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The intuitive art of moving energy and facilitating clarity – an interview with Joy Holland of Facets of Joy.

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Today I am speaking with Joy Holland from Facets of Joy about her intuitive practice and her skills. Read the written interview or listen to the recording below.

1. Joy, what area of the intuitive arts do you specialize in?

I am an empathic intuitive clarity worker. I specialize in moving energy and facilitating clarity to reflect a person’s inner truth.  Everything I do circulates around energy movement and is based in a foundation of love and peace.

I physically move energy through a person, or energetically reflect to you an inner truth that enables you to remove a block or embrace a joy that will allow you to experience inner peace.

2. Why were you drawn to or how did you come to develop this particular specialty?

I was born with my be the love and light in the room, always, regardless of external circumstances.  I live fully present in this moment..a practice I was born with, and have cultivated and invested in as I’ve grown.

Four years ago, I made the choice to honor an intensive year of study and immersion in learning to live in alignment.  I lead a heart based life, which means I invest in only that which is life enriching and spirit enlivening. If I feel a barrier to flow, I do inner work to remove the barrier.  I am constantly moving energy in a positive manner.

3. What is your history – how did you come to practice the intuitive arts? 

I was born with my gift, so I was born practicing. Before I had words to describe it, I was living it.  This is my truth.  I am living love, from day one.  And, energy movement is based in this love.

When you read my words on a page, the words I have personally typed, you may feel this love from the words.  When you are in a room with me, you feel this love.  Because I have done the work to remove barriers, this feeling of love and light just flows from me.  When I focus that on a particular person or situation, it is powerful enough to move energy.

4. How does your intuition come through for you? Can you describe it for us so that even non-intuitives understand

My intuition is a feeling.  When I am sharing space with a person, without even trying, am able to read them.  I believe that we are all energy, so it is my energy connecting with yours, but more than that I am you, and you are me, so I feel you and see you.

It often surprises someone how well I can know them from a look or smile…and people often say they feel as if they know me..they do, because they are me…in an esoteric way for those who are unfamiliar.

My process for working with clients remotely is to send them a survey to complete. When I read their answers to the questions I  get intuitive information far beyond what they have written.

5. If you could change anything in your life up to now regarding your intuitive development or intuitive practice what would it be?

I believe everything happens as it is meant to, so I wouldn’t change anything.

For most of my life, energy work was very much outside of mainstream of my career in the established medical field so I was often the one “dimming my light” in the room in order to not be too much for people.  One cannot really dim a light, the mind/body connection is huge for me, so dimming my light meant dimming me, and that made me physically ill.  This was part of my journey, and how I learned to release layers to be fully me, fully present to me and fully present to others.

6. How has being intuitive influenced your life and/or those around you?

Being intuitive influences my life because I live in alignment and am so aware that I know with certainty what step to take, I see with certainty who I am so I know that what is in my life is as a result of what I have drawn to me.

This also means that my life truly is as magical as I allow it to be.  When I am living in alignment, fully present, I am in flow and anything is possible.  Because I allow myself to be vulnerable where many people do not,  my experiences are to a depth that many do not experience, and my life is one of great simplicity and beauty.

This influences those around me, because as I shared previously, one may tap into my energy at any time. If you share space with me, the magic, simplicity, and beauty in my life is yours to experience as well, just by sharing space.  I know it sounds odd to people who are not familiar, but it is absolutely true.

7. What exercise/courses do you recommend to readers to develop the kind of specialty you have?

A simple way to move your own energy is the concept of raising your vibration.  There are many methods but, the most effective one I know is to be right where you are and in that moment focus on the positive.  I call it “breathe in love, breathe out gratitude”.  In this moment, you can focus on one thing you love about this moment and take a deep breath, inhaling that love fully into your body.  And then as you exhale it all out, think “thank you for that love” and you will feel gratitude.

This is a simple way of showing you: how to raise your vibration without changing anything around you, and: the concept that external truly has no bearing on internal.

You can allow every moment to be this full of love and gratitude…which is peace and flow.  We tend to complicate the simple, there is no need for expensive gadgets or external have this ability within, breathe it in and breathe it out.

8. What’s one action that readers/listeners can take this week to move them forward in their goal of becoming more intuitive.  

We are all intuitive, but life tends to be so layered that our intuition is buried.  If you want to feel your intuition, it is at first best felt in quiet/stillness.  So, take time to be quiet and still within the space that you are currently in.  I prefer to be in nature, so I live steps from the ocean.

I stand there and soak in the sky, watch the ripples in the water…and I add the practice of breathing in love and breathing out gratitude so that my inner self is love and peace..and I listen.

9. Can you share a personal story about working with your intuition?

This past week, a friend shared with me a link for an inspirational video.  In this video, one of the characters had an app on her cell phone that enabled her future self of ten years to text her about decisions she was making in the present.  I was thinking , “That is actually quite cool. I wish I had that.”

A few weeks ago, I received an email request via my contact form about someone requesting a complimentary email clarity session.  I sent her a survey to complete and didn’t hear back from her;  I followed up, no response.

The day this week that I watched the video with the cell phone app, this client returned the survey and I responded to her.  That night I woke at 2:30 am, my dreams had all been around a certain question regarding an important connection and when I woke my being needed reassurance that my decision was correct.

I felt the prompt to check email from my phone (which is not ‘regular’ for me to do) and there, received at 2:32 am, was an email from this client who is roughly ten years older than me, apologizing for sending such a late email—explaining that she was prompted from her own sleep to send these words…and the email was so right on in affirming the answer to my personal question, as she told her story her words affirmed ‘my answer”… and she ended with the words “Miss Joy” which is what my close friends affectionately call me.. and how I address myself.

She wouldn’t have “known” about my wish for advice from my future self nor that I woke at 2:30 am, nor that I am called “Miss Joy”..and the timing shows this is what we may draw to us when we choose to tap into flow.

10. What is the biggest lesson you have learned via your intuition? 

My biggest lesson is in the power of presence, when I am present to my self (not ego, but self as in my being) I am then able to be fully present to others and to world.  Presence is unconditional love and it is the greatest gift I/we can share.

You may also listen to the recorded interview here: Listen to the recording about intuition

Thank you Joy (Miss Joy) for sharing so generously with us here.  Please feel free to ask Joy any questions about being a “clarity worker.”

Have you ever had a “clarity” session? What could you use more clarity on in your life? How would having more clarity around this issue impact your life?

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Joy Holland IntuitiveJoy Holland is an Intuitive Empath, Energy and Healing Facilitator sharing her gifts to assist clients to come to know their personal truth and live it, while finding and releasing the fears that block them from their highest self. With this unique blend of skills, she is able to swiftly cut through your barriers to your inner core, where Truth lies waiting to be identified and expressed. To discover more about Joy and her services, visit Facets of Joy. (


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