To study intuition is to study the nature of brilliance.

Looking to find your breakthrough idea?

looking for your breakthrough idea?Have you ever wondered how visionaries like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates came up with their breakthrough ideas?

You might have wished that you could come up with ideas like that too.

I know I have. Don’t we all look at successful innovators and think, “If only I had come up with that.”

You probably thought that it was part of their nature as “geniuses” to come up with breakthrough ideas and, not in the realm of  “thinking’ for a regular person like you. Right?

If you said, “yes,” you would be dead wrong.

You can think like a genius and you can create the environment to incubate breakthrough ideas like a genius, if you desire it and if you dedicate yourself to it.

It is “teachable.”

To begin popping out breakthrough ideas like a visionary you need a process.You need to understand the nature of breakthroughs, where those brilliant ideas come from, and a system to program your mind to gift you with your own breakthrough ideas.

I have always been fascinated by the process of creativity; how we come up with breakthrough ideas and the source of flashes of genius. I have made a life-long study of these topics. What I have learned is that all of them fall under the umbrella of “intuition.” Yes, that’s right, intuition.

Intuitive thinking is the thinking process by which great innovators come up with their ideas

The normal everyday sequential process of thinking one thought after another does not lead to creativity, brilliance, breakthroughs nor genius. It never has and it never will. Creative, brilliant breakthrough ideas arise on their own, on their own schedule.

You cannot “schedule” a breakthrough idea

If you’ve ever been “struck” by a breakthrough idea you’ll know that it arose on its own, probably when you were doing something else like taking a shower or taking a walk. It did not occur while you “thinking” or “brainstorming” about the subject you’d been studying or field you’d been working in. You might also recall that it caused you to veer off in some new direction that you hadn’t been contemplating at all.

To be an innovator is to tap into the intuitive thinking process

This is the nature of breakthrough ideas associated with visionaries and genius. These “strokes of genius” are a fusion of previous ideas your mind has stored. When you set your mind to solving a problem, these previous ideas come together beneath the level of your conscious awareness where they are grafted together in a new combination and then “downloaded” as a whole and complete idea into your mind. This sudden and unanticipated “download” is the “flash” of inspiration that most visionaries attribute their greatest achievements to.

Do you have a desire to be an innovator?

A Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison? A person who comes up with brilliant ideas that solve problems and change the world?

To “incubate” brilliant ideas like a genius follow these steps.

1. Develop a deep interest in particular subject. You must find your passion. This is the subject you return to again and again that you never tire of learning about. If you don’t have any idea what yours is pre-order: The Intuition Principle. The book is a step by step guide to finding your passion and purpose and full potential living.

2. Study this topic thoroughly. Learn all there is to know about the topic that you’re interested in. Get really, really knowledgeable about this one thing. Go to seminars, conferences and and take courses in this subject.

3. Work in this field. Actually do the thing you’ve been studying. There is no substitute for doing. We learn the most when we get hands on experience. Immerse yourself in this environment. Develop relationships with experts in this field. Ask them lots of questions. See if one of these experts will mentor you. Surround yourself with people who have this expertise and get experience doing it.

3. Educate yourself broadly. Be keenly interested in the world around you. Read voraciously on a variety of topics. Expand your mind by visiting museums and taking in great works of art. Read the biographies of inspiring people. Be open to inspiration from many sources.

4. Set a goal or direction you’re moving toward. This goal can be as specific as coming up with solution to a specific problem. The direction can be an intent such as moving toward becoming self employed.

6. Take time out for reflection each day. Meditate. It is no good to incubate great ideas if you miss them when they materialize.You must create the empty space in the mind where they will land with a big splash and get your attention.

7. Be flexible. Be willing to change direction when the you are “struck” with the brilliant, genius level inspiration that alters the course of your life. Often these ideas move you off in an entirely new direction, that hadn’t occurred to you previously. These “never before thought of ideas” become the innovations which change the world.

When we become really, really good at doing things inspiration and illumination or what I refer to as “business intuition,” will strike us. To truly innovate you need to have hands on experience and broad studies across many disciplines. Only after gaining in-depth experience, studying and actually “doing” will your mind take what you’ve learned and recombine it in a new innovative way that is the hallmark of “visionaries.”

Do you have any questions about this process? Have you ever been struck with a breakthrough idea? How did it affect your life?

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