Birds of a feather flock together –Democritus (c.460 BC)

You know how golf enthusiasts just love to talk golf?

And, fashionistas just love to talk about the latest fashions?

Well then it should come as no surprise that intuitives love to talk shop too!

This week I had a the pleasure of speaking with intuitive, Lisa Wechtenhiser.

Our interview became more of a chat between two psychics discussing different aspects of our craft.

Lisa is the fabulous blogger and stellar pod-caster behind Practically Intuitive, a blog I thoroughly enjoy and subscribe too.

You can listen in on our conversation right here and learn how Lisa discovered her abilities. We also speak about clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, the difference between intuition and psychic abilities, dealing with skeptical clients, cutting cords of emotional attachment, intuitive readings, mediumship and whether psychic work chooses us or do we choose it?

There’s much more of course! In fact we enjoyed speaking so much our talk went to a bit over an hour. I had to place our chat on Podbean (an outside podcasting service) in order to play it here. Don’t be surprised when you’re taken to another site to hear it. Please do come back afterward and comment!

So, if you want the inside scoop on two psychic chicks dishing the psychic scat – don’t miss my chat with Lisa. I had a blast!

Click on the player to hear the interview:

Please feel free to leave any questions for Lisa in the comments.

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You can find Lisa Wechtenhiser at Practically Intuitive where she writes about using and developing intuition and teaches her readers how to incorporate this practical ability into their lives. Don’t miss her weekly Monday podcast!


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