscious channel in that I’m aware of what is being asked and channeled, although I’m in a slightly altered state. Because I connect at a very high vibration (which feels to me like it’s happening above me), there’s no need for them to merge with my body.

Sometimes clients will also enter an altered state and/or feel the energies of the guide(s), or certainly the healing effects.

It’s different than receiving intuitive impressions normally. It’s more like I’m a level removed, and simply passing along what the guide wants to communicate rather than receiving my own impressions and interpretations.

A good way to put it is that channeling  tends more toward passive whereas my everyday intuition tends more toward active. As a channel I’m ideally like a clear tube; not interpreting, adjusting, blocking or censoring.

5. If you could change anything in your life up to now regarding your intuitive development or intuitive practice what would it be?

I was afraid for a long time to admit that I’m as passionate about and involved in this side of life as I am. I was afraid of being judged. Even now, I’m dismayed at how little credibility something so natural and beneficial as intuition has even though it’s even been proven scientifically for decades. There’s just such a negative mass mind-set about it.

I’m still not 100% comfortable being open about it with everyone. Even though I think society is simply behind the ball, these are tough patterns to break.

I think if I weren’t so intimidated I’d have embraced and expressed this part of me much earlier, and I think I’d be more skilled (and thus more useful) at this point.

However, I’m very much enjoying the journey and in that sense am perfectly happy not to change anything from the past.

5. How has being intuitive influenced your life and/or those around you?

Mainly, my intuition has always helped me make good choices. Of course there was some logic involved but I always had a feel about things, whether it be jobs, relationships, or any other decisions.

Whenever I made the wrong choices, I could always see that I knew all along that it wasn’t good for me. I just didn’t want to pay attention.

Now that I’m pretty constantly involved in the intuitive arts, it’s something I share with others much more than I used to, and friends and family often call on me. It’s become more helpful with my personal life too because I’ve gotten much better with all of my intuitive skills.

As to channeling specifically:

Besides channeling for others, I’ve taught a few friends and family members to channel for themselves, so now they have their own powerful tool as they move forward.

Also, when I’m too subjective or confused about things, channeling is perfect because since I am a level removed  (as I mentioned in #4), my personal clarity doesn’t even have to be intact. I’ve discovered I can open that “channel” within me even when I’m upset, sad, confused, etc. and the guidance comes through calmly and clearly. So channeling has been a unique and useful adjunct to other forms of intuition.

6. What exercise/courses/books do you recommend to readers to develop the kind of specialty you have?

Soon I’ll be offering a beginner channeling course of my own. It’s not ready yet but as with most of my new services or products, I’ll offer it to my newsletter subscribers before final release in exchange for feedback.

In the meantime, the book I most strongly recommend is Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman. It’s a channeled book teaching how to channel.

Another that’s more about connecting with your guides (not so much channeling them, but it’s a good first step) is Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette. You’ll find out that your guides are very accessible.

A Channeling Exercise

Here’s a simple exercise you can do to get a taste of channeling.

Important: While you step through, just watch and listen. No need to conjure anything up. There’s no effort required.

1) Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths.

2) Request to connect with your “Higher Self”. This is a perfect guide to start with. They are perfectly safe and will not refuse you.

3) In your mind’s eye, with your eyes still closed, see your Higher Self in front of you. Make a note of what she/he/YOU look like. Take your time. See how she/he/YOU feel. Explore a little bit.

4) Say hello, and thank your guide for coming.

Now, you’re going to ask your Higher Self a question, and then immediately accept whatever comes. Ready?

Here’s the question:

Higher Self, what is one simple change I can make today that will help me express my light most beautifully?

5) Now, just accept what comes!

Remember: You don’t have to do anything! Just receive. Watch … listen … and/or feel.

It may just be a word or a phrase, or just an idea or a feeling.

Just relax and receive it.

6) Thank your guide, and say goodbye. Reclaim your space, and fill yourself with your inner light.

7) Open your eyes.

How was it? Please let me know!

If you didn’t get a clear message (or even if you did), then repeat this process again later. You can experiment with different questions, but choose something you can be objective about.

7. What’s one action that readers/listeners can take this week to move them forward in their goal of becoming more intuitive.

Trust what you get.

Especially in the beginning, we dismiss our intuition as “just our imagination”. Well, guess what? Imagination is one of intuition’s most important mediums! So in the exercise above, you didn’t “just imagine” your guide’s response. You really didn’t. Trust that it’s real, because it is.

Same with ideas, especially those that feel inspired. Trust them; they are your intuition, and are one of your intuition’s best means of relaying guidance to you.

7. Can you share a personal story about working with your intuition?

One channeling story that’s always stood out for me happened soon after I began channeling. I was still “practicing” with acquaintances, and a good friend agreed to participate, but admitted that she was afraid she would get bad news from the guides. Because of this she didn’t even want to ask any questions.

I assured her that channeling  is always a positive and uplifting experience, but being sensitive to her concerns I suggested we just tune in and see if they had a positive, loving message for her.

What happened was extraordinary. A purely angelic presence filled the room. We both felt it strongly.  And then, besides a meaningful, loving message that came through for her, there was such an energy of love and healing that we both had tears streaming down our faces. The session lasted about 20 min. but affected us both deeply. She said she went home and felt more secure and nurtured than she had in a long time, still feeling the comforting effects days afterward.

It was a beautiful experience, and all we had to do was ask.

Listen to the recorded interview here:

Have you ever channeled or asked your “higher self” questions? What happened? What questions do you have of Patti? Take advantage of her knowledge while she is here!

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Patti Foy can be found at her ever-evolving blog Lightspirited Being where she supports you in shining your own unique light by offering  insight, guidance, and transformation. Her posts include empowering tips and techniques for activating your own multidimensional magic. You can also access her services as a Jyotishi (Vedic astrologer), a Channel, an Animal Communicator, and an energy/consciousness practitioner trained to help shift difficult patterns in your life via her Holographic Emergence sessions.(Patti has channeled for me and I can vouch for her accuracy and terrific talent! A.A.)


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