Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. –Mark Twain

Are you ready to get bold and take your fear and shove it?


Take this fear and shove it course, Tess Marshall, The Bold LifeIt’s a brand new year. Why not make 2012 your best year yet?

Did you ever think of what you might have done or who you might have become if only you hadn’t held back out of fear?

How many opportunities have you missed in life because you were holding back from throwing yourself fully into life?

Don’t waste another minute of your life being afraid.

When we are fearful we feel powerless. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Within each of us is deep reservoir of courage and strength we can draw upon to combat our fears. All we have to do is make up our minds to stand up to our fears. Having the intention to stand up to them is the beginning of the demise of our fears.

There is a saying: Darkness cannot exist in the light.

Our fears are no different. Shining a spotlight upon them will make them disappear.

Take This Fear and Shove It! is the name of new course by Tess Marshall that she created to help you make this your best year yet.

Her course will show you how to shine the spotlight on your fears and shrink them down to nothing.

Listen to this recorded interview with Tess Marshall of The Bold Life as she explains what you can expect to gain by overcoming your fears and how to deal with personal rejection.

Tess talks about the fears she overcame in her life and why she’s so focused on helping others overcome their fears.

She also tells us what drew her to create her new course: Take This Fear and Shove It.

And much more!


Do yourself a favor and check out Tess Marshall’s course. You have everything to gain.

What questions do you have for Tess? What fears are you dealing with now? What will you do to overcome them?

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Tess MarshallTess Marshall is the founder of The Bold Life, where she inspires people to live a fearless life. If you are tired of being stuck in fear and want to step into your greatness, click here to learn more about Take Your Fear and Shove It.

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