“Every soul is not only the inlet but may become the outlet of all there is in God.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hands on healing, laying on of hands, spiritual healingToday I have the pleasure of introducing you to another dear friend, spiritual healer and medium, Andrea Atack.

1. What area of the intuitive arts do you specialize in?

I specialize in Intuitive Reiki. Reiki is an ancient “laying of hands” healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal and balance the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. During a session I receive messages from spirit guides, deceased loved ones and Angels. This guidance is used to assist the client to heal the cause of any imbalance. These messages may contain information about one’s past, present or future.

2. Why were you drawn to or how did you come to practice the intuitive arts?

It wasn’t until after I had a life changing session with a Medium in my late twenties, that my curiosity about after death communication heightened. Besides reading I looked for ways to study the spirit world firsthand.

I studied intuition development to learn how to hear my intuitive voice more clearly. In this course I was given the tools to use to open up my intuition. I continued my studies of the tarot, dousing rods and psychometry while looking for ways to better understand the other side and how to reach it.

It was during a Tarot reading when my third eye opened and I was able to see and communicate with a spirit on the other side. At the encouragement of family and friends I began giving Mediumship readings on weekends and evenings.

My intuitive journey took a different path when I became seriously ill in 2006.  It was during this time of healing that I took the opportunity to learn Reiki.

Reiki has enhanced my life in every way. I felt happier, lighter and at peace when giving or receiving a Reiki treatment. I also found that Reiki heightened  my intuition as I could see not only deceased loved ones from the other side, but angels, spirit guides and impressions of one’s past lives.

I began blending these impressions I received into my Reiki sessions. My clients were elated when this information was passed along to them as I it helped them uncover and identify some core issues which helped them heal themselves.

3.How does your intuition come through for you? Can you describe it for us ?

I hear sounds, see images, sense odors and feel thoughts and sensations that are put into my mind and body by spirits on the Other Side. I’m often asked, do you hear their voice? On rare occasions I will hear the voice of those on the Other Side. Most often, it is my own voice within my mind.

The spirits will show me how they looked while in their physical body, either by showing me themselves or someone I can identify with who fits the same description. I get smells and tastes that help me convey the message; whether it be their perfume or cigarette smoke.

When I feel or sense a spirit’s message I feel the physical pain they experienced prior to their death. I have also felt emotions which range from love to sorrow.

4. If you could change anything in your life up to now regarding your intuitive development or intuitive practice what would it be?

My intuition opened up very quickly and unexpectedly and although it was exciting it was also very overwhelming. I had no idea how to control it or how to balance my earthly life and my spiritual life. I have had to learn how to live in balance with these new abilities to be an open channel for spirit to flow through.

I took intuitive training courses offered by professional mediums which proved to be valuable training on how to control my mediumship.  Mediumship is a constant state of development which requires continual practice. I’ve also learned the difficult way, through illness, that this gift will not shine as bright if I do not take care of myself.  I have learned to protect my mediumship otherwise, it will deplete my energy.

With respect to my intuitive practice, I ask that my clients enter into their session with an open heart and an open mind so that they can experience a positive and rewarding session. Check any expectations at the door and appreciate the experience for what it is.

Cherish the messages that you do receive and don’t dismiss the reading because it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. These messages are gifts.  As a Medium I am the messenger, it is those on the other side who orchestrate the session. My job is to serve the Spirit World first, this world comes second. I also ask that my clients believe that they can be healed as well as they can heal themselves.

5. How has being intuitive influenced your life and/or those around you?

It’s made me understand that this life is important. I try to see everything as part of a big picture. I try my best to live a loving and gracious life.  When I die and return to the spirit world I want to be proud of how I lived my life. To be mindful of my thoughts, to love myself, practice forgiveness and to always have an open and loving heart.  To live in the present and lastly to believe!

We all have an infinite number of angels, healers, spirit guides that want to help heal us  and I encourage my clients to invite them all into their lives; in doing so they will notice a shift in their lives for the better.

6.What exercise/courses do you recommend to readers to develop the kind of specialty you have?

With regard to Mediumship, I do believe that most people can increase their sensitivity to the signs of spirit contact. Start with a meditation to reconnect to your power. When you meditate do so without any expectations. Mediate on a regular basis, at the same time every day. After a while it will become second nature to you.

Try to remember all the information that came through to you, in as much detail as possible. Write it down, create a journal where you can record these meditations or any dreams you may have. With regular practice, you will go into a place deep inside where your heart starts to open and speaks to you.

When choosing a Reiki teacher you need to trust your intuition. Ask: Is the teacher genuine and passionate about it and do they have a regular schedule of classes? Research the professional background of the teacher. It is important that the teacher be trained by an accredited Reiki association. Ask the prospective teacher whether he/she incorporates daily self treatment and how Reiki has helped him/her?

7.What’s one action that readers can take this week to move them forward in their goal of becoming more intuitive.

As a Medium and a healer I suggest this exercise to many of my clients so that they can access their own self healing energy.

We all have energy around us and we can use this energy to heal. If we hurt some part of our body we will immediately place our hand over that place to make it feel better. We do this because it’s normal and natural. When you have been in pain hasn’t the healing touch of a loved one made a difference?

You have this natural healing energy within you and you are a powerful healer. Tap into your body’s energy and feel the energy in your hands when you put them on a loved one. You are surrounded by a colorful energy field that comes from the chakras centers in your body. Take a moment to rub your hands together and then put them together palm to palm. Pull them away from each other slowly and feel the powerful “sponge-like” energy you have in between your hands. This is your healing energy. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

8. Can you share a personal story about working with your intuition?

A new client came for a session. She leaned on her walker to make her way to my healing room appearing exhausted and forlorn. She, I’ll call her “Susan,” explained she had recently been diagnosed with MS.

Intuitively, I knew I had to send Reiki to her entire body. Throughout the session a steady stream of tears ran down her cheeks. As I worked over her root chakra a lady in spirit appeared, she introduced herself as Marian, my client’s grandmother. I was shown a greeting card with the word “Believe” written on it. As I shared this information with Susan she confirmed Marian was her grandmother who passed about 30 years prior. She explained that her grandmother had given her a greeting card on her 16th birthday that said “believe”. She still had the greeting card and then she said, “I do Believe, I believe I can heal myself of this disease”.

About one month later I received an email from Susan. Susan explained that for the first time in months, she experienced pain relief during the healing session. Later that evening as she lay in bed, she felt the pain leave her body. Two months later Susan returned for a second session, I almost didn’t recognize her as she quickly walked up my driveway without the walker and a huge smile on her face! This story confirms that miracles do happen, if only we believe!

9.What is the biggest lesson you have learned via your intuition?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to always trust in my intuition.  Intuition speaks to us all the time and surfaces through our emotions, thoughts, body, a sense of knowing and our dreams. Once you trust in your intuition you will never look back. It wants to help and asks for nothing in return.

What questions do you have for Andrea? Have you ever had a “spiritual healing?” What were the circumstances and how did it turn out?

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Andrea Atack, Spiritual Medium & Reiki MasterAndrea Atack is a busy Spiritual Medium and Reiki Master in Niagara Falls Canada. Her ability to reunite departed souls with their loved ones is her passion.  Andrea has given nearly 500 readings and spiritual healings. Andrea has studied professionally with a number of world renowned Mediums such as James Van Praagh, as well as Simon James and Brian Robertson, tutors of the Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship in Stansted England. Andrea can be reached for distance healing via her Reiki website or by email at: Andrea.Atack@yahoo.ca

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