Questions answer themselves if you are aware enough. ~ Deepak Chopra

Looking for a secret key to unlock your intuition?

The Key that unlocks your intuitionThe key to unlocking your intuition is to master being present in your life and body at all times.

When you are fully present you are aware of your thoughts, your emotions and what your body is experiencing.

Think about it. Is this not so? When you are fully present you focus on completing one task at a time. You put your attention on this one thing and pay attention to every moment of it.

Whereas when you’re stressed and multitasking you pay little or no attention to what you’re actually doing. You’re so preoccupied with your thoughts and all the emotions they bring up that you end up doing whatever it is you are doing on autopilot, right? When your mind is preoccupied by your thoughts and flying off on emotional tangents you will not only miss hearing your intuition you will also miss the intuitive cues given off by your body.

A lot of people don’t realize that much of how our intuition communicates with us is through our feelings.

Our intuition sends information to us by making us aware of a brief feeling.It’s usually a “forewarning” of something that will occur because of our actions. Say, you are going to work and you hear your phone make the sound that you received a text. You want to see if it’s your boss. You reach for your phone and as you go to look down to read the text you become aware of the “slightest” little “nudge” of a feeling telling you that you shouldn’t look away from the road. But, you do it anyway and even though it only took 10 seconds you end up in a car accident. After the accident you “remember” that you got this little “feeling” and wish you’d listened to it.

Why did this happen you wonder? Yesterday, and the day before you read a text while in the car and you didn’t have an accident but, you didn’t get that “slight nudge of a feeling” either. That “feeling” was there telling you that your luck with driving and texting was going to run out today. It was trying to tell you not to do it so that you would avoid the accident. (By the way, I don’t advocate driving and texting. I want to make it clear that this is just an example).

Here’s another example. Have you ever experienced that horrible sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach just after you’ve made a decision to go ahead with something? That feeling was communicating to you that you’d made a mistake. Later on after your decision proved to be a fiasco you recall getting the feeling in your gut just as you decided to proceed. You shake your head and wish you’d payed attention.

Most people ignore these signals from their intuition and it does come back to haunt them.

These feelings don’t crop up all the time which is exactly why you should pay attention to them. You will  only get them when you need to warned about something. If you’ve made a habit of constant busyness and pushing your feelings away, over time it will result in squelching your intuition.

Once we have instilled the habit of not being present we operate on a “new normal.” In this “new normal,” feeling uncomfortable feelings IS normal. In other words, we’ve suppressed our intuitive feelings for so long that we are used to not being in sync with our feelings. We believe it is the way we are. When we get a nudge and feel uncomfortable we pay no attention to  it. We’ve become accustomed to being out of sorts and living with feelings that are incompatible with our actions.

Feeling these slight nagging feelings in the back of your mind or in your gut will no longer set off the warning bells like they were intended to do. Therefore when you go to make decisions you’ll always second guess yourself afterward and never feel sure that you’ve made the right decision.

Your intuition is another form of intelligence

What is intelligence? Intelligence is being able to learn or understand something and it’s also knowledge and information. What your intuition does is “inform” you ahead of time about things that can be avoided by heeding this information. It’s primary function is to keep you safe. It’s an instinct that is born within us so that our species survives.

Intuition is innate to each of us

Everyone is  intuitive. It has to be that way since the primary function of intuition is to ensure your safety. We have evolved since the times when we relied on our intuition to keep us safe from predators like tigers and dinosaurs. The good thing about that is that our intuition has also evolved. We can train our intuition to give us more information about what’s going on in our environment and it will provide the “intelligence” we need to make the right decisions and choices.

Are you ready to get hold of the key that will unlock your intuition?

Here’s how to access your intuition for the data and intelligence you need to live a highly successful life:

1. Learn to be mindful. Be present. Pay attention to the task you’re doing. Try not to multitask. Every time you catch your mind straying off on some tangent have a signal like, snapping your fingers, to bring you back to the present. Do one thing at a time and do it well!

2. Begin to focus more on your feelings. Make an effort to zero in on your feelings when you’re making decisions. Your feelings will tell you whether to proceed or not. If you don’t feel any discomfort when making a decision that’s a sign that your feelings are in alignment with your actions. It is the green light to go ahead.

2. Become aware of your body. When you’re truly present you are grounded in your body. Did you ever notice how when you’re stressed you have no body awareness at all? That’s because you’re living inside your mind. You’ve vacated your body. When you become calm by being present with your thoughts and emotions you also “come down” from your head and reenter the body. When you fully occupy your body you become aware of “sensations” such as feelings in the gut, feeling of weakness, or muscle fatigue and aches in the head or back. The bodies’ sensations are communicating intelligence to you about your surroundings. Think of these sensations like a “Morris Code” sending you a message.

When you start being fully present physically, emotionally and intellectually you will have in your hands the key that unlocks your intuition.

What questions, if any, do you have about this process? Have you had any experiences with your intuition you’d like to share?

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