Wishing you happiness, health and heart-centered wisdom.

May you be happy with your life.

May you experience glorious good health.

May you be guided by the heart-centered wisdom of your intuition to live up to your full potential.

This is my wish for you this coming new year.

happiness, health, intuition, heart-centered wisdomYou are a spiritual being who has chosen to live within a physical body at this time. You are so much more than the physical eye can see. It may appear that you are separate from the source of your true spiritual essence while you are in physical form but, that is only an illusion.

You have a direct link to spiritual guidance and wisdom

You can contact your true spiritual source, wisdom and higher intelligence at any time. You came here with a built-in connection to it. That connection is the heart-centered wisdom called your intuition. Whenever you need guidance about any decision in your life all you need to do is listen to that small still voice within and it will direct you to the answers you seek.

You are not alone

The voice of your intuition is always calling to you, always offering its guidance to you and always there when you need comfort and clarity. It will never force itself upon you though. You need to be open to it and invite it in and ask it to speak loudly. Until you do this you will live the illusion that you are here alone and feel alone.

Heart-centered wisdom will never steer you wrong

When you know how to discern heart-centered wisdom from the other voices and thoughts in your mind, you will never be steered in the wrong direction. Following your intuition will lead you to be in the right place at the right time where you will meet just the right people and gain access to the just the answers you need as well.

Living a heart-centered life is the key to happiness and health

When you follow your heart-centered wisdom you will be led to your true purpose for being here at this time. Living “on purpose” ensures that you will find meaning and satisfaction in your life, and that translates to living a happier life. When you are happy with your life your health benefits from your positivity.

All good things begin through following your intuition

Listening to your heart-centered wisdom is listening to the very same intelligence that created the entire Universe. This is the intelligence that created all life. It keeps the Earth rotating around the Sun, creates life in the womb, and whispers to birds when it is time to migrate. When you are in communication with your intuition your are communicating with the greatest power there is.

My wish for you is happiness, health and heart-centered wisdom

Make the coming year your very best year.

Resolve to allow your intuition to guide you in all matters from now on and it will be your very best year.

This is my promise and my wish for you in the coming year.

What lessons have you learned this year? Was learning to follow your intuition one of them? How has it impacted your life?

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