Do you know the top 10 ten signs that your intuition is more developed than you think?

Are you wondering whether you might be highly intuitive?

Am I intuitive?People visiting Powered by Intuition for the first time take the Intuition Quotient test and are surprised at how high their scores are.

The fact is, most people are intuitive and — much more intuitive than they believe. There are common signs that appear throughout the life of intuitive individuals. Each of them is a “calling card” trying to get your attention.

Here are the top 10 signs that you might be highly intuitive:

1. Do you feel drawn to learn more about the workings of intuition? Does the idea of developing your intuition appeal to you? You wouldn’t be pulled toward learning more about intuition unless a greater ability then you are aware of first existed within you. Everything outside of us mirrors something from within. In other words, if this latent ability didn’t already exist within you – you couldn’t have an interest in it because it wouldn’t be part of your “awareness.”

2. Have you purchased and read books about the lives of people who are intuitive? Do you find the topic fascinating? This is similar to the first sign. You wouldn’t be pulled to read about this topic unless you possessed these abilities within you.

3. Did you ever take any intuition development courses? Again, even if you left there without feeling that you were an accomplished intuitive or ready to “read” more into things you would not have taken the courses unless you had within you this ability.

4. Do you have moments where you feel you are reading another person’s mind but then dismiss it, thinking it was just a coincidence? Do you know when the phone is going to ring? Do you find that many times you know who is on the phone before you answer? Are you a really good judge of character? Do your kids find it spooky that you always know who the “bad” kids are? Do you just “know” things without knowing how you “know?”

5. Do you have vivid dreams that you remember? Many intuitive individuals have action-packed dreams in full color that they remember for years and  years. One of the earliest “calling cards” from your intuition are frequent and vivid dreams. The problem is that most people ignore their dreams. When you start paying attention you’ll  find a lot of intuitive guidance coming your way via your dreams.

6. Are you attracted to the healing arts? Are you interested in taking courses in energy healing, Reiki, hands on healing or massage? Have you had treatments by a spiritual healer? Many latent intuitives are attracted to study healing modalities. They are intensely drawn to heal others and possess great empathy. They are also fascinated by working with “energy” or aware of “energy” and feel you have an understanding of how to transfer or send energy to others. You might even practice on your spouse, children, friends and even your pets.

7. Are you interested in systems of divination? Do systems such as the astrology, Tarot, I Ching, palmistry, numerology or scrying fascinate you? There are hundreds of other systems of divination that I didn’t mention but, you get the point. It doesn’t matter which one as long as you’ve found yourself drawn to it. Did you find yourself drawn to study the art of divination from a young age? I began reading the Tarot when I was eleven years old.

8. Do you find that you sense other people’s emotions? Do you easily become emotional? Can you sense both the joy and pain in other people? Do you feel the “oneness” all around you? Does joy bring you to a state of tears? Are you drawn to animals? Do you feel you understand them? If so you are highly empathic and open to your intuition.

9. Do you  see your life as filled with meaning and symbolism? Do you see repeating number patterns? Do you wake in the middle of the night and see the same time on your digital clock? Or do you see these repeating numbers on license plates? Do “signs” appear that answer your questions such as song lyrics, license plates, billboards, conversation with people who know nothing about your question?

10. Do  similar coincidences pop up to guide you as to whether you should do something you had been contemplating? Do people and solutions arrive in your life just at the right time? Do you feel that you’re lucky?

Review these ten clues to see if any or a few apply to you. If so, you know your intuition is much more developed than you think.

What did you learn from this post about your intuitive inclinations? Are you much intuitive than you thought you were? Which of the ten clues sounded most like you?

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