We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

The Uplifting Power of Love, is a guest post by Rosemarie Monaco for Powered by Intuition

I learned to fly today.

Loves Uplifting Power

What do you mean you learned to fly? People can’t fly.

Well who told you that?

No one has to tell me, they just can’t. We don’t have wings, for one thing.

Oh, well there is your problem right there. You don’t need wings to fly.

Are you nuts?

Not at all. Take bumble bees, for example. Their wings are so small in proportion to their bodies, by all the laws of aerodynamics, they should not be able to fly. But they do. Do you know why?


Because they believe they can. They aren’t burdened by the laws and attitudes that hold you down.

So what are you saying?

I’m saying that you need to let go of the things that weigh you down, that tether you to the ground.

What things?

Hatred, for one. That’s the heaviest. And really, it serves no purpose.

I don’t get it.

Well, if you hate someone, that person is unaffected by how you feel, but you are. It fills you up with ugliness. Hatred only hurts the hater.

Hmm, that makes sense. But there has to be more.

Well, if you really want to fly, you also have to forgive. Forgiveness sets you free. It lifts you off the ground. Grudges on the other hand put gaping holes in your wings.

But I thought you said I don’t need wings?

The wings are your spirit, your energy, the love that fills you up and lifts you high. Wings are your imagination. Did you know that every dream that comes true starts with a picture?

A picture?

Well, yes. You can see your desires in your mind, right?


Your dreams set your destination. And love is the rocket fuel. Close your eyes. Relax and take a deep breath. Go on, try it.


Now think of the greatest love you have ever had—for a parent, a child, a lover, a pet, a passion. Focus on that feeling….that wonderful feeling that fulls you up and makes your heart swell. Hold on to it. Don’t let go. Think of the most beautiful place you have ever been, still holding on to that swelling feeling. See all the beautiful colors and magnificent images that surround you. Can you see?

Oh, my! Oh, my! I feel myself lifting off the ground. I understand now. Love makes you fly!

I hope you enjoyed The Uplifting Power of Love. May your days be merry and bright.

Rosemarie Monaco, M.A. is president of Group M Inc, a public relations and marketing firm. She is an award-winning strategist and writer. After the heartbreaking death of her mother in 2001, she began her journey into spiritualism, studying Buddhism, the original teachings of Christ and a diverse number of other spiritual philosophers including Sai Baba and Martin Luther King Jr. She is a graduate of the Silva Method . The study and practice of deep meditation changed the course of her life, giving her the courage and skills to help others embrace the richness of life. Rosemarie is also co-owner of www.WriteaBookandBookMoreBusiness.com

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