“Facing it, always facing it, that’s the way to get through. Face it.”
Joseph Conrad

A friend and I were talking about an emotional issue that had come up again, after she thought she’d fully healed from it.

Facing a similar emotional issue traumatized her all over again. Had she checked in and used her intuition she might have known that there were still aspects of this issue that she hadn’t yet dealt with.

She couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop crying and could barely function at work.She said she felt completely numb on the inside.

I can understand what she’s going through. It happened to me in the past and it’s awful.

The emotion of fear over what you’re facing completely paralyzes your life. Fear is the underlying emotion found in all traumatic incidents.

Fear is the real enemy

Think about it. It’s not so much the ‘situation’ your dealing with it’s the emotion of fear, right?

I went through this when I had to defend myself against a false charge of running a red light.

I was afraid of dealing with authority figures, afraid of any repercussions at my job, my license, my insurance premiums, what people might think of me and on and on. I had never been in a situation like this. In the five months between the accident and the date I went to court I was an absolute wreck. Logically, I knew that the worst thing that might happen was that I might have to spend a lot of money to defend myself or pay fines and penalties but, my fears got the better of me and I became one of the “walking wounded.”

(If you want to read more about this incident I wrote about it in my book: Navigating by Intuition.)

By the way, it was after this incident that I realized I had to stop ignoring and begin using to my intuition which had been steering me away from the profession I was in for some time.

Eighteen years ago this month I went to court and won my case – thank goodness. Three months later I decided to leave that profession and my life took off. Things got better and better and better. It was only when I panicked about money and returned to the refuge of a similar career to make a quick buck that my success began to deteriorate.

Ignoring life lessons vital to our growth is a recipe for disaster

At first, I ignored the signs – again! Big mistake. But after a while things began happening to me that I recognized were truly signs. This time I decided to act on the signs I was sent telling me it was time to move on, instead of wait until another catastrophe occurred like the car accident eighteen years ago.

Many of our same emotional issues surface again and again

All pain and struggle is the result of resistance. You’ve heard this many times I’m sure.

When we refuse to learn and grow by digging our heels in or sticking our head in the sand the Universe must get our attention somehow. That “somehow” is pain-pure and simple. When you touch a hot stove you pay attention, right? The same principle applies here. The signs to get our attention will start off small and then get more severe with time the longer we ignore the message. That’s what happened to me with my car accident.

So how do you heal an emotional issue?

When you learn to use your intuition and recognize it as the direct line to Greater Intelligence that it is; you can and will heal these emotional hot spots one by one. The key is to stop resisting both that your intuition is there to protect and lead you to your greater good and, that it is an open channel to the same wisdom that created the Universe and all life. All that is required is your willingness to let this power guide you—and it will.

What emotional issues can intuition be applied to?

Anytime an emotional issue surfaces that paralyzes us with fear, it means we have not mastered the lesson in that situation. It could be fear of how we will survive without another person, fear of not being able to provide for our family, dealing with authority figures, dealing with the consequences of our actions, fear not being loved, fear of being exposed, fear of public scrutiny…I could go on and on and it could be anything.

If there was ever a time in your life you were so traumatized that you didn’t want to wake up the next day you will know exactly what I mean.

To head off emotional trauma create habits that foster your intuition:

1. Learn to meditate and quiet your mind. Do this daily. Becoming calm so that you hear your intuitive guidance is the key to heading off disasters. If you tap into your intuition daily you’ll hear the early warning bells.

2. Journal often. When things upset you write about them. You may discover after a few months that there is a common theme running through all of these episodes. This is a key to what area of self-development you still need to work on.

3. Ask someone who knows you well that you respect if, he or she would be willing to point out where you might have an “Achilles heel” in your life. For example, are you a spendthrift who refuses to face reality about finances? Are you defensive and unable to accept any criticism? Do you drink too much? (fill in the blanks – it could be anything)

4. Have your natal chart done by a good astrologer. Make sure to look closely at the Moon’s nodes. Usually the South Node, by house placement and sign, contains the lessons we’ve mastered in our previous incarnations and the North Node what we still need to learn.

5. Make a list of the 5 most upsetting things that you ever had to deal with in your life. Set aside some time when you won’t be disturbed and go through each of those incidents one by one. Really strive to remember all the details and what you were feeling at the time. See if any “sore spots” remain. Areas where you still “flinch” when thinking about the details are a good clue. These spots are still tender because you haven’t dealt with them yet.

When you find these “sore spots” of “pain and fear” you will want to meditate upon them. Ask for divine guidance in revealing what the life lesson is for you in this particular area. What do you still need to face and learn about this issue? What have you been hiding from? What do you fear most about this issue? How would facing it affect your life? (Usually it means we have to change or face that some aspect of our life is over and that’s why we resist it.)

You might have to seek a qualified counselor for help. Some things are just too big for us to deal with without professional help.

The point is you must deal with it now so it doesn’t need to explode like a volcano to get your attention. Only when we get these lessons out in the open and in the “light,” will we find what we still need to learn in order to move toward becoming whole. When an issue crops up again be grateful. Face it and learn the lesson it is delivering. Know that with each lesson you master you are that much closer to returning to an awareness of your true nature of wholeness and perfection.

What areas of your life are still tender? Is there something you’d rather not deal with? What might result from ignoring this issue?

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