Searching for the 5 best books to ignite your intuition?

5 books for igniting your intuition, intuition development, intuition training


Look no further, I’ve rounded them up for you right here.

There are dozens of books I could recommend but, after scouring my own book shelves I’ve narrowed it down to these five based on the strength of the intuition training techniques and the depth of intuition development information within each of them.

I’ve placed them in order from books for beginners to intermediate to advanced level books for igniting your intuition.

I recommend them if you’re interested in taking your intuition development to the next level or if you have someone who is interested in intuition training that you’d like to give a gift to this holiday season.

My first pick of books for igniting your intuition is:

Psychic Development for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Developing and Releasing Your Psychic Abilities

This is an excellent guide for beginners. Hewitt covers a little bit of everything from sharpening your intuition, to psychic protection to psychic healing, telepathy and psychometry. His exercises are really useful to building your intuitive skill set.

Jose Silva’s Everyday ESP
Jose Silva is known for developing The  Silva Method, the pioneering meditation and self-development course. An added benefit of The Silva Method is super-fast intuition development. This is a great book for opening up your intuitive channels using the Silva techniques.

You Are Psychic

Debra Lynn Katz’s book is destined to become a classic for psychic development. She is a graduate of the famed Berkeley Psychic Institute and shares many of their training techniques in the her book. This is intermediate bordering on advanced training. If you’re serious about your intuitive development, this book is for you.

Extraordinary Psychic

Katz’s other book, Extraordinary Psychic, is also excellent for the advanced student of intuition development. If you have identified your strongest psychic ability as either clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience, then this book is going to be a super resource for you. (I absolutely love the cover art on both her books too!)

Opening To Channel

Sonaya Roman’s book is already a classic and a must read if you’re interested in expanding your psychic abilities to channeling or further, such as mediumship. The back story of her development as a channel is fascinating, and the exercises she shares are deep immersions into the psyche. Even if you’re “not there yet” I would keep this one in mind for your book shelf and future reading.

Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs

I know I said 5 books, but how could I possibly recommend books for intuitive development without recommending my own? This is a foundational book for anyone interested in developing their intuition without doing any mind training exercises whatsoever. In the first stages of intuitive development what people notice most are the “coincidences” that begin to rapidly occur in their lives. It’s one thing to notice these miraculous coincidences, but yet another skill to understand and interpret them as signs pointing you to the path you should follow or avoid in order to live your most successful life.

One more?My other book on Amazon:  The Intuition Primer: Practical Lessons to Launch Your Intuition

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the answers to life’s problems when you need them? To know without a doubt, that you are on the right track? And, that the decisions and choices you’re making are the correct ones?

If you’re unsure, always second guessing yourself and wonder if you might be on the wrong path in life, developing your intuition is the answer you’ve been looking for to:
• Get solutions to problems in your life
• Heighten your success in all areas of life

No Kindle? No problem. You can download a free Kindle application for your desktop from Amazon right now. Or, email me to purchase a PDF of the book you can download!

Go ahead ignite your intuition development with these great books!

What you will find as you grow in your intuitive ability is that you have far less problems to deal with in your life. Your ability to tune in to what is happening around you ensures that you deal with difficulties before they become massive road blocks in your life. People will come into your life at the right time offering assistance and solutions to problems quite miraculously and your life will flow with an ease and grace you never thought possible. This is the promise of opening your intuitive channels.

To develop your intuition is to learn to use a natural ability that can heighten your success in all areas of life.

To your success!

Have you read any of these books? Can you share with other readers how using these techniques has helped make you more successful in life or your finances, relationships or health?

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