“Every human has four endowments-  self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.” Steven R. Covey

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There are powerful reasons to increase your self awareness.

10 Powerful Reasons to Increase Your Self AwarenessWe are living in pivotal times, where many of us may find it challenging to keep up with our own life changes and personal awakenings, as well as those of our world.

Regardless, it is clear that we are motivated to pursue various paths of personal development. Whether it is a quest for truth, enlightenment, personal mastery or just happier living, there is a common thread to all personal paths that is at the root of their unfolding.

What is necessary for each of these aspects to become real for us is an increase in awareness, specifically self awareness.

On a more specific scale, a personal journey may focus on attaining success, learning forgiveness, finding a sense of purpose or improving personal relationships. What will dictate how easy or challenging a journey it may be, comes down to our level of awareness.

When we commit to increasing our awareness, everything takes on a different meaning in life, things become easier, and the benefits are many in every area of our life.

Let’s examine 10 powerful reasons to increase our self awareness, which will benefit every area of our life, no matter what we may be seeking or what path we may be on.

 1. You Get To Know What Your Unconscious Mind Is Up To

If you ask the average person if they are aware of their thoughts, words of even actions, most of us are quick to reply, of course! After all, if we don’t know what we are up to, who does? Yet there is a whole other piece to this equation.

While science isn’t clear on the exact percentages of the mind used (not to be mistaken with brain), what we know for sure is that most of the time we function from automatic or unconscious mind patterns, with the conscious mind playing a very small role. This is where the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind cannot be over emphasized in its importance on the quality of our lives.

Most of us neglect to factor in this difference when it comes to how or why we do, say or think the things we do – if we are even aware of them. We simply may not realize how much the years of conditioning from various sources have impacted us, becoming today programmed thoughts and behavior patterns that do not even represent us, or what we want.

The more self aware we become, the more we learn to become aware of our thought patterns, their origins, wound triggers, and so much more!

We start to function from ever increasing conscious mind patterns, over unconscious ones. We start to re-gain control over our life, rather than living on auto-pilot or as if some “external” force is in charge of things like our health, happiness, inner peace and joy.

2. You Become a Nicer Person

Rather than approaching the world from a reactive state of being, the more you increase your awareness the more mindful you become of how your thoughts, words and actions may impact others. You therefore become more mindful of what you will or will not say, or do. You become a more considerate spouse, a more patient parent, a more conscientious worker, and a more positively contributing member to your community and our world.

3. You Become More Honest With Yourself (and others)

According to Sigmund Freud, human beings can lie and not realize they are lying. Freud found that we have the ability to deceive not just others, but also ourselves. Our capacity for self-deception is so powerful that many people, especially when they lack the self awareness that allows them to peer into their deepest motivations, actually believe their own distortions of reality.

For example, you may think that you are helping make the world a better place by doing x, y, or z, when in truth the motivations are for nothing more than your personal status, power or financial gain. Self-deception runs deep and can affect every area of our life from weight and health problems, to financial and career advancements.

 4. You Don’t Have to Suffer From Guilt or Regrets

Ignorance is bliss, until it catches up to us.

We may forgo doing what we feel is right in our heart in the moment like not giving an employee a day off when they look ill, not contributing to your friend’s new charity, not telling your spouse the whole story of what really happened, not taking the time to learn about the medication you gave your child, or not paying attention to the environmentally destructive qualities of the product you just bought, etc. But when the moment of our ignorance or unconsciousness wears off, that is usually when guilt and regret sets in.

The more self aware we become, the more we triumph over ignorance and not have to pay the price of guilt and regret in some future moment. Awareness means we take some effort to consider how any one of our actions may impact us, others or our world.

5.  You Are Able To Know What You Want

If we look around, many people are not following their dreams, or passions, or getting that certain job or partner, because in truth they do not really know what they want. When we allow the external environments to blind us, putting us almost into a comatose way of living, we are less inclined to be conscious of what is going on within us and what our real needs, desires or aspirations are.

The more self aware we become, the more we are able to come into alignment with our inner being and follow our soul’s plan at any given time, knowing what we want and why.

6. You Have An Easier Time Making Decisions

This idea goes hand in hand with the points above, but it expands even further. Each day we have to make decisions or choices, and it is clear that some of us seem to have an easier time with this and others. We have all felt indecisive at one time or another, but for some people this becomes a daily way of life whether they are picking a new pair of socks or a new career path, making life seem very challenging.

The more self aware we become, the more we begin to tap into our inner essence, rather than being influenced by external sources, of what it is that is best for us at any given time.

7. You Gain More Inner Peace

The more we increase our self awareness, the more we begin to respect the divine flow of all that is. Rather than live in resistance to what is, which in turn creates turmoil in our life, an expanded awareness allows us to better grasp why things happen as they do. Although we may not always know the full reason for something, we find inner peace in knowing that nothing happens in our Universe without being in perfect alignment with divine creation and evolution for the benefit of all those it touches.

 8. You Become More In Tune With Nature

When we pull our attention within, we start to not only live from a higher state of appreciation for nature, but also more in harmony with nature. Becoming more self aware translates into having a connection with all living beings, and being mindful of how any of our actions impact them. The changes within can be as simple as no longer complaining about the weather, to as profound as feeling the life force of all species within us in that we can not inflict any violence on any of them, as we become aware that we are one.

9.  You Increase Your Intuition

Increased awareness also correlates to an increase in our intuition. We enable ourselves to detect subtle energy changes, we become more in tune with our feelings, messages from our bodies and our environment. All of these play a role in helping us tune into the inner knowing, also called intuition. As one can imagine, the benefits of this are numerous and have compounding benefits in many of the other areas we discussed above, like being a better decision maker, etc.

 10. You Learn Who It Is That You Are

Last, but not least, there is perhaps no better reason to become more self aware, than to get to know yourself (or know yourself better). The more self aware you become, the more you get to know the “real” you—not the Ego you, not the pain-body you and not the “shaped-by-others” you. With increased self awareness, you begin to tap into the deep essence of your being—your soul—and are then able to align with your true purpose in this lifetime.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the numerous benefits of increased awareness and their importance in increasing the quality of your life, the next step is learning how to increase your awareness. The great news is that numerous resources, from many disciplines, exist today to help us achieve this through various forms like meditation, stillness sessions, philosophical studies, and ongoing education on all topics.

Wishing you a wonderful journey of increasing your awareness!

Are you on a journey of self awareness? In what ways has becoming more self aware been of benefit to your life? What is the best way to become more self aware?

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