We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. –Joseph Campbell

How to make your flame burn brighter this year

Goal free living, follow your intuition. follow your blissNew Year’s Day is when we start thinking of how we’d like our lives to be in the coming year.

We review our accomplishments and make resolutions.

Most resolutions don’t last very long

Studies show that most resolutions don’t last past the month of January. More than 77 percent of people who say they want to lose weight never do.

Why do we keep making resolutions?

We believe if we don’t set these goals we won’t accomplish anything at all.

This is what I’ve always believed about myself too. I’ve always been afraid I’d be a lazy do-nothing without goals to aspire too.

Changing the game plan

Leo Babauta has written extensively about not setting goals and going “goal-free.” As proponent of “following your intuition,” what some people might call their “bliss,” this appeals to me a great deal. I’ve just been too scared to do commit to it.

This year I’ve decided not to make any New Year’s resolutions. I’m not making them because I want to experiment with living the way I’ve been dreaming of my whole life. I want allow my intuition, my bliss, to lead me through each day of the next year. I want to see what unfolds when I truly follow my own advice!

I started doing this to some degree in 2009. That was the year I realized how short our lives really are and how they can change overnight. It was the year my father died. The night before at the hospital he was blowing kisses to me and the next morning he was gone. Poof! No more.

From that day forward, I became more and more aware of how out of alignment I was with my intuition and my bliss. Part of the reason I started Powered by Intuition was to not only share my knowledge of intuition and help others but, to help me stick to following my intuition as well. The saying is you teach what you most need to learn and I’m no exception.

Honoring your intuition is honoring your bliss

Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of being a writer. My daydreams were always the same. I saw myself getting up early without an alarm clock, going for a walk and then writing at my kitchen table on a yellow legal pad. In the afternoons I’d play and do whatever struck my fancy.

This lifestyle appealed to me because it allowed me to be spontaneous to do what I felt like when the mood struck. As a writer and an intuitive I need and crave free time to just be, dream and “feel.” You can’t be a good intuitive if you don’t have the time to do those things. Constant busyness, at least for me, saps me of that vital “being” time I need to connect to my intuition and my creativity.

How to make your flame burn brighter

While in meditation this morning I asked my intuition to confirm whether not making goals was the right thing to do. What I heard was this:

“It will make your flame burn brighter.”

I had my answer but, as is typical of me I wasn’t satisfied. I needed more “direction.” A Virgo rising will do that to you. I decided to go out for a walk. Walking is one of the best activities for generating flashes of intuitive insight.

Eureka! Here are three steps that will make your flame burn brighter this year:

1. Allow your intuition to do its job. The job of your intuition is to guide you to toward your highest good from moment to moment. Your highest good is your bliss, that “thing” that makes your heart sing.  If you’re in a dangerous situation the job of your intuition is to guide you to safety because that is your highest good at the moment. Always listen with your “inner” ear and you’ll be led in the right direction in every situation.

 When you’re going in the right direction you have an air of peace about you that others can sense. You’re calmer and more relaxed. Fortunate coincidences occur more often because you’re aligned with the pulse of life.

2. Choose an overarching theme for your life, rather than making goals. Your theme could be social justice, freedom, spontaneity, education, creativity, charity, philanthropy or compassion to name a few. Choosing a theme rather than aiming for specific accomplishments makes life more fluid.

For example, my theme is freedom. Everything I do this year will move me toward freedom in some way or I won’t do it. This theme honors my intuition and my need for freedom from routines, clocks and cubicles.

When life is fluid you go with the flow. You don’t spend your time and energy “trying” to make things happen. You allow life to take you to where you’re supposed to go instead. Going with the current instead of against it allows your energy levels to stay high.

3. Serve others with the special gifts and talents you’ve been blessed with. The reason you’re interested in certain subjects is because they are innate. There is nothing outside of you that doesn’t already exist within. In other words, you wouldn’t be attracted to do, learn or explore certain things unless you already possessed the ability within you.

You have your own unique gifts and talents to contribute to the world. When you fail to make your gifts available it leaves a little hole in the fabric of society that only you can mend. You must share and serve others with those gifts and talents. Serving and sharing circulates positive and creative energy. The more you give the more is returned to you.

When you follow your intuition to your bliss you will find your true purpose.  When you find your true purpose it will be an absolute joy to share it with the world.

Sharing your joy is what will make your flame burn brighter this year.  

**I’ll be giving you periodic updates of how my new adventure of “goal-free” living is going.

What are you doing about resolutions this year? Have you made them or do you plan to fly with me without goals?

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