“The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals” –Author Unknown

The love for our pets is eternal.

The love for our pets is eternalHow we miss them when they are gone.

The love they share with us while they are with us is their gift to human kind.

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing you to another beautiful soul, Jeanne Miller of The Pet Medium.

Jeanne loves animals as much as I do!

What area of the intuitive arts do you specialize in?

I’m a Psychic Medium specializing in animal communications.  I am able to connect people to the thoughts, words, and feelings of their pets either here or passed on.
Why were you drawn to or how did you come to develop this particular specialty?

I have had a deep love for animals my entire life. I always yearned to find a way to work with them, but did not want work in a  veterinary clinic.  After being in and out of psychic development for many years, I attended an animal communications seminar one day.  I opened up very suddenly that day and haven’t looked back since.

What is your history – how did you come to practice the intuitive arts?

Although I was fascinated with this field, I had no idea that I could do this type of work.  But around age 35, some odd things started happening to me.  Astral Projection, sensing and feeling spirits around me etc.  I didn’t know what was happening to me until I went to have my very first reading from a local Psychic Medium.  She explained what was happening to me and I went into psychic development training with her at that time.  Although life events would pull me out of development, it wasn’t long before I went right back in. It just kept calling to me.  But it took almost 20 years for the time to be right for me to do this work.

How does your intuition come through for you? Can you describe it for us so that even non-intuitives understand?

My intuition comes through in many ways.  When I give a pet reading, I work through my guides.  They will often send me visuals, like little film clips.  They also will either talk to me or just “download” information to me.  I will suddenly just know something, that I have no reason to know. The knowledge will just suddenly be there, as if it had always been there for me to draw on.  I often times hear sounds and my communication with the animal is also very direct.  I see them in spiritual form and they talk to me.  I hear their voices, not with my physical ears, but my inner ear. The same way people hear their voice in their head when they are reading or thinking.  It is a very natural feeling.

If you could change anything in your life up to now regarding your intuitive development or intuitive practice what would it be?

I would have tried to find more like minded people.  Before I opened up completely to psychic communication, my teacher had passed on and I had no one to answer my questions or help me along.  I think being with others in a group would have moved me into this world more quickly and would have helped me with the self doubt that I felt.

How has being intuitive influenced your life and/or those around you?

In all honestly, for a very long time, it made me feel alienated from people.  I didn’t have anyone I could talk to in the early days as they wouldn’t know what I was talking about.  Most of the people who were in my life while I was developing are no longer around.  So now, I lead a more isolated life, which I think has helped me to not feel like such an outcast.  Luckily, I have a sister who is also just discovering her gifts in this area, so I am able to talk to her about anything and this helps a lot.

What exercise/courses do you recommend to readers to develop the kind of specialty you have?

The first thing I would recommend is to read some animal communication books to get an idea of how this work is done. It will also show people who are interested in this line of work, that they will find sorrow as well as joy in their communications. Once they have decided they would really like to continue on this path, I want to tell them that they don’t have to have Mediumship abilities to talk to animals on this side.  But they would need to develop in that area if they want to speak to animals who have passed into spirit.

I would recommend taking a psychic development class from a gifted psychic medium.  If they have latent  mediumship abilities, they will most likely start to emerge in psychic development.  The first step is to put a daily meditation in place.  There are so many different ways to meditate that this doesn’t need to be daunting. Even 10 minutes a day will help them fine tune their minds to a higher vibration.

They must also learn, if they are working with Spirit, to surround themselves with white light before communicating, as this will protect them from lower vibrations.  But this is more important for mediumship  readings then regular pet communication.

Picture the pet in your mind’s eye.  Ask a question, and wait.  Write down the first thing that comes to your mind, even if you think it is off base. They should practice on their friend’s pets if that is more comfortable for them.  Learning to trust the information is the hardest part.  So if you practice with your friends, they will be able to verify what comes out.  And starting this way, with friends, is a safe and comfortable way.  You won’t have to worry about being embarrassed or being wrong.  They are friends.  They love you and will help you to attain what you want. If they make you feel silly or embarrassed…get some new friends. (great advice Jeanne! AA)

What’s one action that readers/listeners can take this week to move them forward in their goal of becoming more intuitive?

One thing I would like to suggest is something very simple.  Take a walk by yourself.  Do not bring a phone unless you are expecting an emergency.  While walking, start taking in sensory information.  Focus first on sight…how many different colors do you see? As you go along, focus on your sense of smell.  Concentrate on any scents that come to you, whether it be trees, flowers, or if you are in a city, bus or car exhaust.  These all count.  Focus on each smell, one at a time.  Next move to hearing.  What different sounds are you hearing?  How many.  Without looking, can you identify what you are hearing.  Now finish your walk by just being alone with your thoughts and let you mind wander to wherever it wants to go.  This is an excellent way to start fine tuning your senses and focusing your mind.  Now this isn’t to say you aren’t supposed to pay attention to what is around you.  If you are near busy areas or intersections, do pay attention to this world too!

Can you share a personal story about working with your intuition?

My friends kept telling me I would love the Harry Potter books, but I hadn’t started reading them until number Four was out.  I ravished those in no time flat.  By the time Order of the Phoenix came out, I was thoroughly hooked and chomping at the bit.  I called every book shop I could find and they were all sold out.  Well, I gave up on it and was disappointed but had errands to run.  On the way to one of my errands, I had to pass a complex that had a Kmart in it.  I never shopped at Kmart, as I’ve always been a catalogue or online shopper.  But I suddenly got a strong urge to pull into the complex.

Of course, I ignored it, not realizing it was a communication.

I ran my errand, and drove back the same way.  This time I got a strong voice saying: “Go to Kmart.  What you want is at Kmart.”  It was kind of loud so I figured I’d go even though I thought I was going batty.  I wasn’t even sure that Kmart sold books.  Well they did and directed me to them.  There were 2 copies left. I bought one, thanked my guides and went home to a fun night of reading.  This was the first time that I realized that our guides care about the little things we want as well as the larger things.  As long as what you want isn’t going to be bad for you, your guides will help you find it.  They love you. It is never too soon to start talking to them and thanking them for watching over you.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned via your intuition?

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned…the one that has had a profound impact on me….is how very much our pets really do love us.  I have seen first hand, the loyalty they constantly show us and  how often they put our wishes before their own.  And I was also surprised and pleased to find that cats are every bit as loving and loyal as dogs are.  It was amazing to learn that our pets find humans fascinating and they love to watch us as much as we love to watch them.   As one cat put it:  “I like to watch my Mom.  She can do so many different things with her hands.”

Do you have any questions for Jeanne? Have you ever felt as if you could understand your pet? What did it feel like or what happened?

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Jeanne Miller "The Pet Medium"Jeanne Miller is an author and psychic pet medium from Vermont. Her website is The Pet Medium (www.thepetmedium.com). If you want to understand what your pet is thinking or feel the lasting bonds of love with a pet who has passed on please do contact Jeanne.

She’s read for my pets several times and she was phenomenal! AA

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