When we divert our attention from what we don’t want and focus on all the good we already have in our lives – magic happens. See the good—practice gratitude and make some magic today!

Magic, Rose colored glasses, Positive thinking, The Law of attractionCan wearing “rose colored glasses” really change your life?

Everywhere you turn you hear people talking about being thankful, seeing the good in others and sending out loving thoughts.

We are told that when we focus on what we want rather than what we don’t, we create more of what we desire, meaning that “like attracts like.”

Is it all true though?

Scientific studies show that the greater the positive expectation we place upon people, children, students and employees to perform well, the higher the likelihood is that they will rise to the occasion and meet or exceed the expectation. Positive expectations between married partners results in happier marriages. This is known as the Pygmalion Effect.

It is also what we might call a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

When you look at the lives of people who are negative, fearful by nature and focused on the “worst” happening all the time, you’ll notice that their lives seem bleak, monotonous, painful and challenging. They may even attract “accidents” and be embroiled in constant problems, difficulties and challenges due to their negatively charged thinking and emotions.

The negative tone of their thoughts and emotions acts like a “homing device” to attract and line up events and situations  which resonate to the same expectation they are sending out.

You do become what you think about
Attune to the vibration of gratitude! Steep yourself in it and soon you will feel JOY flowing to you and through you!

Watch these two short videos to see how important it is to send out positivity with  your words, deeds and actions.


Turn down the volume of your speakers before watching this video:

Can you see how important it is for us to watch our words, thoughts and deeds? Were you surprised by these two videos? What will you do to make some magic in your life today?

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