“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” — Alan Alda

Can intuition lead you to a new career?

When intuition leads you to a new careerToday I have the pleasure of introducing readers to Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living. In this interview Farnoosh shares the fascinating details of how she became a successful entrepreneur by following her intuition.

Farnoosh tell us about your new program: Smart Exit Blueprint.  

Angela, I believe the hardest part of leaving a job that is no longer serving you well is making that transition. Even if you know exactly what you want to do, you may still be at a loss how to make that overwhelming transition from your current job and income to your dream career.

It is really important to pay attention to your intuition and your gut feeling during the whole process of leaving and then combine that with practical how-to to build a smart strategy to make the shift.

So my Smart Exit Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to help you build that strategy to make a professional and successful transition from where you are – which is not the right place for you – to where you know you can thrive.

You know, thanks to your intuition rather than what others tell you, that you are meant to do something special with your talents and skills. My course empowers you to get there.

Who would most benefit from Smart Exit Blueprint?

Great question. For starters, this is from my perspective and I worked in a start-up first, then transitioned to Corporate America in a large Fortune 100 company, where I worked and thrived for 12-years, and transitioned into several organizations and jobs within that corporation and then finally, transitioned out to self-employment and building my own company.

So if you are in a start-up or in a corporate position and unhappy with your position and yearn for doing fulfilling work with your life, this course will suit you ideally, and it will guide you to finding the RIGHT place for you.

I want to add that the right place may be in another corporate position or a non-profit organization or retail or self-employment for you. Your own insight and intuition knows where you are meant to go, but I arm you with tools, knowledge, resources to better understand your own skills and hone in on your strengths, so if you are in an unhappy job and not sure where you can find happiness but know that the current place is definitely not it, then this course is also ideal for you!

If you are in an unhappy job but believe that the economy is to blame or that you should stay put and that pursuing your dream is “unrealistic”, while I’d love to work with you but you may not yet be ready for building a smart exit strategy because I believe we create our own luck, our own opportunities and our own future.

What led you to create this program?

That’s an easy one, Angela. When I was looking to exit my corporate job, first I could not find a single resource that could show me the practical how-to, the real dirt on having those tough conversations with bosses and spouses and rallying up support and building up confidence and belief in my own intuition and insight. I found nothing except inspirational books and that was great but, it wasn’t practical.

So after I went through several weeks and months of building my own strategy, I decided to document and share the whole process. I researched and built material for months and interviewed other experts and did case studies and created exercises and tools and worksheets that helped me and can tremendously help others leave miserable jobs and find fulfillment in their work.

Can you tell us about your own background and your own exit from corporate America? Do you think if you had a mentor such as you are now going to be, it would have taken place sooner or gone better?

Sure. Let’s just say nearly 12 years in Corporate America is more than enough for any lifetime. I had plenty of mentors and coaches, even at the VP and executive levels in the company but most of all, I regret not listening to my own intuition sooner. I regret not taking my own inner voice seriously and instead being swayed by society and peer pressure and family.

One day I said, No more! I am going to do this,” and I have not looked back a single second. You won’t either if you are in the wrong place. I promise you that!

Did your intuition play a role in leading you to make the transition from corporate employee to entrepreneur?

Absolutely! As I mentioned earlier, that’s what I was ignoring all this time and I have to say, I was trained to be an engineer so the feeling side of things did not hold a lot of credit with my family and certainly not at my workplace.

I was trained to think analytically and logically and all that is great but not when it comes to the real stuff, such as whether you are in the right place or the right relationship.

For all of that, the day I started listening to my intuition was the day that my life started to turn around!

I can’t overemphasize the role of intuition in my life if I tried!

Had you ever considered being an entrepreneur before? If not, what made you change your mind?

Not in my wildest dreams. I saw my brother go through dozens of start-ups and crash and burn many times. No way I was going to be that crazy!

Granted entrepreneurship is different from a start-up, in that you don’t have venture capital money and employees and investors to deal with and in ways, it’s even scarier!

What changed my mind is the realization that there has never been a better time to start your own business. Look at the opportunities around you! And again, thanks to my inner voice and my intuition, I decided that entrepreneurship is the only path to happiness for me. So far, I’m right on the money!

How does a person intuitively know they are ready to make transition like you did?

I wish we listened to that intuition more often, Angela. I really believe many people get to the point of readiness when they can no longer tolerate where they are. You see, I believe that the pain has to be great enough in the place you are right now in order to want you to make the move. And then, you need to listen very carefully to your intuition, the one you’ve probably been ignoring for a while, to tell you where you are meant to go.

As to the how, it’s listening, meditating, reflecting, hearing those voices in your head and watching how you feel toward certain things. All of that will guide you to the right course for you.

What are some of the “signs” you came upon that showed you the corporate path was no longer the right path for you to follow? (example: your boss didn’t give you a raise, no one was taking your suggestions, you kept getting sick, you work computer kept crashing, every time you were scheduled to fly to a meeting it got cancelled, etc)

There were so many signs, I actually just recorded a group coaching call on this if you want to see it here: http://www.smartexitblueprint.com/blog/10signs.

Some of the signs are extreme boredom at your job; lack of any focus, the intolerance with all the systems and policies and general authority, and the fact that you do it just for the money.

Some of the more painful signs are when the company no longer aligns to your values, when you are in pain and doing everything that you know – thanks to your intuition – you are not supposed to be doing in this life. Please pay attention to the signs and at least be aware of your situation.

You can change things. I promise you! I believe in your ability because I did it and I was the last person to walk out on Corporate America, trust me!

How has becoming an entrepreneur changed your life?

Oh I love my life. I may work 14-hour days, give up luxury and social life and hobbies, and see less of my better half – thank goodness I married an angel – but I am over the moon to have the ability to build an enterprise that is aligned to every part of my beliefs and values.

It has transformed my life and taught me that I know best what is good for me, thanks again – can we say this too many times – to my intuition. You understand that one well, Angela, and I am so glad we share that value together.

What advice do you have for someone who is “on the fence” about taking the leap?

Oh I know exactly where you are if you are on the fence. The last thing you want to hear is what I am telling you hear, I know that. You may be jaded and have lost hope and even bitter about your prospects. I went through all of that and I have two quick heart-felt words of encouragement for you:

First one is that you need to bet on yourself. No one out there will ever bet on you and your gifts and your abilities. You need to believe that you deserve a shot at real success and it starts with self-belief. Summon it and take action.

Second is that I think you have a moral obligation to share with us your gifts and your talents. I was just with my father-in-law who said to me not everyone is gifted, many just exist, they hardly live and they have little to offer. I disagreed so strongly I think I went overboard in my manners a little. I don’t think that’s the problem.

The problem is that many simply don’t bother sharing their gifts.

So please, share yours. Find a way because you have no idea how many people can benefit from your abilities until you do!

Are you ready to escape from the 9 to 5 trap of trading time for money?

Starting over as an entrepreneur is more than “make your own website” and booking business the next day.

What questions do you have for Farnoosh? She’s done it so, take advantage of her expertise and ask her advice.

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When Intuition Leads You to A New CareerFarnoosh Brock left a 12-year career at a Fortune 100 company for her pursuits in writing, coaching, blogging and building her company. She talks about smart habits for rich living with a focus on helping people create a smart exit strategy  out of the wrong job to their true path. Oh and grab the 14 weekly power career tips and uncensored corporate escape advice from here!


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