Sharing some of my favorite things this holiday season.

Oprah had her favorite things and I have mine. I love sharing recommendations for personalized Christmas gifts and holiday gifts.

Some of my favorite things this holiday seasonMy favorite things this year come via books that were written by a few of my colleagues. Some of them were kind enough to share them with me and now I’m delighted to share them with you.

Some of my favorite things:

1. THE ESSENTIAL FEMININE, by Maureen Simon is an in-depth look at the unique qualities inherent to women which make them/us effective in business and as leaders. The Essential Feminine not only discusses these traits but shows how business and the world would be impacted if these qualities were adopted by corporations. Visit Maureen’s website: The Essential Feminine

2.THE ZEN MAMA’S BOOK OF QUOTES, by Betsy McKee Henry is collection of quotes, proverbs and sayings that reflect the wisdom and truths that were as inspiring in the past as they are now. The nuggets of inspiration and sage advice encourage and motivate those seeking hope, guidance and timeless wisdom. Visit Betsy’s website: The Zen Mama

3.BOOYAH! SPIRIT!, by Sheila M. Burke merges scientific research, humor, wonderful pictures, quotes, how tos and personal life lessons to help you live the life of your dreams. The engaging book will walk you through a 52 week lesson to find peace and nourish your soul one step at a time. Visit Sheila’s website: Zen-Sational Living

4. Self Love Secrets



SELF LOVE SECRETS, by Evelyn Lim will inspire, empower and uplift you on your own self-love journey.The book will show you where to “dig” to unearth the hidden blockages that are keeping self-love and your true happiness at bay. Applying a little self-love goes a long way 4toward creating the happy and fulfilling life each of us so deserves to live.Visit Evelyn’s website: Abundance Tapestry to purchase the book visit: Self Love Secrets


5.MOTIVATION FROM GOALS TO GREATNESS, by Farnoosh Brock is an inspiring book that will motivate you if you’re looking to make bold changes to your life. The book will help you unlock the door to your real potential – what you are really meant to do and excel at in life – and will empower you to live your purpose everyday. Visit Farnoosh at: Prolific Living

6.GET THE LIFE YOU LOVE, by Arvind Devalia is a simple powerful guide to creating and living the life you have dreamed of. Arvind guides readers through a series of simple but powerful, proven steps that will help them change their lives life for the better – forever. Comprising 25 Steps and Actions, covering every element of life’s exciting tapestry, readers can embrace a realistic plan to improve their lives. Visit Arvind at: Make it Happen

7.180 CLIMBING THE TWO LADDERS TO INNER STRENGTH & OUTER FREEDOM, by Rob White shows you how to make an extraordinary 180 and break through to a new life in 90 days. This book, when read one full-spread page a day, offers you security and comfort as it sweeps old discouraging inward Self-Talk away. If you read this book as instructed, it will have a profoundly positive affect on your attitude and mood. Visit Rob at: Mind Adventure

8.FLYING BY THE SEAT OF MY SOUL, by Tess Marshall is a wise and heartfelt book that integrates moving personal stories, profound lessons, uplifting quotes and stories of others that provoke thoughtful self-examination. Flying By The Seat Of My Soul can empower you to move toward inner change, let go of the past, follow your dreams and fly! Visit Tess at: The Bold Life

9. The last of my favorite things this holiday season just appeared in my in-box, just as I began typing this article. Recently, I had a MARKETING COACHING SESSION with Aileen Mahoney, a small business marketing expert/entrepreneur. Aileen spent over an hour with me sharing ideas and strategies on how I could better market Powered by Intuition. One of her many brilliant suggestions was to offer gift certificates for intuitive sessions. Aileen went ahead and created this beautiful gift certificate and sent it to me today. The next thing Aileen will be doing for me is local search engine optimization to help me harness more business locally. If you could use a marketing coach for your business I highly recommend Aileen.  Contact Aileen at: Evotive Marketing

If you’d like to give someone the gift of an intuitive, mentoring or coaching session this holiday season do contact me and I’ll send you this lovely gift certificate.

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