Much of your pain is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. —Khalil Gibran

While going through “dark nights of the soul” we care little for finding the meaning hidden within painful events we must get through.

Finding purpose in your pain, find your purpose and your passionAll that we can focus on is making it through. Everything else seems a drain on our already low energy reserves.

We deal with the death of a love one and try to cope with the gaping hole they’ve left in our lives and our hearts.

We struggle to carry on and stay up night after night worrying about our child who is drug addicted and living in squalor.

We act stoic in front of  our families but, are traumatized and terrified as we battle for our lives with a deadly illness.

After our spouse walks out on us we cope with daily life for our children’s sake but, inside we wish it were all a dream.

We have become numb to the pain that is now the new normal.

The wisdom of the wounded healer

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur (half-man half-horse) who was fatally wounded but, because he was the son of the god Kronos and therefore immortal, couldn’t die. To survive each day with the excruciating pain of a wound that could not be healed Chiron learned all he could about the healing arts. The pain he endured from his wound led Chiron to become a teacher and practitioner of the healing arts, renowned for his wisdom in spirituality, divination, astrology and metaphysics. Chiron’s great purpose and passion to serve others was born from the enormity of his pain.

After a trauma has turned our lives upside down we need time to settle back into some sort of normalcy and to put some perspective on the events that have taken place. There are no rules about a time table for any of this either. It’s different for each of us.

The common denominator throughout is that once the numbness of the trauma wears off we will be faced with a defining moment. Are we going to find the meaning and purpose behind the painful events we went through or will we remain a victim for the rest of our lives?

Chiron turned his quest to heal his pain into a passion for teaching and healing. Hidden within his wound was a great pearl; the pearl of his own wisdom that could not be birthed until he had experienced excruciating pain. Only then could he understand and truly empathize with those he healed. Before that he was an immortal god untouched by pain.

To find your great purpose and true passion in life you must embrace your pain. It is your very own pearl.

Your pain points you in the direction of your greatest achievement. Don’t hide from it and push it away. To push it away is to push away your destiny.

Embrace it all

Embrace the lessons of the difficulties you went through. Embrace the emotions. Embrace the loss.

Embrace them and examine them. And, if you are ready to rise to the challenge you will hear a little voice and it will say, “I want to make a difference I want to use this experience to… a better person or to help others who are dealing with what I went through.”

And, when you hear that you will know that you have chosen the path of victor and not victim.

The man or woman who lost their spouse may decide to train as a grief counselor.

The parent whose child is lost to drugs may go on to write a book that helps other parents cope with the same experience.

The person who nearly died now has an entirely new perspective on life and lives with a gusto and joy that uplifts every one with whom they interact.

The partner whose spouse left them has learned just how capable they really are and found a source of confidence and pride in their own mastery that never existed before. This has made them a better parent and role model for his or her children.

You can do great things

Finding the purpose in your pain and going after it with a passion connects you with an inexhaustible power. That inexhaustible power flows from the Universe to you and through you when you live a purpose driven life. It will empower you to do great things.

There is a hidden power in your pain….find it and you will rise again.

So – run toward your pain and when you have finished steeping in it look for your pearl, for that is where you will find your purpose and your  true greatness.

Have you ever gone through pain and trauma in your life? Did you find the meaning behind it all? Has it helped shape your purpose?

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